Fantasy-themed LpMUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1996.
Ranked 75th of 807 worlds statistically.
Ranked 34th of 351 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.
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IceLib 1.0

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`.    \ \               *   Online Since 1995 - Open since 15.10.1998
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-')  )  /        I      ======|                             ||
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  \_ `((       =====    |*   ||    / \             |  Welcome to the   |   __/
   | //        | :.|   /  .:  \   =====      ______| * Planet Aegic,   |__/
   |//         |   |__|   __:  |__|.: |     /      |     or what's     |
   Y/__________| : |. :  |++|  :  | . |____/       |  unfrozen of it * |
   (\______    | .    .  |++|    *.   |       *    +-------------------+
   |       \__                                              ||
   |          \  - Icesus, the coldest dungeon on the net - ||
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Icesus is running Icelib 1.0 with 61 players currently online.
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Icesus is a very original LPMUD set in a seamless fantasy theme, and a vast world full of secrets to explore. Apart from the all original realistic combat system and an innovative spell system, Icesus also has a variety of interesting features sure to distract you from mindless expmaking. The overall feeling and mood of the world will hold you in its grip like an icy cold hand of a wraith. Run on a dedicated server/connection by an equally dedicated staff, Icesus is truly a refreshing exception in the general mud genre.
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Medieval Fantasy [2]

Probably the coolest dungeon on the net. Come and test us out! The world of Icesus is set upon the planet Aegic, a planet created long ago by a clash of the elemental planes. As a result of battles between the elemental Gods, the planet was recently covered completely in ice, except for the valley of Icesus. Having recovered from the shock and starting to rebuild cities and nations, the races of Icesus have already had one major war. Prepare to enter the changing and rapidly growing world of Icesus. Icesus is a very original LPMUD set in a seamless fantasy theme, and a vast world full of secrets to explore. Apart from the all original realistic combat system and an innovative spell system, Icesus also has a variety of interesting features sure to distract you from mindless expmaking. The overall feeling and mood of the world will hold you in its grip like an icy cold hand of a wraith. Run on a dedicated server/connection by an equally dedicated staff, Icesus is truly a refreshing exception in the general mud genre. [1]
Icesus is a very original LPMUD set in a seamless fantasy theme, and a vast world full of secrets to explore. Apart from the all original realistic combat system and an innovative spell system, Icesus also has a variety of interesting features sure to distract you from mindless expmaking. The overall feeling and mood of the world will hold you in its grip like an icy cold hand of a wraith. Run on a dedicated server/connection by an equally dedicated staff, Icesus is truly a refreshing exception in the general mud genre. [2]

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What do you need to know about Icesus? First of all it's a great place to spend time in a medieval RPG-environment. There's a vast selection of races to start as, and choosing your background that will affect what kind of character you will be is interesting and fun. The currently available guilds offer a variety of different kinds of characters you're itching to try, and more are being coded as you read this review. For example, the Templars combine the use of protective spells and magically boosted weapons, they also work as the protectors of Vaerlon, a major city in Icesus. There are Mages and Air-priests that are also known as healers, if you see something like this on the wanted channel "Wanted: hinu" that's you, the little healer in the corner! One of the basic guilds where most players start is the Militia, which is an excellent guild to start with, since you can use any type of weapon you want. And once advancing a little, you get to decide whether to become a part of the light infantry or the heavy infantry, in other words are you gonna stand in front of the mages and healers with a huge tower shield in front of you, just idling yourself huge loads of experience, or are you going to take a more offensive approach and chop the mob's head off with a greatsword. As response to the slow and powerful Militia, you can instead be a Ranger or a Shadowdancer, both very quick and handy with their weapons. The Shadowdancers however, I would recommend for players above 30M of experience, since they require a lot of money to join and to advance in the guild by improving your guild dagger. And even though the description of the MUD says that player killing isn't allowed, there's a loophole in that too. The city where the Shadowdancer guild is located is completely free of all player killing rules. This is an unfortunate trait in an almost perfect playing platform, hence the limitation of not allowing newbies to start their game in Graemor where player killing is allowed. For more advanced players, this is an exciting feature, if they seriously want to gather up a huge amount of highbies and go have a massacre free of rules, they can do it without any questioning of what they were doing. The city of Graemor also holds a guild of Earth Priests, who can bring dead monsters to life for their service. The start can be a little tricky if you're completely new to the style of gaming, but it helps to have friends playing with you, newbie or highbie. Of course having highbie friends will almost guarantee your safety in Icesus, since most of them get along with each other pretty well. Having newbie friends is almost as good, except you might get the occasional laugh at you for having poor equipment or for asking things that are selfevident for bigger... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 10, 2003
First class mud, I've played muds for a few years now and this one is a real topper. Nice people play and features numerous open or closed vizable channels where you can get reasonable help on whatever your doing. Maps are huge and can play any number of characters. I look forward to playing on, for a long time yet. Well done Icesus!It's still FREE too!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 9, 2003
