Forgotten Kingdoms
Fantasy-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1999.
Ranked 126th of 673 worlds statistically.
Ranked 49th of 291 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.
Voted 8th on MUDConnector.Com.
Voted 59th on TopMUDSites.Com.

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1990          DIKU 1.0 Sebastian Hammer, Michael Seifert, Tom Madsen, 
              Hans Henrik Staerfeldt, Katja Nyboe 
01 Aug 1993   Merc 2.1 Furey, Hatchet, Kahn 
01 Dec 1996   SMAUG 1.0 Thoric, Altrag, Blodkai, Narn, Haus, Scryn 
1997          SWMUD 2.6 Created by Martin Gallwey and Kenneth McKeever 
31 Jul 2009   FKMUD 4.1 By Martin Gallwey & The FK Team

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Forgotten Kingdoms is an RPI (Role-Play Intensive) game which is set in the Forgotten Realms multiverse. The game has over 250 unique areas and is still growing rapidly, thanks to a large team of builders who continuously update existing areas as well as adding new areas and challenges. New characters can choose from a huge range of races and subraces, including shield dwarves, moon elves, mountain orcs and even planetouched characters such as genasi, aasimar or tieflings. Once you have selected your characters race, you must choose a base class of Warrior, Wizard, Rogue or Priest, each of which offers a different roleplay experience, and can be further customised by joining one of almost 50 guilds. The last major decision to be by...
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Forgotten Realms [2]

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Smaug [1]

Forgotten Realms [1] [2]

Forgotten Kingdoms is an RPI (Role-Play Intensive) game which is set in the Forgotten Realms multiverse. The game has over 250 unique areas and is still growing rapidly, thanks to a large team of builders who continuously update existing areas as well as adding new areas and challenges. New characters can choose from a huge range of races and subraces, including shield dwarves, moon elves, mountain orcs and even planetouched characters such as genasi, aasimar or tieflings. Once you have selected your characters race, you must choose a base class of Warrior, Wizard, Rogue or Priest, each of which offers a different roleplay experience, and can be further customised by joining one of almost 50 guilds. The last major decision to be made by any new character is to decide where they grew up - possibilities include several famous Forgotten Realms locations, including Waterdeep, Zhentil Keep, Menzoberranzan and Mithril Hall. Additional key or unique features of Forgotten Kingdoms include: 1. A large range of feat trees and meta-magic feats, ranging from 'celestial bloodline' to 'crippling strike' through to 'spell-casting prodigy'. 2. A unique 'spell memorisation' system based on system used in Dungeons and Dragons. This means no mana! 3. Well over 300 spells to choose from. 4. Many avenues for character development, including joining up with factions such as the Black Network or the Grey Hands, joining the inner circle or even becoming the high priest of one of 30 faiths...the possibilities are myriad! 5. Close, but not slavish reproduction of Forgotten Realms lore - as a result of various wide-ranging plots and the actions of our players, our world has taken a different path to a different present... Forgotten Kingdom's greatest strength is its large population of superb role-players, who ensure that there are always several ongoing plots to be a part of. Come join our online community, we promise you an excellent role-playing experience! [1] [2]
Forgotten Kingdoms is an RPI (Role-Play Intensive) game which is set in the Forgotten Realms multiverse. The game has over 250 unique areas and is still growing rapidly, thanks to a large team of builders who continuously update existing areas as well as adding new areas and challenges. New characters can choose from a huge range of races and subraces, including sun elves, moon elves, tieflings and even centaurs. Once you have selected your characters race, you must choose a base class of Warrior, Wizard, Rogue or Priest, each of which offers a different roleplay experience, and can be further customised by joining one of almost 50 guilds. The last major decision to be made by any new character is to decide where they grew up - possibilities include several famous Forgotten Realms locations, including Waterdeep, Zhentil Keep, Menzoberranzan and Mithril Hall. Additional key or unique features of Forgotten Kingdoms include: 1. A large range of feats and meta-magic feats, ranging from 'arterial strike' to 'bloodline of fire' through to 'spell-casting prodigy'. 2. A unique 'spell memorisation' system based on system used in Dungeons and Dragons. This means no mana! 3. Well over 300 spells to choose from. 4. Many avenues for character development, including joining organisations such as the Zhentarim or the Harpers, joining the inner circle or even becoming the high priest of one of 30 faiths...the possibilities are myriad! 5. Close, but not slavish reproduction of Forgotten Realms lore - as a result of various wide-ranging plots and the actions of our players, our world has taken a different path to a different present... Forgotten Kingdom's greatest strength is its large population of superb role-players, who ensure that there are always several ongoing plots to be a part of... Come join our online community, we promise you an excellent role-playing experience! [3]

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I started my MUDding career at Forgotten Realms in roughly 2002. My cousin got me hooked on what he exclaimed was the 'best game without graphics you'll ever play'. Through the past 11 years, I've come to call FK home thanks (mostly) to its great base of fantastic RPers (players and staff both). The inept, better-than-thou staff of yesteryear (thank God for new staff who actually cares about its player base rather than doing everything in their power to hurt the people around them) is long gone, replaced by loving and caring people who do their best to contribute to the game, whether it's coding, building, or running RPs and managing faiths. FK boasts some of the best true-to-edition classes and races, and does a fantastic job of separating the hard-to-play races and alignments by requiring kismet (earned by great RP or through hours logged). Its player base, while small (10 people online at its slowest during the day to 30-40 at its peak on weekends), is built around a great community that is truly there to help players whether it's Out-of- Character or In-Character. A wide swath of faiths are available for any player's character to follow. Each character can rise through the ranks of their faith, eventually being able to progress one another through the ranks and, finally, lead their faith as a Champion (faith manager). Whatever kind of character you envision, you can create here in FK. Whether you're new to MUDs or just looking for a new home, I suggest everyone give FK a try. Its VT-based interface and MASSIVE world are some of the best I have seen in a MUD in my decade+ of playing and RPing. Though I am no longer an active player of FK (due to RL issues and needing some time away), I recommend FK to anybody who loves true D&D and the world that the administrators have created (and continue to add-on to). If you love Forgotten Realms, you'll love what done... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 10, 2013
