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Wheel of Time-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1993.
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                          The Wheel Of Time MUD
                                  Mark IV

                        Updated and Maintained by
                     Flash, Ingtar, Mournblade, & Zun

                   Based on the novels by Robert Jordan
                        and published by Tor Books

                        Running since Summer 1993
                        Original Code - CircleMUD
                       [DikuMUD I Original Source]

                Original game idea, concept, and design:
             Katja Nyboa, Tom Madsen, Hans Henrik Staerfeldt
                  Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer

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Open since 1993, WoTMUD IV, The Wheel of Time MUD is the most popular MUD based on the 'Wheel of Time' novels by Robert Jordan. 100% unique you'll find no stock zones, mobs or features anywhere here. Our game philosophy is to leave the choice of the type of game that you wish to play up to you: we're a good old-fashioned mud with as few rules as is reasonably possible. o We have Robert Jordan's personal permission to run a MUD with this theme. o For pkillers, The Wheel of Time MUD is set amidst a three-way race war, each race having its own defined 'homeland' and boundary. o For the explorer, The Wheel of Time MUD has more than 350 zones checked...
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Open since 1993, WoTMUD IV, The Wheel of Time MUD is the most popular MUD based on the 'Wheel of Time' novels by Robert Jordan. 100% unique you'll find no stock zones, mobs or features anywhere here. Our game philosophy is to leave the choice of the type of game that you wish to play up to you: we're a good old-fashioned mud with as few rules as is reasonably possible. o We have Robert Jordan's personal permission to run a MUD with this theme. o For pkillers, The Wheel of Time MUD is set amidst a three-way race war, each race having its own defined 'homeland' and boundary. o For the explorer, The Wheel of Time MUD has more than 350 zones each checked for accuracy against the books. No stock here at all. o For roleplayers, The Wheel of Time MUD's 50+ clans includes almost every faction that you would expect to find in the books. o For socialisers, The Wheel of Time MUD is a large, busy & talkative mud, which peaks at more than 70 people connected! o For adventurers, The Wheel of Time MUD has different topical quests for every clan with large global quests determining the fate of the world. To let others speak for us: o The Wheel of Time has been a Mud Connector 'Mud of the Month' o 'The Bee's Knees' (, o 'The Internet at it's best' ( o 'A Killer World' ( o 'A Must See' ( o 'If you are interested in Role Playing and the Wheel of Time, then The Wheel of Time mud is definitely a place you should check out.' ( [1]
Heya, and thanks for checking us out WoTMUD IV, the Wheel of Time MUD, is an old classic racewar style MUD that was enjoyed by the first generation of net users in the early 90s and continues to attract interest from the discerning, experienced Mudder. There are many reasons to mud here! In the MUD, we shoot for an absorbing MUDding experience which recognises the reality of modern life with its time constraints, so allows folk to come and play casually whenever they want and have some time to log on. What you do is up to you, nothing is mandatory, and our rules are minimised as far as is reasonably possible. We only have 5 rules. And yes, there's always something going on =). We do our utmost to steer the MUD on a 'middle' course in order to provide gaming fun for as wide a variety of folk as possible, from your tinyplot roleplayers to world explorers from socialisers to pkillers, and from Wotmaniacs to veteran mudders. Maintaining a balance between all the various type of players is very important to us and we like to think that we've succeeded in catering to all types, with no cost to another. In terms of MUD specs, your best source of information for this is the MUD website. Go there to see MUD Reviews, Features, Highlights and the Forums. It's been going 15 years so there's simply too much in the game to properly do it justice here. Over the years we've had lots of plaudits. A past Mud Connector "Mud of the Month" and Mud Magic "Mud of the Month" , it is, in the words of online critics: " The Internet at its Best " (, "A Killer World" ( and the " The Bee's Knees " ( The Wheel of Time community on the web also gives us a thumbs up: " A Must See " ( 'If you are interested in Role Playing and the Wheel of Time, then The Wheel of Time mud is definitely a place you should check out.' (, and 'one of the best mud's around' ( Netsurfer said that Despite testing it at peak times, we found minimal lag and the denizens friendly and eager to help, a characteristic of all well run MUDs , we've been Yahoo's Site of the Day , the site of the day , featured in the Rough Guide to the Internet and so on. We're typically described by our players as "best MUD" "greatest MUD" - but that's obviously an opinion from someone already playing, so better to invite you to come and find out for yourself by visiting the website or even logging on. Best of all though, if you're paying for credits for in-game perks, or paying for a pay-to-play MUD, at wotmud there's no need to pay for anything because we don't charge for anything, we do it because we love it and we love having a good time =) Quicklinks: MUD Reviews at TMC Wheel of Time MUD Genuinely Free [2]
The Wheel of Time has entered into an epic age of struggle; times are unsettled... tensions run high. Forces of Dark and Light continue their momentous confrontation for supremacy, whilst the Crystal Throne observes keenly from over the ocean, waiting to strike. Hone your skills and role play as a hero for the Light, brutalise the world as a beast of the Dark or serve the Empress, awaiting the Corenne. Online and free since 1993, The Wheel of Time MUD operates with permission of Robert Jordan, and is, in the words of the online critics: A very polished product (mudconnector), A Must See ( and The Internet at its Best ( Multi player and free! [3]

