Star Wars Mud (SWmud)
Star Wars-themed LpMUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1994.
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                A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

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A mud based on Star Wars, up since 1994 and still going strong. There are over 40 planets and space stations to explore. Not limited to any particular timeline, most areas are set around the time of the original trilogy - however, there are planets set as far back as pre-Revan Dantooine and as far forward as Yuuzhan Vong War era Borleias. Players can choose from 23 races and pick 3 of 10 guilds, with an optional fourth at level 25/25/19. All players have access to two character slots and can unlock up to three more after meeting certain requirements for each. There are movable vehicles, ranged combat and an extensive space combat system. Players can also build their own ships that can stored...
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SWmud lib based on Nightmare [1]
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Star Wars [1] [2]

Still going after 20 years!! SWMUD is set in the Star Wars universe. There is no set time-period for the MUD, and areas may range from Imperial era through Yuuzhan Vong era. Role playing is not required. Player killing (PK) is restricted to those who sign up for it. The MUD consists of over 40 large planets and space stations, including Borleias, Korriban, Kessel, and Dantooine, as well as the more well-known planets from the movies. We have 10 guilds: assassin, bounty hunter (BH), diplomat, jedi (light or dark/Sith), mercenary, merchant, pilot, scientist, slicer, and smuggler. Each guild comes with an average of 25 unique skills. Player can choose three guilds for their character, with the option of taking a fourth guild at higher levels. Characters taking either assassin or bounty hunter as a guild are forced to be player killers, while characters with Diplomat as a guild are not allowed to be player killers presently. We have recently added 8 new player races, for a total of 31 playable races now. Playable races include Aqualish, Chiss, Clawdite, Echani, Mon Calamari, Twi'lek, and Wookiee. Each race comes with two unique racial skills and additional inherent bonuses. All players are allowed to create up to two characters to begin with and have the ability to earn additional alternate characters (via unique monster kills, skills achievements, or being PK), for up to a total of 5 characters. We have movable vehicles, ranged combat, and an extensive space combat system. You can also build your own ship that is stored safely when you are not playing. The mud has newsgroups for players to post ideas and discuss various issues on the mud. Quests are not required for advancement, though a few will significantly help in advancement. The help files are very extensive. A special newbie simulator exists with several areas to help new players get started, including Newbie School upon character creation (though you can leave early if you're careful). Players can apply to become a coder after reaching levels 15/10/10. For more information, please visit our website at [1]
A mud based on Star Wars, up since 1994 and still going strong. There are over 40 planets and space stations to explore. Not limited to any particular timeline, most areas are set around the time of the original trilogy - however, there are planets set as far back as pre-Revan Dantooine and as far forward as Yuuzhan Vong War era Borleias. Players can choose from 23 races and pick 3 of 10 guilds, with an optional fourth at level 25/25/19. All players have access to two character slots and can unlock up to three more after meeting certain requirements for each. There are movable vehicles, ranged combat and an extensive space combat system. Players can also build their own ships that can be stored safely when they are not playing. Most equipment can be stored in a player's condo or villa. All but autoloads are lost between reboots, which occur every 5 days, 5 hours. Between merchant player shops and the relative ease of obtaining basic gear, it is not difficult to get reequipped. The help (or 'panic') files are very extensive and they can all be found on the mud's website at A newbie school, channel and simulator with several low-level areas helps new players with learning the basics of SWmud. The mud also has newsgroups for players to post ideas and discuss various topics regarding the mud. Player killing is allowed only among those registered as PKers. Occasionally, we have PK weeks where players can try PKing without some of the penalties for joining or leaving. Most PKers are willing to teach newcomers the basics at any time. Most quests are not required for advancement, though many exist for those who enjoy doing them. Players wishing to level past 19/19/19 will need to complete the High Mortal quest. [2]
A MUD based on the Starwar theme, containing many planets, races, guilds etc. Options for Player Killing, space travel etc. Check it out! [3]

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Too many rules. Not enough guidance. VERY FIRST 'quest' is to find some doctor at some place not on the map. Rules require that you cannot ask for help finding places. Admins begged for reviews on Here's your review: Game is too hard to play, and the rules don't make you sound friendly enough to ask for help. Deleted my character after 1.5 hours of walking around.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 26, 2013
