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World of Darkness-themed MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination) founded in 1992.
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The year is 2037, and monsters really do exist.
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The year is 2046. Almost fifty years ago, the world reeled at the slaying of the Russian President on live television - the trigger that led to a revelation of creatures living alongside humanity: vampires, were-creatures, workers of arcane magics, and still stranger things. It tipped an already unsteady civilization into chaos that crossed the globe, bringing down governments and sparking a war that dwarfed all wars before it: The Fall. It decimated the population, from the nuclear strikes to the deadly, lasting winter that followed, very nearly an extinction event. Much of the world was reduced to ruins, and the shape of civilization has altered; although many areas still cling to parts of the names they held decades ago, they rarely resemble the world before the Fall. Most of Asia has come to be known as Hind-Manchu, a technological giant where rumor and propaganda claim that supernaturals live peacefully alongside mortals; then there is the New Aztec Empire, ruled by brutal god-monsters, the Hind's primary opponent in power. Other civilizations dot the ravaged world - among them, LATMA. The Los Angeles-Tijuana Metropolitan Area is one of the megacities which coalesced out of the splintered ruins of the United States. There is little cohesion and mostly trade-related cooperation between them, but they are united in being corporatocracies - government by the corporations which took advantage of the chaos of the Fall to wrap an iron fist around the remains of civilization. The present themselves as the saviors of humanity; how true this is remains open for debate. Unlike Hind-Manchu and the NAE, supernatural beings are outlawed here, declared nonhumans under Order 47, subject to extermination on sight. Of course, finding the supernaturals isn't as easy as the corporations would have their citizens believe - but it makes a polite fiction for keeping the majority of the population feeling safe. Humanity has sought its own strengths in opposition to these bogeymen, developing powerful cybernetics that have become an accepted part of life in the well-to-do remains. LATMA is Dark Metal's setting, a sprawl of isolated cities strung along the TUBE lines like a beaded necklace, separated by wasted and radioactive lands. The Consortium would have its people believe all that live there are bandits and other rabble. The truth is much worse. The cities themselves are far from idyllic, unless you happen to be among the rich Bright of society - the true citizens, employed by the corporations, living as though the Fall was a dream. Life in the Corporate Center, Downtown, the other cities patrolled by Metropolitan Security, can be luxurious and comfortable. For the Dark, however, without benefit of corporate protectors, life is often brutal and short; it's one night at a time. Dark Metal is a player-driven game, with considerable freedom allowed for running plots; staff primarily provides guidelines and overall game consistency. We run Revised Old World of Darkness, supporting standard humans (including those with cybernetic enhancements), sorcerers (of both psychic and hedge magic varieties), Mages (Traditions and Technocracy), Shifters (Garou of both Gaian and Wyrm affinity, Bastet, Corax, and Ratkin), and Vampires (Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarchs, and Independents). We've been around for over fifteen years - join us in the post-apocalyptic future. [1]
The year is 2037, and monsters really do exist. [2]

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Dark Metal is probably one of the more venerable World of Darkness games still around. It uses the races and rules from the older version of WoD, rather than the newer one (commonly called nWoD). Where Unlike most other games of its kind, Dark Metal is set in a somewhat cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic version of Earth. The corporate powers rule over LATMA, and it's very much a situation of haves versus have nots. In the 'bright' areas, the corporations provide security via MetSec, and things tend to be cleaner and more orderly. Of course, there are also 'dark' locales. The slums, the shambled remains of cities where less lawful (or more monstrous) individuals often dwell. It was the unusual environment, combined with the WoD rule set, which originally attracted me to Dark Metal. The darkness of the setting and theme. However, there are several other points which might appeal to potential players. - Roleplay is absolutely enforced. The game is MUSH-style, which means RP is everything. There are rules and stats to back things like combat up, as well as code, but people are generally here to tell a story. - Open Character Generation. Unlike other WoD games, you do not have to wait for approval to start playing. Decide what you want to be, go through character generation, and set up such finishing touches as description(s) and background. Voila, you can start playing. - Range of choices. Although everyone starts on even footing in terms of stats, there are so many different options for what you can play. Vampires (both Camarilla and Sabbat), Garou (including Black Spiral Dancers for you evil folk), Mages (Traditions, Technocracy, and Nephandi), Mortal+ (Psychics and Sorcerers), as well as Humans. As a side note, Humans can become cyborgs, augmenting their bodies to the point that they're anything but cannon fodder. - A variety of organizations to belong to, and locales to reside in. - A playerbase of healthy size. As of this writing, I saw over 50 logged... Read More
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