Greco-Roman-themed MUX (Multi-User eXperience) founded in 1997.
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Intrigue, romance and epic plots set the tone for the Romanlike FiranMUX. Set in the city Anarinuell, the political center of the Firan Republic, characters fight to retain and gain social status, use power to manipulate politics, preserve ancient clan rivalries, fight a common enemy and keep a sketchy banner of peace intact under a single captivating ruling family. Firan's coded systems are easy to learn, designed with player's ease in mind, and an aid to roleplaying, rather than a hindrance. Extensive help files, helpful staff members, and a friendly player base combine with the unique setting and history of the game to create a truly distinctive role playing experience. FiranMUX is based in an original world, with a unique, staff-run, overarching story-line. creators...
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An original Greco-Roman ancient world setting reminiscent of Xena or Hercules. [1]
Original fantasy Iron-Age (like Greco-Roman) [2]
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[MUX] TinyMUX 1.6 with many mods [1]
MUX [2]
TinyMUX [3]

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Play a part in the epic struggle of the Firan people against invading armies, meddling Gods, and the internal enemies that Fate has pit against them. Set in the capital city of Anarinuell, characters are a product of a rich heritage in which a divine wager and an historic marriage plunged the world into a war that has consumed three generations -- creating heroes, villains, and victims. Characters also share in common a large and powerful city of residence; a charismatic leader; and a common enemy. But Anarinuell is not a city about sameness, and roleplay focuses upon dramatic interactions among characters from different clans and different social strata with widely divergent religious and political views. Firan's coded systems are designed to exploit these differences -- allowing social, economic, and physical combat. Enhance your reputation in the community by earning social points. Use those social points to spy, to call upon favors, to supress witnesses against you or to sabotage another person's reputation. Use your economic skills to negotiate better prices, or to deplete the city's supply of a given resource -- driving up the market, or instigating riots and strikes! In physical combat you can pummel a foe with your fists, or run him through with your sword. You can even bring your assailant to justice with the legal system. Come be a part of the myth-making on Firan! [1]
Intrigue, romance and epic plots set the tone for the Romanlike FiranMUX. Set in the city Anarinuell, the political center of the Firan Republic, characters fight to retain and gain social status, use power to manipulate politics, preserve ancient clan rivalries, fight a common enemy and keep a sketchy banner of peace intact under a single captivating ruling family. Firan's coded systems are easy to learn, designed with player's ease in mind, and an aid to roleplaying, rather than a hindrance. Extensive help files, helpful staff members, and a friendly player base combine with the unique setting and history of the game to create a truly distinctive role playing experience. FiranMUX is based in an original world, with a unique, staff-run, overarching story-line. The creators and staff of FiranMUX have pulled the best of many games into one with an emphasis on intensive roleplaying, but ornamented with a versatile combat system, universal rules that govern the use of divine magic, a circular economic system, and tools with which to govern cities and nations. FiranMUX also boasts of a large number of other coded and FUN systems: war, clothing, fashion, social status, economics, legal, witnesses, rumors and gossip, food and drink, smithing and crafting, training and teaching, and others. The best part of the game is the characters. Players choose from a list of pre-generated characters who have pre-existing relationships, psychological depth and individual goals. You join the game fully immersed in the life of your character. Due to the complex relationships already in place, role playing begins immediately without a long search for connection to other characters. Play centers around political and social interactions between the Ranivor (not quite a king, not quite a president), the hereditary leaders of the eight clans, various nobles, and other citizens. Major game events include the Spring and Fall festivals and the yearly summer campaigns to reclaim the city of Ellish, which is still occupied by the non-human Shamibelian army. We encourage community-building through pages and chat channels that players can turn off when they want to concentrate on roleplaying. As a result, FiranMUX has attracted a wide range of mature, skilled role-players who know how to develop a character's personality, write entertaining stories, and have a good time. Come join our fantastic player-base on FiranMUX by telnetting to 5000. [2]
