Fantasy (German)-themed LpMUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1998.
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 Welcome to GEAS, a fantasy MUD with a medieval theme. We hope you enjoy
 your stay.
 The webpage of GEAS can be found at It has a useful
 help section and offers plenty of interesting information about our
 background and history.
 The address of the forum is Read "help forum" from
 within the game to learn how to register a user there.

 You can also follow us on Facebook ( or
 on Twitter ( for news and announcements.

 Driver: DGD-DGD 1.4(using net package)             Mudlib Version: OL.DGD.1.1

What should your character's name be: 
If you are tired of each 'new' MUD being the same as all the others, Geas is the mud for you. Geas is unique, not a standard mudlib. There are NO stock areas, no levels, no classes. There are no 'global shouts.' Geas features a 100% original world with a rich, detailed background. Races are truly different, in stats and appearances, in their history, traditions, and the reactions of other people. Geas boasts a fully formed pantheon of gods, each with their own aspects, powers, and relationships. In many MUDs, advancement is limited solely to monster killing. Not so in Geas, which features a realistic learning-by-doing skill system. Players improve the stats and skills they use - no fighting trolls to improve A...
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Medieval Fantasy [1]
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If you are tired of each 'new' MUD being the same as all the others, Geas is the mud for you. Geas is unique, not a standard mudlib. There are NO stock areas, no levels, no classes. There are no 'global shouts.' Geas features a 100% original world with a rich, detailed background. Races are truly different, in stats and appearances, in their history, traditions, and the reactions of other people. Geas boasts a fully formed pantheon of gods, each with their own aspects, powers, and relationships. In many MUDs, advancement is limited solely to monster killing. Not so in Geas, which features a realistic learning-by-doing skill system. Players improve the stats and skills they use - no fighting trolls to improve int. A player can focus on the fighting skills of a warrior, the sneakiness of a thief, or the craftsmanship of a master smith. Four kinds of guilds are available: professional, layman, race, and craft, and a player may join one of each type - or choose to go it alone. When it comes to fighting, Geas offers a realistic combat system, involving much more than just sitting back and watching hits scroll by. Players take an active part in fighting through a variety of specials. Armours are layered and crafted to protect specific body parts, while weapons have different capabilities, depending on weapon and armour type. Oftentimes in combat, strategy is the difference between life and death. The world of Geas has been more than three years in the making before being offered to the general public, and it is anything but static. It is growing and changing through a staff of active and knowledgable wizards, with help and ideas gladly accepted from players as well. To learn more, come in and try it out for yourself. A whole world is waiting for you. [1] [2] [3]

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I have been playing Geas for almost 5 years now. It is by far one of the best games I have ever played in my life and I consider myself a very avid gamer and competitor. I love how you can jump into a character and literally do anything your heart desires. If you love roleplaying, there are plenty of opportunities for many in depth conversations with the player base. If you love grinding skills, killing monsters and fighting other players, there are plenty of opportunities for that as well. The real gems in Geas are the great roleplaying, the combat system and the skill system. The amount of different things you can just create on your own really means that the only limit to what you can do in the game is your imagination. The combat system is fantastic and slow enough while you are new to very fast when you are an older character and perhaps have to engage in some player versus player. The skill system is very broad. You have to learn the basics to get good at anything so it is very realistic in this sense. If you want to be a mage, learn skill pertaining to increasing your intelligence like fonts or languages. If you want to be a warrior, learn everything about combat... from fighting with your main choice of weapon to learning about acrobat so you can dodge blows even with heavy armours on. This doesn't even dent the surface of the possibilities. I won't pretend that Geas doesn't have some flaws. I understand that newbies have trouble getting into the game because it is very large for the 20-30 person playerbase it has. However, I think that the access to the 'newbie line' in which you can ask any number of questions to be answered by the older players should help with feeling too solitary until you get your bearing. I had a super easy time learning the game because I had friends played... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 2, 2013
