Arcane Nites
Fantasy-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1994.
Ranked 457th of 635 worlds statistically.
Ranked 201st of 282 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.

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     \-,_          .      ,----------------------.      .           _,-/
  ,   \  `-,      /|\    /         Welcome        \    /|\       ,-'  /   ,
 _)\   |    `\   ((|))  /            to            \  ((|))    /'    |   /(_
/,  \_,/  \   \   |A|`-' _                          `-'|N|   /'   /  \,_/  .\
`-,  ,\    |   \  |A|   / \   _ __ ___ __ _ _ __   ___ |N|  /    |    /,  ,-'
|A,/ / ,-, |    | |A|  / _ \ | '__/ __/ _` | '_ \ / _ \|N| |     | ,-, \ \ N|
_\_,/_  \ \|-,  | |A| / ___ \| | | (_| (_| | | | |  __/|N| |   ,-|/ / ,_\,_/_
(_  ,__`  |    \ | |A|/_/   \_\_|  \___\__,_|_| |_|\___||N| | /'    |   __,  _)
 `--._`-;'     \| |A|        _  _ _ _                  |N| |/      `;-'_.--'
    __/ /       | |A|       | \| (_) |_ ___ ___        |N| |         \ \__
   `,,,',       ' |A|       | .` | |  _/ -_|_-<        |N| `          `,,,' 
   ',-,'          |A|  _____|_|\_|_|\__\___/__/______  |N|            `,-,`
   ((|))          |A|/'                              `\|N|            ((|))
    |||           |A| W I N D S   O F   M A D N E S S  |N|             |||
    |||  ._______/oOo\________________________________/oOo\_________.  |||
    |||  |     Diku [Hans Henrik Staerfeldt, Katja Nyboe,Tom Madsen,|  |||
    |||  |           Michael Seifert, and  Sebastion Hammer]        |  |||
    |||  |                                                          |  |||
    |||  | NAM 1.0 (New Age Mudding) **[Sean Gage, John Gardner]**  |  |||
    |||_/                                                            \_|||
   //|\\                                                              //|\\

What is your name, brave soul? 
u?nique (yoo-neek) 1. Being the only one of its kind. 2. Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled. We have always prided ourselves on being truly unique with our gaming experience and design. We also have the richest history and storyline of any mud that is out there. Our shortened roleplay history is 40 pages long, giving players the ability to truly see the timeline and progression of the game. Our imps have a combined 29 years of mud design experience and can trace their mudding roots back to some of the original muds of the late 80s and early 90s. If that is not enough to convince you to check us out, just go through our character creation and you will be hooked the...
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DikuMUD [3]

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We're currently in BETA testing mode after a bit of restructuring and building, so get in now and become part of the history and lore. Please report any anomalies you may see, via the bug board and you will be rewarded! Feel free to leave ideas and suggestions on the idea board as well! We're also looking for builders, please inquire on the immortal note board in game. We look forward to seeing you and are sure you will enjoy your time with us. After all, we are a mud built on the ideas of thousands of players over the past 18 years. - If you can do it it is legal. If you do find a loophole, you can report it for vouchers. - If you're a PK and harass people, you better be really good, as you will not find a place to rest. - If you have any questions, ask or post a note, one of the staff will respond. Updates: + Dueling now available + Random equipment drops + Shop gamble for better stats on inventory + Show item, for viewing gear in your level range + Resize and recycle equipment for raw materials What's Coming? - Crafting - Alchemy See you there! 7000 Note: For those using Mush client, you will need to increase the number of displayed columns in the output display in order to better view the mini-map. If i remember correctly, 100 works well. If you have any questions or concerns please connect and ask Anbhas or Mulet, we'd be happy to help. [1]
u?nique (yoo-neek) 1. Being the only one of its kind. 2. Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled. We have always prided ourselves on being truly unique with our gaming experience and design. We also have the richest history and storyline of any mud that is out there. Our shortened roleplay history is 40 pages long, giving players the ability to truly see the timeline and progression of the game. Our imps have a combined 29 years of mud design experience and can trace their mudding roots back to some of the original muds of the late 80s and early 90s. If that is not enough to convince you to check us out, just go through our character creation and you will be hooked by the flexibility and wide array of paths a character can go down. We are currently rebuilding the player base now after 2 years of construction, so get in now and become part of the history and lore. If you need more info just check out our www site. We look forward to seeing you and are sure you will enjoy your time with us. After all, we are a mud built on the ideas of thousands of players over the past 8 years. [2]
This is one of the largest muds available for mudders. There is a wide selection of races and classes. There is always someone on and someone will help you at all times. If you see Menion, tell him Saruman said hi.:) [4]
u·nique (yoo-neek) 1. Being the only one of its kind. 2. Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled. We have always prided ourselves on being truly unique with our gaming experience and design. We also have the richest history and storyline of any mud that is out there. Our shortened roleplay history is 40 pages long, giving players the ability to truly see the timeline and progression of the game. We have just finished a 2 year long rewrite of the code to create a truly unique gaming experience and as far as I know we are the only mud to completely integrate the AD&D 3rd Edition rules into a fluid mudding game system. Our two imps have a combined 29 years of mud design experience and can trace their mudding roots back to some of the original muds of the late 80s and early 90s. If that is not enough to convince you to check us out, just go through our character creation and you will be hooked by the flexibility and wide array of paths a character can go down. We are currently rebuilding the player base now after 2 years of construction, so get in now and become part of the history and lore. If you need more info just check out our www site. We look forward to seeing you and are sure you will enjoy your time with us. After all, we are a mud built on the ideas of thousands of players over the past 8 years [5]