On FiranMUX, religion, politics, warfare and romance all mesh into a world reminiscent of ancient Rome to create a distinctive roleplaying experience. Set in the capitol city of Anarinuell, rival clans united into a single Republic to fight a more dangerous foe. Having recaptured their homelands from their hated enemy, the Shamibelians, the Firans had at least two crucial tasks before them - to take back the last enslaved Firan City of Ellish, and to learn to live as one people under a new government, despite internal conflicts. Twenty-one years later, the Republic is broken when one of the clans splinters off on its own, and the remaining clans struggle to come together again under a new Alliance and new leadership. Extensive coded systems enhance roleplaying and provide an easy to use, intellectually challenging, and character intensive environment. Helpful staff and friendly players all contribute to a fun time for all! Choose from more than a hundred characters and become a part of the legend at: 5000. [3]

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It's been five years since the last review for this game. I've been playing it for the past three of them, on and off. I'm not even going to bother with following the trend of the old reviews - in the time I've been playing, I couldn't name a single case of favoritism or bias. The staff seemed mostly professional to me, and I've never had a problem with them. Firan's mechanics are well done, in my opinion. When you join you have the option of selecting a character from a very large roster or going through a simple generation of your own. Both of these have advantages and disadvantages - it might take some getting used to taking on a character someone else wrote, but it gives you a way to dive right in to the RP. The custom character generation is a little limited, having you pick between several options for personality and such, but I feel like you're given enough leeway once in-game to play the character you want to play. There's a very, very heavy emphasis on RP. While there are coded combat and crafting systems, the only way to advance is through a moderated voting system - each player gets five votes a week (not counting random bonuses), and can vote for another player a single time in that week. At the end, your total votes are converted into XP. While it sounds like a system easily abused, I've never seen it happen, and it's watched closely by the staff. The community is very friendly and welcoming, for the most part. New players are typically greeted promptly and offered as much help as they need settling in. Being a roleplay game, the quality of the world and lore is pretty important as well. Personally, I think Firan's world is excellently fleshed out - the efforts of the players over the years have really forged an interesting story on top of a solid base provided by the staff. for... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 10, 2012
I always use Mudconnector's reviews to assess the worthiness of games before I even play on them. Needless to say, despite all the negative reviews concerning Firan, I threw caution to the wind, went and applied for a character. Note that I followed the appropriate format, providing the administration several paragraphs on why I wanted to play the character and what I had planned for it. I received my character (a young noble child) without any hesitation or obstacle. I had never played a young child before, and while I found the role challenging, I probably have had the most fun in a MU that I've experienced in a long time. Then a week later I was approached by a junior wizard and asked to relinquish my character. Not because I wasn't playing out of theme. It wasn't because I committed any kind of transgression against the game. Nothing like that. It was because the administration simply made a mistake, and that due to the character's secrets, it wasn't meant for new players. I was told that I was welcome to reapply for another character, and then take this specific character as an alt. Other player's compliments were not taken into consideration, let alone the FIVE XP points that I gained just from playing him for 48 hours. I declined for reasons I will explain below. This is quite strange considering that Firan has a system on the roster which tags a character with notes for potential applicants. Lo and behold, when I applied, this character had no notes indicating that he was only for current players. While I was welcomed to take another character, I did not. This administration action confirms everything that people on here have said about Firan. I can only deduce that my character was tagged by a particular favorite of one of the administration, and was perhaps coveted. I was simply a casualty in their way. Or perhaps this is simply a bureaucratic snafu, in which case, needs... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 28, 2007
I agree with you on the fact of the administration. It's hard not to play favorites anymore. I have seen Staff on many mushes snub a good RPer who brings alot to the table, in favor of a friend. When I played on firan, it seamed that what I wanted to do with my characters, even keeping strictly to the theme and @sheet, wasnt going to happon. Firan in a way, is their sandbox, and they do what they want. Sadly, people who play there like it that way. They are good technical staff, but I would cringe at anyone who would call themselves an HR professional.