I have been playing Geas for several months now and must say that it is my favorite MUD yet. Geas is an highly immersive medieval fantasy MUD. The first thing you'll notice is that if you don't turn on DIKU commands, all of the commands are long winded and complicated. This makes getting into the it at first a tad difficult but there is a newbie line with very helpful experienced players. That being said, once you get the hang of it, you'll be hooked. The world will pull you in and keep you there as you develop your character and meet the other players. There are no levels and no classes. How your character progresses is entirely based on which skills you use, and later on what guild you pursue. Your stats are initially based on your race and then based on how much of your experience you put into each stat. All in all, Geas is a great MUD with a devoted playerbase and I encourage anyone interested to have an open mind and check it out.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 24, 2009
I’ve been trying to play Geas for four years now. I say trying because in all honesty this game is impossible to get into if you don’t already have a friend who is a longtime player on some kind of IM service, if not in real life. Before I delve into the many reasons why this game is bad, let me offer a few reasons why it is not. The system is easy enough to figure out, and the newbie intro is extremely helpful in explaining the basics. The world is both original and large, and can be quite fun to explore for the first thirty minutes or so. Unfortunately, this is almost immediately countered by the torrent of bad things I have to talk about. Geas advertises itself as a roleplaying game, specifically with roleplaying enforced, but at some point, the admins seem to have forgotten that roleplaying, in the context of a MUD, does not mean ‘wandering around in the middle of nowhere playing with myself’ or ‘trying to figure out which keyword makes the NPC tell me what I want to know’, nor is it meant to be a solitary activity. It is meant to involve multiple people, each playing at least one character, and that’s one of this game’s biggest flaws. There are other players, supposedly, but good luck meeting any of them without the use of an IM client of some sort or other methods of contact outside the game. To make matters worse, access to virtually any kind of skill beyond basic combat requires that you track down a member of one of the ‘guilds’ and talk to them. While I for one have no problems with the second one – after all, if I want to play an evil cleric of the god of Death, I’d better have a good idea what said god’s teachings are – the fact that players are spread so thinly over so large an area means, once more, unless you someone... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 16, 2008
GAES is a truly impressive MUD. Though the playerbase is small, it's obvious the staff have dedicated a great deal of time and effort in creating and maintaining a _very_ unique game. The number and variety of features available is beyond the scope of a simple player review to cover - it's a true gem! An intricate, albeit complex, combat system make hunting a pure joy - as the options for customizing your character's fighting style and preferences are limitless, letting you roleplay and hunt as a truly individual character. The skill system is a learn by doing one, with training as an option for many skills as well and is done exceedingly well, with a great attention to the details of 'realism' when practicing and using skills. The game itself sports detail unlike most others I've seen - creatures in the forest, for example, that hide or flee from predators (including players) making hunting and tracking truly useful skills. Trees can be climbed, herbs can be searched for, potions can be made, skins can be cured and tanned, traps can be set...and this is just the TIP of the iceburg! There is a small, but strong roleplaying community as well, and the players are given plenty of tools to express their opinions and thoughts to help form future developments and improvements in the game as well. (I was particularly impressed with their reporting system for bugs, typos, praises and ideas). In addition to the skill system, each player can chose to join up to four guilds of varying type - racial guilds, occupational guilds, crafting guilds and layman guilds. So essentially one could be a fighting, singing, trapping scribe...again, making diverse character development open to almost limitless possibilities. It has it's weak points, of course, like any game - this game is definitely not for those that can't be bothered to read helpfiles and 'put in some time' to familiarize themselves with the vast array of commands, options and activities available. though... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 21, 2007
