Star Wars: Age of Alliances
Star Wars-themed MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination) founded in 2001.
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       .         / .          .           _,n###E##.."+"+|#\=\        .
   `   /     .                   _.____..:,,;,==.==+nnnpppppp<t             .
  .   /~@./            `      _.;:::._--._ _.''.nn.-.-.-%%%%%%%\   .      .
     .   /   . /        .   .;-::::::::;-._.. ((888)(@) /n\-:^%%%,
              /~@./      _==;::::::::::::::"-;_`\P/~`=~(d8B((@b."%\     .   .
         `       /    _.=::::::::::::::::::::::"--;_(@) \8/'`^" /nn`.  .
  `    /    .      _.;:::::::`%%%\::::::::---::::::_"-._.__((@,(88J::\   `    .
      /~@./     .  `""""""""""""""`------`.__.`-.:::;___;;::____;;;:..7
   `   /\/           .                 .              . `       .      .   .
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      `          .      :\=\@=<~` \  `            `               `        `
  `           `   \-nn<=@<H:>@==n:h       `                \         `
 `        `        `  _<=@`~`                  `   <\._ .,_.n>              `
     `   `     `   \:n~`       `     `    `         :\=\@=<~` \  `       `     
   `  `             ``                        \-nn<=@<H:>@==n:h    `        `
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Founded in early 2001 by a group of Star Wars fanatics SW:AoA was created to showcase the true beauty and diversity of the Star Wars universe and present a pleasant and creative environment for dedicated role players. The timeline of the mush began after the events of the original SW Trilogy of Episodes IV, V, and VI, and all six movies are considered Cannon on the Mush. From that point on, the universe becomes what the players make of it. This philosophy dictates that every single character on the mush can and should have an impact on the game and our version of the SW Universe. We don't strictly follow the EU or any other timeline taking place after the three movies which that...
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Website: Connect via: port 5500 -- Star Wars - Episode 7 "The Force Awakens" era MUSH: Age of Alliances was created in 2000 and launched in 2001. Its been over 17 years of text-based-role-playing in the Star Wars galaxy. The MUSH is now set 29 years after the events of Return of the Jedi and just before the events of The Force Awakens. The events of Episode 7 & 8 will not occur on the MUSH until Episode 8 hits theaters (December 2017). Until then, we will be building up to that point and establishing back-lore based on Episode 7's revealed "new era" of the Star Wars galaxy. Do you want to join an RP game with a ton of opportunities right now? You can craft a unique and fun Star Wars character and develop them into a galactic legend! Join up now and help grow a friendly and excited community. ---- The MUSH will use the reference material from the new films to adjust course accordingly to fit within the new era of Star Wars lore and maintain the 17+ years of the MUSH's own history. The movies are canon on Star Wars: Age of Alliances. The expended universe is used to add flavor, but is not guaranteed to be theme. The game was started in 2000, launched in 2001 and has a wealth of history. Its got a solid code base foundation and many unique features. This includes a space system with a cargo hauling game mode, a +Professions system that lets you choose from a large list of popular IC Jobs that allow you to earn a growing paycheck based on your character's skills and many others. FEATURES: -- Org System for Player Run Groups -- GEAR - Hundreds of Weapons / Armor / Tools / Vehicles / DROIDS! -- SHIPS - Hundreds of classes of Star Wars ships with unique stats. -- FUNCTIONAL SPACE SYSTEM - You are forced to fly between worlds on SW:AoA and explore the Galaxy. There is no +invite/+summon commands on SW:AoA and there never will be. -- Star Wars Galaxy: Over 30 planets traversable with many more that are hidden and have to be discovered through other means. -- A massive grid: Coruscant alone is larger than most games. Star Wars is an expansive playfield, so is SW:AoA. -- Robust Skill System: The Skills available on AoA are deep and allow you to craft a very specific kind of character. -- Professions System: You can have your character be employeed and receive a weekly paycheck based on your chosen Skills to give you spending cash, themed to your desired career. -- History: SW:AoA is over 16 years old now and it has maintained a majority of its history even with the slight advancement to the Episode 7 era. This means you're traversing a galaxy where tons of events have shaped its landscape. -- And More! Because SW:AoA is almost TWO DECADES old, it has accumulated a ton of features and depth in its design. Come and check it out! === FAQ: === Question: "Can I be in the First Order or the Resistance?" Answer: "Yes, you can! Now that the film is out, these military factions are opening and will only grow more broad in spectrum over time as more information about their goals and aspirations come out. But they are available now to join!" Question: "Can I be a civilian?" Answer: Absolutely, you can! Civilians are even given free Light-freighter (or lower) ship's upon entering IC, if they so desire one. There are a ton of Organizations looking for new members to help participate in their plot-lines too, all civilian themed! SW:AoA's galaxy is huge and it offers a plethora of civilian-themed locales for RP and TPs. Question: "I want to be a Force User with a lightsaber." THEY ARE RARE -- But not impossible to achieve. FS characters have to remain limited because a game with "too many" is a game where its no longer fun to meet them, see them, fight them or save them. How do you do it? Well, you have to be on the game and you have to be a stellar source of RP Creation and helping make the game IC / OOC a better place to be. Question: "Why should I make a character?" Answer: "Because the sooner you make a character the quicker the game gets even healthier. And the faster you start earning Experience Points to build your character's skills up and earn more toward making the character YOU want. ============ Website: Connect via: port 5500 [1]
