Islands of Myth
Fantasy-themed LpMUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1996.
Ranked 178th of 635 worlds statistically.
Ranked 75th of 282 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.
Voted 86th on TopMUDSites.Com.

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Islands of Myth is running a LIMA mudlib base, heavily modified.
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Islands of Myth is a very stable LIMA based mud that has been running since July 1996 with continual modification and customization. Currently we are seeing 20-50 players online, and recent statistics are available on our webpage. We feature 13 primary (alpha) guilds and approximately 100 additional guilds for later advancement, and multiclassing. With 27 races to choose from, the possibilities are nearly endless. Islands of Myth has a rich newbie-friendly environment that includes 16 different areas easily available from a single location, events specifically driven for newbies (players level 15 or under) as well as several other bonus features. For the higher level player we offers endless advancement and expansion of the player. The reincarnation system allows you to retain 80-100% your...
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English [1] [2]

July, 1996 [1]
1996 [2]

Started from lima 1.0b3 [1]
Lp MUD [2]

Medieval Fantasy [2]

USA [1] [2]

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LP [1]

loosely medieval [1]
Loosely Medieval [2]

Islands of Myth is a very stable LIMA based mud that has been running since July 1996 with continual modification and customization. Currently we are seeing 20-50 players online, and recent statistics are available on our webpage. We feature 13 primary (alpha) guilds and approximately 100 additional guilds for later advancement, and multiclassing. With 27 races to choose from, the possibilities are nearly endless. Islands of Myth has a rich newbie-friendly environment that includes 16 different areas easily available from a single location, events specifically driven for newbies (players level 15 or under) as well as several other bonus features. For the higher level player we offers endless advancement and expansion of the player. The reincarnation system allows you to retain 80-100% of your character's total experience and build your character again, beginning with race and class selection. This allows high level players to experiment with different guilds, combinations, and 'builds'. There is also an option to split your single body into two or more, retaining benefits like access to your castle and equipment, but letting you play several different builds more freely. [1] [2]