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 22, 2008
Maybe I didn't play long enough to check, but I had a pretty terrible experience with Firan. Figuring that everyone who'd gone 'oh look it's staff favoritism city' might in fact be wrong, I think 'hey, let's try it out'. You know. I never got into a single scene, primarily because I was rather disgusted with it within 30 minutes. When you choose from a list of pregenned characters (Which they prefer you do,) you're given a general rundown of their personality. This is fully reasonable. You look through their umpteen billion chars, choose one that suits you. I'm rather impressed with the work done to produce them. (The char I chose had...80k of relationship backhistory, and he was a priest.) Upon chargenning, I discovered @sheet/secrets. This is, of course, the command that shows you your character's secrets to the world. I figured it was reasonable enough that every character would have these. And I still do! However, they don't warn you exactly how serious these secrets are. I chose a character who was generally outlined as 'pleasant overzealous-priest type fellow who has a heart of gold, really.' My secrets...talked about his sadistic nature, and how he liked to whip pagans in a very BDSM-like style, and how he had--get this, abused his little sister for daring to marry a pagan priest. And how guilty he felt about it, and how terrible he felt about it. Oh, and he'd apparently secretly slept with almost /every single whore in the game/. It was unbelievable. So, naturally, I rather felt like a fellow who'd driven a car off the lot only to find out that the salesman had swapped cars while I was signing the contract. So I complained. What did a /wizard/ tell me? That it wasn't their fault I'd chosen that sort of character, and how dare I talk about my IC secrets OOCly, and that if I continued in this manner there would be repercussions. Because I wanted to play a pleasant,... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 5, 2006
I'm afraid that I too, have to agree with Banjooie's criticisms. While secrets are often the very stuff which drives potential tiny plots, they quite frequently contrast the personality descriptions of most characters on Firan. Furthermore, with their IC/OOC discussion policies as stringent as they are, not to mention the draconian attitudes of their admins, it makes rectifying a situation like this almost impossible. To put in bluntly, the administration doesn’t give a toot whether or not the unsuspecting player feels uncomfortable playing a certain character. After all, it isn’t their fault you can’t read the secrets initially. Also, Banjooie’s concern regarding the clandestine sexual proclivities of his chosen character is a common theme on Firan. Sexuality, whoring, fornication, and wanton behavior are all quite rampant on this game. After playing there over the years, I saw the game turn from something vaguely reminiscent of a PG-13 experience to something resembling else... Another case which caused me to be concerned was staff’s deduction of social points on male members of the nobility who “…didn’t frequent brothels regularly enough.” Sexuality is taken so far that most of the main characters on Firan are known for voracious sexual appetites. The positive (XP rewards) and negative (XP loss) incentives given roleplay scenes of a sexual nature only left me wondering why they take their “no privacy policy” seriously. Could there be cybervoyeurs in the midst of the FiranMUX administration? As Huxley’s novel “Brave New World” states, “promiscuity is every citizen’s duty.” But I digress. Banjooie, I’m sorry that your experience with Firan was a bad one and hopefully this doesn’t leave you completely disenchanted with roleplaying altogether. Maybe Firan will change its tune when it finds its playerbase dwindling, and the negative comments on Mudconnector numerous. On the surface Firan might look like a good game, but on the inside it is lacking. I often compare it to being invited to a sumptuous banquet, only to walk in and discover there really is no banquet all.... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 12, 2006
Okay, really, I just want to say: I'm glad I'm not the only one. The @sheet/secrets thing didn't bother me so much, but, despite the larger playerbase, this MUX is FULL of favoritism. Some people are given free reign to do whatever they want, and others can't do a damn thing without jumping through 9,000,000 hoops. And if you don't play your character -just- how they say you should, you lose it. Some people like it. I didn't. Like I said, glad it wasn't just me.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 12, 2006
Though I find some of the comments here about Firan to be valid, I would like to counter that I think that Firan is the best Roleplaying Game I have come across. There is no need to go around killing things and there is just laid back RP. I love the roster system and I have noticed that staff has started to address the fact that their characters are getting outdated. I do think that there is a large playerbase on the staff that get 'special treatment', I am not worried about that kind of thing, when I can make my own plots and my own fun. I think that if you are a good player, you can make your own fun, and not rely on a riot or air raid everyday that has to be staffed. I don't know what I think about all the comments from people who have been playing for several years. I have been playing Firan for almost 2 years and I have nothing to complain about. I think that its a game that should be commended. The staff and players are wonderful, kind, and should be praised for the things that they do. The staff on Firan take times out of their lives to volunteer to give you as 'timely' a response as they can. I think the main problem people have is that no one has a RL and they rely on staff to give them a life, forgetting that some people /do/ have lives. I just wonder if someone who is complaining about the game has thought of all the time and effort that the creators and staff have taken to keep a game for your 'entertainment' open for free and without question. I don't think that living room policy is that bad, seeing as they are the creators and until you have your own game, you can't make those rules. Who wants someone to come in and mess up their game ideas, or their... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 5, 2005