Founded in early 2001 by a group of Star Wars fanatics SW:AoA was created to showcase the true beauty and diversity of the Star Wars universe and present a pleasant and creative environment for dedicated role players. The timeline of the mush began after the events of the original SW Trilogy of Episodes IV, V, and VI, and all six movies are considered Cannon on the Mush. From that point on, the universe becomes what the players make of it. This philosophy dictates that every single character on the mush can and should have an impact on the game and our version of the SW Universe. We don't strictly follow the EU or any other timeline taking place after the three movies which means that this game is ours to mold - yours and mine, and everyone that plays this game. [2]
This MUSH was founded by fanatical Role Players who love Star Wars and were sick and tired of just how awful all the other Star Wars MUSH's are. SW:AoA was created to bring out the TRUE beauty of the Star Wars galaxy and present a fantastic enviroment for fans of RP! Come to SW:AoA if you want a great experience in this fantastic galaxy. You will not be disappointed. The MUSH is no longer 'new' its aged and experienced and its always looking for fresh faces. We've passed the events of the original trilogy and everything that happens in a Star Wars movie happened in our timeline. The reset, the 'expanded universe', is up to what our players make of it! We're not following the direct path of the majority of crappy novels that are on the market today, but we do pull from them what is necessary to continue to breath life into the Star Wars galaxy. Again, this MUSH was designed to be the most realistic and honest-to-Theme, as well as the most dedicated to bringing to life an EYE APPEALING appearance. Come to Star Wars: Age of Alliances, join the saga as its meant to be in text form! [3]
Founded in early 2001 by a group of Star Wars fanatics SW:AoA was created to showcase the true beauty and diversity of the Star Wars universe and present a pleasant and creative environment for dedicated role players. The timeline of the mush began after the events of the original SW Trilogy of Episodes IV, V, and VI, and all six movies are considered Cannon on the Mush. From that point on, the universe becomes what the players make of it. This philosophy dictates that every single character on the mush can and should have an impact on the game and our version of the SW Universe. We don't strictly follow the EU or any other timeline taking place after the three movies which means that this game is ours to mold - yours and mine, and everyone that plays this game. We welcome dedicated roleplayers and hope that you give us a try. You won’t be disappointed that you did! [4]

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SW: AoA is a great game. I've been playing here for over a year now and I'm really glad I found it. OOC drama is at a minimum. The vast majority of players are welcoming and friendly. The code system aids with RP without bogging players down, and has quite a few neat little features thrown in. Code-wise, there is a full skill system that automatically handles combat rolls that compare skills from both the attacker and the victim and puts out damage (or a miss) based on your weapon, which consumes ammo, and the victim's armor. There is a coded flight system, with a coded trade mission system for hauling cargo. There are over 30 coded planets you can fly to, a process that requires real time to complete. There are coded professions that offer a weekly paycheck based on your skills. Those are the main things worth mentioning. RP wise, the playerbase on any given night is around 30-40 connections, most of them unique, and from morning EST into the night there are plenty of opportunities for play. The grid is friendly, welcoming, and varied, with options for group membership in just about every Star Wars-y theme. Plots for the most part are player-run, and anyone is welcome and encouraged to run their own plots and stories. Staff is present and while they do not drive the majority of plots (which may change as the Mush starts to enter the events of TFA), they are helpful and present, active just about every single day for the bulk of the day. This is a really great game, and I would highly encourage you to check out the wiki page and connect to say hello. If you like Star Wars and you like RP, this is a good place to be.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 18, 2017
What can be said about SW: AoA? Well, everything that has already been said about it. AoA is a place that is very dedicated to the spirit of Star Wars. Cantina brawls. Space battles. Imperial Stormtrooper vs Republic Commando. An Econ system. Players are even encouraged to apply for character concepts such as dancers, slicers and even mobsters. This is a place where you can create your wildest Star Wars fantasy and share it with the other fine roleplayers that the MUSH boasts. Staff and players are all friendly to newcomers and everyone is willing to make the roleplay experience enjoyable. The MUSH offers several planets to roleplay on, but RP seems to usually be centered either on Republic vessels, Imperials vessels or on Coruscant. Don't want to be there? It's an easy jump to any number of completely built and described planets in the Star Wars universe. With a devotion to create the best possible Star Wars experience, it's no wonder I've stuck around here. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone interested in Star Wars Roleplay to give AoA a shot. You won't be disappointed.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Aug 18, 2007