After having played this mud for several months it has become clear that its development is based predominately around the higher level players. Also as it has been said before this site is Anti-american to the core... this may sound like an exageration, i can understand. However this is the case. I feel that this is one of the more advanced muds available, unfortunatly that is canceled out by the extremly negative view on new players were you to start a new account and ask for info assistance etc. expect constant ridicule in the form of tells, mud mail, and over public channels. If you want to play a surprisingly good mud with lots of options this is the one. Just dont expect to meet too many folks that hve time patience, concern enough for newbies to actually help. After being player killed and recienving a site ban for allowing myself to be player killed for QUOTE "being a headache to the staff" it has become quite clear that this mud is geared to the higher level players. this is not a five minute observation, i have played for oer a year now. I suggest you get a nice book or perhaps something a bit more mature like a dbz mud or something.. I do hope that you take a moment at least to take a look at this game, as it truely is worth playing if you are capable of helping yourself, and not asking for any assistance.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 31, 2003
Icesus Reviw I'm not a MUD old-timer, having only started playing MUDs about a year ago. But I've visited a lot of MUDs in that time. And Icesus is the only MUD I feel a strong compulsion to revisit. A lot of MUDs pride themselves on their roleplay. Some demand that you establish a character description before you can become a fully-fledged player. Myself, I don't care for that stuff. On Icesus, you run into people who have taken their names from Infocom games and from Buffy characters. So what? You're more likely to compliment them on their choice monickers than anything else. There's nobody ordering you to speak in Ye Olde English style, or to distinguish between your online life and your real life. Obviously, you get warned if you start talking about quest stuff on a public forum, but there's no issues with talking about this kind of stuff directly, between consenting adults. The reason I seem to stick with Icesus is that there's plenty of stuff to entertain me. You can do the hack and slash thing, or you can just fish, or go hunting. You have maps to guide you on the website, and an automapping feature to help you get around, so working out where you are is never an issue. The world of Icesus is interesting enough. I don't have to roleplay to enjoy the experience.. One of the neat things is that you can get permanent favours, not by paying money, but by reporting typos. It rewards players for improving the game. I'm not that fond of the the fantasy genre. I enjoy the craft aspects of Icesus (particularly the fishing) more than anything else. While the world of Icesus is obviously not realistic, it seems to have been strongly influenced by the experiences and understandings of its Finlandic founders. I am constantly discovering new things in Icesus. I've recently discovered the joys of hunting in the tundra: in Icesus, even snow has a personality. I must admit that I do check out other MUDs every so often, but I always come back to Icesus.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 3, 2003
I was enticed at the very beginning of my experience in Icesus. The creation process was extremely detailed and well thought out; your character's background and path may be totally different from the other players. Perhaps the best feature of Icesus, in my opinion, would be the combat system. First of all, you need to assign combat points to offence, defence and casting. According to the way its set out, your weapons may take longer or shorter time to inflict blows. The more defence points, the better chance of deflecting an opponent's attack. No longer is there the standard combat code seen in many muds, eg. I hit you, you hit me per round, but instead there is a certain amount of delay after every round. Weapons that weigh less can inflict faster blows, whereas heavy weapons are slower, yet more powerful. The combat code is perhaps the closest I've ever seen to Dragonrealms. Here's an example: You swing at a goblin's foretorso, slicing a large chunk of it away... ... and swing again at it's left arm, causing severe cuts. Your longsword of lightning charges and lets a HUGE CURRENT to flow through the goblin's body, killing cells on its way. Weapons and armour are made from over 10 materials ranging from clay to adamantite. Therefore having a 'Fine copper longsword of death' is not neccessary more powerful than a 'titanium knife'. You can also choose to wield a weapon with 1 hand, or 2 hands for maximum damage, yet again slower than 1 hand. No duel wield skill required, it doesn't exist. Armours can cover from 1 up to 6 slots, eg. A vest covers the torso only whereas the hauberk covers the torso, arms and legs. Again, the material the armour is made from defines the defence offered. There are dozens of quests to be completed, ranging from mini-quests that reward with money and experience to mid-quests that reward with powerful items to high-quests that reward with extremely rare items and reputation. Mini-quests are found literally anywhere, gained from asking mobs. In cities, there is a automap features that allows players to more easily navigate through the city. You no longer become lost because you forgot which path you took. There is a recall function but you need money to use it :) Lots of races in which their size, stats and background affect in whatever you do. There are 3 major guilds that I'm aware of, each with 2 or 3 subguilds. The Militia guild has the light infantry for maximum mobility and offence and the heavy infantry for maximum defence and strength. The final subguild is the Elite infantry. The Ranger guild has the archers and scouts, with the final subguild as the Bladedancers, mastering the sword. Forgot about the mages :). There are hidden major guilds, such as the Shadowdancers, but you can only enter if the guildmaster invites you to enter, and also there are fairly large requirements. There are a... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 11, 2003