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Hey Guys, I just came back to the mudding community after a little over a year. I was looking for a new 'Home' Mud. I found it at Arcane Nites. The immortals are nice, helpful at every step. The mud gives so much customization. They have a triple remort system and with an end legendary. Allowing you to build every character with a different endgame. They also allow you to play up to 3 characters at once, although only 1 of them can be PK. But this gives you a buff, tank, and a damage dealer to run zones with. Every person on here is friendly which really draws me to play this mud. I find this mud to be one of my favorites so far. You guys should swing by and check it out. 7000 Message me Kindoma, or Anbhas, Gillis, or Mulet!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 19, 2012
Okay, listen up. If you like MUDS, especially MUDs that have been deeply established in the community for over 10 years, then listen up... Arcane Nites offers the most genuine MUDing experience with it's excellent remorting system, adding into account it's rich fighting system. No other MUD compares to it. There is always a new area to pillage. There is always a quest going on. The only downfall, there are no players! AN has been stuck in a rut the past few years due to it being shut down by the original creator. But now we're fully operational and the staff is working on new code and features daily.. and it's getting grimm. All this good stuff, but no one to share it with. So, come share a great MUDing experience with us at Arcane Nites.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 29, 2009
I started playing Arcane Nites years ago.Iit was actually my first mudding experience. About 95% of the players were friendly and always willing to help, whether it be finding eq, corpse retrievals, or mob cursing for a group. I found it to be very involved and i can say pretty unique compared to whats out there today. There was a huge player base before the custom code changed hands, changes were made and people left within the past few years. Im here today to say as a loyal player and recent builder that we've made some huge updates as well as numerous fixes, additions, and enhancements. This is all thanks to a couple of other loyal players that took over and have been coding like crazy. We've also put up a new site as well as some forums. Check us out, you won't be disappointed. -Gillis
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 18, 2009
I started on AN about a year before the major pwipe. Once it hit AN2 I played it just as frequently, and I have to say I liked the original better. I'm happy that it has returned. I also wanted to say that when (Ryu/Redemption) was managing the mud, I, too, found it to be very biased and bug ridden. However, I have seen proof that Shokto is neither bias nor lazy with this mud. Arcane Nites is in perhaps the most positive stage of development that I have ever seen it in. For the sake of the mud I love, I hope it continues to go that way until it is again the best mud available.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2008
I started playing AN since 1997, and kept playing when it went through major change sometimes in 200x (which I'll call AN2), where a lot of people left due to the changes and/or total pwipe (due to the change needed). After a while, the mud went offline, until it was revived again in 2007. I was so happy to find that AN is back, and under different management! The only thing is AN is back to the original codes, for better or worse (some prefer AN1, while other AN2). Although I missed the changes in AN2, I can't complaint because my favorite game is back. The new staffs are professional, and of course, nice too as long as I didn't do anything illegal :) There are a lot of improvements is being made and planned for the mud. Some have been implemented, others are still being worked on. The staffs listen to players and fix any reported bugs/issues. There is always room for improvement, but that's the case for everything in life. Things couldn't have been better, except that we need to advertise the mud more to attract more player base :) Regards, A happy AN player
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 12, 2008
The mud from the getgo has what appears to be random bugs. You never quite feel like this is a completed Mud. It has been ongoing since 1994 and clearly does not have the staff help needed to make it a success. They boast item's like MRFIXIT and JACKOFALLTRADES to help correct resistance bugs or give a char every skill in the game. They imply from the start they are a roleplay mud but fail to do so with item names like above. The mud has an outdated Pkill system based on saves and if you are an imm favorite you can also become either 'psi' or a special attributes. These attributes are Slayer/Vampire/Werewolf and only handed out to those that have been there for lengthy periods who have had all their equipment already boosted by a prior IMP named redemption. I would not recommend anyone invest time in a place that has so many loopholes, bugs, and favoritism.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 1, 2008
Ahh, Bolter you're the one that came out with a named called 'FORCE.' You're just upset we asked you if we could change your name. As for those items and the resistance issue, those issues are fixed and no one gets all the skills from an item. It's literally impossible. The code doesn't allow it. As for favorites getting special attributes you got a special attribute and your not a favorite, so i don't know where you're coming from....Arcane Nites isn't full of bugs, at least none of which we coders have been made aware.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 12, 2008
