Social-themed MUCK (Multi-User Character Kingdom) founded in 1990.
Ranked 150th of 653 worlds statistically.
Ranked 16th of 65 worlds in the Social genre statistically.

Db Size:

Players Connected:
9 (estimate)

Maximum Connected:


Average Connected:
9 (estimate)

Minimum Connected:
Connection Screen
You find yourself walking down a dusty trail.  You are passing a small
hill when you suddenly find the scenery looking very familiar.  As you
glance about trying to figure out where you are, you notice a hole in
the ground which is concealed by a large amount of plant growth.  You
pull away some foliage, and go inside.

You have connected to CaveMUCK 2283

Your head wizard is Jingoro (

Use 'connect username password' to connect an existing player.
(If you don't remember your password, or don't have a character, send 
mail to Jingoro with character name and password wanted.)

Use the QUIT command to exit the system.

Use the WHO command to find out who is currently active.

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Some worlds do not have data pulled frequently enough to provide hourly statistics.
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