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I have played at WoT for a very long time. I love the place. The atmosphere is rich, and the people are friendly. Numbers have dropped over the years yet we are still in the top 10 MUDS. Nowadays, I understand that's not really that huge of an accomplishment. Back in 'the glory days', there would be 200 people online at any given time, split between the 3 races. Now, we're happy to get around 50. In my personal opinion, I blame one person: Vivienne. She is a staff member at WoT and, simply because she has outlasted every other Immortal, has claimed carte blanche on the Wheel of Time, and will 'do as she sees fit.' An unfortunate direct quote. I can't tell you one person on the game who actually likes her, but if anybody speaks out against her, you are threatened with a site ban or we're told, 'Well, we don't have to run the game at all... you don't -have- to have a game to play.' Absolute tyranny at its finest. I listed my name as Player X because if I were to be found out, I'm sure I'd be banned. The game is awesome. As far as MUDS go, WoT is seriously THE (one of the) best. Quests, clans, helpful playerbase... I've been here 14 years and it's the only MUD I've cared to ever play, or will play. The others are just silly or too challenging, imo. If you can look past a tyrant at the helm, then this is the place for you. (It's really not that hard to just ignore her, she's ludicrous and power hungry, if you're just playing as a casual player, you may never notice her.)
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 1, 2013
I started playing WoTMUD back in 2001 and was immediately impressed by the way I was immersed in the world and community right away. A lot of muds can make it difficult for new players to feel like they're a part of the community, but here it seems to happen within a few hours of logging on. The people are generally very friendly and willing to answer questions and help people out with exp and equipment when they need it. The pk is also very good. I've never taken a huge role in pk but I did enjoy it when I did it. And it keeps you on your toes too. You never know when you're going to run into a rampaging trolloc, fade or darkfriend. I just recently came back to the mud after a 7+ year absence and it was like I never left. There seem to plenty of new additions though that make things easier to get started, but the community was like I never missed a beat. There are even a number of old names I remember which shows that the end game content on this mud is good enough to keep players playing it for at least 7 years. All in all WoTMUD is probably the best all around mud I've ever played. It's got rp, good PvE and exciting PvE plus a community that is active around the clock. I give it a 10/10 Vertas
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 10, 2008
I have to pretty much agree completely. I started back in the late 90's when the pbase/map was much smaller. It was something to do to kill time. Or so I thought. It became a fascinating place where I wasn't me, I was a clanned warrior fighting for Queen and Country. Or I could change sides and become a fearsome Trolloc. Or, now, a Seanchan Wow! I have the chance to playact and kill things? I'm in. There is constant interaction between the races, sometimes small skirmishes between 2 players, others massive engagements involving 30+ players. That'll get your blood pumping and your hands shaking like nothing else. Into quests? There are hundreds of them. General quests for the entire race, specific quests for individual clans, and occassionally rather large and involved quests involving the entire playerbase. In short if you're looking for an exciting adventure that offers challenges of increasing difficulty, unrestricted player killing, a rich and detailed custom created and as true to the books as possible world, character advancement and age based character improvements stop by The Wheel of Time. WotMud for short.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 2, 2008
I have been playing this game for close to 10 years now together with hundreds of other players and I have to say...I'm really bored with it finally... 10 years later I finally cant stand it anymore. Wheel of Time mud is by far the most addictive, entertaining and stimulating game that I have played in my entire life. Exploring, playerkilling, heavy character development, strong community and in general, friendly attitude all in one place. Dont get confused though, this isnt a place filled with only friendly hobbits. People wont immediately jump to your assistance and at start you are on your own 90% of the time. You have thieves, murderers, trollocs and seanchan that have a tendency to send raids deep into human territories from their homelands and kill everything in sight, or at least try to. Gain some experience and start equipping yourself with the sharpest weapons you can find. Kill everything from cute deer for meat and experience to Shadowmaulers, predators, giant horned lizards and darkhounds to increase in level. Join a clan and explore the forests and its secrets or gear up and go to war with an opposing faction for control over a territory. Be a murderer, thief, cityguard that hunts them, or join together in armies and protect the world from the constant threat from the dark lands in the north. The only thing that restricts you in what you choose to do or who you want to be is your own fantasy. Thats what makes this mud so great. You will probably get tired of the game from time to time, frustrated and quit. However, like 99% of the players that leave, you are bound to return once you calm down and you feel a bit bored and try something new, to see some old friends that you have made there or to finish that quest that you always wanted to do. I have had my good and bad experiences from this mud, but overall I have to say its a great place to be, a world of dreams that feels very real from time to time. Give it a try... if you like it, you have years and years of fun ahead of you... Murn