Too busy to play tabletop these days? Well, look no further than Forgotten Kingdoms. It is the best Forgotten Realms based MUD I have ever played that runs a d20 3.5 Edition ruleset. There are very few house rules; the ones that do exist, only exist because they have to due to game balance and code restriction. New content is constantly being added and revamped. World-wide campaigns and plots are ran often. You can pretty much play any kind of character you want and said character is completely customizable.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 25, 2013
I'm a transplant who's played in a fair number of MUDs and fell in love with a MUD a long time ago. When that MUD disappeared I was left jaded and without a loving home but after six years of MUDlessness I began the hunt anew and found Forgotten Kingdoms. This MUD is a welcoming place with very intensive roleplay. It's become my new home and is rather everything I could ever hope for in a MUD. The quests available are more numerous than I would have thought possible and the roleplay is more expansive and lasting than anywhere I've seen. If you're a MUDder who loves roleplay and D&D, Forgotten Kingdoms would be a good home for you too.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 6, 2012
I learned of the existence of MUDs as a result of frustration in trying to find a pencil-and-paper game that I could fit into my busy life. I was hoping to rediscover the joy of roleplaying from my youth, but as an adult the constrained time and location options involved in a face-to-face game proved overwhelmingly problematic. After a few long drives 80 miles for a great game in another state, a few afternoons dithered away at a local games shop hoping someone intelligent would show up, and a frustrated effort at trying to host a game myself for a few months, I half-hoped a MUD might sate my appetite for roleplay at whatever time of day and in whatever place I happened to have a few hours to dedicate to having fun. Based on ratings in the MUD Connector, I tried several MUDs in genres of interest to me, albeit with little optimism. They lived down to my low expectations (far too little roleplay, far too much metagaming), until, when I was almost ready to give up, I happened upon Forgotten Kingdoms and gave it a try: not as a result of its (middling, at the time) ranking, but rather its strong and heartfelt reviews. I want to thank those reviewers, now, as well as join their ranks, because Forgotten Kingdoms has become a source of great joy in my life, even as I've had to reduce the time I can invest in it. A parent and professional now, I rarely have the blocks of time needed for a dedicated roleplay session, and remain connected to Forgotten Kingdoms primarily as a code detective, a member of the all- volunteer staff. On those precious occasions I can carve out an afternoon or night without interruption, though - this venue still delivers that roleplaying magic I so love and yearn for. The game is completely free, a gift of the passion and dedication of its head coder, with no advantage given to anyone a... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 16, 2012
Writing this review as a long-time player and contributor of Forgotten Kingdoms, it is with a heavy heart that I must complete in all gravity this entirely negative review of the game. After joining the game in 2009 at the advice of an old friend who shortly quit after I began due the same reasons that I have quit multiple times, I had fun- This was, of course, because the game was largely unpopulated by staff and people just worked together for the betterment of the game. No longer. Now all that Forgotten Kingdoms is, is a playground for the immortals to try out their every outlet for corruption. The game is fairly carebear between players because we actually care about each other and want each other to have fun, but the immortals seize every opportunity to ruin the fun for the players. They will spawn an insurmountable number of mobs atop people for no reason at all, or delete a player's items, or even put them into jail-type rooms simply for being logged off for what the immortals deem as too long. With a completely unoriginal theme, poorly written quests and story events, unrealistic characters everywhere you look, poor storytelling, and a fast-dwindling playerbase, Forgotten Kingdoms is now unfortunately a piece of garbage swirling around a drain on a very strong current. The wrong people were hired and so they have torn the game apart. The players most liked by these imms are rained nice things and opportunities upon, and those of us who aren't in a constant state of ooc worship simply suffer. I pity this MUD and its players. Farewell.
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 31, 2012
Uleha: I do not really feel the need to contest your opinion, but I do feel that you are leaving out two key elements. First, full disclosure would help your reader understand your perspective; you are one of two players banned from the game in the last two years because you broke the published game rules repeatedly. Furthermore, the game is so terrible that you have attempted to elude the ban on a couple of occasions by making a new account. Secondly, a staff member perspective will point out that the game's player base has actually grown lately. Yes, you'll have to take my word for the roster of players, but the fact that this game has gone from placing in the thirties (or worse) to placing consistently in the top ten here on TMC should be a good indicator of which direction the game is going. Lastly though, I invite any prospective player reading to come and find out for yourself how you feel about our unoriginal theme, etc. I believe that you will find, as many others have, that the Realms are alive and a lot of fun. Thanks.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 3, 2012
The review by Uleha is completely ridiculous, I know of no way to comment on it as a reasonable review. As a player of FK for nearly a decade, staff come and go as do players, but I've never heard of any of the actions taken as Uleha has commented. As someone who has actually contributed a great deal to the game as a builder of areas and a member of the coding team, I'm unaware of any of Uleha's contributions to the betterment of the game. I also find it laughable that someone would complain that the game lacks 'originality' when we're attempting to be as faithful as possible to the setting and theme of the Forgotten Realms setting. I'm also the kind of person who finds this kind of MUD-based drama pretty tedious. If you don't like a place, don't play there, but I'm sure every MUD has had problem players who feel like the world should revolve around them and their every suggestion or comment should be treated as law. But the accusations here are completely off-base. Immortals spawning innumerable mobs on players for no reason? Deleting players items for no reason? Jailing players for not logging into the game? I can see exactly the hidden reasoning behind what I imagine Uleha thinks of as valid complaints. Killing mobs in what should be an RP area where any realistic person would imagine there would be guards? Deleting items that you shouldn't have gotten or got illegitimately. Putting someone in jail for stealing an item or killing someone then logging off the game to avoid the consequences. There's reasoning for everything, and this is just my guess for the non-specific instances of immortal malfeasance and corruption taking place on Forgotten Kingdoms, which isn't run by a dedicated team of immortals but rather a cabal of sado-masochists who built this game solely to torture players if we buy Uleha's story...