Independence. That's one of the things AoA really has going for it. While still attached to the more traditional 'Lucas Vision' of the Original Trilogy and Star Wars at large, AoA has what I like to think of as Independence. Taking from the EU only what necessarily really meets the traditional STar Wars vision. You won't find any TIE Phantom's, Ssi-Ruuk or Yuuzhan crazies here ;). That means that AoA's current arcs are heavily influenced by their players, by ideas. AoA has a number of players that could be called 'creators'. Those that drive RP, that are fun to RP with, play deep characters and provide for those who play around them to also become deeper characters. The Staff strongly supports their players. While initially they seem abrasive and even rude, they're probably among the most down to earth STaffers you'll ever meet, and they're all 'players'. The Staffers are always around to encourage players, regardless of faction, and to encourage ideas. Your idea might not fly, but most of the time, they'll talk to you about it, and if you ask, they'll tell you why it won't fly. In AoA, any character can become popular, can accomplish things, can be 'important'. Interesting things happen everyday, come join us and find out what'll happen next!
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Jan 21, 2007
At the time of writing this, I am member of the staff of SW:AoA, a minor one at least. But I'm not writing this as member of the staff but as a long time player. First off, let me start off by saying SW: AoA is not perfect, but what mush is? I've seen the place through some highs and some lows. Again, what mush doesn't have highs and lows. Let's be reasonable, there is no perfect mush. But this is a good one. A very Good one. Also if you're a big fan of the Star Wars EU, SW:AoA hold only the 6 movies as Cannon. Something in my opinion that makes the game even better. AoA is a beautiful game. It is staffed by a group of indiviuals, who care about the game. They also bring a very human face to their position talking with players on channel and having fun. You never know when you're playing with them as pc, they could be the dopy side kick, the ominous villian, or even your comrade in arms. They do it because not only do they want to have a fine game but they want to see their players have fun and have fun themselves. There are always features running around on the game either pcs or NPCed by the staff. That is until some pc is interested in taking them up and running them. But this is not a mush for staffers and their features. This is a mush for players and thier pc's telling a story in the Star War's Universe. It's a place where your pc can have an effect too. With a lot of coded rooms, objects, and a non level based Dahan skill system. There's always someplace to explore and something to do. That's not even counting the players. The players of AoA are a great lot, ranging from all types of backgrounds and proffessions. Bounty Hunter's, Droid builders, Pirates, Senators, even been a Actress on AoA. (You want to give a job or a race a try. Just log in and talk to the Staff or @mail them, if it not preapproved. Heck there's more than a couple orginal races.) But somebody is always looking for rp or rping. The place is fun and it's full of plot and adventure. Sure, right now a lot of the players are new to the mush but that's not mean they're new to mushing and that shows. The game is truly full of veterned rp'ers trying to write their own story in the Star Wars galaxy, and help others tell their tales too. Anyway, what right do I have to say about this place? Here's a little about me and AoA. The first time I logged in as a guest, I was greeted by Cujo, the headwizard. To say the least AoA is a beautiful game full of Ansi art and beautiful Room descs is an understatment. Cujo and I talked mostly about the ansi art and Star Wars in general. He's probably long forgotten the conversation. But it was that conversation about how he cared about the Star Wars Universe not the art that got me there. I saw that the head wiz cared about his place and loved Star Wars. So I created a rookiee X-wing pilot pc. It was instantly I feel in with a group of mischief causing Republic fighter jocks. That wreaked havoc across the galaxy when not fighting the Empire. Well it's 2.5 years later the faces have changed and Kort's been all over the galaxy, done a bit of everything. He's feuded over a girl with Lando, he's argued philosphy with Luke, and he's came face to face with Boba Fett. The character just as interesting to me and I'm having just as much fun as the day I began. So if you're looking for a SW mush true to the movies, with lots of fun and lots of potential AoA is the place for you.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Jan 11, 2007