I've been playing SWMUD for 16 years now off and on usually taking breaks now and again. It has always been my favorite MUD of the dozens that I've played. SWMUD has a unique class system in the form of guilds. Each player may have up to 4 guilds total two of which may go beyond level 19 and become what is known as a high mortal. The remaining two guilds must stay at level 19. I'll admit in the past I was much less satisfied with SWMUD's staff. The HM quest was closed for several years and as it was pointed out in a previous review comment by Hanse, this is likely what led to the population drop. After a recent break from SWMUD (less than a year) I returned to find that we had a whole new group of wizzes and in the short time I was gone they added several new planets, tons of new awesome equipment, many new and exciting quests and there is even a new space 2.0 system in the works. The new group of wizzes is also extremely friendly and willing to help answer any questions a new player or returning player may have. SWMUD has always been a great MUD but with the addition of the new staff, this is honestly the best MUD around hands down. For those interested in player killing, SWMUD once again destroys every other MUD. This is not a MUD where you enter a room and /kill and hit the occassional skill. SWMUD's PK system is very intricate and highly skill based. There are also two guilds (assassin and bounty hunter) that are PK only. I would recommend SWMUD to anyone who likes the Star Wars saga but also to those who are just looking for a MUD that isn't full of stock coding. SWMUD is completely customized and it leaves a lot of room for everyone's unique play style.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 3, 2013
Swmud is by hands down the -best- starwars mud out there and I have tried almost all of them, Swmud is 100% original and nothing stock like you see on other starwars muds especially ones you see on SWR codebase or a diku type. Awesome thing about Swmud is that its LP codebase (I prefer LP muds over diku types, including rom, circle, etc..) and taking into consideration the status of most muds, Swmud usually has at least 10 people on at all hours of the day/night regardless of time zone and usually peaks to about 30 people now a days. Everyone on the mud is extremely friendly and helpful and everyone tries to help out every new player that finds their way over. Swmud is not one of those muds that is left in the dust as a 'finished' mud because Swmud has an excellent staff of active coders who are constantly adding new areas, items, tweaking and bug fixing(not that there are alot of bugs) or implementing some player ideas. .. SWmud is not a heavy roleplaying environment (it's almost nonexistent, in fact). Player-killing is restricted. Quests are not required for advancement, though some will be beneficial to that end. The mud currently has around 40 very large planets and space stations, with more being added each year. However, if your interests lie more in Space, SWmud has a 3-D space flight system unlike anything you might find elsewhere. New characters start in the creation process where they choose one of 21 current races, set up their attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Mechanical, Technical, and Force), and choose their team (Rebel, Imperial, or Neutral). Once set up, they continue by going through a newbie school to introduce them to the most basic commands that they will need to know, as well as how to find more useful information should they need it. After that, they have access to a Newbie line to ask questions of Newbie Helpers (NHs) until they reach level Once... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 26, 2012
SWmud (the original Star Wars MUD) is one of the most original and friendly muds I've been on. The code base is a HEAVILY modified LP-mud. While SWmud doesn't follow a specific timeline or event, most of the areas are set anywhere between the time period of the original trilogy and up to 10 years later. SWmud is not a heavy roleplaying environment (it's almost nonexistent, in fact). Player-killing is restricted. Quests are not required for advancement, though some will be beneficial to that end. Players are not allowed to have multiple characters or to use scripts via telnet clients, such as zMud. The mud currently has around 40 very large planets and space stations, with more being added each year. The most recently opened planet is Af'El, the Defel homeworld. However, if your interests lie more in Space, SWmud has a 3-D space flight system unlike anything you might find elsewhere. New characters start in the creation process where they choose one of 21 current races, set up their attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Mechanical, Technical, and Force), and choose their team (Rebel, Imperial, or Neutral). Once set up, they continue by going through a newbie school to introduce them to the most basic commands that they will need to know, as well as how to find more useful information should they need it. After that, they have access to a Newbie line to ask questions of Newbie Helpers (NHs) until they reach level 6. Once you leave Newbie School, you can choose up to 3 of 10 guilds (Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Diplomat, Mercenary, Merchant, Pilot, Scientist, Slicer, Smuggler, and Jedi [with some restrictions]). Each guild comes with a variety of skills that you receive as you gain levels. Each race also comes with 2 racial skills. As you use skills, you gain skill proficiency. From there, newbies (levels 1-4) have the option of going into the Newbie Simulator environment to find monsters (and quests) of their level, or they can venture out shuttles... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 14, 2008