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 18, 2012
I was, and still continue to be blown away by the magnitude of this game and the people that play it. I came in as a veteran mudder and immediately found my way around via the online help information available both by typing help and by visiting their site. I took the time to read and found my legs immediately. The playerbase is very friendly and very helpful. They are patient with new characters and very very generous. I can imagine getting into this mud would be easy for both new and old and will still be challenging enough for the veterans out there. The dungeons and dragons Forgotten Realms feel to the game is not lost and many of the players are very knowledgeable in the lore. It's very easy to get immersed in this game for hours. The coding is top notch and very solid. I don't think I've experienced any crashes or bugs so bad that my experience was ruined because of it. There are also constant and regular updates to the code and system. Building is IMMMENSE. There is a whole world to explore, from Silverymoon to Calimport, all beautifully built (and still under construction) for you to explore and discover. This is the best mud I've found to date so come give it a try!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 21, 2012
I found Forgotten Kingdoms some years ago, completely by accident. I had absolutely no experience with role playing, and had never even heard of Forgotten Realms or even Dungeons and Dragons. Still to this day even the simplest computer tasks baffle me. However, from the very beginning, whether it was role playing, learning the setting, or figuring out the commands I've always been able to find the help I need. Roleplay - This mud is RP enforced, and the caliber of people we get here really adds to the experience. Role play can either be really in depth IMM run plots, raiding bandit hideouts with a group, or just sitting and chatting with your friends. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number and types of plots driven by the staff and they've been a lot of fun. Just because the role play is enforced doesn't mean that you cannot take OOC things from the game. Through my years of playing here, I've made some strong friendships because of this game. The setting - We do have our slight variations from the Forgotten Realms setting, but overall I think we are very close to it. Forgotten Kingdoms has something for everyone in this respect. You do not have to be a die hard Forgotten Realms guru to get into this game, be successful at it, or to have fun. Over the years I've learned a lot about the setting, and I still am learning quite a bit. Though I know a number of players that play Forgotten Kingdoms that live and breathe the setting and they find a comfortable home here as well. Command help - Oh my goodness, when I first started playing, I could not even figure out the say command. I thought I was hopeless. But the staff was so patient with me and eager to help me learn. I never felt like I was bothering someone when I had to ask for help for the tenth that... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 27, 2010
Forgotten Kingdoms is a very, very large and roleplay-enforced MUD set into the AD&D/Forgotten Realms timeline in between Waukeen, the Goddess of Trade's rescue, and Bane, the God of Hatred's resurrection. With a completely non-stock (I can't say original, now, can I?) world, an average of roughly 25-30 players online at peak time, newbie-friendly beginning areas, immersive roleplay, dedicated and helpful staff, and an endless number of personalities to meet and interact with, Forgotten Kingdoms is by far one of the best MUDs I personally have ever played. Fun, fashion, adventure, religion, kinship, power, and anything else your character could ever hope for can be his or hers, if he or she is willing to go the distance for it, (And sometimes, a character doesn't even have to do -that-.) The only drawbacks to the game are that we could use about a dozen (or more!) dedicated and friendly players to help fill out the (very) massive world that the MUD supports, and a couple of slightly frivolous rules (Who ever heard of limiting a description to 4 or less colors?) but the first can easily be remedied by you, dear reader, by joining the MUD, and the second is well worth the experience you'll have after entering the enveloping and extremely entertaining world of Forgotten Kingdoms's Faerun. Come by, stay a while, and most of all, -have fun- You won't be disappointed.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 17, 2009
Let me start out that this game has brought me more stress, more joy, more laughter, and more tears than any other game I have ever played. I started playing this game when an old boyfriend of mine introduced me, and I've been hooked ever since I started a character and just marveled at how descriptive and wonderfully put together this game was. I created my first character, thinking that 'Okay, I like RPGs and I can type. How hard can it be?' I was so lost, but the other players here are so helpful, it seemed like I was able to get into the groove of the game in little to no time. I shudder to think of how terrible I was at first, but thankfully, people forgive and forget when you are putting forth effort. I personally have had to step away from the game time and time again due to real life issues and sometimes just plain burning myself out, but I always come back. I've bought some games for console and the PC with intentions of playing, but never do because this game takes all of my attention, though it is given willingly. I've tried to play MMO's but they just lose their charm and appeal and I come running back to good ol' Forgotten Kingdoms. Thank you to the staff who have created areas, quests, roleplay opportunities, and even just plain messing around with us. Thank you to my fellow players who constantly keep me on my toes and make me smile. I miss the ones that left us and eagerly await those that come to join us. The longer I play, the closer I feel I have become to everyone. I think of the community as a computer family, though quite dysfunctional at times. ;) If you are reading this, and you haven't tried the game, give it a shot. We, the players and staff, love new people and we do our best to help and others... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 22, 2009
Please note: I didn't want to write a review. I have been playing this game, as well as others, for several years now, off and on. I keep coming back to this lovable text-filled game. After playing FK, those other games just...weren't up to snuff. Playing FK has spoiled me to the point where other RPGs just seem like senseless repetition. Start. Get stuff. Kill critters. Take critters' gear. Kill BIGGER stuff, get BETTER gear. There's no reason for it, and I grow bored. For some of us, that gets old. Enter FK. If you want the WHY to your story, if you want a REASON, then you need RP to fill the gaps. But even RP can be ruined. Sometimes, you'll find a good RP and it's ruined by twelve-year-old Ninja_H@xor12 who runs up screaming 'Gimme ur phat lewts or I will pwn u.' Not in FK. You become immersed. It's addictive. Very. If you don't want to be swallowed into a world that seems as real and tangible as this one, but with high fantasy sword & sorcery, and deities who rule on high, don't play. If you're an old school D&D'er, you'll feel at home here. It's 3.5 D&D translated into a stream of 0's and 1's. Granted, I got off to a rough start, and the imms are strict. But, due to their (and the RP council's) efforts, the game maintains integrity. It is not only strict, but necessary. They run a tight ship. Without such, however, FK would not be what it is. And this coming from a person who has been hit with the Divine Hammer on MANY occasions. I can honestly say, they always do it in the interest of the game, and its RP. They are fair, and willing to listen. The community has produced some of the finest folks I know, and whom I am proud to call friends. It is above and beyond anything I've ever seen. I come and go, because is... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jan 8, 2009
