NaughtyMuffin MUSH
Adult-themed MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination) founded in 2005.
Ranked 34th of 807 worlds statistically.
Ranked 3rd of 18 worlds in the Adult genre statistically.
Voted 401st on MUDConnector.Com.

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46 (49 minutes ago)

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64 (last 30 days)

PennMUSH 1.8.6p1

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47 (last 30 days) ▲7%

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32 (last 30 days)
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               _   _                           _       _           
              | \ | |                         | |     | |          
              |  \| |   __ _   _   _    __ _  | |__   | |_   _   _ 
              | . ` |  / _` | | | | |  / _` | | '_ \  | __| | | | |
              | |\  | | (_| | | |_| | | (_| | | | | | | |_  | |_| |
              |_| \_|  \__,_|  \__,_|  \__, | |_| |_|  \__|  \__, |
                                        __/ |                 __/ |
                                       |___/                 |___/ 
  __  __            __    __   _             __  __   _    _    _____   _    _ 
 |  \/  |          / _|  / _| (_)           |  \/  | | |  | |  / ____| | |  | |
 | \  / |  _   _  | |_  | |_   _   _ __     | \  / | | |  | | | (___   | |__| |
 | |\/| | | | | | |  _| |  _| | | | '_ \    | |\/| | | |  | |  \___ \  |  __  |
 | |  | | | |_| | | |   | |   | | | | | |   | |  | | | |__| |  ____) | | |  | |
 |_|  |_|  \__,_| |_|   |_|   |_| |_| |_|   |_|  |_|  \____/  |_____/  |_|  |_|

    Conveying by code aspects of BDSM which probably ought to be roleplayed


Warning: this is an adults-only game. If you are under 18, or likely to be
offended by sexual material, please disconnect now. The staff of this MUSH do
not condone exposure of underage persons to pornographic material, whether
graphical or textual. By connecting to this MUSH, you agree to abide by the
terms and conditions, which plainly state "nobody under 18 is allowed".

Type connect <name> <password> to connect to your existing character. (Put
 quotes around the name if it has spaces.)
Type connect guest guest to connect as a Guest.
Connect to a guest and type News Getting A Character for information on getting
 a character created if you don't have one already.
Type QUIT to logout.
Type the WHO command to find out who is online currently.

Welcome to NaughtyMuffin MUSH! This is an adults-only mush focused on sandbox and multiple grids of RP, allowing for a variety of roleplay, casts, themes, and characters. Come around to role play, play games, or even just socialize. Build your own areas and have as many characters as you want. Sexual and mature themes are welcome!
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English [1] [2]

[MUSH] PennMUSH 1.8.6p2 [1]
PennMUSH [2]

2005 [2]

USA [1]
California [2]

Adult Only, sex, snuggles, muffins, hentai, goofy, cute, anime [1]
Comedy [2]

Adult-oriented [2]

Welcome to NaughtyMuffin MUSH! This is an adults-only mush focused on sandbox and multiple grids of RP, allowing for a variety of roleplay, casts, themes, and characters. Come around to role play, play games, or even just socialize. Build your own areas and have as many characters as you want. Sexual and mature themes are welcome! [1]
Welcome to NaughtyMuffin MUSH, a somewhat whimsical and sexual game with a touch of BDSM. No real theme, no plot, just naughty stuff all the time! All characters are allowed -- anime, video game, TV, whatever you want! We can even have more than one of each character here! If you're trying to come up with an explanation for why an aspect of the Naughty Village is the way it is, you're thinking too hard! Features certain coded systems for bondage-related phenomena, as well as Predicaments, which Doms (i.e. those who are Dominant in the BDSM scale) can use to do naughty things to their Subs (who are set Submissive). Also includes a Slave class, allowing further control. It's not mandatory, and you can set yourself Switch to ignore the BDSM aspects entirely! All genders welcome, whether male, female, or hermaphrodite, so ... welcome to NaughtyMuffin MUSH! We are currently in need of people whose preference is for males, gay or bisexual males, and female characters who are both not strictly dominant and whose preferences include males (other than girly ones). We're not going to actually turn you down if you're not, though! [2]

