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The first Star Wars MUSH is still going strong. Featuring complete coded and operational space, economy, trading, space combat, personal combat, chargen, languages and a unique Virtual Object System that makes IC objects easy to create and maintain. We run the current PennMUSH patchlevel and our own custom hard code modifications.
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PennMUSH 1.8.0p4 [3]

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The first Star Wars MUSH is still going strong. Featuring complete coded and operational space, economy, trading, space combat, personal combat, chargen, languages and a unique Virtual Object System that makes IC objects easy to create and maintain. We run the current PennMUSH patchlevel and our own custom hard code modifications. [1]
This MUSH is, as its name suggests, based on Lucasfilm's Star Wars . The setting is two years after the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the Emperor and Darth Vader; the fledgling New Republic and the remnants of the Empire are scrambling for control. This MUSH does not necessarily follow the storyline established by Timothy Zahn's novels (or the other recent Star Wars novels published by Bantam). More information is available from its home page . [2]
The Star Wars MUSH is a simulation game designed to recreate the attitudes, ideas, surroundings, and situations found in the Star Wars trilogy and the licensed literature published there after. These simulations are not word for word reiterations, but creative adaptations performed by players of this MUSH, for characters within this MUSH. Situtations will most certainly differ from the established adventures of the trilogy, but the settings and attitudes should stay familiar. [3]

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Being that this game hasn't been reviewed since 2007, but is still active (as in 'people are still connecting, and trying to RP'), I figured I'd add in my two cents. This game's biggest issue is the playerbase size. There are a handful of folks trying to get things going, but it's more like a group of friends having drinks at the pub on the weekend, than the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) behemoth it used to be. For those who've never checked the place out, I submit the following: The game runs on West End Games' D6 system, but only as an accompaniment to straight-up RP. Scenes can be run via the traditional 'I shot you!' 'No you didn't, I dodged, and shot back!' 'Ow, yeah, that hurt' back-and-forth, or with the assistance of the game's dice simulation system. There's an entire universe of races to choose from (although some fan favorites, such as the Hutts, Ewoks, and Jawas, are restricted (but not totally off-limits) for various reasons). The RP potential is near-limitless, including opportunities like (but not limited to) being a soldier or pilot for the Republic Military, or serving aboard a Star Destroyer in the Imperial Military. If you're not keen on carving out a niche in the Republic or Imperial Militaries, the Corporate Sector Authority is also open (the best of both worlds, business AND politics) to those seeking that line of work. If nothing else, you're welcome to live life on your own terms, as an Independent, as I chose to do. I run cargo for a living. I also consort with pirates (mwahaha!). The game places a distinction on Organization vs Faction (or, as it's commonly known, Affiliation). Affiliation is pretty much the way your character leans in the grand scheme of things.. does he play ball mostly for the Republic, the Empire, or is he more concerned about himself? Organization deals with what you do with your life on a daily basis (CSA, Independent, Imperial Military, or Republic Military). I chose to start out as an Independent/Unaffiliated, since I figured I wouldn't need anyone except myself and my ship. Boy, was I wrong.. I quickly found myself shacking up with the Republic, did some work for them, and decided to change my Faction, becoming an Independent/New Republic player. It opened up a whole new world of activity for me, and I haven't looked back since. I admit, I was rather shocked at how much of the game is restricted... next to nothing. Just a few races that don't quite fit into the game's timeline just yet (or at all), or can be played if you sit down with the admin and give them an idea of what you want to do with the race. There's also that whole 'Force Users are restricted' thing. Yeah, I know, Jedi and Sith are restricted, which you've probably heard before. The admin aren't keen on giving low-yield thermonuclear warheads to untested folks off the street. it... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 22, 2015