I've been playing FK for nearly a year now, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon. To start with, the game is newbie friendly. The playerbase is supportive of new characters and there are plenty of volunteers to answer your questions and help you out if you need it. Player-killing is very strictly controlled under RP guidelines so you don't have to worry about being sniped as soon as you leave the training area. The game world is based on Forgotten Realms, and if you're already a fan you have plenty of chances to show off your knowledge. But it's equally forgiving for people like me, who had nothing more than a vague idea of the setting and no MUDding experience when they first logged on! Players are concerned with good roleplay more than questing and bashing for XP - there are loads of player driven events to get involved in which add immensely to the richness of the game world. In my time here I have seen performances by bards, jousting contests, traveling merchants, religious celebrations, weddings... The game is constantly changing, with new areas being built and new quests and items added. The forums are extremely active and any player is welcome to make suggestions for improvements or new features. The players and staff really care about the world they inhabit and want to improve it. FK is addictive and I have been known to stay logged in for over 10 hours at a stretch, wasting my weekends in front of the keyboard and clocking over 100 hours per month. Yes - This game is just that good! If you are serious about roleplay and are tired of little snots running around claiming 'chaotic evil' is an excuse to slaughter other players at will, or are sick of people chatting about what they're watching on TV while you're exploring a dungeon, then give FK a try. If you prefer hack'n'slash and want to become an uber-powerful killing machine, this... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 2, 2008
It is hard in online games to strike a balance between gameplay and roleplaying. Most times, you find yourself immersed in either an aggressive PvP environment or in an entirely specific roleplaying environment. Neither is really satisfying for very long. Forgotten Kingdoms strikes a good balance of roleplay and gameplay. It is roleplay with teeth, you might say. The players are friendly towards new players and help to facilitate an enjoyable experience. Having an established storyline (Forgotten Realms) as a backdrop helps develop continuity. Overall, it's a well-balanced game.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 30, 2008
When they say they're in it for the roleplay, they mean it. And do they deliever and deliever well. It is refreshing to break away from the new-age rpg's (read : woot, dewdz, leet lewtzor) and go back to the roots of how rpg is done. My experience with MUD's started back on AOL with a very popular MUD that still exists in the form of Pay to Play. From there I moved on to UO and then to EQ. Each jump I made... roleplay suffered more and more again. Finally it became find the next mob with loot. Forgotten Kingdoms gives the thrill of online play and interaction that remains traditional to the aspects of DnD and to Forgotten Realms. The stories and the players that create them are engrossing and quite compelling. One of the greatest elements I find is the lore of the realms and gods they have incorporated into Forgotten Kingdoms. You feel as if you are a deep part of the evolving plots in reference to the gods. But in turn, I have found the gods and faith system to be the only problem I've had to this MUD. To follow a certain faith and receive it's benefits (and restrictions) you must become familiar with it, interact with other members of the faith, and eventually meet with the Faith Manager of the faith. Unfortunately, between 2 different characters... I have yet to have either make their way into a faith. Perhaps this is isolated to these two characters, but it would seem that each Faith Manager of the the ones I wish to follow show up maybe once a month at best. Again, this may just be me, but this system restricts... especially clerics / priests as they are unable to learn further spells until they find a faith. Would I recommend this MUD? Without question. The roleplaying, the effort that everyone puts into it, and the interaction you can find anytime during the day is astounding. this... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 8, 2008
I would like to revisit my original post as to update where my review was and how things have changed. The game evolves still more and more, in lieu of both the content added and the player base. Each day great players come adding wonderful elements of their own experiences and history, making Forgotten Kingdoms a game I will be loyal to until they shut it down. As to update upon my own gripe of the time, faithing has become such a more efficient process than what I saw in my first review. Is it easy? No, and it shouldn't be. It is fair and much more able than I ever saw it as before. It truly is an important part of an roleplay and it is quite enjoyable. In the end... I still would say come and try yourself. I could try and sway you day in and out with words, but you yourself have to feel the true enjoyment of Forgotten Kingdoms. Stop in, you won't regret.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 28, 2012
I started playing this MUD in 2003. Since then I have had my share of both good experiences as well as bad, both with the game itself, and with other players that I have RP'd with. Overall, I would give this MUD a fairly high rating, and I think its only going to get better. It seems that with all the improvements going on, things can. Even the help channels available seem to be more prominent, such as the ask, question, forum board, and other sources that are coming open to use. It has an extremly indepth story and many, many, alright, many hours of play available, without ever doing the same thing twice. And lets face it, that's what kills a game, the repetition. The thing I admire most about this game over other online games, is the RP factor. It gets you into character, whether its a good guy or a supreme, blackleather & sunglasses kind of villain. So, if you are interested in a Rp enforced mud, instead of a buch of ppl talking about real-world stuff while they kill a dragon or whatever, then this MUD is the one for you
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 30, 2007
How to begin? I will be nineteen in one month. Forgotten Kingdoms has been an integral part of my life since I was twelve years old. I'd like to say that I never let it interfere with my schoolwork, social life, or anything other than my spare time, but I can recall being thirteen and sleeping through first period because I stayed up to play those extra hours at night. I will admit, when I first began I was what the staff called a 'problem player'. What unruly, adolescent boy wouldn't be? But as I developed in life, as a role player or more importantly, as a writer, I began to see what beauty this MUD offered. I could do more than abuse code for temporary, meaningless gain. I could do more than gang up with other dysfunctional kids like me, and ruin a good time for many people. I realized that I could escape from a town, a job, a school, that I hated, into a place where I could find solace. I didn't need drugs, or alcohol, but I would say that the fun offered by this video game is just as calming, if not addictive, as both. I learned after my ban from Forgotten Kingdoms, that I truly valued it - I snuck back in, almost four years ago. I don't know if the imms knew it or not, and by this point I'm sure they do, but I definitely needed this game. I believe that since then, I have become a truly helpful player. I have developed not only my characters, but my writing skill, and in some way, my social abilities, through interaction (forced or not, though sometimes it surely was) with other players of this game. Up until the day I left for college, almost five months ago, I clocked over one hundred hours a month, and if it weren't for real life finally taking precedence, I still would. I love Forgotten Kingdoms, and the people make... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 18, 2007
Looking for a MUD with the soul of a MUSH? This it the place. They said it couldn't be done--the holy grail of serious, character infatuated, epic story-inspired gamers who cut their teeth with table-top AD&D. We who love the dungeon crawl, the dragon slaying, the heroic glory, the loot and the XP... but always wanted something more: To breathe real life into characters beyond the cool statistics and yummy enchanted weaponry. Dudes. Look no further. It's here. Forgotten Kingdoms is a remarkable, addicting, creatively invigorating experience. I can't say enough about it: the staff, the players, the quests, the use of ANSI colour... everything from the macro to the micro detail really enriches this game and the end-user experience. I haven't been this enthralled with Faerun since Shadows of Amn. Are you a MUSH RPer yearning to get back to swords and sorcery by can't deal with MUDs? Give this one a try. You won't be sorry. See you in Waterdeep! Skye
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 19, 2007