I played for about 4 years, before my work and changes from the previous Immortal staff, the Implementor of the game, caused me to give it up. However, AN came back online, as the code base I loved so much in November of last year. (2007) I have been there ever since, and have tried my best to advertise to all my online and real life friends that game. However, nowadays, everyone wants an MMORPG style, that's 3D. We are rebuilding our playerbase currently, so if you enjoy a good MUDing experience, give us a try. We are a helpful group, but if you wish to try it all on your own, you are more than welcome to do so. :-) -Everet/Donalith Clearborn
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 18, 2008
Arcane Nites is a great MUD for people of all different backgrounds. After shutting down for awhile it's back up with a dedicated core of players and admins trying to make it as good as possible. A recent revamp has made it even more playable and encourages playing as long as you want to grow. I highly suggest anyone who enjoys mudding to check it out!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 4, 2008
We have worked to make a better mud than another. No more pick this and that, your skills and spells are set to your class and you gain them as you level. You are even able to use the levels you gain to build unique items. A HUGE area with multiple areas to explore. Housing is a blast offering special anniversary items for player who are on at the time of a big change. We offer a constantly upgrading system and ALWAYS take player thoughts in consideration. We welcome you to the dark................ Arcane Nites!!!!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 4, 2008
Well, you asked for it. You want a mud that doesn't suck? An actual MUD that is worth playing? Well...Why are you just sitting here and reading this then? You should be playing Arcane Nites! This MUD has been running stable for 8+ years now, with an amazing coder and Imm staff, a nice friendly player base, and all sorts of fun things. And unlike most of those garbage muds, you don't just sit around and level all day if you don't want to. You can sit around and talk to other players if you feel like it, maybe join in some on of the quests, explore if you want (just be careful not to venture into any dangerous areas), heck, go gambling even! Check out some of the built in quests if you really want to. What's that? You don't like how all muds have the same things over again? Well, don't worry about it. This mud is unique in so many ways, from character creation, to areas, to just about anything. If you don't like how little customization other muds give you about your character, then this is also a good place for you. Say you wanna be a Fighter, but wanna cast some of those minor spells that perk you up, you can do that. Or, you could be a wizard with some physical training. And each class has multiple unique abilities that give them their own specialties. The same goes for the races as well. You can be anything from a Minotaur paladin, to a gargoyle Ninja. This is truly a game for gamers. Check it out sometime and ask for help, I'm sure I'll be on, so just ask me if you have any questions ;) or you could ask the friendly Imms or other players, which you can get to know on a very friendly level, even outside of the mud. So check out Arcane Nites, just don't get too addicted...we don't want you to lose job... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 12, 2005
all i've really got to say is, this is the best mud ever, i've spent a good four years on this mud. and let me tell you it's better than anything else you could find, everyone is friendly especially towards newbies theres hardly foul language. There are many MANY quests which i love one of the main reasons i've been there for so long. There is nothing better than when you log on and have everyone give you a very warm welcome it's like a second home. i've gotten a few of my friends started on it they all loved it one of them has been there for three years. Trust me your gonna love it on AN so do me a favor just drop by check it out for about a week and see what it's like You'll love it I LOVE ARCANE NITES!!!!!!!!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 14, 2004
About 4 years ago a friend of mine bothered me and bothered me to try this thing called a "MUD". I gave in and decided to give it a go. He showed me a nifty little program that would log me in, and set it up for a place called Arcane Nites. When I entered the world, I was completely lost and confused... for about 5 seconds. Right from the beginning the game helps you to understand the basic gameplay of a MUD so that even beginners like I once was, could learn to play the game quickly. After entering the world proper, I was so overwhelmed with people asking me if I needed help (not ust Immortals, players too!) I didn't know what to say. I was in shock. I had played multiplayer games before but almost always the response of someone was "Get away this is my room i'm killing the stuff in here." Now, 4 years later, the style of the game has changed, but not the feel. Imms & players alike are more than happy to help even the newest of newbies. I recently left for almost a year to move countries and get married, when I came back, I was able to log back in with my character and start off right where I left, remembering almost everything. The world is huge, and even I haven't been everywhere yet. The style of levelling is a lot different from most muds. You choose a class be it the silent, graceful, and fatal ninja or the vicious, and truly demonic Blackguard, and from there you gain class specific skills, which no other class has. After that you have the Sphere system, allowing you to FULLY customise your character. Want a blacksmithing Fighter? Done. Want a snarky thief who can also cast lightning spells and teleport? Done. Want to make a wizard who can knock his opponents to the ground with a gesture and transform into a golem? Done. The allows... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 14, 2004