There are many things one looks for when trying to find a game. A playerbase, friendly staff, a fun time to be had by all. And for the most part, this game does have what one would be looking for. Of course, there are a few tiny exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, this is one of the best MUSHes I have ever been a participant of. But since I am a good apple, I'll start with the good aspects of the game. Okay, first, there is almost ALWAYS someone online to RP with if you so choose, and at most times a newbie can find someone on the recruiting channel to help them out, which I really did enjoy. Secondly, the RP for the greater part is great! Of course once in a while you'll find a bad egg or two, but in my time here that has only been once, and from people who are Jedi obsessed. Not being one of those, I enjoy just using the Star Wars universe in ways that are still canon, but out there enough to be original. The players are very friendly and very helpful, and if you do decide to join, you will love it, as long as you are not Jedi obsessed. More good stuff - the variety of stuff you can find. There are different planets, cities, shops, ships, organizations. If you want to be a Republic pilot, you can find it here. Want to be a ship builder? Not a problem at all. Evil on your menu? Be a pirate. It is almost always possible. Just ask. You can't go wrong with that. You can be affiliated as a civilian or with the Republic or Empire and still find plenty to do. For the most part the RPA's are very helpful. Once in a while they can be really stuffy and not seem to care if you have a TP idea, so just a ask another staffer. Works for me, at least. Now onto the bad. Yes, some staffers can be rude...just forget them and ask another one. There are plenty to go around and there is almost always one on. Don't be shy - they don't bite. And yes, sometimes your ideas can fall on deaf ears. Keep bugging them - they'll give in. If they're good, they can't resist. Spam can be an issue, but not a big one most days. Once a week, like on weekends it happens. Don't worry. In summary, you'll love it if you join. You can be almost any race, any occupation (just not Jedi unless you're a great RPer), from any place. Everyone can make an difference, but you can't see until you join. Trust me - you'll love it here.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Jan 11, 2007
Having been on hiatus for a few months, it feels good to be coming back to Star Wars: Age of Alliance. Things have changed, yet there are still things which have that smell of familiarity. I have played on Star Wars: AoA for some time now. If you ask me to provide a date, I won't be able to. AoA is the type of MUSH you continue to come back to through the years. As a player and a staff member, I remember so many good times I've had participating in scenes and large scale battles. Age of Alliances comes highly recommended by me for several reasons. First, obtaining a character is not difficult. Character Generation is one of the easiest and stable CGs I've been in. The game uses Dahan's skill system, an easy-to-use and understand percentile-based skill system. CG guidelines are provided thoughtout every room, so when it comes time for approval, it's your own fault if they didn't approve you if you put 90 in every skill. Also provided are template +sheets in order to gain a grasp of what skills you should have given a particular profession. AoA has a strict Force-Sensitive policy in effect. It basically states that players of Force Sensitive characters will only be chosen out of the pool of active players on the game. It has been effective in the past at keeping the reputations of Force PCs as great roleplayers. It has always kept my In Character dealings with the Jedi and Sith very pleasurable. Out of Character, at least. Some other things that I've found impressive with this MUSH is its number of potential organizations you can join. From the New Republic (now called the Galactic Republic because, let's face it, they've been around for awhile at the time the game is set) to Thrawn's Empire, to the Galactic Empire, all major factions are very well represented. The game also boasts active Independant organizations, and Bounty Hunter Guilds. Also, an active and friendly player base ensures good RP to be had at nearly any time of the day.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Jan 9, 2007
Star Wars: Age of Alliances, it's a great game. Great mechanics, great roleplay, great set-up. When it comes to a Star Wars text based roleplaying game, Age of Alliances is top notch truly. Most of the players are certainly adequate roleplaying partners to invest some of your life with. But...yes, there's always that but... Favoritism is a problem amongst the staff. Cross the wrong person, and you'll be watching on glass atop a cracking, iced over lake with a dragonsnake beneath you. Story arcs sometimes take longer than they should to be completed, something that could span the time of two weeks takes two or more months because the staff gets distracted with their own 'side projects', namely for their own characters. That's if the story is even completed because the staff member didn't lose steam after only a few scenes. The playerbase isn't as 'aged', 'experienced', and 'tried and true' like the game boasts to be. They're mostly new to the game, that is not veteran players of that specific game who have been there for 1+ years. They're new people that found the game just like yourself, reading one of these reviews. Some have stayed, some have gone. I am somewhere in between. The roleplay and the players make the game at least partially tolerable, while the staff makes the game quite uncomfortable. The motto of the staff is: 'This isn't a democracy, it's a dictatorship'. In my humble opinion, this is hardly the attitude to have toward a game you create for a collection of other people to come together and enjoy a fun, thematic adventure away from real life. Perhaps if the staff wasn't as distracted by dating players in and out of the game, the true focus of the Star Wars universe could be grasped once again. Overall, this is a good game, but it definitely has a lot of wrinkles which need to be beat out, ironed out, and then beat out some more. I'd give it a 7/10. Or 1 1/4 thumbs up. Three stars. However you look at it. Give the game a shot if you're a stalwart gamer and can take the best of the worst. Otherwise, seek out a new game or genre.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Dec 30, 2006