New to doing mud reviews or any reviews on any game, but let's put that aside and I'll try my best. I've been playing Swmud on and off for about 10 years now and the gameplay is unlike any i have seen on many other muds and i've played ALOT of muds out there, but always wind up back here. If you're a starwars fan i strongly suggest that you stop by here. Enough of that, i'll start with all the nice features it has. Swmud has 10 guilds: assassin, bounty hunter, diplomat, jedi, mercenary, merchant, pilot, scientist, slicer, and smuggler. Each guild comes with an average of 30 unique skills. Player can choose three guilds for their character, with the option of taking a fourth guild at higher levels. Assassin and BH are forced-PK guilds, and Diplomats are forced non-PK. There are 22 player-races, among them Bothan, Clawdite, Falleen, Wookiee, and Zabrak. Each race comes with two unique race skills and bonuses. Swmud also has movable vehicles, ranged combat and an extensive space combat system. You can also build your own ship that is stored safely when you are not playing. An also neat feature of Swmud is that it offers you the choice to chose a team. Want to be part of the empire? Join the Imperial team or if you want to be part of the Rebel scum select the Rebel team. Want to a profiteer during a time of war? Choose to go neutral. Choosing a faction also allows you access to the team room and donation bin for some some decent gear from generous teammates *unless you're neutral! no bin for you, but you're able to PK anyone you want..which is nice* Anyway, Swmud already has a decent sized playerbase of at least 15 people logged on at all times, but they could always use some new bantha fodder so come join Swmud (and hopefully you'll join the PK side of the game! Oh did i mention the... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 4, 2008
I started playing SWMud (Star Wars MUD) back in '99 when I was around 13 years old. Back then I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced cheese. It had great people, awesome gameplay, amazing balance, and an active wiz-staff who were churning out quality areas/etc non-stop. Unfortunately it had some hiccups back in 2000 or so, when the High Mortal Quest (the quest that gains you prestige and skills after lvl 19) was closed. Originally the players were under the assumption that a new quest would be out within the year... then it was next year, then it was a few years... finally, after eight long years... SWMud has a new HM quest and is therefore complete. Don't get me wrong, the game will keep being added to by the wizstaff as they're working on areas right now. But the lack of HM Quest meant that NOBODY (who wasn't already HM) could gain those special skills after level 19. Many players (myself included) decided to level above 19 simply for the Hit Points and the joy of something to do again. Now that the quest is back many players have gained High Mortal status and we're once again able to use those awesome skills gained at levels above 19. Please come check out SWMud. It's got awesome content, great people, a newbie friendly atmosphere (with newbie helpers, a MUD school, low-level exp'ing areas, etc) and finally an HM quest so that you can take your character to NEW HEIGHTS! (Also, PvP is a blast. Some of the most indepth text-based player versus player combat I've ever experienced.) We need fresh meat!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 17, 2008
If you are looking for a star wars mud, here it is. This is the biggest, most popular, original star wars mud around. About 40 worlds to explore; the mud is huge. The biggest star wars mud ever! Want to be a wookie bounty hunter fighting crime on Hoth? You can! Infinite possibilities, almost anything is possible. All star wars fans should play this mud. I give this 10 out of 10!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 20, 2007
SWMud is constantly growing, even moreso now than before. Its combat system is so much more than just hack and slash, I love it and can't find anything like it. Player Killing is optional, which is great for people scared of bigger people killing them off the bat (But it *is* fun, I tried it for a week), and RP is optional (though you can RP and people will RP with you if you make it widely known that you RP). and of course, it's Star Wars. If you like/love star wars, come check SWMud out. Lots of races to choose from, lots of guilds and lots of places to explore. Cheers.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 3, 2006
SWMud is a really great mud. Built more than 10 years ago, I started playing in those years. It was great then but now with all the additions (new planets, skills, guilds...) it is a really big mud with a lot of things to explore. It's really newbie frendly and people are always kind to everyone. I recommand it!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 21, 2006
this is probanly the best mud i have ever played, it is addictive, i love all the skills and the planets are big, and very thurouly built.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 16, 2005