good day to ye all :) i've been playing Arcane nites (AN) since 1997, that is on a regular basis. during the last 3 years AN has been using the new codebase, written mostly by Ryu himself, to my knowledge at least. the reason i've been playing AN for these many years is, because i like the people who play there and of course the tons of areas, not to forget the various classes and races avalible to us players. To mention but a few, Gargoyles, Fairy, Centaur, Minotaur, Goblins and Orcs, all these along with the standard ones, Humans, Elves etc. etc. Then there's the really interesting, and some times confusing, skill system. the reason i say its sometime confusing is because there are little over 500 different skills, and getting what you want can be a challange, cause there are so many great things. keeping in mind that there are over 500 skills/spells also means you have a greater opertunity to specialize your character. the system of skills is devided into "spheres" sort of "schools of magic" where you can specialize in, for instance, blacksmithing, crafting equipment for other players or for yourself. Imbue the items with magical attributes, meaning you dont really have to focus on getting equipment to level, cause you have the chance of making it yourself. along with the crafting there's the Meta sphere, a school which aids the spellcaster, with power enhancing of your already learned spells. besides the spellcasting part of it, you get a chance to enchant items with varous spells and stats. dont worry about this causing a balance problem, it doesnt. back to me again. like i mentioned earlier i've been playing here since 97, my favorite class is wizard, here the wizard really have a chance to grow powerful, once of the things i like best about being a wizard is the tons of spells i get, and their use. You can cast some spells across a number of rooms you... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 14, 2004
this mud sucks, dont waste your time trying it
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 9, 2004
i think it's a great mud i've been there for multiple years i believe everyone who loves muds should come and atleast check it out i tried playing other muds i couldn't i tried making my own mud it just wasn't the same all i can say is I love Arcane Nites!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 9, 2004
holy shit!!!, i am buying this mud to invent new kind of game for my xbox!! truelly coded thru mud of all!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 8, 2004
There isn't a Cadillac in the world that has more options and features than AN. The time and work put into the coding and construction of this mud is beyond comparison, and it is VERY visible by all players, new and old. I can confidently say that I would, under oath, testify to the fact that there are quite literally no two characters the same. There have been so many people and players involved in the creation of this game, as far as realm development, character mapping, mob creation and more, that there isn't a game out there that can even be fit to compare! I think that the support base from staff and players is remarkable and unique to AN alone. Don't cheat yourself...come on by and give it a try! You will never know what you are missing out on until you do. I guarantee that you will find it hard put to walk away.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 8, 2004
I just recently began playing Arcane Nites - and quite by accident, at that. I was looking for a place that I could play in a friendly, original environment - a place where whining and unhelpful people did not frequent. It was lucky then, that I found AN. Within seconds of character creation - which, by the way was interesting and new unlike so many other muds these days - I was helped by friendly IMMs and high level players. There's a lot that is not standard in AN - including their skill system, which is too neat for words. Well, other than words like "Really fricken cool". All the new and interesting features might have been intimidating, if it weren't for the speedy assistance and guidance I was given by all of the helpful players. So, I don't know why I am still writing this review... I should be playing AN!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 6, 2004
Ok, I will not tell you 'This MUD's the best, play it or die.' But I will say 'This MUD IS the best, give it a shot.' Our counts may not be as encouraging. But the staff, and player base we have. Are friendly, and welcoming. For instance. We had this new comer, Tonogashi. He was the only mort on the MUD at the moment. So a few of us decided to pitch in voucers in exchange for a few levels for him. Now, how many MUDs do you log on and get a bonus from players who just want to help out. To see you make it good in the MUD. Next to the kindness, you have knowledgable players usually on who have been with AN since the early beginnings. So if you need help, and a player of good knowledge of the realm is able to help. You will be given the correct solution to your problem, or right answer to your question. This also goes with AN's staff. AN has always been a MUD to welcome it's new comers with help, answers, and newbie related items to help them on their way. Though, I am not saying that every last player is kind. There are of course the, unkind, amongst the realm. But the ratio to kind/unkind is in favor for the kind. Luckly most the time the unkind players will never cause harm. The reason why our activity on Top MUD Sites has been so active lately. Is because we would really like to see the counts go up. Because a MUD such as AN. Is a waste if it is not reaching MUDers. And it is a shame to see good things go to waste. Therefor, if you read these reviews and think to yourself, 'Well, I'm already playing a good MUD. So what would the point be of playing another?' You are missing an opportunity to play a MUD in which you do not have to Unlike... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 6, 2004
This was my very first mud ever and I have been playing since 98/99. I played faithfully for probably 3-4 years without checking any other muds out. Since then, I have checked about 5-10 other muds and by far this is the most organized and thought out mud I have seen. They did a complete upgrade and re-write to the entire base to make it more unique and more diverse in the way you want to have your character. We currently have a sphere system that allows you to choose whether you want to be more physical or magical and from that you can choose between 14 different spheres(9 magical and 5 physical). All these spheres have 5 levels of skills/spells and you can mix and match to fit your character along with the class skills that you receive normally. From my experience at Arcane Nites, both as a player and an Immortal, I would recommend Arcane Nites to anyone and everyone that wants a stable, friendly and wonderful mudding experience. The options lie before you, will you choose the path that leads to Arcane Nites? I would...