I respond to negative reviews on this site because I feel it is necessary to remind people who read them that all it takes is 'one' disgruntled player to write a negative review and 'claim' anything they wish in order to dissuade people from trying the MUSH out. The fact of the matter is is that what the above review states is mostly all stereoptypical and cliche negativities that offer up no viable examples to back them up. If you look at the review, you'll see that its all just wild claims, the kind that are predictable and easily written about a MUSH. It is all perspective, one's personal perspective on their time spent on the game in the end, that creates one's 'review' of it. But, I disagree with a majority of this reviewer's writings because I do not believe them to be based in reality, but based in biased negativity for whatever reason(s). I do not know who posted this, and though it is not flamingly mean, it is overall negative and I hope it does not turn one off from trying SW:AoA out. We are a -FAIR- game and our motto is in fact... 'Treat Star Wars with respect. Treat players with respect. Have. Fun.' I hope you come and try to find that out for yourself and ignore the cliches of this reviewer's rant. Alex H. 'Cujo' SW:AoA Headwiz
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Jan 11, 2007
The most telling point of this place for me is the fact that I made an alt almost quicker than /anywhere/ else. :) If you like some of the more 'exotic' SW races, this is THE place for you. The staff was immediately responsive to @mail, requesting exotic races, for both of my alts. I play a Zeltron and a Kushiban, two races so exotic that a lot of people didn't even know what they were, when I apped. The races were set up properly with all their exotic abilities and everything. That was a very bright start, I had my character on the grid as soon as I could get my background written. It was approved almost immediately. After that point, I was found and equipped by the faction admin, for the Republic, almost immediately. I then went IC, and was immediately sent to my assigned ship, with an Astromech and all. The fighter assignment was just as immediate, and I was pulled immediately into RP with the ship captain, and the squadron exec for my squadron. I have found staff there /very/ responsive, overall, to things. My alt was also approved almost immediately, and was on Coruscant within 24 hours of being created. Everything is active there, and I highly recommend it. If you like seeing FCs out on the grid, this is the place for you. The FCs there are extremely active. Luke, Lando, and Tionne especially are out and about a lot. My lowly peon characters even have seen them all. The game has an amazing atmosphere. The staff is a great group, and provides an excellent amount of fun for all players. Once you start playing, you won't regret it. I certainly haven't... I've even started recruiting friends to there. :) Get on and make a character... you know you want to... It's 3 years after Endor, and the galaxy is divided like never before, an extreme hot zone, on all points. the restored Republic and the Galactic Empire go after one another regularly. And the military RP is concentrated very well, to make certain that the military players are RPing, rather than being trapped on multiple tiny ships. There's also a great blend of high drama, and humor. I've seen plenty of both. Even a spectacular event between the Jedi and a Dark Sider in the Coruscant's undercity. Even more cool because one of my chars has met the Jedi involved on multiple occasions. Said character also saw the incident that led up to the confrontation. All of the factions are extremely player friendly, as are all the staff. It's an incredibly enjoyable experience. :) And I'm quite particular about where I mush, so... :)
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Dec 23, 2006
This is one of the better Star Wars games that I have been on. They have a very interesting, unique rolling and stat system that allows you to customize your character in a much broader way than you can elsewhere. The storylines that they run allow your character to be involved in a way that puts you into the story, instead of being just a background character. If you like Star Wars, this should be a place that you try out, if only to check out the game systems. You can't be an SW Mu* fan and not check this place out. Talk to the staff and they'll make sure they get you into the action that you want to get into. Join up on any side that you want, maybe two sides. If you're feeling really adventurous, go for three (but don't count on lasting long unless you've got a lot of help...) Check out the boards for info on the game and your favorite sides. You'll get a feel for what it's all about. Hope to see you there.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Nov 27, 2006