Before I started on Geas, I played most of the other big, popular MUDs. They all were the standard fare; pick a race, pick a class, kill the monster, level up, get skills deal. No real focus on the individual character's progression, since you couldn't stray outside the skill list. And since everything is just raw numbers, you are struck with no real wonder or awe. Or at least, I was. And then I played Geas. Right off the bat, you pick a race, pick how you want them to look, do an optional tutorial, and then you're off to explore. No channels to turn off, no trainers to find, no level-specific dungeons to find, because hey, there are no levels! The skills are learn by doing, so if you want to be a swordsman you get a sword and find something to kill (there is plenty). The combat system is deep and intuitive with specials and toggles, everything working off of your skills, what you wear, etc. Incredibly realistic. Also, the combat itself has no numbers. Based on the weight of your weapon and how strong and agile you are, you attack every x seconds and then, depending on how skilled you are, and your stats again, you might hit the enemy. Or, their armor might deflect it. You might be saying to yourself, 'Well, how is this different than MUD x?' Trust me, it is. You just have to try it to see it. Did I mention there are no stock rooms? Also, there are guilds in the game which offer special powers that are, for the most part, player run. There's so much in this game I can't think of it all. It's been so long since I've played a different MUD that I probably take all the great things this one does for granted. Roleplay is mandatory, by the way, so please keep that in mind. Hmm... that's about it. If you are looking for a different experience will... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 26, 2007
First a short list of features: - LP Mud, nothing stock - Medieval tolkien influenced high-fantasy, good vs evil - Classless, levelless, skill and quest-focused - Legal systems, judges - Saved equipment, lockers and bank accounts - Skills in numbers, stats in descriptions - Detailed combat - 7 deities - 2 good, 3 neutral, 2 evil - High magic world, gods and religion play a big part - Guilds (clerics for 3 gods, evil warriors, good warriors, shaolin monks, druids, thieves, rangers) - Professions (skalds, scribes, alchemists) - Crafts (gem-cutters, parchmentmakers, tanners, trappers, book-binders) - Seas, continents, ships and shiplines - World divided in 'good' and 'evil' areas - Reputation system, and clerics/good warriors can detect your 'reputation' - Combat focused, highly PvP - No global shouts, no IC channels (except a newbie channel), toggle:able room-based OOC speech - Wizard-run live-quests (about 2-3 times a year) The main problem in Geas is the huge lack of history. There are only a few documents describing isolated events in the worlds history. How the world belongs together, the meaning/purpose of the setting, history in general, is usually left to 'players define it'. While this is nice to some extent, it leaves many problems. First of all, it is very hard to define a character. This should be self-explanatory. Second, it is very hard to make any sensible plots during game play. There is generally very little to do except 'gaming', when you are online - most people do powergaming and optimize their character strength by the maxi-min principle: Most of the game is about combat and PVP - at least there is little support for any other kind of character type. For example, the druids guild is a non-combat concept, but the subsystems do not really support them. They have basically nothing to do. It is *possible* to play non-combat characters, but do not expect any designated support for that. I can not think of a single character which played a successful non-combat politician merchant... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 12, 2006
Geas is undergoing some exciting changes right now. A new area has just opened, rich with history and danger, to challenge more experienced players. This area has a well thought-out backstory that enhances the history of the mud and offers plenty of opportunity for exploration as well as fighting. Through the forum and new report system that Geas has implemented, characters and wizards have unprecentended levels of communication, which has made bug fixing and general improvement easier and faster than ever before. This is also an excellent time to get started, because some really big additions are scheduled to roll out later this year. If you want to be well positioned to enjoy them, start a new character today!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 30, 2006
Geas is AMAZING.The best coded MUD system ever, {But that aside} If you're the kind of person who enjoys the company of in-character RP'ers who follow a code of ethics of gameplay {Even a villain wouldn't attack you without some kind of RP-interaction or provocation} All in all, this MUD is the best balanced one I've played so far. The mudcode is easy to maintain and update, so new skills are added in all the time, and with a whole new Continent in the making, and a supposed naval-combat system that would allow players to own and sail ships in Forostar's vast Seas and Oceans. Geas is shaping up to be THEE best MUD online, period. Give it a try. (Dam them Germans, they either do it Good or don't do it at all :-) Hando.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 9, 2006
I have tried out several other muds in the past, and none rival the depth of Geas. There is a growing player base that is supportive, intelligent, and adept at staying in character. The immortals are attentive, active, and creative. The skills system is phenomenal. In some cases you can learn a skill just by watching a master perform it. I learned backstab and other skills this way. You can own a house in which you write the descriptions. You can mine or buy ores and give them to a smith, who will make customized weapons or armour for enough gold. There is political intrigue, rival guilds, and a religious system with devoted followers on all sides. If anyone has yet to try this mud, you are missing out. If you already play, you know what I mean. After over 1 year of solid gameplay I keep finding new skills, new places, and new personalities. I would encourage anyone to make a character and see for themselves. Vurdijak Yoon, Woodland Ranger