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Islands of myth is a very well-structured MUD for those of us who enjoy watching our characters evolve, playing and grouping with others, and solving challenging quests. The guild-system is amazing, fairly easy to get used to and structured very intuitively. There is also quite a bit of room for improvement at the higher levels (In the form of split bodies, multiple guilds, and stat training). There are things for any level of player to accomplish on the game, monsters to be dealt with that carry prizes for even players that are just beginning in the game. Give it a try, you won't regret it.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 24, 2009
Well what can I say about IoM? The game itself is very enjoyable. Various areas, multiple monsters, wonderful quests. However, I feel that some of the wizards are, well, less than friendly. They tend to threaten and punish without a given reason. (Although some fair wizards do reward without reason.) All in all, if you don't mind a couple of a**holes in a group of some good people, Islands of Myth is a great game to play. (I suggest just ignoring the idiots.)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 20, 2006
This is the greatest mud i've ever played and i tried achaea and aardwolf they just dont compare to the fun i've had playing this MUD!!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 5, 2005
The last review made me want to give this mud a try. I visited the website first. It was very nicely laid out with lots of useful information and not too many bells and whistles. Reading about the newbie tour really piqued my curiosity and got me log in. I was disappointed when one of the first messages I got was that the newbie tour was temporarily out of the game. Not a good start. However, I persevered and using the information from the Newbie Handbook and the website I was able to create a character with little hassle. The newbie area wasn't overwhelming, lots of concise and useful information. I easily figured out how to advance a few levels and even join a guild. Next I explored the nearby city and found a newbie hunting area where I was able to gather enough exp to advance some more and get a few skills and spells. The ability young players have to "warp" to the newbie area any time I needed to advance made things easier than any other mud I've tried. Then I started talking to some of the NPCs around the newbie area and found one that would transport me to several of the newbie hunting grounds. Yipee! I found some quests in the areas, too. Yay! The more I explored, the more fun I had. Woohoo! Loved the wide variety of NPCs, the multitude of newbie areas to hunt in, the ease of transportation and the friendly players who generously spammed me with healing spells and blessings without having to ask for any. Thanks! I can't wait to log in again. :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 17, 2005
Wow. Just read the other reviews and decided mine was lacking. Ok, let's see. IoM. You can start out the day killing stawberries as a newbie(and don't let that fool you, they're tough), to attacking dinosaurs with tickle feathers, to enjoying a vast aray of terribly funny emotes. That's a good thing.(tm) We have mobs that range for the before mentioned prehistoric dinosaurs, to zoo animals, to orcs and trolls, to carebears(and let me tell you there is nothing more frightening that a teddybear trying to cuddle you to death.) The players are like family. There are legends born everyday on this mud. We love eachother and hate eachother, laugh at eachother and weep for eachother. The wizards listen to us gripe, and either tell us why we're stupid and pat us on the head, or fix the problem, but they always listen. So many time I've seen people freeze their characters because the mud is so addictive and they can't juggle real life and IoM at once, but they always come back. Islands of Myth is a mud that makes you wish it were real life, unstead of that annoying noise around the computer. I've been playing for 2 years, and I've made friends all over the world. It has everything you could want in a mud, and if you find something it lacks, they might add it. :) it changes almost everyday. stop playing for two months, and you come back and everything is different, except for the people. They come and they go, but I've never heard a complaint about the mud as a whole. Wow. . . ok. Love you guys.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 15, 2005
Islands of Myth rocks! Anybody wanting a new mud should really check it out. So many muds ignore new players and make you feel like you have to find out everything by yourself. IoM players are funny and stupid, we all hang together and help anyone who has a problem. It really is a community. Your first day will give you a feeling for many people's personalities. It's great. Join us!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 15, 2005
Islands of Myth is a great MUD for people who are either new to MUDding or have not found a good, newbie friendly MUD to play on. Islands of Myth is a LP MUD based on Medieval Fantasy. It supports ANSI color and player-made clans. Islands of Myth saves equipment when you quit. At one time, there are about 50-80 people logged in, which makes for a nice reprieve from the huge MUDs with 200 people logged in and... lessening your oppurtunities, so to speak. Events are randomly run and give the players an immense interest in what is going on(one of the events even ties in with the reboot!). The admin are very newbie friendly and will listen to you if you are not being a jacka**. :D Anyway, the MUD has 13 alpha guilds, which gives the player a huge variety of choices. If you want to be a spell caster, go for elemental, necromancer, evoker, for strict attacking, psychics for attacking and general spells, weaver for healing and small attacking spells, inquisitor for dark attacking and small healing abilities, druid for attacking and small healing abilities, shape shifter for little spells and more skills to transform to an animal and attack, warrior or martial artist for ONLY skills and to attack, warrior with weapons, martial artist without, acrobat for attacking and stealing skills as well as a little empowering, woodsman for attack spells and skills with little healing skills (poultices and camping), and finally abjurer for protection spells and attacking spells. You may say, "How can I make a choice with so many guilds?" That is why Islands of Myth has a built in helper when you begin the game. It shows what races are better for what guilds and you can use the 'guildinfo ' command to check out the skills, spells, and location of a guild. Islands of Myth is very newbie friendly, does not support Player-Killing (which can be nice sometimes), and is, in my opinion, BEST... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 20, 2005
I have tried quite a few MUDs, but I always return to Islands of Myth. After playing for over 6 1/2 years, there are still new things all the time. A great, friendly atmosphere, huge world, and endless guild options are some key points. With a new guild system (13 starting guilds, with endless combinations) you can literally restart your character every day to try something different, and continue for months. Rewards based on kills, events (very fun), exploration, and many other things, Islands of Myth a great MUD that just might hook you.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 24, 2004
I've had several years of expeirience of MUDs, and i'v been on them all. some are very popular, and some are... not. But no matter how many i visit, I always come back to this one. This is a very newbie friendly MUD, has a good guild and level system that is fairly easy to understand. It has many different areas to visit, and new ones are always being made. It also has events approximately every 4 hours to keep the players on their feet. But what makes this mud so special is the people, staff and players alike. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, and are always willing to give advice to newbies. Another thing is, unlike aardwolf or achea, this MUD doesnt have to many people, or to little. Therefore, several friends can play together, as it is not hard to find each other, and with 'parties' you can kill npcs in groups. This is the first mud I ever played on, and it is one of the best I've ever played on. With challenges for newbies and highbies, this is an exellent mud.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 15, 2004