I have been playing on Age of Alliances coming up on 3 years. I have had a great deal of fun with the game, the staff and players. The systems and skills that are in place are well rounded and give the game a life all it's own. The Staff are friendly and courteous, all with both knowledge of the theme and the games systems. They are always ready and willing to lend a hand to anyone that needs it, problems andconcerns are dealt with quickly and fairly. The Head Wiz, Cujo is very approachable and open to the players and is an excellent Wiz. The game's inventory of weapons and armor, along with ships and vehicles give the playerbase a wide variety of objects with which to interact. The skills system is well set up and easy to understand and to use. Chargen is a snap, and the skills and feats that are available give each character a unique life of their own. I strongly recommend this game to any avid Roleplayer interested in a Star wars themed game. May the Force be with you All.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Nov 6, 2006
Okay everyone, the good, the bad, and the ugly of ya, This little post to the beautiful Mudconnector is being done for the sole purpose of I am sitting here tonight, at eight o’clock on a Saturday night. And boredom has brought me to posting. I am sitting here connected to the Age of Alliances. AOA as it is for me.A second home for me, this little place is where I started MUSHing even. An open universe is awaiting you. Set in the new republic era, the timeline has reached a time area where it comes down to the players, and the volunteers who are up for staffing (Always use a few good men… or women… at AoA who wish to help.). A char-gen that works itself through with only minimal effort. A decent staff, Head Wiz included in that generalization. I have seen a good many plots happen, been there for better than a year now. I love it there, always have, and probly will forever. Memories are made on good mushes, and I have a huge amount of memories here. A huge grid full of desced rooms, plot rooms for when you need something special, and admins waiting for any sort of plot ideas you might have for the whole of the MUSH. Good Combat for when you just need to bash your point across, coded Econ system for those who like the economic sort of RP, and a PC fleet of Republic and Imperial players for those of you who wish to duke it out in ISDs and Mon Cal Cruisers. So again, to all of you people who wish to find yourself a good old fashion star wars RP, with dozens of species and much potential, jump on here, and head for the Char-gen. Faithful to the end to AoA, Jo Looce.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Nov 4, 2006
Age of Alliances is a very good Star Wars game, given to visualizing the time after the movies. Set around the time of Timothy Zahn's three book cycle, it gives you all the thrills, ane excitement of the movies. A good Star Wars experience. The game is heavily coded, with few bugs. A detailed combat system. A good space system. Steady RPers, and immersive plots! Come! Play!
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Nov 2, 2006
I just want to say a few things about this wonderful MUSH. I have experienced many things on this MUSH and they have all been wonderful. I first want to say that the Head Wiz, Cujo, is amazing. He does his job with passion and enthusiasm that radiates off of the MUSH. I also want to commend their RPA Admin who are in charge of the factions. In particular the Imperial and Republic faction heads have always been level headed and receptive to player feedback. Anyway, this is a WONDERFUL place to come and RP with. Everyone join up!
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Nov 2, 2006
Age of Alliance is a wonderful game with a great playerbase. The system is rather easy to learn and nicely simple. The players there and staff are friendly and there is usually a plot running somewhere. There's a decent space system that is currently being upgraded to a better one, and there's a game-wide economy running with trading and jobs in place. So come on, make a character, whether it's Imperial, Republic or Independant, there's usually something to do.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Nov 2, 2006
First off, Star Wars: Age of Alliances is the only Star Wars game that I'm playing right now. Mostly because I find it to be the best one for me out there. I've only been here for about two months and have had a lot of fun RPing in the friendly environment. It started out hard at first. I'm a really shy player and it's often hard for me to approach other people for RP, but I didn't really have to worry about that here. There is almost always someone working on a plot or inviting people to join them for a scene. There was also quite a lot that I didn't understand about how the game worked, and not only were the staff extremely helpful but the other players were quite friendly about helping me out. I actually had two staff members guiding me through the confusing parts of the character generation area, which wasn't that hard, but the thought was what counted. The latest scene I was in lasted for hours, and despite the fact that I was almost ready to curl up and fall asleep on my keyboard, I just couldn't tear myself away. Players on this game are very good at keeping things interesting I think. For me, Star Wars: AoA has just the right mix of action, humor, violence and politics and can go in so many ways that's it's nearly impossible to predict on how things will go after the next pose. I've even seen that a few major characters have been killed off and the fact that the game allows that much deviation from the book series is nice. Anyway, the other reviews I've seen for this game so far have been from some of the players who've been here for a while. I'm hoping this will give people a newbie's perspective on the MUSH. Any other new players will find themselves happily welcomed like I was and seldomly lacking in someone to RP with.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Nov 2, 2006