SW1 is one of those MUSHes that has alot of potential, but due to staffing issues and lack of movement, tends to hit and miss. Alot of the players are very friendly, but the staff is spotty. I'm not a scorned player, but writing an honest review, there's only so much positive I can relay. For example, the factions rely heavily upon each other to coexist. You have the Imperials, New Republic(NR), and a few others that are mostly entirely devoid of movement. The war can't happen unless the Imps fight the NR. Unfortunately the NR ground forces (currently) are virtually lifeless and the fleet/starfighter sources are hemorrhaging players to more independent roleplay areas. This is due to the fact that there simply aren't players and staff members to be there for scenes and plots to be had. While it's understood that the staff aren't on everyone's beck and call...there's been very little done lately to keep the roleplay ball up and rolling. Head staffers claim busy schedules (whilst also staffing ElseMU) and the force system is very broken. Honestly, this is not a game to join with a desire to ever roleplay as a force user. There are Dark and Light side force (application only) spots available. Literally years pass between postings for applications. There's a policy that states that force users have to regularly roleplay, send logs to the admin, and participate in furthering the game. Most force users in the game haven't logged in months, log in only to stay at one spot, or involve themselves solely with the force users in roleplay (should more than one be on at a time). However, it's been explained to me that some of these force users are friends of the admin. Asking one admin might illicit a 'this is how it is response' and asking another might result in either no answer or some rude responses. So if you DO join this game, I'd take a look at the Imperial faction (who regularly schedules events) or some of the more independent groups such as the crime families. There's very little admin involvement in TP unless it's military (even then, if soldier characters are available), but fun can be had where found or made. My suggestion? This game needs to replace their idle or ElseMUing staffers with people that will commit to the game. The force system needs to stick to its policy and @nuke the characters that are growing dust on the force slots, and the players need to consolidate and generate larger/more involved TP's that they can manage for themselves.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 5, 2007
For the most part, I agree. The Empire and NR factions are pretty devoid of activity. TP's are few and far between, as in order to really get anything done, you need to contact previously mentioned idle staff members. As an Independent character, you are further handicapped by having no source of income. The cargo system was removed some time ago, and so you must subsist on a 250 credit per week income. +nom's are cycled once a month, which means you only have 5 to give every month... which hardly encourages anyone to go out and actively seek RP, as 5 different people are all you will encounter in a month, on average. There is no independent staffer at all, which means independent players often are forced to rely on each other for scenes, and a way to earn money.. but at 250 credits per paycheck, there isn't much, and what with the high cost of weapons.... Pretty much most people just log on to chat with old friends.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 14, 2007
Both of these are wrong and if they aren't written by the same player(which wouldn't surprise me), then the first one was definitely written by a jaded former player who is probably just upset because they couldn't get what they want. There are no inactive FUs on the game. Each of the FUs log on regularly and while they don't RP with EVERYONE ALL THE TIME, they do get out and RP and all you need to do is send a page or a @mail to set something up. With the exception of perhaps two or three, none of the staff on the game play elseMU*. And those that do still devote as much of their attention to SW1 as they do to anything else. Staff do not run TPs for players and I don't think they should. I'm more than happy to create and run my own TP. If you require something that needs staff approval, then all you need to do is get in touch with them and they will help but if its a simple and fun TP that doesn't require anything huge, you don't need staff to do anything. They are running the game and assisting in player issues and creating new additions for the players. Why should they also step in and create/run TPs for everyone too? SW1 is the longest-running Star Wars MUSH on the internet. Like other games, its had its ups and downs but unlike other games its still around. And its around for a reason. So yeah. SW1 FTW! :P
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 3, 2007
Noticing that the actual listing for SW1 is far outdated, I thought I would add this for information's sake. Star Wars MUSH (SW1) is the original Star Wars MU*, dating back to 1991. It diverged from canon a few years after the events of Return of the Jedi, at which point the players took over. Now several years into the age of the New Republic, the MUSH offers players the opportunity to play either as a supporter of the Republic or the Empire, or for the free spirited or indecisive types, as neither. Additionally, players can join one of two entirely original factions, or the Corporate Sector Authority, Lucas-borne descendant of the Trade Federation. Star Wars MUSH isn't all about the wars, either. Swoop racing is a major feature of the game, as are gambling and politics. Players are encouraged to create an original character type, as there is staff support for nearly every niche imaginable. As of this writing, the game is running PennMUSH 1.8.0p4 and averages between 25 and 50 player connections at a time!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 5, 2005