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 30, 2004
This has got to be one of the best MUDs i have ever played. IS the best. Ever since i started playing this 3 years ago, i have never played another MUD. It's just that good. Sure, many things have changed since I started playing, but it has all been for the better. But if you want a good, organized, friendly, customizable game, with fun players and admin, then you should come here. And don't think that it's just the admin doing the work. If you think you have a good idea for the MUD, all the admin (and players) will listen. Some of the best ideas have come from everday players like myself.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 28, 2004
Here are some of the comments I have gotten from new players: "the owner, he looks like he put a lot of love into this mud" "this Mud is great cuz I came on here and within second ppl are talking to me" "Incidentally, please pass my compliments on to the coders"..."This is some really really nice work on here"..."I'm actually really impressed with the class balance so far." "man this game is awesome" "This game is awsome"..."I like it alot... "everyones so friendly" "I love an" These are just a few of the many compliments. Come see for yourself!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 14, 2004
There are so many good things I can say about Arcane Nites! I began playing here in 1999 as a total newbie to mudding. Through all the changes in my life since then, AN has become like a family to me. I have popped in on some other muds to see if I was missing anything, but in my opinion, nothing compares. Some of the features that makes Arcane Nites the best MUD out there are: * Friendly players and Immortal staff. I am currently an Immortal and it surprises me when new players come on and are shocked that the Imms actually welcome and interact with the players. We Immortals are approachable and love to hear from and get to know the players. Many players are also readily available to help new people with questions. There is even a clan that caters to helping its members level up and become great. Most people who come here find themselves feeling at home within a short period of time. * A creator who works endlessly to make Arcane Nites a great place to play! The creator and coder, Cynthal, listens to player suggestions. He even holds mortal meetings so that the players can discuss with him their ideas and feelings about AN. * An awesome system for customizing your character. In addition to having spells and skills for your chosen class, you choose how you want to allot your sphere points. For example, you could be a ninja who has 4 physical points and one magical. Then, within these sphere points, there are different specialties to choose from such as weapon making, battle tactics, elemental spheres and more. There are so many ways you can play a character that it really gives you a chance to set yourself apart. * There are so many other things that make Arcane Nites great, but why not come see for yourself? One of the Imms will most likely greet you when you arrive, but if not, me,... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 6, 2004
The Mud is newbie friendly all of the classes skills are uniques to each other. People on this are just friendly to player will help when asked. The the way a person can learn spells or more skills is made so each player is unique. What they can learn and use, of course websites provide detail on the races, and classes you choose. Played on long of muds for past ten years. Found oneI can finally come back over time
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 1, 2004
When I first tried this mud I was at first captivated by two things. The interesting skill system and the quick levelling that let me explore it. The skill system can be explained as such: Classes: Fgt Cle Rog Dru Wiz Sor Nnj Sha Pal BGd Rng Brd Magical Spheres : fire water wind earth energy quasi divine demonic metamagic Physical Spheres: mar_art tactics weapon_tech weapon_arcana ranged Each class has 20 skills/spells that only they have. Then there's the other skills which are divided into two "skill trees" magical and physical. At creation you get 5 creation points that you put into these. (classes have base requirements but from there the choice is yours) In each of the trees there are several spheres, for example tactics. In each sphere there are 5 levels and in each level 5 skills/spells. (So there are 590 skills/spells) How many creation points you put into the skill tree determines how many levels you can get in any one of it's spheres. You also get to focus in one sphere in your main skill tree which allows you to get all five levels in it. Adding towards making character be more unique. That people are nice and friendly is something I take for granted in a mud otherwise I'm out. As a player I see myself as a resource to whoever has the mud, noting about bugs, coming up with suggestions and helping new players once i get settled in. Paelyn who takes care of most quests and such is very active, there are usually atleast two quests run every day. The main issue I have about the players is that: 1. Too few europeans and 2. Instead of 25 -30 people during peak hours I would like to see 50 - 60. One thing I liked on my first login was while i was still exploring the basics of the game not only did an imm show up to ask if I needed any help. But when... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 29, 2004
This mud is awesome! There have been several new abilities granted to players recently, and the staff and most of the players are very helpful. Commands are pretty straight-forward, help-files are plentiful, and it's huge (lots to see and do)! I recommend Arcane Nites above any other mud I've seen.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 18, 2004
Weekly review: Our mud features a very detailed skill system utilizing "spheres" to represent degrees of familiarity and specialization with any given skill set. As the sphere level goes up, the skills become more powerful. Sphere skills are those learned independantly from ones own class. The sphere system allows for an extremely large possibilty of combiantaions of skills to make each player more unique to each persons own style. Having large varieties of skills in many spheres doing similar functions (healing spells for example) allow character to roleplay a specific type of character without sacrificing certin basic skills. I reccomend people stop by, give us a shot, and see what I'm talking about. There are extensive helps on every "slist" and "skill" in the game as well as experienced players who can help direct you to popular as well as unusual choices. Hope to see you around AN, Ioreth
