Tharsis Gate
Fantasy-themed LpMUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1994.
Ranked 322nd of 776 worlds statistically.
Ranked 138th of 343 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.
Voted 482nd on MUDConnector.Com.

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3 (an hour ago)

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6 (last 30 days)

Modified LD Mud (LpMUD)

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2 (last 30 days) ▲100%

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0 (last 30 days)
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  Welcome to...
 _____   _    _    ____   ___     ____   _   ____
|     | | |  | |  / _  | |  _ \  |    | | | |    |
  | |   | |__| | / | | | | | | | | ___  | | | ___
  | |   |  __  | |  _  | |  _ \   ___ | | |  ___ |
  | |   | |  | | | | | | | | \ | |    | | | |    |
   _     _    _   _   _   _   _   ____   _   ____

  ___     ____   _____   _____      God: Fantom
/     \  / _  | |     | |  __ |   Admin: Elffy
|  ___  / | | |   | |   |  __ |   Admin: Puma
| |  _  |  _  |   | |   | |
|  _  | | | | |   | |   |  __ |       .
 _____   _   _     _     _____
                                        '   +           '      '
                                                    '   |   '
                                            .     .   \ _ /   .    .
                                                 -  -- | | --  -
                                        .         '   / - \   '
                                                    .   |   .  ,     .
                                              +         .
                                                    .           +

Welcome to Tharsis Gate.
There is currently 1 other user in the game.
Tharsis Gate is scheduled to reboot in 9 hours, 57 minutes.

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Tharsis Gate is a medieval mud, devoted mainly towards providing its players with an opportunity to stick a sharp pointy object into horrible monster. It incorporates a very extensive skill/stat system which allows players to improve indefinitely with no maximum level. Races, guilds and cross-guild training allow players to become whatever type of character they wish, specialising in any or all disciplines.
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[LP] Modified LD Mud (close to LP) [1]
Lp MUD - Altered AMYLYAR [2]

1994 [2]

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Medieval [1] [2]

Medieval Fantasy [2]

Tharsis Gate is a medieval mud, devoted mainly towards providing its players with an opportunity to stick a sharp pointy object into a horrible monster. It incorporates a very extensive skill/stat system which allows players to improve indefinitely with no maximum level. Races, guilds and cross-guild training allow players to become whatever type of character they wish, specialising in any or all disciplines. Our web pages provide help for getting new players started as well as offering tips for older players. Tharsis Gate is actively seeking new coders and world builders and will give almost anyone a chance to prove themselves. [1]
Tharsis Gate is a medieval mud, devoted mainly towards providing its players with an opportunity to stick a sharp pointy object into horrible monster. It incorporates a very extensive skill/stat system which allows players to improve indefinitely with no maximum level. Races, guilds and cross-guild training allow players to become whatever type of character they wish, specialising in any or all disciplines. [2]

