Gemstone IV
Fantasy (Pay-To-Play)-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1989.
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A bustling realm of enchantment, danger, and intrigue, GemStone IV is an ever-expanding, massively-multiplayer text-based roleplaying environment. The world of Elanthia includes over fifty thousand 'rooms' spread out over dozens of realms. Players can choose to adventure in any one of our ten towns, each with their own histories and communities. There are ten professions to choose from, as well as thirteen different races, with endless options of customization for your character. Merchants visit regularly to even spruce up your equipment and garment for an assortment of character improvement options! Get plugged in to in-depth storylines and events that take place every month. The game-world and all of its systems are in a constant state of growth and development and the game is by...
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GemStone III (, the biggest multiplayer text-based game ever, has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of players since 1989, and gets better every day! Explore up to 30,000 unique rooms, enjoy custom items and character appearances, hundreds of intelligent creatures to hunt and interact with, unique spells, festivals, roleplaying events, and constant improvements and expansions. Visit the documenation section on our website for detailed info on our races, professions, organizations, in-depth history, items and more. With a staff of over 100 professional GameMasters working day and night, GemStone III is continually improving and expanding to meet your needs and wishes. Over 1000 players during prime hours share the fun every day - sign up for a FREE TRIAL and join the adventure! Or contact directly if you would like a free trial without the hassle of providing a credit card. [1]
A bustling realm of enchantment, danger, and intrigue, GemStone IV is an ever-expanding, massively-multiplayer text-based roleplaying environment. The world of Elanthia includes over fifty thousand 'rooms' spread out over dozens of realms. Players can choose to adventure in any one of our ten towns, each with their own histories and communities. There are ten professions to choose from, as well as thirteen different races, with endless options of customization for your character. Merchants visit regularly to even spruce up your equipment and garment for an assortment of character improvement options! Get plugged in to in-depth storylines and events that take place every month. The game-world and all of its systems are in a constant state of growth and development and the game is supported by a devoted staff of dozens of GameMasters with years of experience. There is a vast and dedicated player community as well that can be found on our forums. Experience our Free to Play (F2P) subscription today! ( ). [2]
A cool multiuser text game with over 12000 different locations 4 towns and lots and lots of items.all the classic character classes and a few new races and monsters galore. [3]

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My first experience with Gemstone was Gemstone III on AOL when I was around 14 or 15 years old. I was a big fan of fantasy novels by authors like Melanie Rawn and David Eddings and it was enthralling to explore a fantasy world and create a custom character. I'm an avid reader so exploring a world via text and using my imagination to bring it to life is more attractive than graphics that might not match up with what you envision. I've played a lot of modern MMOs since then and nothing scratches the same itch that Gemstone does in regards to creating a unique character. From features, to clothing, to items, etc. there are numerous ways for you to make your character unique albeit in the form of text on a screen. If you enjoy exploring a world, interacting with other players via roleplaying, and not running full tilt towards an end-game/dead end, then Gemstone IV might be a very worthwhile experience for you.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 22, 2019
I returned full time in 2010 and haven't regretted it for a minute. The storytelling has been fantastic across the game from GM Kenstorm's multiple storylines to the involvement from GM Marsteform in Icemule to aid from GM Haliste and others for River's Rest then across to Ta'Vaalor and Ta'Illistim. Teras has a new guru and the game seems more alive with updates, stories, events, merchants, and community over the past 5 years it feels like a golden age for a game I've played for 20 years. I greatly endorse giving it a try or checking the gswiki out with the recently announced f2p accounts you can experience all the aspects of the community and roleplaying it has to offer then take the robust mechanic and combat system on the trial basis.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 16, 2015
very awesome game, been playing it for years. Highly detailed, very interactive... basically the best.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 5, 2006