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 12, 2004
This, certainly, is my favorite MUD ever. I don't throw the word "favorite" around lightly, either. This MUD has got all you could want: a huge world with surprises around every corner, tons of skills and spells to learn with the "sphere" system, a good amount of balanced races and classes, and tons of interesting areas to explore. For newbies to Arcane Nites, or complete newbies to the world of MUDing, it's a real treat to go to. The players are always happy to answer questions, no matter how newbish, and the head admin, Cynthal, is always ready to listen. He hears and answers questions and he asks opinions of players all the time. The MUD is constantly evolving to make the most interesting and fun experience for the players. Cynthal wants nothing less. Check it out today!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 9, 2004
Well I will be honest: This is my first mud experience. And I love it. I am a DnD fan, and at one point in time I was a Diablo Junkie. I STILL am a Final Fantasy Fanatic, and thought for sure that text based games would not even come CLOSE in comparason to these, but I tried it anyway so that a friend would stop pestering me. And quite frankly, I can't belive that I actually found Arcane Nites to be FAR more involved and entertaining than any of those! The imaginative creation process that went into this MUD is above and beyond any that I could even fathom! Even being a mud virgin, I was able to log on and get started with ease, and have found the IMP/IMM staff as well as the other players to be UNBELIEVABLY involved in the greater good of ALL players. They are willing to answer questions and help at the drop of a hat and promote the advancement of all players equally. OUTSTANDING! I totally recommend this game for players of ANY skill level: beginers, intermediates, advanced, master, AND JUNKIE alike! Bravo to the creation team for all your success!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 5, 2004
Well, its been a while since I posted a review, so I think I'll try (god willing) to make a weekly update telling people about our mud and what we have going on. Sometime in the next month we will be adding two new classes to expand our class total to 12 Our ranged combat system is in now, except for ammo flags. Right now an arrow (or bullet or whatever) has no special properties, but this is coming in time. Along with our ranged combat for weapons we have ranged combat for magic. Many, but not all, of our spells can be cast at a range of up to 2 rooms away. Our builders have been hard at work and we have added 3 new areas for folks to explore in the past 2 weeks. Our clan system is up and running, and we have three clans already started! We are always looking for new bulders who want to share thier ideas and areas with us. I have been told that our stat system bears explanation for newcomers as it is quite different. So here goes. In our mud your lvling gains are based solely on luck, not stats like in many other muds. This does not mean your stats are unimportant. Our stats are dynamic. This means they can affect you positively when raised, and negatively when lowered. An excellent example is the constitution stat. When added (by magic or eq) it adds a number of hps equal to your lvl per extra point of con. So if yer lvl 100, you get 100 hps per con pt. The same hgold true if lowered though. When the bonus stats are removed (by harmful magic or removing the bonus stat equipment.) You lose the hps gained from your max and current totals. The affects are similar for all current stats. Add the stat, you get the bonus. Lose the stat, you lose the bonus. I can't think of anything else to right... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 2, 2004
*enter typical imp response about how the last post was without real sustance and written by a disgruntled player who was trying to use religion as a shield for sealing off exits to rooms so that she could keep newbies from leveling in a place that she wanted to herself.* Now, I haven't posted a review of my mud ever in the past 8+ years. I would like to post one now just so that people can see what direction we are taking: 1) Arcane Nites (known also as Nitemare waaaay back in the day), has been seriously one of the best muds in the history of the mudding. We wrote the very first remort system (and even coined that phrase). We also were one of the first muds to write OLC (OnLine area Creation or OnLine Coding). But that is all past. 2) We now have a skill/class system that is a blend of pretty much every gaming system that I could find. It has elements of Diablo's skill system and uses some elements of Final Fantasy X. Beyond that, the skills/spells themselves are all based on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons v3.5. 3) The fight engine is made as a multi-room fighting field where ranged weapons and spells can be used. Fleeing doesn't cost exp since it is all part of the battle (advancing and retreating), and we were the only mud for years to give people exp per hit (as opposed to having to kill a mob off to get the exp). That means that even if someone mob steals, they aren't getting all of the exp from you. 4) Like most other muds out there (now), we have the typical room/obj/mob programs, but we also have items that actually grow in power as you level. 5) Another thing, for those of you who have played AD&D v3.5, we have the item crafting feats (via the Weapons Arcana and Metamagic spheres). That means that you can create your own rings, potions,... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 7, 2003
