Unknown-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1992.
Ranked 644th of 754 worlds statistically.
Ranked 26th of 35 worlds in the Unknown genre statistically.

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[Client] Unknown | [Colors] Ansi | [MXP] No | [MSDP] No | [ATCP] No

          .                                                   .
        .n                  .                .                 n.
  .   .dP                 dP                  9b                9b.  .
 4    qXb        .       dX                    Xb       .       dXp   t
dX.    9Xb     .dXb    __                        __    dXb.    dXP   .Xb
9XXb._      _.dXXXXb dXXXXbo.                .odXXXXb dXXXXb._    _.dXXP
        ~~~~~~~      9X.        .db|db.         .XP       ~~~~~~
                      )b. .dbo.dP'`v'`9b.odb. .dX(
                    ,dXXXXXXXXXXb     dXXXXXXXXXXb.
                   dXXXXXXXXXXP'   .   `9XXXXXXXXXXb
                  dXXXXXXXXXXXb   d|b   dXXXXXXXXXXXb
                  9XXb'  `XXXXXb.dX|Xb.dXXXXX'  `dXXP
                   `'     9XXXXXX(   )XXXXXXP     `'
                           XXXX X.`v'.X XXXX
                           XP^X'`b   d'`X^XX
                           X. 9  `   '  P )X
                           `b  `       '  d'
                            `             '
    Doom MUD  3.66
    Adapted from tbaMUD by Rumble
    Based on CircleMUD by Jeremy Elson
    Based on DikuMUD (GAMMA 0.0)
    Created by
    Hans Henrik Staerfeldt, Katja Nyboe,
    Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer

By what name do you wish to be known? 
Launched in 1992 by a team in Arizona, Doom has seen a lot of ups and a lot of downs. But we're still around, even after 20 years, and many a long hiatus. Work is ongoing to continue to make an exciting and interesting playing experience, and we're always looking for ways to improve and expand, while staying true to the original feel. So come join us. Discover rich landscapes and interesting monsters to defeat. And then relax while connecting with other like minded players. Try out your own character combinations with our multi-classing system, as well as limited multi-playing. Work together with others to take down classic and unique creatures and explore our crazy world.
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Circle 2.2 [1]

Doom Mud is back! We are looking for new players to join one of the best muds of all time! We have a unique multiclassing system where you can gain the abilities of 3 classes! Two logins are allowed and we have some of the biggest nastiest mobs around. No wimpy areas either! [1]

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