I started playing this mud while in college and found it on my own through my endless searches to find a mud that felt like 'home'. Much like many of the other reviewers here I had a rough start and had some flops in my initial RP with my first ever character (Ezrai if ANYONE remembers her). Through time and a TON of patience from the other players everyone I met helped me learn how to play the mud, helped finetune my rp, helped me understand the concept of 'getting into your character' and above all, gave me a kinship which I have been unable to find in any other mud. Through the last seven years I have come and gone from this mud due to IRL issues and each time I return I feel welcomed as if I am coming home. I am utterly ADDICTED to this mud... Much more than is really humanly healthy. What continues to draw me back is the RP. This mud defines the meaning of 'roleplayed enforced'. The staff will come down and interact with your character, not even as immortals, but they will bring to life the NPCs around you. A guard will suddenly start talking and comment on the going arounds. It makes you acutely aware of everyone and everything around you and really makes the world three dimensional. They have an incredible staff that helps players run their own events from religious gatherings, special quests and even masquerade balls. They are friendly, helpful and are always aware of the wants and needs of their players. It makes the time spent on the mud feel thoroughly enriching. As a player you are not a rating to them, but an actual voice. One of the biggest advantages of this mud is that the mud itself is not solely built by the staff. There are numerous average players who join in on building areas, checking for bugs, testing code, bringing in new quests and even bringing their... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 5, 2007
I started playing MUDs back in 1992. I can't remember the name of the first MUD, but shortly after in 1993 I started playing Mortal Realms which got me hooked on MUDs. A few years later I also played Shattered Kingdoms and several other different MUDs after that. Around 2000/2001 I started playing Forgotten Kingdoms. Although I do not play as much as I did in my earlier days, this is the mud I call home. I have gone off to play my XBOX and other PC games, but I always find time to either frequently play or play regularly Forgotten Kingdoms. This MUD has so many great things going for it. There are numerous quests, I have been playing now for about 6 to 7 years and there are still many quests from the time the game was created, that I have still to try. But this game is not static like many other MUDs I've played. There is an ongoing evolution of the game. New quests are added, minor and major additions to the code to comply with the D&D editions. Also, the VT interface is excellent. There are new areas added as well along with new races to an already extensive race and class selection. Not only can you be a fighter or priest, but you can also learn trades like mining or weaponsmithing. PC can have their open shops. But all the bells and whistles of the game is not the MAIN reason Forgotten Kingdoms still has a thriving playerbase. One of the game's strengths is a great admin team that include area admins, area developers, hard code developers as well as many other admins that help anywhere from a QUESTION channel to provide help to PCs to an online FORUM that provides opportunities for admin and players to post suggestions, ideas, complaints and help. The playerbase is also a great group of people that try to make the game fun and help out where they can. There to... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 2, 2007
Forgotten Kingdoms was the first mud I ever experienced and fell in love with it. I have played on other muds since then, but overall I have returned and remained faithful to FK. The other reviews really do spell out the first time impressions and benefits of the game so I don’t want to duplicate that here; in fact I will like to take a different angle. FK has a long history with its highs and lows, as any other organization does. Yet through it all the high times really do outnumber the lows. Some of the previous older posts named a few of the problems that we have had, most of them growing pains and many of them due to viewpoints and differences of opinion, but in an environment such as this you are bound to have them. My praises do go to the current administration of the game. They really did do an awesome job of turning it all around. I can guarantee that any of the cons, or problems, listed in the previous posts have been addressed and fixed. Some of the things I love about this game: The Imms: They have been outstanding in carrying this mud from a time when a lot of the playerbase was disenchanted with the previous administration. They regrouped and came together to save what everyone agreed to be a game that was on its deathbed at one point. Through their hard work and dedication they have nursed it back to health and we are definitely seeing the fruits of their labor. The Playerbase: The playerbase as a whole, when compared to other muds of this genre or any other that I have seen, are top notch. With that said, there are a few problems that every mud experiences but overall the quality and depth of not only the Roleplay, but the camaraderie shared by everyone is felt across the board. This mud is not a mud for the Imms alone so they play... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 26, 2007
As a staff member of another mud, I needed a retreat. I came to Forgotten Kingdoms after seeing it in the notorious top of the muds. Forgotten Kingdoms deserves it's place there as well. It has a very intense roleplay environment, as well as a staff that supports this. The population of the mud is very helpful indeed, the first day I was on I had a player offer to help me out and tell me all the ins and outs of the game. Also, if you are big into the Forgotten Realms campaign you will fit right into place. The piece I love most about this game is it's faithing system. I was amazed when I found out that the gods are actually played out in this game. (The coded ones at least) Choosing your god can have its penalties and benefits, it really sets you into a group of players and may in fact make you some enemies as any other Political/Religious based situation as this would induce. Also, if you are that player that is about having things to do, quests abound in this game to give you something to do when online. One of the major things I love about this mud is its support for group adventures. There are times when we should remember that we all need to work together to get things accomplished and this mud really knits together people (which brings out the rp ;).) And although it does start out slow, it picks up because like everything you get used to it. The last and final thing that I would like to add about this mud is the glory and kismet system. One word: GENIUS! This system allows players to gain points that open options to play more advanced characters. And a glory system that represents how 'popular' your character is, by what success you have made by your accomplishments. So if you are wanting to try out a great mud with great then... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 25, 2007
Well met, traveler! Since I have been sucked into the Forgotten Kingdoms, almost against my will, I feel compelled to lure other innocents into the same insidious trap. The addictive-as-drugs game is based on the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, though no prior knowledge is required. Most importantly, it is a roleplay-enforced game (the shiny lure that pulled me in). There is no way I can describe everything that hooked me like a hapless fish, but I want to highlight a couple key elements that made a difference. Character creation is particularly elegant. As I built my first character, step-by-step, famous characters from the Forgotten Realms setting explained the basics of how the game works. I especially want to thank Elminster for explaining feats, I know how busy he is. What is otherwise a relatively dry process was made exciting. Thanks! There are a few interesting details about new characters worth noting. Unlike the standard Dungeons and Dragons setting, where a character starts with his chosen class and an allotment of skills, characters in Forgotten Kingdoms begin as one of four basic classes – warrior, rogue, priest, or wizard. They must then find in-game guilds to become a full class – a fighter, a cleric of a specific faith, a mage or specialist caster, a thief or bard, and so on. Joining these full classes usually require some roleplay, some are harder to join than others. Likewise, rather than starting off with a full selection of spells, skills, and languages, characters must find in-game trainers to teach them these abilities. This adds an extra level of interest in NPC mobiles in the game, a nice touch. (Admit it, we ignore most mobs unless they sell something we need or can be killed for gold and XP). As a roleplay intensive game, Forgotten Kingdoms also employs an interesting Kismet system to try to weed out troublemakers right off the bat. Before playing something potentially disruptive like a thief, a chaotic evil character, or a race... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 15, 2007