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Well I love to play Tharsis, and that’s no lie. I’m in the storm guild and I’m pretty fly. I’m rappin’ and killin’ all the freaking time. I thought I’d do a review in the form of a rhyme. Tharsis has been around for many a day, It’s likely that the game is here to stay. Fantom he’s the wizard who handles the bills. You start trouble he’ll make you chill. As I said I’m a storm, I’m strong as hell. And no I’m not just talkin’ bout the way I smell. You see storm guild is the strongest of the three. If you play the game this you’ll surely see. Of course getting started is kind of slow. And don’t expect me to show you were to go. I’ll laugh at you newbie, cuz that’s the trick. You’ll scream bloody murder that I’m a dick. But I don’t care I’m a mad ass player, PK death delivered I’m the dark faced slayer. If you go player killer beyond level five, And I’m online you won’t stay alive. You see I’m not about being nice or fair. I’ll give you a wedgie and rip your underwear. It’s all about the people that I be killin, Don’t be upset it’s just me playin the villain. I invite you to come on down to the game. If you do end up dying there won’t be no shame. I’ll make fun of you so you better be ready. Then I’ll bone your mom in her pink silk teddy. Seriously thought he game is big time fun. You get a sword or spear, you don’t need no gun. It’s medieval based, during middle ages time. If you don’t play it well that’s a crime. So in conclusion you should come and play. If you’re given a chance I’m sure you’ll stay. I’m not saying how good you will do. Only that I’m in there waiting for you, bXtch.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 21, 2006
Let me start off by saying, I LOVE Tharsis Gate. This game is so freaking awesome. However, that being said, my love for the game was a lot more evident years ago when I could just use my complicated triggers and scripts to automatically play the game for me and people couldn't do $hit about it because the wizards didn't care. I mean hell, look at my level then compare it to my age if you don't believe me, I've botted my ass off more than R2D2 and C3PO at a dance club for hyperactive androids. But alas, nowadays I'm typically in the jail, beheaded, as much as outside of it when I log in, which sucks. I've been getting caught cheating a lot lately. I freaking hate Knil and Minion and Poeun and Cuddles and Smokedragon and Metallica, lets see, who else? Oh, I also dislike Univarsity, Puma, Jinx, Antari, and Katie. Why, do you ask? Because they are all a-holes who can't seem to leave me be. Also, guess what I found out? I recently discovered this by doing some research, I saw they had an "I" by their name when I typed 'finger' and realized that they were all the same person, that's right, every single character I listed above is the same person trying to trick me, guess I got the best of them, suckers. All that I ask is for people to just let me run my complicated scripts and triggers in peace. Instead, when I'm trying to sleep, I have people beeping me and bitching that I'm stealing their kills. Yo noobs, steal killing is NOT illegal, quit waking me up just so you can complain about it!! I have better things to do than sit at the computer all day playing this game when my triggers can play it for me, mmmkay? I suppose what is funniest is when I steal people's gear and their kills. I look for new ways always to piss people off even more, I'm the king of irritation. Then I lie and make up stupid stories about other people just to try and take the attention off myself. You say I'm botting? I'll make up a story about you to make it look like you are the bot. You complain about me stealing kills, I'll flood Fantom with dumb emails making retarded statements about how you are cheating a quest to gain exp points. Look, it's fun to play Tharsis, don't get me wrong, but when you are living in your parent's basement, being a fat jobless slob, sitting in front of the computer in your underwear all day sometimes isn't the best thing to do. I mean come on, I was once online for 22 straight days, do you really think I was awake the entire time? HAHA, I wasn't even HOME for 10 days of that, I was on vacation at my Grandmother's house in Denver. I'm really sad right now. I want be... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 20, 2006
Out of all the 500 MUDs I play everyday, all day, I will have to say Tharsis Gate is the best! I've been playing that MUD for over 8 years straight (literally)!. Sure I've had many of my characters wiped and others wiped, due to my abusive behavior, but I find it entertaining. With all my racial slurs to my harrassing emotes it never gets old. But before I start talking about Tharsis Gate, let me introduce myself. You may have seen me in Tharsis Gate as Poeun or Cuddles. I'm the one who's always cussing on the MUD and abusing it. All I day all day is MUD and nothing else. I'm getting nowhere in my life, I never made my parents proud about anything, except for a level 280 Thief, but I like it like that. Sure I sometimes leave the house to do some errands, such as buying cigarettes and beer to prepare for my next day of MUD'ing. Sometimes I will get bored and create a player with a perverted name. I find it funny, and I am the only one who does. I've had my privilege to create players removed many times. But since the wizards are so nice, they give me it back again! Tharsis Gate has many interesting things about it. The guilds are one of them. My favorite is the Thief Guild, even though I whine about it everyday screaming that they need a healing command. Then it's the Stormlord Guild, which I also I whine about that all the time because they're too strong. And the Druid Guild, which I don't know much about since all I day is abuse the MUD. Tharsis Gate has many characters with many unique different types of personalities. One of them is Minion, who also abuses the MUD and rants and screams about useless stuff. Make sure you don't steal or