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 1, 2006
I started in the MUD world playing a basic MUD in spanish. There I met a wizard whom I finally started to chat and so. He talked to me about GEAS, and warned me it was nothing like I was played before. It was truly nothing I was used to. Just after creating my char, which only took me around 2 minutes, I appeared at an inn, where I met a lizardman and an elven lady chatting. After some roleplaying and basic guidelines by them, I was invited to visit Ironhold, a former dwarven city that had been invaded by gnolls and other goblinoids. On our way we met a Taniel cleric, god of light and order, who joined us in our mission. I barely knew basic commands for fighting, and the ones I was told were meant to keep me alive, but what I saw was amazing: Used to combats where you simply type attack and watch succesive fighting rounds, the lizardman started to use a lot of shaolin moves, jumpkicks, backhand chops, tackles, while the elven lady wielded a katana with both hands and took the tanking, performing moves, like impales and spins. The cleric stayed at backrow, safe from melee attacks, and fried some goblinoids with holy smites, while also caring for the health of our team. I must admit sometimes I forgot to attack too, and simply watched the fight trying not to lose myself :P It has been five years since then. Now Jezz is the Dreadmaster of the Crowned Skull, god of Death and Destruction, and roams the lands looking for enemies of HIS god, ready to spread suffering. In those five years I have barely been able to master some skills, which alway keeps me wanting to improve my char. I also learned to profit from the never seen before combat system Geas offers. He often has to deal with druids, crusaders, thieves, dark templars, rangers, shaolins, skaldens, alchemists... Roleplay is one of the major in... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jan 22, 2006
Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. GEAS sports one of the most helpful newbie-friendly "wizards" ever. Feel free to give them a "commune". No other MUD has ever been as Rewarding and most of all ENTERTAINING as GEAS. If you're into role-play and a REALLY realistic environment, as well as the best combat/general MUD mechanics ever created. Look no further. Geas is the one for you, a truly beautiful piece of work done by it's creators. And sadly an underdog. Join us in Forostar. port 3333. See ya there, Hando.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 8, 2005
From my experiences with Geas, I can readily say that here lies a gameworld which a player can truly immense their characters in. Inbetween and within the distinct sides of Good and Evil, the levels where one can truly create and expand on their characters are limitless. The administration and the other wizards have collaborated on an immense effort which is apparent in every aspect of this constantly expanding game, from the combat and quests to the hidden secrets and the countless opportunities for roleplaying. Without a doubt, time spent within this game will have the player hooked.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 30, 2005
I play Hando the dwarf in GEAS. So a lot of you may of heard of me, maybe you haven't. Who gives a rat's ass?...Anyways, i'm here to talk about GEAS. The best thing in mudding since the eternal city turned pay for play. Geas features some of the most unique ways to develop a character. You can simply have him be anything you ever wished a character to be. A cook, a mason...a fighter...e.t.c. There are no levels, no class/race restrictions. No annoying stats racing across the screen taking away from the quality of combat and detail of surroundings. And the combat system is limb based, you can swing any wart of your body, and have any part of your body damadged in a realistic "wounds" instead of HP way. The continent where it's taking place is named Forostar, there are TWO other continents in the making according to game wizards. It's simply breath taking. So if you ever wanted a world of stark beauty and deatil, where you can be anything from warrior to wizard from monk to mountaineer from heavily armoured and mounted, to empty handed and lightly armoured and anything in between. It's the MUD you've been dreaming of. meet ya there, Hando.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 20, 2005
The administration at Geas excels in creative and managing the world. They take everyone's ideas seriously and tend to accept the ones with real merit. The players are friendly, stay in character, and very unique. The combat system is outstanding, and demands attentiveness, dedication, and patience. The room descriptions typically contain several objects that you can actually look at or search through. There are so many facets in the game and so much attention paid to minutia, it far exceeds anything I have experienced. I highly recommend it to anyone with patience, and the willingness to learn a new way to mud.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 16, 2005