I've spent quite a lot of time on Star Wars: Age of Alliances with three separate characters, although my original character has always been my main focus. The MUSH has changed significantly over during my time as a player as many players and staffers have come and gone, and even the IC timeline of the game has shifted from the Imperial/Rebel conflict to the New Republic vs. Imperial remnants. But throughout my 5 years there, the game has remained true to the essence of Star Wars and has stayed incredibly fun. Both the New Republic and the Empire are PC factions available for play and have had many interesting characters, but the non-aligned PCs have also thrived with various independent factions. I've seen nearly every type of character, and there's a place for all of them. Weapons are coded into the game as are combat skills, although combat itself is still generally based on roleplay. Players are able to own their own ships, droids, and even businesses. There is a wide variety of planets coded into the game including Coruscant, Tattooine, Corellia, Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta, Ryloth, Kashyyyk, Kamino, and many others. A language system is also coded, as is a professions system which enables a weekly salary for PCs who fit certain job types (and hold such a job ICly). Furthermore, there is an IC freighter service to enable interplanetary travel for those who do not own their own ship. The staff is helpful and almost always willing to run a scene, and players are encouraged to come up with their own ideas and plots to run. It's also easy to find a scene on AoA, as there are different players connected all day and all night. I'd recommend Star Wars: Age of Alliances to anyone interested in Star Wars RP, as I have had a good experience there.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Oct 10, 2006
Age of Alliances. There is no doubting the absolutely fantastic atmosphere of this game. Since it has been in existence for a number of years, it had matured into one of the best Star Wars games in the MU* Community. This is because of a number of reasons! The game is entirely versatile and welcoming to new ideas. There have been original races, original homeworlds and other ideas added to the game that do not exist in any other Star Wars environment. The staff is welcoming to these new ideas and will help any player development them into a great addition to the theme. There are dozens of planets, built and refined to thematic perfection on the grid and each is given its own share of activity. In the post-Endor setting, the game has reached its own timeline and carefully personalizes what is and what isn't in the galaxy's existence. This gives the players their chance to write their own events into the Star Wars universe and they do! We have had new empires emerge from this, new organizations and new territories opened up to the player and the staff. The staff is also exceedingly helpful. With roleplay administrators dedicated to each facet of the game, players are guaranteed attention from the administration without much pestering and prodding. With these RPAs, you also get the chance to build on your own story as each helps you with making your mark on the game. The game is more focused around the individual player-characters instead of the non-player-characters. The playerbase on a general level is very friendly and open to all new players and guests who connect to the grid. Without a doubt, this is the friendliest atmosphere any new or experienced MUSHer can appreciate. AOA has taught brand new MUSHers things such as RP etiquette and veteran MUSHers have helped refine the game to their liking. Hands down, this game is the best you'll find in the Star Wars and Sci-Fi genre. I suggest it to anyone who is either a die-hard SW fan or just a general RPer! It'll rock your socks!
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on May 7, 2005
I've been with Age of Alliances since it's very beginning. Prior to most of the coded planets, prior to it even having the first HSpace installed. I only recently left the game as a player and staffer, and it's for that, that I bring several distinct concerns to most players who join the game. The game is now post-Endor, but it follows no series of books. The timeline is skewed severely in favor of the Republic, and it now has almost no PCed-Imperial fights. If you enjoy cheap NPC scenes, the MUSH is for you. If you seek intensive inter-factional PC scenes, don't bother, they don't happen. If you have any questions of what is canon and what is not, there is only one person who knows that, and that is the head-wiz. And he is not easy to get any information from and is often difficult to reach. When one makes an assumption, if often ends in severe retaliation against the player. They do not have a coded space combat system(HSpace). Space combat is nearly nonexistent, and if it is any major scene you won't have any hand in it. The staff will come in, make a decision on the end results, and more often than not, write a bbpost of no more than ten lines that vaguely describes what happens. From then, it will take several weeks of inter-staff fighting to decide what details that were left unanswered in the original post. In my honest opinion, most of the details should never come up, but pride often stands in the way. The head administrator often will claim he does not care for the playerbase. This Shows. There is much bias in the staff, going both for and against players. If you fall out of their favor, you may as well disconnect because I have never once seen someone be 'redeemed' in their eyes. I state again, I have been there since the game was first created. There is a small playerbase of roughly twenty original players that are not admininstrative alternate characters. However, many people on staff have over 2-3 alternative