sell his equipment lying around, or he'll talk about it for days. As if he needs more coins? He'll usually talk about his penis or something gross (like myself). Then there's Malok. He tries to be funny by saying other peoples jokes, especially Pyro's jokes, which he gets out of a joke book. Then there's Katie that everyone pays no attention to, she's too busy "coding" on her wizard character, Aura. Salius is another one. He logs on and plays the game. He has a few triggers to make the game easier for him, but we all scream calling him a "botter" and he gets jailed for it. He plays the game and helps people but all he gets out of it is harrassment from players. I feel sorry for him. We also have Edudlil. He logs on and thinks he knows everything about everything. When someone tries to ask him a question he just ignores them, so good luck asking him for help. Jinx is the pothead of the MUD. He'll smoke anything from grass to a condom. He logs with... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 18, 2006
Tharsis Gate rocks. Sure, all my characters get wiped, but that's because I'm a very abusive person. We have a lot of great players and even more amazing Wizards who are the admin and policy enforcers. The other day I logged in on a new character and I was banned on site, right after someone shouted "Siteban that llama!" I laughed of course because I deserved it, for yelling "STFU" 20 times in a row on the 'shout' communications channel, which is normally reserved for terrible emergencies on the game. Some of the wonderful wizards on the game are Puma, a very loving and benevolent she-male who is very forgiving about most casual indiscretions that occur on the game. Pyro is always there and available to fix any problems that pop up, in a matter of seconds they are always repaired. Fantom is never idling, always ready to help. Elffy is always eager to lend a wet mouth to any needy appendage. The players are also quite amazing. We have a toothless brit named Pikachu who will help you get gear, for a price. He likes football and stripping on webcam. Metallica has a really high level based on a bunch of cheap skills, he's about as strong as a wet paper bag, but he's pretty nice, he'll give your relationship advice, although he lives with his grandmother. Smokedragon is rarely around because he tends to go clubbing at a lot of the male stripping hot spots in Australia, but when he is there, using his druid powers he can summon enough sheep to keep everyone rocking all night long. Poeun is a potty mouthed outspoken girly man, but he's funny to listen to, and he loves to cyber, private chat with him is really satisfying. Issac has a really high score, because he botted every level his character has, he's basically the king of the botters, although Max the Monkey is getting close these days to Issac's botting supremecy. Jinx is a pot smoking cheato eating druid character and his woman plays the game and she has a nice rack, I know, I've seen it. Needless to say his computer keyboard is orange and his lungs are blackened, but he's a decent guy. Minion is a thief character and he never wants to play with anyone, he's quite the loner. He is always willing to talk about his penis or someone's buttocks on the communication channels and he loves to be disgusting and gross. God help you if you take guild gear from the thief box or steal his gear from something he is killing because he will rant and rave for 10 hours in a row, I swear. I would have to say probably the best player overall in the game is this fellow named Galvan, a druid character, he also plays on another character named Edudlil, both are basically the strongest players of their respective guilds. Galvan is basically the God of Tharsis Gate if... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 27, 2005
Tharsis Gate blows ass. Like everyone in it. Half of the players only log on to tell everyone to die and the wizards will wipe/gag/kill you without ever telling you why. This game fucking blows, go waste your time elsewhere.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 17, 2004
The first thing you'll notice when you enter the game among the reg's (regular players - some on low-level new chars that they've made) is how much conversation is going on. People talk about anything and everything on the Gossip channel (and every other channel, there are many.) The average age range for the players seems to be from 15-30, and the topics of coversation can waver all over the place. For us old schoolers, the MUD is largely based on conversing now, more than playing. But we still do use our player characters (those of us who also have builders/wizard characters) because we still try to increase their size in various skills, and try to rack our brains ('Wait, we have brains now?!') at solving any new quest that is added to the MUD. Our homepage is currently being worked on, and upgraded to something a little less n00bish. heh Well, i'm not much of a writer right now, because i've just woken up (at 4am) and am anxious to play the MUD. And because i have a short attention span (which would explain a lot of my deaths. haw!) For newcomers wanting pointers, i guess i would suggest a race like Humans to test the waters with. They have a good amount of STR (strength) max (when you 'rearrange' it to 18 - you have the option to rearrange once) thus allowing you to carry a fair bit of armor. Their DEX (dexterity) and WIS (wisdom) (also when maxed out at 18) give you nice melee and defense bonuses on your skills (TG is a skill based levelling MUD.) Ways of healing (Hit points(Hp) and Guild points (Gp) (TG's form of mana, you increase Gp when you join a guild)) include: sleep, drinking booze, eating food, certain armors, and from players in a Guild that have healing gcommands (guild commands.) Also, raising the skill (other.stamina) higher controls how much Hp you have. The more you have, the more chance you get of increasing you Hp recovery rate awake and asleep. Drunkeness also affects recovery rate. Having a high CON (constitution also allows you to eat and drink more.) Welp, those are just the basics. For more questions, when you log-in, you can immediately use the newbie channel (Syntax: newbie hi) to ask anything. As with all MUDs, people prefer that you read all the helpfiles (Syntax: 'help' will list all the categories to choose from) pertaining to what it is you'd like to know first. That saves a lot of time. Though, with the right attitude, people will more than likely offer you their assistance. That's all for now. Happy adventuring :), Mike the no-lifer.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 1, 2004