I am finally leaving Gemstone (4 now, not 3) after 7 years of on and off play. The changes implemented in GS4 are aimed at dramatically slowing (like by a factor of 10) the level increase of characters, and the 100% stop of introduction of high-end items into the game. Add to that the the unhelpfullness (in fact downright spitefullness) of the Game Hosts in many situations - GS4 has losts it's edge. Finally - following two months of the worst lag-time down-time on the GS4 servers, the owners had the gall to announce a dramatic price hike to go into effect May 1, 2004. There may be a sucker born every minute, but I ain't one of them.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 23, 2004
I played this game for nearly a decade.. good grief. The staying power was in the friends I made, goodness knows it wasnt the management. I have seen projects that were supposed to be coming out "Real Soon Now" get strung along for several YEARS! Now to top things off, Simutronics, in their infinite wisdom have raised their subscription fees so that they are now MORE EXPENSIVE than ANY other MUD or graphical MMORPG out there. If the staff would actually complete projects they start it would be a better game. But the pricing is just out of line.. no two ways about it.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 15, 2004
Ok in a recent review for this game some idiot said in order to make it in gemstone you have to be female, easy, hot and friendly with the staff. That is a load of crap and I want to clear this up; YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE HOT! Yes thats right, all you need is the female and easy characteristics and you'll do fine. I mean lets face it the GS crew can't exactly afford to be choosey... poor bastards.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 25, 2003
Great game by far. The best way to advance in GemStone III is to be female, easy, hot, married or single with the drive to please the staff.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 2, 2003
A PRICELESS GEM THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN ENJOY! Okay, this game is AWESOME! Here are 5 reasons why: 1. GemStone III is the third generation of a very popular (and very populated) text-based game. Produced by a professional and enthusiastic gaming company, their premier effort to create a colorful, engaging fantasy role-playing game for everyone has been sailing strong for 14 years now. With several of these high-quality games under their belt, GemStone III continues to be this successful company's flagship product. 2. This game is STILL evolving! In just a couple of months this mature mammoth is going to become (the working title) "GemStone IV!" What does this mean you ask? It means they're taking ALL the player-feedback, ALL the advances in technology and ALL the best elements from GemStone III and making the game like new again! So, the bottom line for #2 is: GemStone III is like a legendary castle in the clouds that's getting an immaculate refurbishment, a foundation of diamond, and a promise to continue getting bigger and better than ever before. 3. The game is achingly gorgeous. It's so creatively written and dynamically designed that it should get a major award for onomatopoeic craft. From the majestic, sweeping landscapes of the western frontier to the ancient, enigmatic decadence of the elven nations in the east; from the arctic northern regions where warm-hearted, tart-munching Halflings reside to the proud dwarven mountain-dwellings and Human cities and, finally and yet not, the southern-most comforts of a far-off river resort where beyond lies unfolding mystery and untold turmoil. Wherever you are, you literally become a living, breathing and important part of this vast online world. Such integrity and character makes me want to say it's like playing Tolkien (and it's still very much "its own game"). 4. GemStone III has SO much to offer seemingly every player. If you want to role-play a charming, bantering Bard or demonic, sultry Sorceress, you will be able to! If you want to take out those passionate, Warrior-like aggressions and slay a dungeon full of critters, go for it! You can wed, you can own property, you can find a merchant to make your dream item, you can use macros and scripts to make tedious typing procedures history, you can soon play the game four different and convenient ways, you can always easily find someone friendly and willing to help, you can learn the game quickly with the extensive help files and user-friendly game-systems, you can role-play a player-versus-player duel, you can learn dozens of powerful spells and use hundreds of deadly weapons, you will be able to own your own fully-functioning and customizable shop, and the list goes on and on... 5. I've been playing this riveting game since 1995 and it?s still fun and engrossing. Honestly, I've only played a handful of text-based games since that time so I?m not what you might say well-read when it comes to them. But really, it only tells of how possibility... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 9, 2003