Dear Isis, While I agree with many of your comments, I cannot say that the correlation between the staffs' diligence these past several years and the intention to provide quality to the players is validated in your claim. I agree that Firan is a fun place to roleplay, and that the story is very addictive. The reason I stayed so long before leaving was because I fell in love with the theme. To correct myself, it used to be a fun place, and many people who have left the game share my sentiment. You also made the comment that those who claim that the game is stale and bland still play there because of an addiction. This might be true, but not in all cases. Many people stay on the game because their friends play there, and I know several individuals who come on regularly just to socialize or roleplay with friends, only periodically throughout the week or month to keep their characters from going idle and back on the roster. You also have people like myself who have found a world of roleplaying beyond Firan. I no longer play there, so your statement doesn't really have weight in this case. Also, I would ask you to take into account the flux of the roster. Firan is a revolving door. People go in, people come out. It is in my opinion that the game is in effect a stage run by the staff - they are the directors, you are the players. To put it bluntly, it is in my opinion that Firan has survived this long mostly due to the amount of control the Head Wizard and Wizardess get managing plots and weaving the story. The website says that the game was partially inspired by the Sid Meier game 'Civilization'. Well, in Civilization you basically play a god who manages a country/society. This is exactly what they are doing by manipulating plot to their fancy in minute detail. The old addage, is... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 14, 2005
Firan at one time was a wonderful and exciting game that I would have encouraged everyone I knew to come and check out. The players were great, the staff was unbelievable and the plot was stunning. Over the past two years or so though that has begun to change and more often than not, you are dealing with constant angst, problematic plots and a very, very slow response from the staff. I blame most of this on staff burn out which the game owners have failed to address. Its no surprise when you're dealing with 150-200 individual players a week that you would burn out over time but the players should not be punished for that burn out. However right now they are being punished for it. For example a time sensitive plot may require a response from a wizard but due to them all feeling burned out it does not happen in a timely fashion and your character or someone elses character is killed/hurt/punished for something that may have been preventable had you received an answer to your question. Their own in game statistics which they publish confirm it and show that the average response time to answer @requests (their question system) has grown from 2.5 days to over 5 days since January. On a game that relies heavily upon staff intervention due to the depth of the theme, its almost impossible to survive without timely responses. The problem with this is that they're never too burned out to work when they feel like running a plot to have an invasion happen or have some building burn to the ground. Its very selective burn out. Another major problem is the fact that they definetly gear the game toward the success of staff played characters or characters played by friends of people on the staff, which I suppose is their right to do as they're running the game its just disappointing for those not within their inner circle. I doubt this will be... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 23, 2005
I actually concur with the prev2ious synopsis of this game. I found Firan at the beginning to be a rather refreshing roleplaying experience, and its Greco-Roman atmosphere was something that I enjoyed. However, over the years I began to notice the flavor of the game to degrade in the sake of pleasing favored characters and adjusting plots to suit the staffs’ fancies. I too also became concerned with the growing staff base which rose from the pool of players, which I believe simply stifles roleplay, not to mention is a sign of inefficiency and unfairness (In fact, there is a joke that I made amongst my friends that it took Jesus Christ a resurrection and an ascension to sit at the right hand of the Father; however, on Firan you just need to talk to the right person). The game boasts with pride that most vigilant of roleplaying axioms, “In Character Actions Equate In Character Consequences,” but many actions are involved through out-of-character whims, most specifically the latest decision to toll members of the common and middle castes when entering the city center proper. Not only has this decision caused many commoners hardship in not being able to go to the market to trade their goods, but it blocks roleplay in the Forum, which specifically if I have read the newsfiles correctly that an excuse to go to the Forum was to promote roleplay. Monitoring as well as conducting tallies on sexual activity, not to mention Chief Wizard and Wizardess’ ‘living room’ philosophy after a few years was a bit draconian in my tastes. Certainly one does not need to fall in love with the creators in order to fall in love with the theme. The view in this case is that this is their game, so therefore the plot and outline within the history of the Firan Peoples must go according to this plan. In other words, players are merely characters in the Admin's ballet, so when the Admin says'd pirouette.... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 13, 2004