characters. I will give credit, that some are not overpowered, and some do add to roleplay. However, one particular administrator has over six alts of which they last roughly two-three weeks before idling out. In my honest opinion, the game has lost all direction. There is no compelling story arcs to create player interest and give the game motion. Most of it is stagnant bickering. There is no real economical system, as there is either the exceedingly rich (those who can afford planets, space stations, their own personal Xizor's, essentially), and those who can not afford to use Coruscant's public transportation. Most characters are walking tanks and only when the staff do not favor you, do they suddenly push 'realism' in a Sci-Fi world, applying real world social and cultural rules into a world where none should apply. Not worth most people's time, unfortunatly.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Apr 30, 2005
I would simply like to note, before anyone out there who plays AoA happens to get some wild hair that I, fizz, did not write that previous post. Those who know me know that I am not one to drag a game through the mud based on RL and OOC issues, nor would I hide behind the convenience of being anonymous. Yeah I can't spell, never will. -Thank you fizz
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on May 7, 2005
As the Head Wiz of SW:AoA I feel it my civic duty to reply to this review of the negative variety toward my game. This review is submitted by a veteran player who recently chose to leave the MUSH based on his own free will. He is neither sitelocked nor sworn off of the game. I'll explain what lead up to his departure. He played a veteran Imperial General who was ICly (In-Characterly) responsible for the death of hundreds, if not thousands, of members of the Rebel Alliance throughout his tenure with the 'evil' Empire. His character was known for his trademarked brutality in the ways he killed his enemies with such notorious uses of a high-powered Flame projection rifle and many more overpowered tools of death, destruction and prolonged torture. As he mentioned in his negative review of the MUSH, the timeframe we've operated through has lead our Star Wars galaxy to be post- Return of the Jedi in variety. Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader have died with the 2nd Death Star's destruction. The Rebel Alliance has since vehemently struggled and managed to retake the world Coruscant from the grips of the shattered Empire. As such, the central government world of this newly founded Republic has been working diligently ICly (In-Characterly) to secure the massive city- planet with billions of citizens with law and order. The player who writes this wholely negative review, fully knowing of the status of Coruscant no longer being in control of the Galactic Empire, took his beloved Imperial General veteran character... flame projection rifle and all... to the very heart of Coruscant, and was confronted by a single bounty hunter who properly identified him, engaged him a battle that which he -fairly- lost. He was captured. He was taken by Republic authorities and his precious belongings confiscated. (In-Characterly and entirely fairly). This veteran player, (Out of Characterly) could not stand to face what he'd placed his beloved Imperial General character into. He could not stand the idea that his beloved Imperial General had lost a fight in the heart of the reborn Republic, and he could not stand that his beloved Imperial General character's precious belongings (that he had been openly using to try to fight off the legal bounty hunter) had been rightfully confiscated. So, this long time player of the MUSH blew-his-top OOCly (Out-of- Characterly) showing all that he is fine and dandy so long as he does not lose a fight. A fight that was impossible to win for a single man, alone, in the middle of the lion's den. Yet still, even with his outrageous OOC (Out-of-Character) complaints about his own choices in-game, the Staff of SW:AoA told him that his character would escape imprisonment and would work out a way for this mass- murderer of an Imperial General character to get his belovedly precious tools-of-torture back from the grips of the Republic. This seemingly was not enough for this person, who's written this wholly negative review about our MUSH. He was simply unable to own up to his own bad decisions that lead to an entirely fair and believable outcome and instead of working through them like a mature adult, this veteran player decided he would take his business elsewhere. And here we are, a half a month later and this former player is still showing his lack of maturity by slandering a game that he himself spent nearly four entire years dedicated too. 'Not worth most people's time.' He declares... Well, he spent four years of his life there and everything was gold, until the day came that his beloved mass-murdering Imperial General decided to go into the heart of the Republic... and he actually lost a fight. Suddenly then, the game becomes 'not worth most people's time.' to this reviewer. To which I, the Head Wizard and Creator of Star Wars: Age of Alliance simply replies with... You win some, and you lose some. Your focus determines your reality. You choose the steps you take. You face the consequences of your choices. You prove your quality by your actions. This former player has proven his quality. And even still, the Staff of Star Wars: Age of Alliances would allow him to return and we'd allow him to pick up where he'd left off. We're a fair and caring game. We're all volunteers and we all strive hard to be the best Star Wars MUSH out there.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on May 7, 2005