I would like to recant my review for this mud and submitt this review in its place. This mud has offended my religious beliefs. In this game and other muds religion should not be an issue. What basis I have for this is this: 1) If another player can insult another's religous beliefs.. the other should either have the ability to block out that person or respond. I understand that this mud has no religious affiliations, but it should not disrespect other people's religous beliefs. 2) The people who run this site mud give too many perks and privelages to their friends. Some of their buddies bully players and it was one of their "buddies" who insulted my religion. When I asked for an apology..oh wait I was not able to talk... I was blasted.. jarred whatever their term was. Their remark was that this is not a religious mud and that if I don't want anyone to bash my religion then I should go to religious mud. If that is their principle then they and their friends can insult any religion or anything that makes people different from them. If someone insulted me and called me a Chink or Asian bitch then their principles would be that I should go to an all Asian mud. In my case it was religion. On several occasions their friends bully other players (there are nice players and there are bullies). Just to set the record straight, my first review was made because the creator promised me perks for reviewing the mud. 3) If I need another reason there it is, RELIGION has no place in muds only if it is a religious mud and should not be used to hurt anyone. This is not a christian mud, so why was religion ever brought up? Thank You, Maha Vailo P.s: I would not recommend this mud. I understand people may not be religious, but in muds should someone's religion be an issue? I DO NOT TO... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 7, 2003
This mud rocks! The people are nice and very helpful. So if you are new you will find all the help you need. Anyways enough people praising... this place really is cool. You get to create a character (you have to have a stragety or something) so you character can useful because every character can have different abilities. *sigh* If I ramble its because I've played so many hours of this game cause it rocks! Check it out, new people are always welcomed, Laters Maha Vailo
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 1, 2003
Arcane Nites has been around since 1996, correct me if I am wrong. Through it's years it has shun it's truely perfect code and has up-held it's raiting. It recently has gone through a complete re-write throwing away the old remorting sytstem, fight system and numerous things, and has brought in a totaly new look and feel. Instead of remorting. There is now a system called "Spheres". It contains two bases.. Physical and Magical. Within Magical is elemental/good/evil/metamagic(item creation) magic spheres. Then in Physical there is tactics/martial arts/ranged/weapon technique/weapon arcana(crafting armor/weapons) Within each of the sub-spheres is 5 skills/spells. Amongst the spheres. There are 10 classes (Shaolin Monk, Druid, Wizard, Sorcerer, Rogue, Cleric, Ninja and Hedodamion.) THEN 12 classes ( Human, Elf, Gargoyle, Drow, Halfling, Minotaur, Fairy, Gnome, Goblin and Orc.) On top of it all a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. So, Arcane Nites hopes to see some new, fresh players in it's world.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 28, 2003
Excellent skill "sphere" system for ultimate customization options. Over 10000 lvls. over 400 skills, and a large mud with over 15000 rooms. Mostly unique areas. It has an excellent combat system allowing both melee and ranged combat (up to 3 rooms away!) for both physical attacks and magical! We have some small measure of item creation abilites for cutomizing your characters. And we have opportunities for builders to show thier stuff if thats thier thing. We are newbie friendly with designated immortals for helping out new players. We have a good website with a fantastic storyline as well as mucho documentaion, and forums in which much information can be found. Come give it a try, let the mud spoeak for itself. Chelestra
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 28, 2003
I have been mudding here since 1996, which doesn't make me one of the oldest chars, but I've been around long enough to know that this mud is one of the best around. Strengths: Innovative coder who listens to the players. A huge mud with many areas. Open to new builders after an application process. Very newbie friendly. Lots of opportunities for unique character development. Weaknesses: The lone coder is a weakness in that one human can only do so much so quickly. This requires patience which seems to be in short supply these days. Overall traits: We have a well developed skill sphere system which contains over 350 skills not tied to any class. We have 10 classes each with 20 unique skills only available to those classes themselves. And we have 12 races to add variety to that mix. In the future we plan on having racial skills but these are not present at this time. Our world is huge Over 150 areas, including many unique areas. We love newbies and are currently trying to rebuild our player base after a 2 year fall off due to completely rewriting of the code base. Stop by AN and give it a try. Look for Ioreth and tell me Hi.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 23, 2003
This newly revitalized mud pulls in aspects of many brilliant ideas into one enchanting mud. Being a player on the old mud, and now on the new, I can honestly say that whatever your appetite in muds maybe, this will feed your hunger. A generous selection of race/classes, each with their own unqiue skills and abilities, with an added choice of sphere selections, you have the ability to make a powerful wizard and still have good melee abilities. This mud is being changed on a daily bases, so if you do check it out make sure you keep in mind that there is a bigger picture to everything you currently see. And to those who have never played mud before, you will appreciate arcane nites because of the countless individuals who help with suggestions, to getting equipment, to even helping you leve. The immortal staff is nothing to take lightly either. The countless hours they spend re-coding, and making sure that everyone is happy is very commendable.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 23, 2003
Arcane Nites is an excellent mud, I've been mudding for about 3 years all together and at this rate I'll be here for a long time. It's a great place with a personable staff and it's only getting better. .