FiranMUX does some things very, very well. There are some problems, however, and some key differences in philosophy from most MU*. Players interested in joining the game would do well to understand just what they are getting into. On the positive side, Firan is 'newbie-friendly'. They even won an award certifying this. The reasons behind this are probably threefold: First, the helpfiles. Firan's news and helpfiles are the most complete and thorough documentation I have ever seen on any game. Secondly, the game maintains a large staff of wizards and player helpers who constantly man the Help Channel and provide friendly answers to just about any possible question (usually by referring the questioner to the already-written helpfile on the topic.) Finally, it is easy to 'jump in feet first' in the game because all characters are pre-generated with detailed backgrounds, statistics, character secrets, and most importantly, a set of relationships to other characters which provide hooks for future roleplay. The many coded systems can be a challenge for a newcomer, but with patience and the helpful assistance of players and staff, most can be learned as-you-go without difficulty. Countering these positives are a series of systemic problems. Most obviously, the many coded systems are flawed and do not serve their apparent intent. The intent must in many cases be arbitrarily imposed by the staff. For example, the listing page advertises 'social, economic, and physical combat.' The social combat system is one of the most laughable. Coded systems of gaining and losing points are trivial in amount compared to the massive social 'hits' and 'gains' imposed by staff. It is easily observed that the best way for a character to 'climb the social ladder' is to not have a player. Characters on the roster make no mistakes, and thus do much better in a system where mistakes are penalized much more often and more heavily than good behavior is rewarded. Perhaps the most glaring proof the system is flawed is that periodically staff go... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 7, 2004
What can I say? Except every, and I mean EVERY, aspect of that review is dead-on to my experience with Firan. I have been on Firan off and on, leaving when my frustration with the place built up too high, returning because I like the coded aspects. I would emphasize a few key points in this review. the game is extremely cliquish. I would also add I have found certain staff members to be outright unethical. I have talked to multiple players to discover my experiences have been echoed again and again. What takes place on this game only makes sense to you if you've been there for at least three or four years straight. They operate on a different kind of logic. There are things I like about Firan, but I have found, in all, the bad far outweighs the good. There are other games out there that have the same remarkable mixture of code and rp, with roster systems (which is a remarkable thing, truly) and I encourage any player to look to these alternatives for their rp.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 5, 2005
I've been playing all manner of MU*'s since I discovered them back in the early 90's. Muds, Moos, Mushes, Muxes, Muses, they've all come and gone through my telnet line, but only one has captured my interest to keep on playing in todays age of pretty graphics that abound. FiranMux. The game is incredible in it's complexity, allowing you do just about anything from fighting mythical creatures to being a crafter and making fish stew. This game is heavy Role-Play, so if role-playing isn't your gig you may want to steer clear, but if you want RP, you'll not find a better place. Nightime player loads get close to 200 frequently. I can't think of what else to say other than give it a won't be sorry.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 22, 2003
I have played and explored lots of MU*'s over the past couple of years and never submitted a review. And then came FiranMUX. This games is absolutely astounding...a complex, huge, vital and orignal world where you can play anything from a theiving street urchin to a carpenter to a manipulative noble. Characters are pregenerated, which scared me at first, but with over 140 to choose from, you can find the perfect character for you. Plus, because the characters have been created by the begin playing with a complete history, family friends, enemies and a place in the world. No need to stress over how to get started! Where you go from there is up to you! I know many potential players out there are scared to venture into the MUSH/MUX realm away from the familiar territory of MUDs (I was!). You should know this...Firan is the perfect bridge of both worlds. RP is the primary name of the game here (and is phenomenal, btw), but there is also plenty of code for crafting, fighting, making skill and atrribute checks, the works! With its hard working and friendly staff, extensive news, helpfiles and playerhelpers, Firan was voted most newbie friendly MU* last year. There is an application process for most characters on the roster that you can choose from, but don't let it scare you away...It ensures the superior quality of rp on the game and guarantees that you end up with a character that you will love to play for years!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 13, 2002
I have played in the realm of Firan for creeping on two years now. Where my interest level peaks at about 5 months on other games, Firan just never gets out of my system. I even took a hiatus, and after settling into my new offline routine, reestablished my love affair with this game. There is none like it that you will find, anywhere. There is no player dedication anywhere else quite like it is as FiranMUX. Finding a character is the easy part. Learning to become that character is the most fun you will ever have.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 5, 2001
I have played many games over the years on the net, in the mux realm, Nothing compares to Firan. If your tired of the old hack and slash, want real interaction where your experience and "leveling" for no better term is determined by your fellow players through your Role Play, then Play here. You enter the game and pick a character, that has already established a history. Thats right, you do not even get to pick your name. Their rules are forth right, no misunderstanding them, which is exciting to always know where you stand. The IMM's or Wizards, do not interfer in the game other than to make sure RP continues. There is none of the spoofing, or ego's to deal with. Steph and Adam have created a unique game, the players seem to be of a old genre where Role Play is the game, and Help is just a OOC away. I encourage you strongly to visit this game.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 4, 2001