13 Adelaida Rd. Kensington, Liverpool, Merseyside, L7 8SG, U.K. 07745718887 Tharsis Gate is suck.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 9, 2004
Tharsis Gate has been my 2nd hope for ages now. I've been at this mud for around 6 and a half years now. Yes, that is a long time, and I am still not bored of it. Tharsis just provides such a unique environment combing a rich social atmosphere with great medieval fantasy game. Tharsis is always growing as well. New areas come out, new quests are developed and new changes are made. Things keep players always interested and create a strong base of people who become like family to you. I've had many characters at this mud ranging from all their guilds and various races. I still love playing there and even after all this time, the boundless skill system, challenging quests and extensive stat/skill bns system keeps playing very worth while. Tharsis Gate is definately a mud unlike any other. Full of mystery, adventure and hours of fun.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 10, 2004
Tharis Gate is the most intensive, exciting, and enjoyable mud in the history of online gaming. I've been playing for about a year, maybe two, it's so much fun that I've completely lost track of how long I've been there. Newbies that start the game are treated with the utmost respect by the older players, who help them with gear, weapons, and light hearted jokes. There are three guilds, and members of each guild band together to help one another with weapons. Each guild has it's own strengths, say a Thief pairs up with a Druid, the Thief can help the Druid actually be a great fighter instead of a low strength medical priest wuss like Druids normally are. Everyone knows that Thieves are the best guild on our mud. PK thieves kill everyone else, because we are god like. But beyond that, there are Storm and Druids, like I said before. But they are like our servants, doing our bidding. I was recently named to the Top 10 Players of Tharsis All Time, along with Sexiest Tharsis Gate Player Alive, in this month's Tharsis Gate Review magazine. The skills set up is awesome, there are hundreds of skills to build up, with different skills helping different guilds more than others, and so forth. THis game is great, get in here and play now, your mud is terrible compared to this.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 3, 2003
This is the greatest MUD in the history of MUDs. I have been here for over 4 years at least and I am one of the highest players in existence. With a unique skill based system, it removes any limits you may have encountered in other MUDs. I've been to a large variety of MUDs and they're all repetative with their crappy stat systems. Best part of this game. You can play for 4 years on one character, and still have chances to become stronger.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 16, 2003
This MUD sucks, the admins/wiz are racist and are non-userfriendly. Puma as a high ranked wiz wipes everyone he doesnt like. Fantom is gay. Everything in this MUD sucks almost nothing changed since the MUD started. Oh wait, the MUD started with 4 fucking guilds and now there's 3 left :) fuck this mud and play some other games.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 17, 2003
I've been playing Tharsis Gate off and on for five years now and I always enjoy coming back to it. There are a lot of experienced players who will help you out and teach you things. It's a very comfortable environment to just play around with and have fun in. Whether you like to chat or play, you should like this MUD. The skills system is very nice, along with the three available guilds. There are certain differences and advantages to each. Come try out Tharsis Gate and I'm sure you'll get hooked on a great game.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 15, 2003
Tharsis Gate has the best skill system I've seen out of any game I've played. A fun training system where you train from other players, rather than going to an NPC or training room. The guilds are all fun and have noticeable differences (As opposed to many other muds where the guilds are just the same with different command names) Stats are simple, rearrange at the beginning and max them later. Thank god, because raising stats is boring. I love the atmosphere of TG... newbies get treated like crap for the most part but if you can make it through the first few abuses without flipping out on anyone you'll quickly earn the respect of the players. Everyone jokes around with eachother and most of the players are very social (as are a few of the wizards(GMs)). Hunting is basic hack-and-slash with timed guild commands, makes for fun combat when you use commands in the fight. There is an open call for Builders which is basicaly a developer without any more power other than to make an area, if you make a good area or two and wish to become a Wizard you can as I understand it as well. Role Playing is non-existent. But encouraged I've played Tharsis Gate for 3 years now... it's one of those MUDs you love to hate (aren't they all?). Tharsis is in the middle of some big changes nowadays and from what I can see they're all for the better. It's not for everyone, but come check it out you're missing out on one of the most unique mudding atmospheres out there if you don't.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 13, 2003