If you are looking for a mud with expansive player abilities, active administration, and fun vareity of players, then Islands of Myth is a great place. I have been playing there for over 5 years, and there is still enough juice in the game to keep me coming back for more. Over 2 dozen races, each with a well balanced ability set. 5 base guild trees, that each expand into multiple specialized trees and gain their own higher ranking guilds to give you enhanced abilities based upon that specialization. Very strong newbie help, over a dozen areas dedicated to help newbies. Dozens of active Clans, allowing player communities. Via the various guild options you sculpt your character into what you desire. Allows for pure solo play or huge parties with specialized members, Tank, Healer, Blaster, Shields, Monster weakening, Blaster, just a matter of how you create yourself. Extremly flexible character re-morting. Random mud-wide events that can boost, and occasioanlly hinder your progress. Over 2 dozen unique quests, with hundreds of unique equipment monsters. I have been in the mudding world since the early 90's and I have to say this is the best mud I have come across. If you enjoy mudding, this is a place to check out!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 14, 2004
Honestly, I've not been to many different MUDs. I've been at IoM for around four years, which says a lot because I have a very short attention span. IoM is a mud with a large player base, nice areas, friendly wizzes, and a bunch of cool features. Poker, fishing, and a ton of nice guilds makes IoM unlike any other MUD i've ever gotten the chance to play. Not to mention, it's pretty newbie friendly. Player guides, a tour, and special newbie areas/newbie guide are a few things that IoM is cool enough to have on it. Definitely worth a try.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 26, 2004
I have been playing on Islands of Myth for over six years now. This type of mud is way different from what I have ever seen before. It is 100% modified into its own code. There are many things on this mud to do such as: there are guilds you can join, a variety of races, over 10,000+ rooms and areas, the combat system is original. The staff is very friendly and work hard to keep the mud open and running to its full potential.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 21, 2004
I have been playing Islands of Myth nearly since it first opened back in 96. I have seen many good players come and go. While never having 300 players online at once, you are sure to find more friendly faces than alone in a sea of hundreds of players. The Admin team is awesome. They are very understanding and tolerant in their rules. They make it a great place to come and relax or come and play and take on the challenges of the game. Many fun quests and hard equipment monsters give you something to work for. In the past few years many more fun and unique guilds and areas and eq monsters have come to Myth. The imagination of the builders and wiz's is incredible, always leaving you in anticaption of what is to come next.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 17, 2004
its a great mud. very newbie friendly
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 16, 2004
I've been with Islands Of Myth for nearly two years. In those two years I've reinced over 60 times, achieved the top 100 players, built incredible sets of armor, and most importantly made great friends. And I keep coming back! Even without PK, a variety of 'Top Plaques' creates a multitude of ways to compete, and if you truly need to beat someone up, you can have a friendly fight in the Battle Arena. Best of all, has to be the humor slipped into the game in as many places as possible.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 13, 2004
This mud is truely an awesome one. It keeps me involved for hours if not days. There is so much to do and keep on doing it is impossible to end. There is such a diverse amount of players, ranging from the newest newb to the most experinced vetern. Everyone is always helpful and nice and it is so much more than just a mud..... It's a way of life.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 11, 2004
Islands of Myth is unlike any other mud i ever played. It is not so much the game itself that makes it so diffrent, but more the players and the wizard team themselves that make this mud a great place to be. The mud is very social, and it is more like a saterday night loose D&D game with lots of laughter then anything like serious roleplaying. The game has multiple islands that players can explore (and the main theme of the game is to explore the lands) and they are filled with wonderfull sites ranging from prehistoric fields to rifts in space and time. You can truely spend days on a end exploring the world, and still be suprised by what you see next. Also the social aspect of the game gets enforced by certain events where it is literaly the players who will have to fight against barbarian hordes or have to go on a scavanger hunt to seak out UFO parts for some alien that has chrash landed. Also the broad selection of guilds and there sub guilds and the infiniate ways you can combine those give the game a uniek athmosphere where evrything is possible, and evrything that can happen will happen.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 8, 2004
Islands of Myth is an excellent mud with a mostly medieval and slightly ecclectic theme. IOM offers a guild tree consisting of 121 guilds, a number that is constantly increasing, which branch out from 5 classic alpha guilds - fighter, mage, cleric, rogue, and animist. With different variations available within an alpha guild, multiclassing (2 alphas) available at level 70+, and 27 races the possiblities are endless. After 4 years of playing "Artea", and reaching #10 on the top exp plaque, I still enjoy playing, learn new things, and have room to develope my character. The admin team at IOM is nothing short of wonderful. Bug reports, typo reports, and idea submission are all made easy, and always attended to in a timely manner. IOM is constantly expanding in terms of rooms, items, monesters, guilds, and player base. IOM has a very newbie-friendly atmosphere. There are portals to newbie areas available in the main city, and many friendly higher level players who enjoy helping out. In order to support a friendly atmosphere, IOM does not offer a player killing system. The only drawback to this is that the thief beta guild in the rogue guildtree is somewhat underdeveloped as many PK-based skills were removed from the game when PK was. However, there are plans to replace this guild, and the rest of the guilds are very well developed and fun to play. Overall, Islands of Myth is the best and most addictive mud I have every played. The endless character possibilities, broad and friendly player base, and excellent admin team make it an excellent venue for MUDing.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 8, 2004
Although I haven't tried all too many MUDs, from those I have, IoM stands out. Even after almost 4 years I still find new things, learn new stuff and still have a great time. The ever-expanding MUD has one of the best player environments from an online multiplayer game of any descriptions I've seen, and nobody is seen as insignificant, regardless of experience, level or history. I never knew a MUD could be so addictive, but many players have been stuck to their screen thanks to IoM.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 7, 2004
Islands of Myth is a truly involving, fantastically addictive mud with many great players and a newbie-friendly atmosphere. While the roleplaying element is not so strong on this mud, there are almost infinite varieties of guilds to be tried, and it's very inexpensive to change your character provided you play long enough! What the mud lacks in hundreds or thousands of players it makes up for in the social aspect of a strong core of a couple hundred players from all over the world. If you give it a try, you won't be disappointed. It's the best mud I've ever played in all my years of mudding.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 18, 2003