Gemstone has always been my favorite hobby for years now. The best of its genre that I have ever tried, which is why I am still playing it even amidst the upcoming transition to the new GS4. What I love the most about this game is the deep history painstakenly added in the documents of the world, the races, the history. Immersion is an important part in any roleplaying medium. And role playing is very much encouraged here. As I observe people now, I notice a lot more mature roleplayers have risen to the challenge with the help of a very supportive and active staff with their quests (both big and small) and events. Im looking forward to the evolution that Gemstone will be undergoing in the next few months. And Im still enjoying living the adventure and will continue to do so.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 7, 2003
I have been playing GS3 on and off for the last 3 years, and I have to say, GS3 wins hands down. It's worth every penny I pay each month. As far as the changes in the future, relax. If you are a true role- player, the changes are going to be an excellent addition to this game. For those of you who are complaining, I say, relax again. Change is always hard for people to accept. Don't make reviews and complain yet. You can't complain about changes that you haven't even seen yet. Actually, you can complain, it just makes you look like a fool. GS4, in my opinion, is going to make this game even greater.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 3, 2003
Yes GemStone is "evolving". I have been in this game off and on for seven years, back before there was a "janitor" for those who play. I do believe the new changes will impact some folks who do nothing but strive for the next level and little else. GemStone has always been a game that encouraged interaction between characters, other than combating one another on "the boulder". I believe these changes are going to give the people who desire to role play more tools to do so, while still providing those with the need for power options to fulfill their egos. Not to mention new professions including "The Monk" ::cheers::, and new races like "The Gnome". For those who love to role play just these two things alone are exciting new opportunities. Plus there is talk of expanding skills and trade opportunities. I applaud Simtronics for this "evolution"! AKA Glendarian
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 2, 2003
GS 3 will no longer exist as they creating GS 4. Simutronics has decided to make the game impossible to level or advance in. They are currently proposing an experience system that would take a player over a decade to gain 50 levels. Also, Simutronics is contimuing to update the game....because most of it is unfinished. Simutronics like to trade on players loyalties with the friends they have made to not improve the game. I have played the game for well over 8 years and have seen Simutronics continually promise and not come through. GS 4 will be their downfall. Removing older players ablilites and skills and making them go back 10-160 levels because they cant think of another way to keep the game fun is a lazy half hearted attempt at running a game. There are not 1000 people in the game at peek times anymore and haven't been for years. Now your lucky if you get over 800. And they staff they use for the most part volunteers that do things as their time allows, so nothing ever gets finished. Aagoth
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 2, 2003
Played this game since Sept, 1994. Loved it. Have seen some changes I agreed with, have seen some I didn't. The Current Staff seems to have goals for customer sastisfaction as a priority. Mostly. However, I am forced to downgrade my rating from a 'Must-See' To a 'Wait and See'. This would be a VERY Bad time to move to Gemstone and attempt to get involved, most especially as a new player. Upcoming changes will leave the new player daunted, because the Staff, nor the current player base can offer any viable advice, or opinion. This Game now is in a state of flux, and it's future is certainly in question. Don't bother until November, at the earliest, maybe someone will still be there that knows what the heck is going on, right now they do not.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 2, 2003
Gemstone III, soon to be Gemstone IV is a great game. Several chances to roleplay and experiance a whole nother world. However, it can take over 350 hours to gain 1 lvl!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 1, 2003
This mud is poorly managed by a company that has a history of falling back on promises. I cannot recommend anyone spend their money playing it, the only reason I play it is because I've got a huge (8 year) time investment.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 1, 2003
Things were great for some time. Recent changes and plans for changes in the near future are taking the game down hill quickly.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 1, 2003
The best I have played in 27 years of gaming. Makes the IRL D&D look like chids play.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 14, 2003
First this game used to be fantastic, until the GM's started showing massive favoritism. By favoritism, I mean they gave players that they either know IRL or met in game special made items,RP points, or just about anything else you can imagine. Yes, I was part of this clique at one time and realized that it was a poor choice that other people didn't have this advantage. I have since sold my character and items, moved on to better place than a fantasy world with bias GM's.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 7, 2003
