Forgotten Realms-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1993.
Ranked 750th of 813 worlds statistically.
Ranked 3rd of 4 worlds in the Forgotten Realms genre statistically.

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      Welcome to Shadowdale!

An AD&D World Set in Forgotten Realm

      Server and code in beta, 
      Please excuse the mess 
      while we get things back 
      in order....

      --- Celestian

    |ZZzzz      /^\            |ZZzzz
    |          |~~~|           |
    |        |^^^^^^^|        / \
   /^\       |[]+    |       |~~~|
|^^^^^^^|    |    +[]|       |   |
|    +[]|/\/\/\/\^/\/\/\/\/|^^^^^^^|
|+[]+   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|    +[]|
|       |  []   /^\   []   |+[]+   |
|   +[]+|  []  || ||  []   |   +[]+|
|[]+    |      || ||       |[]+    |

What is thy name? 
Has a vast history. ENDLESS muds have been based off this one as it is quite an original. STILL one of the best though low numbers.
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January, 1993 [1]
1988 [2]

AD&D - Forgotten Realms [1]
DnD [2]

USA [1] [2]

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Silly [2]

Dungeons and Dragons [2]

ShadowDale is a heavily modified DikuMud system based strictly on the AD&D Forgotten Realms fantasy world. There remain only a handful of stock zones for, over the years, many builders, old and new, have helped bring the mud to its current state. The game is easy to learn, it has hundreds of zones with thousands of monsters and a huge selection of various equipment. Role-play is encouraged, as it enhances the game, but it is not mandatory. Newbies are treated with respect and there is always someone online willing to help them and, in many cases, the adept characters offer them help even if they do not ask for it. There are many puzzles, tricks and traps to be encountered and new zones are going in all the time. Come by and see our MUD. Create a character and get in on the fun. You can have as many characters as you think you can handle, just keep in mind that you may only be logged into one character at any time. See you there! [1]
Has a vast history. ENDLESS muds have been based off this one as it is quite an original. STILL one of the best though low numbers. [2]
A very popular and fun DikuMUD thatis based on the Forgotten Realmsbooks (of which _Shadowdale_ is anexample). Newbies and experiencedMUDders will enjoy this MUD, whichis quite "nice" in that it does notallow Pkills except in racewars; noswearing on public channels,strictly enforced rules, etc. [3]

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If you are looking for an escape from life and all its troubles, open up your telnet and log into this work. It's based off of AD&D. Large race selection and class options. You can even Tri class. How awesome is that. The players from this mud are very helpful and they are always willing to help with exp or gear. The areas are easy to learn as well as are the classes. Stop by and come kick it
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Apr 4, 2009
This mud is something else. I've been playing here for almost ten years, off and on, and every time i come back to shadowdale, i become a hermit, staying on my computer for hours on end. The originality is very pleasing, and the race/class options are great. I have several characters that i've spent hours on, and have enjoyed every single one of them. The only problem is, lately, there haven't really been many new players, so i'm here to try to bring some players there. Seriously, it is definitely worth playing, be prepared for hours of enjoyment when you log on. Stop by, and if you need help, just ask me or anyone there. Seinsworth/Smash/Slash/Cyron/Andyn/Clayre/Cairon/Lunek/Marok
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Nov 1, 2008