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49m ago 46 players +1 player
1h ago 45 players -5 players
2h ago 50 players 3 players left, and Samuel and Minara connected
3h ago 51 players +3 players
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5h ago 48 players +1 player
6h ago 47 players +2 players
7h ago 45 players 1 player left, and Genie and Serina connected
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10h ago 35 players -2 players
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12h ago 42 players -2 players
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15h ago 44 players -2 players
16h ago 46 players -6 players
17h ago 52 players 1 player left and Serina connected
18h ago 52 players 1 player left and Zora connected
19h ago 52 players 8 players left, and Emily and Mr. Tentacle connected
20h ago 60 players +3 players
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23h ago 54 players 2 players left, and Syncr and Mavis connected
1d ago 54 players +2 players
1d ago 52 players Akira left
I cannot stop talking about how much I enjoy this Mush's set-up. The term Newbie Friendly is brought up to a new standard. Commands I learned here transferred well to sites that never made the information available. Such as how to read mail, look at bullet in boards and shorthand poses and quotes. I had the freedom to be lesser used fantasy types like a Mermaid, a Shoulder Angel, and A Grotesque. I did not have to label myself by orientation. At the same time, I could manuever the grid with ease, joining places within locations and forging my own business to meet Player needs. My one stern comment is advice for newcomers. I applied to meet the male characters. I came across less than I expected but more than I had met at one time in my past MUDs. I support any newcomer so long as they invest in the CharGen stage. The investment towards one's own character beforehand helps make roleplaying easier for me.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 20, 2012
NaughtyMuffin has three things that every good social MU* needs: it's relaxed, diverse, and fun. Now, you'll note that I'm staff there, so perhaps I'm biased; but I was a player for over a year before I became staff. It's relaxed; the staff there's tolerant of everything except being a jerk, and the playerbase, as a result, has few jerks. There's an actual policy about how you should relax and have fun playing - entitled News Pretendy Fun Time Games. It's diverse; there's players and characters of every possible race, gender, and sexual orientation. I've heard the common complaint - that heterosexual males are ignored - but my male character hasn't experienced it, getting plenty of attention from females. It's fun; in addition to News Pretendy, it has a theme (involving Half Life 2-style conquest by Puchuus and Raving Rabbids) that you can ignore at will, but which provides a platform for happy silliness.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 27, 2010
I understand fully that this review will possibly only to serve to bring more people into NaughtyMuffin simply to see what the buzz is about, as I'm sure many would be curious about a MU* of this nature, just like I was. I don't libel this game because there's some good stuff here, there's some not-so-good. NM's design is very good, and it's obvious the creators/maintainers of this game have a great deal of creativity and work hard to make the MU*. Any staff member that I spoke to was very polite, and very helpful, also they were in no way arrogant. If a staffmember didn't know the answer to a question, they made sure to find it for you. Also, the level of selection for different things in NM was very diverse. In short, the exterior of NM is where it shines, and it's admin staff is very efficient. However, from therein, NM is like a noose: the more it closes in, the worse it becomes. My major complaint would be a large number of the players themselves. The majority of the female characters are played by men, and while this is no crime, they are *exceedingly* rude to male, hetero players. Unfortunately, many female characters who are played by females are just as bad, if not worse. These female players, can actually be categorized as 'man haters', they are simply that rude and some of their opinions of men are evident even through the characters they play. For the male player, NM CAN be (though not always) unfriendly and even hostile. For a largely 'anything goes' environment where people aren't to judge each other, hetero men are quickly singled out for even the smallest 'infraction' that other players will easily look the other way with for a female player. Point blank, this game is geared towards lesbians, and while I did enjoy myself for awhile, the angst and general dislike towards men quickly turned me off. I honestly believe the staff would like to change this situation, but the players have no qualms with the situation so a change is unlikely. This is my opinion and review, each is entitled to their own. To the hetero male player,'s not what you think.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 20, 2008
I enjoy using this mush to roleplay my characters in. The staff are nice, and they are there every single day. There are more and more players coming in every day just from word of type. The mush has been going about a year or so and its now, and it was, still an enjoyable place to enjoy roleplaying. It is easier to be at a place where there is no plotline, where everything is random, that's what I like about it. But all in all, its just a great place to meet people and play at if you enjoy text based roleplaying like me.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 14, 2007
So.. while this is a MUSH based on RPing your various kinks, preferences, fantasies etc, whether they involve tentacles, animals, children, beasts, whatever.... the people here seemed to me to be very closeminded and rude. I asked what I thought to be a simple question. Instead of a helpful response, I was laughed at by several people simply for not knowing. Talk about hypocritical. So I guess only go if you're sure you're the cream of the crop as far as being depraved goes. Incidently, the MU* claims to have a shortage of male characters. As I'm sure you can guess, this probably means there are more males playing females than most anything else. If you're okay with that, cool. If not, you've been warned.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 12, 2007