I have played SWMud for over three years now. If anything, it is very addictive. The recreation of the Star Wars experience is nicely and meticulously done and there are many amazing planets, space stations, and even asteroids you can explore. You can ride Banthas, get into an AT-AT battle, buy/sell/make droids, hold an audience with Jabba the Hutt (or his fun-loving cousin Set), find hidden Rebel bases, shoot down Imperial Star Destroyers, learn Sith skills from Darth Vader (or Jedi Skills from Yoda), become a prestigious bounty hunter or assassin, and even recreate the entire Return of the Jedi experience by helping the rebels and ewoks battle against the imperials on the forest moon of Endor. When I first joined, I thought I had explored several of the core-world systems pretty thoroughly. Much to my amazement, almost every planet has something hidden beneath the surface. Shady smugglers and surreptitious shop keepers abound. Quests and secrets pop up in the most unlikely places. Now I find out something new and interesting almost every time I log in, and I have been at it for 3 years! There are still many places I'd like to see and explore, and even playing 1-2 hours a day does not seem like enough time. The guild system is great. There is such a variety of skills and abilities that almost everyone you bump into has something or can help you with something you might not be able to do yourself. It helps build lasting friendships with other players on the mud. Also, by joining the rebel, neutral, or imperial teams you gain the additional benefits of team support. I tried PK for several months, and even though I wasn't very good at it, the Clan feature is great and you can't help but get a feeling of camaraderie from your team members. Plus, the massive battles between rival clans can be a rewarding, although adrenaline pumping, experience. I will be going back to PK when I honed... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 7, 2005
I always tried to find an exciting StarWars game where I could roleplay a unique character in the StarWars universe. The first game I found was SWMUD and it looked so promising. But soon I had to find out that RPing is really scarce there. Still I was fascinated about the gameplay, especially because I decided right from the beginning on to become a player killer... As a player killer I did not have much time to roleplay at all, as enemies and new challenges were everywhere... but there was one thing I liked, the omnipresent risk of death (only if you sign PK, what is optional). This risk gave me some feeling of realism, of being able to perform my sinister roleplay plans one day. Still I was looking for other MUDs, I wished so much to find a MUD where roleplaying in the Star Wars world would be possible... I found not many (as most of the times it is only enforced pseudo RP, unless you play a MUSH) and the few RP MUDs I found lacked the exciting gameplay, something I did not want to miss anymore... as I compared them always with SWMUD. I played graphical StarWars games, dozens of MUDs but the only game I always came back to was SWMUD. I haven't found a StarWars game so far what could match the complexity of the player killing here on SWMUD where a battle is not just determined by who has the better combat, but as well moving around, sniping, using jedi powers to lift or throw items at the enemy, breaking into enemy ships, striking from the shadows, planting bombs and traps, using ATAT walkers... just to name a few. Another ascpect I liked alot was the quest system. There are so many quests and secrets you can find and many offer a unique or advantageous item. On most other games, once such an item is known everyone has it... but here as secrets may not spread... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 5, 2005
It is unfortunate that Daedroth was looking for a Role-playing environment, because we make sure to mention the fact that we are NOT one. RPing is accepted, but not enforced, and the general populace chooses not to RP most of the time, with some exceptions. Many players find this refreshing compared to the strict RP environments of other Star Wars based MUDs. You can't please everyone. As for the quest issue: yes, a high price is paid for those who decide they cannot keep their mouths shut in either asking for secrets or repeating them. Though it may be human nature to discuss such things, it does not hurt for people to learn that sometimes your own discipline is required. If you want a guide explaining how to play a game, go to BestBuy or Wal-mart and buy a game for a PS2 or GameCube, and then go buy the guide that tells you how to play it. You won't feel anything near the sense of accomplishment you would had you figured it out on your own, without help. As for rewriting quests: Yes, several have been rewritten over the years because of players (and sometimes wizards) who could not keep their mouths shut. However, as they are being re-written, they are also being modularized so that removing or changing aspects of it are/will be significantly easier in the future than it was for the previous version now removed. They will no longer require the downing of the entire quest. I have seen this in the quests that I've performed. In the 7+ years I have played, I can remember 4 major quests being revamped, one of them twice (HM quest), and maybe a dozen secrets being adjusted to make them secret again. I also remember at least 9 planets being opened or redesigned (most of them very large areas - hundreds of rooms each), numerous smaller areas added to existing areas, and several quests. There was also the addition of the TFC... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 5, 2005