Been playing for a number of years now, and I really appreciate Simutronic's constant attention to player concerns, improvements, feedback and quality of enjoyment.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 5, 2003
The best there is!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 30, 2003
Okay, this won't be the greatest review anybody's ever read, but since GS3 doesn't have one yet, I figure I should post one to give everyone an idea of what the game is like. GemStone III is a large (both in terms of size, and player population), high quality, commercial MUD about 14 years in age. Few games I've played match it in quality and polish, or overall depth. Simutronics knows what they're doing when it comes to online gaming, and it shows when you play GS3. The first question a person might ask concerning GS3 is, "Why should I pay $12.95 or more every month to play a MUD, when there are a few very high quality free MUDs out there?" It's a valid question, and many will find they won't be able to justify the expense. However, there are many ways to answer that question. As I previously mentioned, the game is quite polished. The combat system has a great deal of depth, as do the supporting systems (spellcasting, treasure system, health/injuries, societies and guilds). While not perfectly balanced (such a thing in a game with as much depth as GS3 probably isn't possible), the staff does go to great pains to make the game challenging and enjoyable to all. The game follows a tried-and-true level advancement system. You earn experience (mostly through combat, though experience can be earned through other means) and when you have enough, you enter the Character Manager to level up. You have a pool of training points that you can spend on improving various skills, such as Edged Weapons, Blunt Weapons, Twohanded Weapons, Armor Use, Shield Use, Two-Weapon Combat, Climbing, Swimming, Hiding/Stalking, Lockpicking, Disarming, Perception, Mana Sharing, Magic Item Use, Scroll Reading and Spell Research. Costs vary depending on your class, as does spell availability through the Spell Research skill. Though not the most original or innovative system used by a game, it does a fairly good job of keeping things balanced, while still allowing a fairly wide range of training options to make your character viable and unique. It's suspected that soon a major revamp of the Character Manager system will be made to re-balance the game. One of drawbacks that the staff has to contend with in GS3 is the fact that the game is so old. There is a lot of inflexible code in the system that often makes implementation of new ideas difficult, though the game staff is making a constant effort to root out old code and find ways to work around the limitations of the old. Overall, the staff seems pretty successful. They are constantly implementing new features, which is readily apparent if you take a look at all the things they released over the summer last year ( The staff, by the way, is outstanding. They are professionals, and despite the game's large player population (you can expect anywhere between 300 and 1300 players to be online at any given time), there is reasonable... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 27, 2003
Gemstone has its merits, certainly, but it is a far cry if role-play is what you want. Compared with the traditional 20 players at once MUD Gemstone is far above. Combat is much better than the automated systems of your typical MUDs, and the wound system is interesting. However Gemstone is somewhat of a degenerate, the runt so to speak. It's sister game Dragonrealms, published also by Simutronics, is what Gemstone was supposed to evolve into but never did. It's systems (combat, wounds, herbs, wars) outshine anything of Gemstone III. The massive player base of Gemstone is one of its best features, and its worse. It helps immersion in that the world feels a tad more realistic, yet it also hinders it. A decent role-player is a rare sight in Gemstone, and this is one of its main detractments. Gemstone is perhaps one of the better MUDs out there, but again not if real role-play is your game. If you just are looking for fun, Gemstone can supply that for years upon years. I think I had played it for about five years before I left in the middle of '99, for I had evolved as a role-player.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 8, 2001
Gemstone III is the best MUD i have ever played period.Nothing comes close to what gemstone 3 has to offer.There roughly close to 1000 people online adventureing together at once!I have DM'ed for AD&D fer about 13 years now and i would have to say that gemstone 3 is the closest thing to it,maybe even better....If your interested in gemstone 3 you can visit my web site to learn a little about it at is a gemstone 3 logo on my home page click on it to set of a account to get yer first month free).NOTE: Redkaven is my character's name in the lands(game) if yas see me around say "ello!" i'll be glad to help yas get the swing of things.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 28, 2001