This MUD is by far the best MUD I've experienced. Roleplay is strictly enforced which creates an environment you can truly immerse yourself in. Beyond the roleplay aspect, Forgotten Kingdoms holds to the Forgotten Realms world flawlessly. The only differences you can find are the ones you as a player create. On top of all this, the extensive list of coded systems allows for you to immerse yourself even more. Do you want to start a business selling weapons you've made? You can do that. Do you want to become a merchant and sell things between cities or other players? Go for it. How about becoming a famous bard with your very own personal publisher and gallery? You can do that too! I've been a player for over 5 years and since I've started playing, the game has been continuously changing and improved upon. The player atmosphere is friendly and helpful toward new players. The staff that runs the show is dedicated to improving things and helping all players enjoy themselves here as much as they possibly can. If you want a truly indepth and dynamic roleplay experience, then Forgotten Kingdoms is the top of the line. Dedicated roleplayers will NOT be disappointed here.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 11, 2007
10,000 chars max
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 3, 2007
Forgotten Kingdoms is a MUD that has gone through quite a few changes since I began playing there, and I would say that without a doubt, it is these changes the talented immortal staff has made that have made it the one of best MUDs I have ever played. I think the fact that I've played there since 2001 speaks for itself. Between the immense size of the game, the wonderful area authoring, great roleplay, and very well-made codebase, I simply can't play any other MUDs now that I've been just plain spoiled by Forgotten Kingdoms. The game just recently had an addition of a truckload of new spells, and with them has adopted a D&D-fueled spell memorization system which is excellently crafted, and easy to understand and manage--it makes playing a spellcaster much more interesting than on any other MUD I've played to date. The game is always being added to--right now there are multiple large cities that are being made by the dedicated area building team. And, in recent times, immortal-run roleplays have picked up a great deal, and it has added even more to the fun factor of the MUD. I don't have enough space to tell you everything else that I love about this MUD in detail, so here's a list of what I think of as the highlights: excellent character generation, many races to choose from, wonderful combat system, VT100 interface (can't live without it now), wilderness system, helpful staff, humongous and useful in-game help system, GREAT ROLEPLAY, excellent areas, trades (mining, armorsmithing, etc...), a seemingly never-ending number of quests to play through, a top-class community on the game's forums, and (this may be my favorite part) great dungeons. One thing I haven't seen other places is the active out-of-game community--the forums on the game's website provide a wealth of information and help to the players. Also, many new ideas the immortals come up for the game are batted around with the playerbase on the forums before really... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 22, 2007
This mud is not like any other mud I have ever played. Forgotten Kingdoms ruined me for other muds. They have a very unique interface that you will become so addicted to. It is full rp, and the likeness for the Forgotten Realms book is amazing! If you look at the map for Waterdeep and look at Waterdeep in the game, it's exactly the same. The people there are amazing and the evils can actually play an evil. Everyone is friendly to newbies, and they provide so much help with a help index a 100 miles long, and a question channel where players will answer your questions! Try it and I promise you will be addicted!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 27, 2006
Want to know how much the Admins think of the players? They put up a notice on the message board saying the game will be down for 'carpet cleaning', this happens erratically whenever an admin wants to listen to everyone talk about how much they miss the game, sort of like an evil god in Black & White. But this time, it turns out 'carpet cleaning' means: the game very well may be shut down for good, and we, the council to assist new players, should not tell anyone and just let them think it's down. Well guys, unless the admin hands over the code, it's gone. Thanks you two, you're a class act. Please, feedback! Anyone!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 29, 2006
Well, I began during the first week of the game with my first char. I spent 2 hardcore years having a really, really great time. Then I left the mud for some personal reason. I began to mud again a month ago, tried a lot, then stumbled on FK again...just to try. Since then, I'm purely addicted again. In 4 years there were major changes, like a total new spell system, similar to the one in D&D (memorization system), lots of new areas and all the new players, as well as some old faces. But the core of the mud did not change at all, it's still roleplay, roleplay and...roleplay. It is very newbie friendly, it's fun to be carried around all the major cities by someone you dont even know, just to help the new face. It's still the same as it was, people flirting in the Square (major rp room), Imm run (very) big plots but all this with just enough change to make it even more immersive. I suggest to everyone who says that he loves roleplay to try it. It's an invaluable experience. Brar
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 12, 2006
Forgotten Kingdoms was my second MUD, and it made the first one look awful. On days when the mud has crashed, I occasionally look around the internet to find a decent MUD like it... I am still looking. In my opinion, this MUD is fantastic. It blends code and RP together. You never know when a mob that you're talking to will suddenly get involved in the RP through the actions of the ever- watchful Imms. Very soon, a new spell system that brings this MUD so it is almost exactly like the D&D system will be introduced and from the announcements, it sounds AMAZING. The staff never rest, really. They're always upgrading and adding in new things for the player base. There have been a few reviews here that have spoken about the rules here being restrictive. Personally, I don't think they are. In order to prevent wide-range chaos and in order to preserve the spectacular spirit of the MUD, rules are there. I believe that most of the rules even add to RP. And people who have said that roleplay is not so good here... well, I'm not so sure. Sure, the massive RP events are few and far between - but elsewhere, people are constantly RPing. You have people in Waterdeep discussing philosophy. There's balls, marriages... You have power-hungry mages plotting to kill their enemies. You have the manipulations of the temples. Yes, lots of these are micro rather than macro plots, but they still involve a lot of fun. :) This is TRULY the best MUD I have ever RPed on. I found it accepting as a newbie, and the people friendly. One thing, though: on references to politics, I cannot say yay or nay. I generally don't know the people behind the characters, unlike many, and so to me, I think of it as just a 'world' to RP in. Others, knowing the people (sometimes quite well) will obviously find politics within the MUD to be more a... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 4, 2006
Forgotten Kingdoms is an astounding mud, brilliantly executed in more ways than one. I look for muds that take your experiences, so much as it can be called reality, to a whole new level of reality. The fact that skills must be sought out after and are not achieved immediately upon hitting that special level is not only brilliant, but for once it makes skills in character, the same could be said for leveling. Leveling has practically no place in the Realms. While it is an important and neccesary aspect of the game (as it is with most muds), it is completely transparent and not something that people whisper about in OOC conversations as is the case with so many MUDS. The quest system is not something you would find in a typical mud and is not something I can speak highly enough about. Those of you who have played MMOrpgs will find the questing system quite familiar. I can't possibly explain it here so I'll let it explain its here href='telnet://'>FKmud I've been here voting for Forgotten Kingdoms for a few days and I intend to do so every day. I see the immense potential in FKmud and it has my full support.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 27, 2005