Well, let me just say that I dont really enjoy the beginning of this Mud, enough that I don't even want to see the rest... Reasons why: Ok, newbie academy, good to go. Its once you reach the simulation zones that the game totally loses my interest. First off, the first zone you go to totally blows. I believe its called newbieway or something, totally overused idea.(having the word newb/newbie/any other version of the word newb as part of the name.) Ok, the general idea of the zone is to kill stuff, get equipment, sell it for credits, reapeat as needed until all youre doing is staring at the monitor of your cpu, while your eyes glaze over. Keep in mind that this is just a simulation! You cant take those credits with you into real life right? Wrong. somehow, those simulated credits follow you into real life! Thats just plain unrealistic. Also, as noted before, nothing exciting seems to happen. This mud has little to no rping, and seems to be over-exaggerating the importance on keeping their quests secret. All theyre doing is wasting their time changing the quests to stop people from sharing how to start and complete them, when they could be working on more important stuff. People are gonna cheat, its their nature. No matter how many times they change it, someone is going to find out, and share it with all their little friends. This game could have the most extraordinary quests ever, but it seems that the wizards are so intent on changing the quests that most people will never even get to experience them. Could have a more interesting beginning, and a more realistic one. But hey, I guess thats what happens when theres absolutely no rp...
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 5, 2005
Ok lets make one thing clear. THIS MUD OWNZ!!! I've played for over a year now and i'm still having more than fun. You can explore for days, kill mobs, do quests or just rollplay around till the ends of time. All of the 10 guilds have there own unique skills and now you can choose 4 of them. This gives you a lot of diffrend skills and allows you to play however you want. SWmud is verry newbie frendly so don't be afraid, give it a try :D And may the force be with you :P
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 23, 2005
One of the greatest muds ever created. Not even being that big of a star wars fan, I am still a huge fan of SWmud. Started playing about one or two years ago, and has had about 3 different characters. Each guild is COMPLETELY unique, and the designers really made this mud a handy piece of work with a unique space system as well as a distinctive LP style. A great great mud over all. This isn't one of those hack n' slash muds. You WILL actually have to think about the dynamic quests and the environment is unreal!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 7, 2004
I ve been playing for several years to this mud, and to others SW theme's one. It's probably one of the best, if not the one, on that theme. You get 21 races, and 3 guilds amongst 10. The "word" is HUGE, and there's lot of quest to do. The only problem is that like glenn said in another post, there's STILL(more than 1 year later) no way to get to HM status and access most nice items & area. This resulting in lots of suicide (in game of course :p ). It's still worth having a shot, hey i m still playing! Have a nice day
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 4, 2004
I've been reading over the reviews and I must agree that SWMud is a funfilled MUD. I've been playing here over 3yrs now and find it a pleasure to log in both for chat and game purposes. SWMud is newbie friendly; and the kind players and available resources to express opinions (news groups/boards/communication lines) produce an open-air atmosphere across the galaxy. Many changes have taken place in the last year, constantly providing new features for the average player. Whether you're looking for a complete Star Wars theme or just a baby-step towards mudding, SWMud is worth checking out. While SWMud allows rping, it's not a common find. Sometimes it's nice to just step out of our rp attitudes and enjoy being ourselves among other players. So come, take a load off, and give us a try. We hope to see you hyperspacing in soon.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 16, 2003