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 19, 2003
Arcane Nites is an excellent mud, I've been mudding for about 3 years all together and at this rate I'll be here for a long time. It's a great place with a personable staff and it's only getting better. .
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 19, 2003
I've been playing Arcane Nites for years. It is the place where I like to hang around when I am not playing. I played since the old times before all the changes not so long ago. It was a great game to play or just a place to hang around. However, after the changes in codes, areas, classes/races, spells/skills, and a lot of many other things, now it isn't just a great game, it is the best mud I've ever played. The players are friendly, the Immortals always give out quests, and most info are available for new players who wants to learn about the game. The best part (or bad part, depends on how you look at it) is that this place is continuously being upadated to be better place. All the bugs and unbalance stuff are being weed out and redesigned to make it a better place. Wish I can say more, but I am sure you wouldn't want to read a 10-page review. So, give it a try, gain few levels, and see for yourself. I am sure you will like Arcane Nites if not in love with it!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 18, 2003
I have been playing at Arcane Nites for awhile now. And I stayed because there is a relaxed, family-type atmosphere. The character creation method is great. It is very unique, and much more indepth than most muds I had visited in the past. The actual character play is quite diverse. You get spells/skills for the class you are in, but can also choose 'spheres' to specialize in. Each character is fairly unique as the creator gets to pick what spells/skills/spheres to train/practice. Pk/NPK clans are due to be coming in very shortly. PK choice is at level 50, and characters become legends at level 100. This allows for a very diversified environment. Granted, every mud has its downfalls, but personally I'd say this is one of the best muds I have found. I've even attempted and I still find Arcane Nites to be much better. You will find that the immortals are down to earth, and happy to chat with you, or help you out. The IMPs are even quite friendly. Quests are going on quite often, here, too. Well, if you aren't sure, come check it out. It really is worth the time.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 17, 2003
I am both a player and a builder on AN, and I would say it offers amazing oppertunities for both. From extensive possibility in mprogs and and other creations as a builder, to the very possibilities in creating a char as a player. Two wizards are definately not gonna turn out the same, that is how wide the options are. Along with fully implemented crafting for both physical and magical, this mud has always been my favorite. I think the best part of Arcane Nites, is that it is player oriented, the muds Admin. is on quiet often and will take your ideas and not dismiss them, he is also very willing to talk when players need it. In summary I can speak all that I will, but you will never know of it's greatness until you give it a try.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 17, 2003
Looking for the best mud around? You've found it. I have played on this mud for a few years now and the old mud was better than anyother I had played in the twelve or so years I have been mudding. The new mud which came in about six months ago is new code made by the creator of the mud Cynthal, and its even better than the old mud. Now, the fun stuff about the mud. You can make your own eq or you can use the eq you find on creatures in the mud itself. You can choose from lots of races, classes, and specialties. You can group with other players or play on your own. You can run up to three charactors at a time if you want or stick to one or two. You can play a non player killer or a player killer charactor. The imms are all pretty decent people as are the other players, thier especially kind and generouse to "newbies". There are tons of skills and loads of spells to play with and power your charactor up. The commands for the mud are very inteligent and easy to understand with a great help file system if you need it, also this mud has about three times as many socials as any other mud I have seen. ....Oh yeah, my favorite you can go up to level 9999 which if your looking for long term playability is nice. Now for the negative. The main problem with this mud is that it is a new code and they are still going through the adjustment period of it. The equipment has been changed once and there is talk of doing it again. The spells and the way the attacks work is being altered to create a more balanced mud( not all of them (and not all the time), but when you get used to something, its annoying to have it change(even if it is for "balance"). Also of... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 16, 2003