Forgotten Kingdoms is a very unique MUD with a lot of good roleplaying opportunities to a very restricted extent. This MUD's base on the Forgotten Realms is controlled drastically to the point where you're playing a basic game of D&D from the Player's Handbook in an already created world. In the past they accepted many things, such as good aligned Drow, Half-Drow, Liches, and many others. However, come to date, you have to earn the right to play these things, previously by applying. If they felt you were a 'good enough' roleplayer they'd let you. Today you have to earn points in their special point system which is not very easy to do at all. To sum that up you are stuck with Moon Elves, Shield Dwarves, Lightfoot Halflings, and so on for a pretty long while, so long it's not really worth the headache and unfun chores to butter up to the IMMs enough just so you can play a Wild Elf. Another thing that displeases someone is their roleplay as the deities. A major experience I have had in the years that I played there is you could not even speak a deitie's name without them getting upset with you. Even some of the good aligned deities were like this. In True Forgotten Realms most of the deities even have flaws, they are not able to hear all and no, they do not always watch over Waterdeep, which happens to be the most used city you can go to. In this MUD saying the name Cyric more often than not bought you a death that starts an RP that often gets others killed til you wait about 30 minutes to get ressurrected. Speaking on death, they have a strict rule that you must act like you've never died before in actions, however in roleplay you can, very carefully, admit to being killed before. Let us point out that in many D&D stories death has reached characters several times. Some of characters,... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 12, 2005
I know this review is a bit old, but I personally tend to read all of the player reviews for any MUD I am looking into, so I thought I would respond to some of the 'points' made for prospective new players. The Special Roleplay Applications are, as the name implies, primarily for 'Special' RP's, read: complex or difficult roleplays outside what is all ready available. They exist so that the Staff can be sure you have a good grasp of what it is you want to do and knowledge of it as it relates to the Forgotten Realms setting. I personally have submitted two such applications and both were approved within a couple of days. Both were also submitted only a couple of months after I had started playing, so it was hardly a matter of 'buttering up' the Staff. The 'Special Points' he refers to is the Kismet System. You earn Kismet simply for hours played, other players can reward you with it for good roleplay, and deities can also give you Kismet. It is not very hard to earn at all. It is required for different races because those races often have significant stat and ability boosts that the Staff do not want to see abused, and there are also some roleplay consideration, goblins and orcs cannot go traipsing around Waterdeep for example. It is also required for some of the more distant/less populated hometowns, to ensure that the player has enough experience to get around and find things without as much help as is readily available in Waterdeep. Regarding IC interaction with Deities. I have had characters who have chatted with deities, and even got a gift from one when my character was on the receiving end of one his Priests pranks. If deities tend to show up angrily when you say their names I'm inclined to think it was /what/ you were saying about them that got their attention. There is no rule that you must pretend you... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 3, 2007
In trying to write a review without too much personal flavor and bias, I should first note that I've only played FK for a short time, and there might be major or minor things I am not aware of. That said, I should also add that I've played MUD games for many years, and I feel myself worthy of some comparative notes on FK. Also, all issues stated remain even slightly true only to the date this review was written. CONs (My habit is to always start with the cons first) 1. This seems to be less mentioned, but compared to most MUDs, the game crashes a lot and often without warning. From my understanding there is only a Private Computer owned by the game owner hosting this. I think it would be preferable to get a SuperComputer. I would give a very rough estimate that the game is down for 12-48 hrs per month. 2. Although the game offers enormous possibilities through devine intervention and special RP requests, responses are returned at a slow pace. There are ways around this, but the game is definitely not for impatient players. 3. If you want to RP being a hero, archmage kinda thing, it really takes some dedication in this game. A lot of experience and time is required to make a powerful, high-level character. 4. The game is not very balanced so far as class powers are concerned. There are definite inferior classes combat-wise. Now if this was a h/s game that would make it worthless, but luckily it is mostly RP, making this a minor issue, especially since PK situations are extremely rare and heavily RP oriented. 5. Basic AD&D flavor, nothing wrong with that but if you play D&D you won't see too many new systems or spells. Just a note to those who might be tired of D&D and looking for something new. PROs (woot, the good part) 1. Very friendly and roleplaying players, and don't let anyone tell otherwise.... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 21, 2005
Alright, I'm here to set the record straight. I've been playing Forgotten Kingdoms for nigh on 5 years now, and, personally, I will never play another MUD beyond this one, this is the one TRUE RP MUD. I've read some of the other reviews and listened to people in-game complain about wait-times and unfair imm-intervention, and to them, I say this: Quit whining. FK is a wonderfully built, wonderfully RP-ed environment, but it is NOT, I REPEAT, NOT, for someone looking to just go about and kill things. This is a truly RP-Enforced game, and that's exactly how the true players want it. The administrative staff are unbelieveable in the amount of time and effort they put into this game in terms of maintaining and expanding it, and they are quick and effective at dealing with those termed 'problem players' who disrupt the otherwise near-perfect global RP. I personally enjoy the imm-intervention, as it brings flavour and variety to the game that would otherwise be compromised for hack/slash foolishness. The game is highly-newbie friendly, with a council of experienced players ready and willing to answer questions any newbie may have. A new Character generation system that was recently installed has paved the way for an even more diverse character base, one that was already large and gave plenty of options. Overall, this game has few flaws, and the ones it may have are far too small for me to see. Thus, in conclusion, I leave with the same challenge I leave in any review I give of Forgotten Kingdoms: Forgotten Kingdoms is THE best, prove, me, wrong.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 7, 2005
I'm new to this MUD,and when I first played it, I realised that it is a hack & slash RPG with a few RPI elements incorporated in it. It is a good game which RP is mandatory and enforced,I've been looking for games like this, a part hack & slash and a part RPI
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 1, 2005
I've been away from FK long enough now to have gained some perspective on it. I still think it's a well-coded MUD with some excellent RPers, a generally well-described (and huge!) game-world, and what appears to be a great deal of attention to its source material. The combat/hack 'n' slash/levelling elements of the MUD tend to lead to some questionably justified RP, something that I have come to associate with MUDs with visible stats. There's also a bit too much OOC at times, though part of that comes from the complexity of the setting. Great combat grouping code, though - still the best I've ever seen - and ship travel is a joy. There's a lot of talent and hard work behind this game. However - and this is strictly a personal opinion - I think that having imms play deities in such a deity-heavy mythos leads to some unpleasant intrusion on roleplaying. It makes little sense, to me, to have PCs doing very unrealistic dungeon crawling, dying and needed ressurections, and other such heavy fantasy elements, while imms do global announcements reprimanding PCs who have announced an in-game engagement. I am all for imm intervention to reinforce the integrity of the gameworld, but all too often what I saw on FK reinforced a rather unimaginative conception of "roles" rather than supported playing. Also, for full disclosure, I retired my character because of what I saw as too long a delay in response to the required application for special RP. It had taken several months for a response, but that response was misdirected because the imm in question had not found my follow-up e-mail stating that my e-mail address was changing. This was an unfortunate miscommunication, but be prepared - most imms express quite freely and frequently in their forums how put-upon, frazzled, and overworked they are by their responsibilities as volunteers, and how players don't appreciate their efforts. I got the impression that it was easier and more satisfying for them complain... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 20, 2005