As an update to Glenn's post (from July), the HM quest is currently in Beta testing. There's still not a firm opening date yet, but it is being actively worked on at this time. The wiz who had been working on it was called away from the mud for several months, but now has leisure to work on it again. The wiz who was working on updating the space code is also back, and he now has 2 or 3 assistants helping him with necessary space changes and the upgrade to space v2.0. There is still no estimate on how long such changes will take, as our space code is rather hefty and very involved, but it is receiving constant attention now. The pilot guild is now also undergoing revisions that the other guilds have been receiving for the last year and a half. The assassin, bounty hunter, diplomat, mercenary, scientist, and smuggler guild work have been completed now. Merchant has 2 skills and a quest left to be updated or created (the quest is currently in balance review), and slicer has 5 skills and a quest left to be created or updated. (The Jedi guild was not under revision, as it has been pretty well finished for quite some time, though minor tweaks are still made on rare occasions.) So, pilot and space changes will be the biggest issues being worked on once the rest are completed. The mud also just added 3 new races: Gand, Togorian, and Verpine. We also retired one race, Bimm, because it wasn't really being used. We had a player 'race change' week so that players could choose just 1 of the 3 new races and re-roll their stats to compliment the race they chose. New players may choose from the 3 new races at this time. The newbie school, which is slightly outdated after a couple of years, is under redesign to be more extensive. It should give players a great basic understanding of the by... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 16, 2003
this mud is really fun, i've been playing it for a couple years. i'm still trying to find a mud that has a similar combat system, but so far i got no results. the guilds are all great and well balanced, and jedi is really fun :) and for all those people who want to join, try e-mailing them. it's worth the effort.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 7, 2003
SWmud has been around for an amazing nine years, five of which I've been lucky to participate in. Although there have been various up-and-downs, as any MUD will experience, the player base has remained a fairly tight-knit group of people who consistently log in and enjoy both the social and competitive aspects of the MUD. While there are a couple things I would change about the current MUD, nearly everything "works" so to say. Most of the quests, while not specifically quests so to speak, are fun, challenging, and rewarding. There are three or four major ways to earn credits, and quite a few ways to spend those credits. There's a completely unique space system, many planets which you can explore for hours and still only have seen the basics of, a very fun player killing system that far surpasses the typical tank-and-win PK systems, tons of quests to do, and many more unique features. The space system is a delightfully fun aspect of the game, based on the X-Y-Z coordinate system. While it's a bit scary at first, it's easy to catch onto the basics, and soon you'll be stealing enemy ships and selling them, or perhaps making a run to a planet with a crashed ship to haul in spare parts. While space is a fun side of the mud, there are mobs on most planets called Smugglers that will ferry you across the galaxy for a relatively cheap price, making space travel nearly obsolete. In addition, space combat leaves something to be desired, as you can turn on a dime, so there's almost no point in flying while fighting. A new space system was in the works about a year and a half ago, but the wizard working on it hasn't logged into the MUD for nearly 11 months, and the admin seems to be against letting anyone tinker with it. The planets are numerous, and many are quite big, taking several hours to grasp the basics of. Most contain... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 1, 2003
the MUD is gone, when u try to create a new character, it says to send them a email, but they dont respond.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 8, 2003
I have been at SWmud for 3 almost 4 years now, and I recently have read a few of the reviews posted, one of which seemed fairly one sided. The Mud is in a state right now, where lots of changes are being worked on, but slowly. Lots of players have been complaining about the speed, but then again, alot of the players are high school and college students.. we have LOTS of free time, most/all of the wiz staff are adults, with families, jobs, and other responsibilities. Some of the wiz staff is responsible for the safety of others through Service in the Armed Forces, and recently has been called to active duty, many players have also been called to this, but that just leaves the students behind, many of whom are going to complain when things arent done there for them. The wiz staff puts up with a lot, they have to regularly update/change secret info because its not a secret anymore. Players lack the respect of some of the hard work that has been put into the mud. Silly things like this put a big damper on the work for new projects, because the immortals in law have to watch carefully to make sure people arent cheating, and they enforce the Laws of the Mud well. Issue being that they have coded so much stuff to cut back on the bug abuse/broken laws. Coding stuff like that, cuts back on the new stuff that can be done quickly and efficently. I, personally, find that the mud is in fine shape, if you consider how players are creating more work than neccesary for the wizzies. I think that the current staff is working hard to appease the players and their own desires as much as possible and get new stuff to the players.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 11, 2003