I am playing this game for about a year. In Geas you can sometimes see me as Tannorath, the Halfling. I will not try to give you a detailed description of Geas features because its not the purpose of this article, i will only say that in my opinion it has the best fighting system i ever seen (i am playing MUDs for more then 8 years). Other then that, its pretty much a skilled based system where skilles are learned by doing! The experience can be gained in many ways: doing quests, exploring the world, improving your skills, and killing NPCs over and over again its not necesarily THE ONLY WAY to improve! This beeing said, i would like to talk a bit about the things that I like about Geas and made me choose THIS MUD over all the other millions out there! I like the fact that the admins acctually listen to what players think! Many times, little bugs are fixed and features are added or fixed within days or even hours after they have been posted on the OOC Board or Web Forum. The Admins never take lightly the player's opinions, and if some ideea is rejected, there is always given an explanation. All in one, playing Geas feels almoust like beeing part of a big family! I like the fact that changes are implemented very often and the admins are very active! For example this month only, a 'train' command has been implemented, giving players the ability to teach other players, and an important change to skill system with major implications, giving a player even more liberty to develop his character and personality! I like the fact that there are no hard-coded rules per se! Meaning: many things are considered "common sense" and creators trust players not to mess up with or misuse the game features! I always had the impression the relation between Admins and Players is more like a Father-Son relationship rather then a Gods-Mortals ;)... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 29, 2005
I've been playing Geas for about three years now, and I’ve been continually impressed by how innovative the gameplay is. The world is totally unique, and has an interesting storyline, which is enhanced by enforced roleplay. There is a legal system to govern interactions between characters - although evil characters often try to circumvent the law. You can play a wide range of characters, thanks to the broad variety of guilds, each of which has its own goals and tasks. Beyond the standard fighting and cleric guilds, there are also craft guilds, where you can learn special skills to help your character. For example, it’s possible to skin animals, turn the skins into parchment, and use the parchment to write books on useful topics. Reading books that others have written can help you to improve your skills. Skills are very important in Geas, because it is a classless and level-less MUD. Raising your skills is how your character becomes more powerful. The MUD is also learning-by-doing, which means that your character becomes stronger by concentrating on the things which you enjoy the most. There are many more possibilities to advance than just running around in a circuit and killing the same old monsters over and over again. For new users who are thinking of trying Geas for the first time, this is a great time to do it as Geas has recently implemented new help features for newbies. For example, a newbie-only help channel makes it easy for new players to get in contact with any of the friendly players or wizards who have volunteered to answer questions and help solve technical problems. This makes it easier than ever to get started in the world of Geas. Geas is a large world that is growing every day. I highly recommend stopping by and giving it a try!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 7, 2005
Wow. I'm seriously impressed. I've tried hundreds of MUDs, I can't help it. I like to compare and contrast. I've tried most of the top #100, and many more obscure ones. This is the second mud, out of all of them, that I've actually _enjoyed_ playing on. It's classless, but done exceptionally well. There's a huge array of skills as I keep finding out when I do something and suddenly start raising my abilities at whatever it was that I thought to try, a fantastic combat system that is slow enough to not flood you with text, and intricate enough that your choice of weapon will make a big difference, depending on your enemies weapon. There's the quest system, which seems to be interesting and genuinely tough. Normally I find that quests and puzzles are a breeze, you just have to examine things carefully, and they aren't a problem with anyone with a brain. In geas I've done a number of beginner quests designed to get you going, but even some of the beginner quests are troubling me. I can hear the lost kitten of a little girl, and I'm supposed to lure it down from the trees. I've tried searching for it, waiting, dropping mouse corpses and fishbones, but this cat is wily enough not to fall for these. It may sound like a silly example of an epic quest, but it's kept me trying and trying to solve it in ways that the most epic quests on other MUDs haven't. I don't normally write reviews so you'll have to cope with my lack of decent flow. What else can I tell you about? The descriptions appear to be of a high standard, and unlike most muds I've tried, have further levels of detail when you start looking at things in the description. So far the only flaws I've seen have been a lack of players in the area I'm in, but I expect that's because it has beginner quests and isn't... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 30, 2004