Forgotten Kingdoms is based on the books of the Forgotten Realm. Waterdeep is so closely developed to the books it is unbelieveable. Their unique vt 100 interface is by far the best mapping I have ever seen! For newbies, it is strongly recommended that you start out in Waterdeep. You begin in a temple with the best newbie help ever. After you are allowed out of the temple, a few paces east is the Market Square. There is usually always someone there, and it is a huge social gathering area. There is also a newbie council that will help you in any way possible. This mud has kept me and my friends interested over the years intensely... it is very addicting! Best Mud I have ever played... You will enjoy it, guarenteed. If you wish to play, and have any questions, my two main characters are Eamane and Maynawe. Ask anyone in the square and someone should know me. I swear you will not regret playing this game!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 9, 2005
This has been a long time coming. A lot of people have a lot of different things to say about Forgotten Kingdoms and I feel it time for me to finally state my piece. I have been a part of the wonder that is Forgotten Kingdoms for approximately five years now, I started something close to one month or so after the official opening of the game itself. In those five years I've been playing, I can say that I have nothing against this game. The character generation is simple, broad, and growing ever more, allowing for a good variety of characters. The game *IS* newbie friendly (for those that disagree, patience is a virtue, please try to remember that it is more than likely there are other people who also are having trouble), and the atmosphere is phenomenal. It is truly another world into which one can slip and leave reality behind. Anyone who enjoys roleplay, please, come to FK, play for a while, then attempt to play one of those redundant hack and slash MUDs again There is NO comparison, I repeat, NO COMPARISON The game allows your character to traverse a HUGE world, that is also still growing, and allows many different paths for your character to follow, each different and unique. To the Twinks and the haters, go back to hack and slash To the rest, come in and enjoy Forgotten Kingdoms. I disregard the rankings even on this site when I say this: Forgotten Kingdoms is *the* best...prove me wrong.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jan 24, 2005
I don't like MUDs. As of about a week ago, this was pretty much a solid fact that really wasn't about to change any time soon. Bad experiences; idiotic players; unoriginal worlds; ridiculous, powertripping immortals - you get the idea. MUDs are bad. And then there came Forgotten Kingdoms. Most MUDs that swear they're RP-enforced lie, I've noticed with some dismay. This one isn't included in that generalization. But more importantly is the unique way players on the Forgotten Kingdoms are able to incorporate RP with coding. It has the best of both worlds, with just the right amount of hack-'n'-slash to keep the stick-jocks happy, and a wealth of RP opportunities for those not quite so interested in slaughtering innocent mammals. The world is immensely diverse, and for once your actions mean something - if you're found out destroying small children NPCs as they play happily in the streets, you just *might* be given a piece of someone else's mind (and sword). The administration doesn't hit you up with stupid little tricks either, like forcing you to come back every day 'less you loose your equipment. They're very flexible, and a Newbie Council has been set up to help out poor little non-MUDders (like myself), tour them through the game, and in general make it a very interesting place to stay around.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 22, 2004
I started MUDding in April of this year, and honestly didn't do a very good job of it or even enjoy it at times. It was hard to find a MUD that really supported roleplay rather than just 'hack 'n' chat.' Often what I found were very elaborate worlds with almost no players, or good players in very limited worlds where 'non-stock' means the names of the places had changed. Then I found Forgotten Kingdoms, and it all clicked. The world is complex, well-developed (from the Forgotten Realms RPG I understand - I've never played that), and extensive. The players... I have found good roleplayers on other MUDs, but excellence in RPing is the goal and the standard on FK. Look at the Helpfiles available on their site, for example. I have never seen another MUD with multiple helpfiles giving instructions on (and example logs of) emote-based PC combat. Having the bar set that high makes the MUD continually challenging, and always rewarding. This striving for excellence does mean that roleplaying is actively enforced on FK, and that their large immortal staff does make judgments about PC's actions. It also means that global and OOC interaction on FK is very limited, and that it is hard to 'step out' of the game while playing and think about it as nothing but code and players. You can't charge in and be an immediate lone hero (or master villian); you must learn the land and build relationships with its people, get yourself knocked down a peg or two, and discover much on your own. (Other players are very helpful, however - you're not thrown to the wolves.) It is a lot like life. That may not appeal to everyone, but if it sounds good to you, then you owe it to yourself to log on and enter this world.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 17, 2004
I have been dabbling in MUDs for a few years now, and nothing has been able to hold my attention for more than a couple of weeks... This MUD is the exception to that. This is the only MUD i have played that is trully immersive, I am a massive Forgotten Realms fan and this MUD truly gives you the feeling that you are playing in Faerun, whether you are wandering the backstreets of Calimport on training in Melee-Magthere in the Drow city of Menzoberranzan. All the players and immortals are very helpful and the roleplay is fantastic. Try this MUD, you won't regret it. Ed.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 17, 2004
If you're looking for the best Forgotten Realms (TM) roleplay MUD out there, then look NO further! Not only is the world HUGE, but there are numerous coded quests for players to enjoy. Right from the very start you get to experience the joys and benefits of such advanced code. The players and staff are very friendly and helpful. The campaign setting is very accurate to the actual Forgotten Realms campaign produced by TSR/Wizards of the Coast. Roleplay is definitely enforced and I love it! Twinks aren't welcome here. If you're looking for pure hack-n-slash, this probably isn't the place for you. There's a steep learning curve to playing on Forgotten Kingdoms due to the highly advanced code. However, with a little patience and reading the help files, you'll soon be on your way to a highly enjoyable MUD experience! If you can't find the answers you need in the help files, the game has an active discussion board where players can ask questions and discuss various aspects of the MUD. And there's also the Newbie Council members who monitor the Question channel and field questions from players. Please give Forgotten Realms a try. I'd recommend at least 25 hours of play with a simple class (warrior/fighter) just to get comfortable with the game. I've had a wonderful two years here so far and look forward to many more to come!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 26, 2004
Revisiting this as reviews go, I do recall that Andreas was an alt of an Immortal I believe?
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 5, 2006
I am an experienced mudder, having played on another mud since 1994, and looked around at other muds quite frequently, searching for a real roleplay experience. I found Forgotten Kingdoms because I was looking for a Forgotten Realms-based mud that was centered around roleplay. I haven't been playing here very long, but I already have found it to be challenging, entertaining, with real personalities to roleplay off and friendly, responsive immortals who seem to care very much about the player's enjoyment of their mud. The world is quite complex and well coded, and due to the active immortal population, the NPCs must also be treated as real people, which only enhances the experience for me. All in all, I have nothing bad to say about FK. I recommend it to any serious roleplayer, as it is both newbie-friendly and challenging for the more experienced mudder.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 3, 2004
Alright if your seeing this your already considering this mud. I am going to tell you, this is by far the best mud I have seen. Maybe I've not seen very many but that's because I'm always playing Forgotten Kingdoms. This is an absolutly wonderful mud. There is always someone around to help it is just such a wonderful game. Once you get into it you'll be hooked. You'll go back to your old mud and think and here I was playing this when Forgotten Kindgoms had been up for all thig time. Final thought, this game is wonderful, all ages play, and I hope to see you playing sometime.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 22, 2002