I am not going to flame Hanse's review, by any means, but I do think some things should be mentioned that he did not. His assessment of the current state of the mud is fairly well accurate as far as what is going on right now and how long some things have been in the works. He did neglect to mention that the guild skills system has been undergoing a significant overhaul for the last year. When you have 10 guilds each with an average of 30 skills, it is going to take some time to make all the upgrades and balance fixes. Two of those guilds are not being updated at this time - Jedi is already finished, and Pilot is on hold because the space system is under rewrite and is waiting for Space v.2 to update the Pilot guild at the same time... (The space system rewrite is another of those sore points for many players because it has been underway for so long - it's extremely difficult code to understand and manipulate, and only one or two wizards know it well enough to have a prayer of working on it.) At the time the guild changes began, the wizard who was working most tirelessly on them had all day to spend on such tasks, and did finish updating the first half of the guilds and began working on the second half. However, as tends to happen, life situations change and this wizard changed jobs and has had less time to spend on the guild updates. Changes to the MUD do still happen, and the guild skill system updates are continuing- just not at the monstrously quick pace that they were happening before. There was significant work going on the HM quest in January. (It was close to beginning alpha testing was my understanding.) But the wizard who is responsible for rewriting it was recalled into the National Guard and is still serving. Things like this cannot be helped. would... Read More
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Introduction: I have played swmud since 1994/95 sometime with some breaks inbetween and I feel I have indepth knowledge on the mud and those who run it. Review: I started playing back in 94/95 and got hooked immediately. The mud has many areas and most of them are well built, with good describtions and mostly with good item describtions in rooms, which I find give extra flavour to muds. As the years have passed, guilds have been added, planets have been added and wizards/admins have come and gone. There has been administration "disagreements" at least once and this ended quite bad at least one time with several wizards/admins "leaving". Swmud is, as the others who have reviewed this mud pointed out, pure hack&slash. Many would want to see it more roleplaying oriented, but trust me when i say that it will -never- happen. Maybe that is a good thing though as not everyone wants to RP. One of the strong points on swmud has always been the playerkilling. It's fun as hell and very challenging. There are many skills/items and tactics involved and very far from the old "stand in a room and see who dies first" that you will see on too many muds. The mud is fairly newbie friendly and if you are used to lpmuds, it should be fairly easy to get into. The helpfiles are extensive and well made. Now for the problems with swmud.... The mud has currently got very few active admins/wizards and you very seldom see anyone visible. There is hardly any work being done that is visible to the players. Basicly some bug fixes here and there. Now you can't force admins/wizards to do anything, they work for free, but you will see that most well organized muds do require wizards to show some activity or they get moved to a retired "domain/position". The administration votes on major issues and seing as some of the admins login once every few months, things go slow. problem... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 9, 2003
Swmud, or star wars mud, is a good mud in most aspects. It has a real feel of the starwars universe, full of many races, plants, and guilds. The mud even has a fully operational space system, where you can pilot the shuttle, fighter, freighter, or captital ship of your choice, convenience, or design. Generally the mud is pretty newbie friendly. One of the best aspects of the mud is it's player killing system. Though not mandatory, the system is used by a good number of the mudders. After adding in the aspect of clans, alignment based battles, and the occasional backstabbing, you're assured a fast-paced experience, full of actual decisions, rather than 2 players sitting in a room, and waiting to see who dies first. Downsides to the mud would be the lack of role-play. A few players have tried to bring some aspect of RP to this mud, but are generally ignored or ridiculed. Another problem is the status of becoming a high mortal. This achievement can only be done after reaching certain levels, and completing a complex quest. The problem being that this quest hasn't been fully active in the last year or so. This tends to keep player killing out of balance, as a large number of people have no chance of attaining the same advantages of their enemies. All in all, it's a fun mud if you're looking for a standard hack/slash mud, filled with the delight, mystery, and wonderful feeling of the star wars universe.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 8, 2003
This mud rocks, and I mean it. You start off in the newbie school as you normally would in most muds, then move on to the simulators where you can gain xp and cash. Once you reach level 5 in your primary guild, you can go out and explore the galaxy. The best part about this mud, is that you can build and own your own ships. To say nothing of the teams in here. Like I said earlier, this mud rules. So come on in, and join the party :). Harsk the Neutral Bothan Mercenary