In search of something new I decided to look lower on the rankings and came upon Geas. Here lies the rare true review so few MUDs receive. Keep two things in mind however: 1. This is a true review. Not just spouting out all the good things, nothing is perfect and I've taken it upon myself to nit-pick to dig up negative things. If I found nothing bad, I'd look harder or Not write anything. 2. I have a warped sense of humor. Geas is a true classless MUD it seems level-less too. The reason it only seems level-less is for a generalization of experience earned. You'll have a rank such as beginner (when you first start) then advance to apprentice and so forth. These level ranks are determined by the amount of experience you've earned in your character's lifetime. The description of your level has little if any effect upon your character's prowess (except for scores), it's all tied up in your skills which are learn by do. There are trainers who can give you the basics of skills however almost every single one seems to be useable even without a single rank in it. Simply try a skill a time or two and it'll appear on your skill list with a single rank. The amount of skills is also extensive and at times you'll be surprised at just what has it's own skill. Guessing what the time is? Oh no unlike other places you'll have no idea what time it is without the correct skill to read the time. Initially all it tells you is the year until you get better at it, which seems sorta odd since even an unintelligent buffoon couldn't look up at the sky and grunt 'stars, night good'. You can indeed see that it is nighttime when you walk about, but when you try to guess the time that little news flash is left out. Drinking, now we're talking. I never would of expected this after... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2003
Well, where to start? GEAS is probably the most sophisticated Mud I've ever encountered in my 8 years of playing this kind of games. It is class and level-less, and offers a player the freedom to play their character in whatever way they want, only restricted by In-Game rules and laws. There are no annoying OOC channels in the game, and all races have their own languages, which are not generic, but have static vocabulary. The combat is, simply said, just awesome. There are countless possibilities to plan a fight, be it as an archer from the backrow or a lancer on a horseback. Unlike in other games, you can not afford to just sit back and watch the fight, no, you have to act if you want to use all your character's potential. Well, it is impossible to describe in one review anyway, it can be only experienced. Roleplay is mandatory, but players not used to it are treated friendly and normally taught by the other players - if they are willing to learn. Playerkill is allowed, but is regulated by the players themselves and must be motivated by In-Character reasons. Maniac mass-murderers normally don't get too old. Anyway, I better stop for now. If you are looking for a unique and refreshingly different Mud, visit Geas and you won't be disappointed.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 4, 2002
Advantages * Unique and Original World. * Highly Sophisticated Combat System. If anyone knows of a MUD with a better combat code, let me know. Most Wizards on Geas can look back upon a long personal background playing other MUDs, including MUD Systems. Thus can benefit from gathering a lot of information about many different MUDs, and codes. The "races" fit into a solid history-background which still evolves around playerInteraction. One of the best advantages is the completely InCharacter possibility to develop and change the history of this fantasy setting.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 2, 2002
I tried to get in to play, it sounds REALLY good from the website. But I can't connect to it, it seems to be down.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 24, 2001
This place looks quite good. PLayed for around 2 hours to test it out. Not only I got extensive help from already existing players. I also managed to get into some race struggle about the tshaharks ( a powerfull lizardman race ) and a some humans from a coastal city. The combat system... well, just fought some hares and a goblin. But it looks quite extensive with many many options. Plus they have working long-ranged missile weapons (bows!!) with which I killed a rabbit from another room. Then came in, skinned it, butchered it, sold the fur to a parchment maker player, and ate the food after cooking it in a pile of forest-ground gathered wood! NPCs look like players, and I even spoke to one without noticing it was a npc. Plus they seem to have a nice questing system... still to test it out nevertheless. In short words... it looks really nice. The three years of development can be noticed in every bit of it.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 20, 2001