A pleasant mud with very complex features. Basically a hack'n'slash with a gazillion twists. The fighting system is perhaps one of the most complex in counting the outcomes though you can't affect the fight itself very much - just run a few maneuvers. There are lots of monsters both in areas and in the wild to kill and some of them have nice worthy stuff on them. There are also monsters that look innocent and easy but might not be.. Areas have usually extra hidden areas and small mini quest-alikes. Although the game world is HUGE and has a lot to explore and do, mostly people just rape 1-5 favorite areas. In the long run the gameplay is a little bit boring and repeatitive no matter what you do. People carry on playing the mud though because it is very high quality and funny to play - you mostly always succeed and prosper. The difference between levels and lowbies/midbies/highbies is not always that huge but it is still existant. You can very easily get superb medbie stuff from the very beginning if you are smart. Armor and weapons get (sometimes, not often) damage and there are lots of different types to choose from - although most of the people have almost alike stuff on them. There are useless items in the game. There are valuable items in the game. There are plain funny items in the game. There are lots of secondary event and playing types for you. You can for instance go fishing (gain money and experience with ~5 simple commands and LUCK, no risk whatsoever) or hunting (a bit harder but fun!). Partying is very pleasant and experience point sharing system works nicely. The size of your share depends on how big you are compared to the others. Bigger players get bigger shares so highbies sometimes get smaller players with them too. Lots of handy communication features and such in the game making the playing a breeze. Smallish active user base, 1/3 of the players online seem to be mostly idle. The rules of the mud are not the same for everyone, the older guys are allowed to bend the rules a lot more. Don't say a thing to them and especially about them, they will practically smoke you out of the game. Never talk to the people if being mistreated somehow - they might twist everything you say to work against you. Some Wizards leak personal info and details about discussions to public channels and other persons. Some people get Permanent Divine Favors and other things easier than the others. (PDFs are used for getting some blessings amd you can get them only from improving the game somehow, ie. pointing out bugs and typos.) Without knowing someone already on the game (preferable a bigger player) the game will not be quite as fun for you. The game is developing and evolving and basicly the mud itself rocks. I would however strongly recommend you to some... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 10, 2003
After many months of playing, i have found this game to be a fantasic creation. There are amazingly addictive skills, and spell system is complex, and challenging to master. What the game is lacking is an over all pleasent attitude toward americans. If you turn off all your channels and dont tell anyone that you are american, it most often is not a problem. Besides you spend most of your time out and about hunting, fishing, trapping, or many of the other interesting ways to spend. The game also allows for some excellent rp, though it is not enforced OR encouraged it still allows for those that want to stick to it. If you are patriotic, and dislike hearing anti-american/political discussions on the world-channels. this may not be a place to spend your time. If you are looking for a vast world with an amazing amount of time consuming, and entertaining skills/quests,this is most defintaly the best available. The staff is helpful, while not ruining it by giving you anything for free. :) I hope that this may help you decide that this is the place for you. It is for me.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 15, 2003
Where should i start... wow=) Icesus is like the perfect mud for me. Its easy to get into,easy to travel around, lots of usefull help sections that dont totally bogg u down with information ur not ready for yet. Great community everyone has been nice,responsive and fair admins(thanks for letting me go guys:) and ofcourse some solid muding:) It has an automapper that works in the overworld,which makes traveling a breeze,autoampper in towns as well with expanded view,but still leaves enough for u to do some exploring urself. Mounts,treasure maps,mass spells,main guilds,sub guilds,tons of races, tons of quest, tons of excitment,medium sized player base [50-100 on ussualy] Im not a good writer hehe sorry check it u will like :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 24, 2003
I have been playing several muds, most of them LP. When I discoveded Icesus two and a half years ago, I have not been missing any of the muds I had played before. The atmosphere is just great and suits to my playstyle(no PK). Also the world is really evolving, not just getting larger. Nowadays we are heading for a war, dark elves are rising again. Also, if you grow tired of exp hoarding, you can just sit on the bank of a river, fishing and chatting with your friends... or spend a day hunting for animals to get skins which you can either sell to fur trader or make to armours yourself. Or... you can just idle and chat :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 12, 2003
Icesus:is easily the best and most unique mud on the net.why First i have to mention the map,during play you can type map and see yourself move along it as you travel the world,so you need not worry about getting lost,ive never seen anything like this in a mud. tons of areas to explore. tons of quests many are hidden. you can perform a task for the task master,or spend the day fishing maybe even win a prize for largest catch Extreemly user friendly, Exccellent combat system,with the ability to change your battle points i.e attack,defense,casting.The theme of this mud is very unique and the world is very nicly set up. the guild system is very use your exp points to train in whatever you like from various sources, icesus has a dedicated staff,who are always willing to help,very stable server,all the help files you need. bottom line:ive played every main stream mud out there and ive finally found a home in icesus it continues to surprise me and just keeps getting better i can not think of one bad thing about icesus.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 6, 2003