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 7, 2001
Since the day I logged on to the Star Wars MUD I have both cursed and thanked my friend that more or less forced me to try this game... Before logging on to the SWMUD about 3 years ago I thought MUDing was a just a bunch of text scrolling past too fast to read. After playing just a few hours I was hooked. The friendly atmosphere found on the MUD was and still is great. So what is Star Wars mud like? Great I say! After over 100 days of online time I still dont feel like I have seen it all yet and im pretty sure I havent. There are over 30 planets/areas and virtually thousands of NPC with intresting weapons and equipment. New quests and areas are made all the time and new additions to existing areas spice them up and make you wonder what additions you might have missed on areas you havent seen for awhile. Playerkilling on the StarWars MUD is restricted to those that have signed the book, means its not compulsory even though I sometimes wish it was ;). Playerkillers have two own guilds that have some of the most powerful skills on the mud which makes it worthwhile to try playerkilling once you start to get a hang of the playing. Playerkillers have a wide array of different sci-fi gadgets to help them find, capture and hold they're prey while also countermeasures are found. There are also a few clans with dedicated playerkillers on the MUD that have large battles between each other every now and then. Playerkilling on the Star Wars MUD is extremely exciting and fun, as long as you remember its all just a game... If you like some change from the usual hack and slash medieval sorcerer mud, try a Sci-Fi MUD based on the best Sci-Fi movie ever made that is truly well coded and planned!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 8, 2001
Well, what Arkane said pretty much sums it up well in the gameplay aspect of it, so I'll have to find a new angle. First off, the actual mud itself. I've been playing for less than a year now (10 months), and it's been a great experience. The areas are original, but don't deviate from the films/books so much that they're unrecognisable, and this makes the quests seem familiar, and also makes it easier for anyone with a decent amount of Star Wars knowledge to jump right into (first mud I ever played, felt right at home). The quests themselves are either totally original, or are linked to Star Wars events (such as delivering the Death Star plans to Solo, based on Obi-Wan/Luke trying to get them to Alderaan via Solo). The amount of quests there are, I don't know because I haven't even found them all yet, let alone started them. The Jedi guild, as Arkane said, is probably the most diverse guild on the mud, but also the most powerful. The question stands though, would you take the quick and easy path of the Dark side, gaining skills like choke at a fairly low level, or take the longer, harder path of the Light side, where you gain healing and defensive skills, most of which are obtained towards L19. For a full description of eachof the guilds, go visit the mud's website and look under the 'Guilds' section. On a final note, I'd like to make clear just how great the admin are. Since I started playing in March 2000, 2 new planets have opened, areas have been updated and made larger, and many tweaks to the guilds and already existing NPC have been made.They've made what time I've spent there a pleasure, and the events they run range from serious (trivia etc)right through to the plain insane (my favourite, scrabble, thanks Feor ;). All in all, I would reccomend this mud to any Star Wars fan, or just as place... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 6, 2001
Having been a player for over 4 years on SWMud i feel i can safely say that this is one of the best muds in general and in my experience THE best Star Wars Mud in operation to date. The available number of possible guild choices has grown from 5 to 10 in the last couple of years. Players are able to choose 3 guilds which leaves the possibilty of many variations from character to character. The number of skills that can be gained through access to 3 guilds is astonishing and the Jedi guild has some shared and some seperate skills for light and dark jedi. A player can gain up to 50 levels in his/her primary and secondary guilds while the third guild may only reach 19. Upon achieving all 3 guilds at level 19, a player may choose to begin a High Mortal quest to achieve special status and the perks that go with it for levels 20-50. Secondary guilds may also be HM. In the past couple of years it has become possible for players who are level 50 but not HM to become HM in another way without doing the quest. HM Jedi may also do a quest to become primary Jedi whereas you may only start the game with Jedi as a secondary. Another HM jedi quest is to become a teacher so that the Jedi may train other players. The alignment system on this mud works to also provide variety as you can be rebel, neutral, or imperial and for those who are jedi, light and dark align. It is entirely possible to have a dark Jedi who fights on the side of the Rebel Alliance. The admin and the rest of the coding staff commonly referred to as "Wizzes" on this mud are in a constant state of making changes and tweaking the mud for better play and fun. Bugs are quickly fixed and there is always something new added whether it be a planet,... Read More
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