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 21, 2008
Wow, where do I start. I've played this game for quite awhile now (since 2001). When I first started, I didn't know anything about what I was doing, and spent 30 minutes typing nonsense. Fast forward another 6 months, I log on again, and this time when I ask for help in understanding how to clan into the White Tower (my first clan) and leveling in general, there were a lot of people around to assist. I've been hooked ever since then, really. I'd say my experience at WoT is pretty up there...I've managed to become a high ranking member of a secret clan, and done some other fun/cool stuff that probably wouldn't make much sense to someone that doesn't play the game (soloed IoMM, helped bring new eq into the game, rp'd a darkfriend, etc...) All I can say is this game is awesome...heck, I've been playing for more than 7 years and really don't see myself stopping anytime soon. The high points of this MUD I think are: 1. The camradarie (whether you're here for pk, or rp, or just to learn more about the Wheel of Time in general, there's probably a clan devoted to it) 2. The pk (I primarily played channelers because I think they're just more interesting than other classes, so this is from the point of view of a channeler...the channeling system on WOTMUD is by far the most accurate and precise I've ever come across in any mud. I've yet to find anything remotely close to it. And the pk is just FUN. It'll leave you screaming at your computer screen at how intense it is) 3. The rp (The Watchers, a specific group of Immortals, are in the background of the game, always ready to rp with people, or reward RP sessions. Now, don't be surprised..WOT RP goes far beyond cookie-cutter stuff...we've got Ajah Sitters that routinely bite each other in public, then make deals in private, Whitecloak darkfriends, Dreadlords and fades that visit the depths of the Tower itself in order to have meetings with their recruits..) Just give the game a try..I'm sure in another 5 years or so, you'll be singing its praises too :)
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 21, 2008
I've never played an online game with such a dynamic playerbase before. Everyone is so helpful, nice and personable, that it made learning this complex strategic (and slightly intimidating) WOT mud so easy and fun. I've involved several of my friends who aren't even Robert Jordan fans, and they all -love- the mud. It's a well constructed mud that is true to the Wheel of Time series, amazingly intricate, run by amazingly involved and supportive immortals, well built, and pervasively fun. If you're looking for a mud, be it for RP or PK, this is the -only- mud you'll ever need again.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 19, 2008
While not the friendliest place on the mud, if you are a newb that is; it is the most exciting. Once you get the hang of running round with a bunch of crazy mudders it gets quite stimulating. The rp rocks and the peeps who are online are helpful most of the time. Masters are always imping new stuff and usually listen to players with original and good ideas. Definitely follows the idea that Mage Jordan left us all. Peace and hairy hugs and kickses. Bly
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 22, 2008
Absolutely phenomenal. Takes the heart and soul of the series and let's it take on a life of its own. Amazing attention to detail, a few fun surprises here and there, and very active involvement by the staff. Great opportunities for all of PK, RP, and just generally socializing (in fact there's entire sub-cultures within the MUD for this). I wish I'd known about this in college... well... at least, I wish I had, even if it would have meant I might not have passed all my classes ;).
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 16, 2007
I originally started the game as a method to just enjoy time away from my regular life. The whole text based game deal was a bit new and it felt strange at first to interact real time with a book. For that is what it was and still is to me. The book of Wheel of Time: Interaction version. Most games just get played and fall through after i finish it. Yet while not near enought to completion i am still playing after 2 years. That says a lot for my life as i have zero staying power when it comes to games. Friends and enemies ebb. The changing tides of the Wheel of time will have you come back for more and more. It's fun and you can enjoy playing wheel of time. As for myself and others, i constantly tell them about the game and how they can get here. Later all.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 17, 2007
The Wheel of Time Mud is outstanding to say the least. It has lots to offer in respect to large zones for exploring, and a large playerbase PKing and RPing all the time. This is my first experience mudding and everyone is great. I've not had a lack of help yet when I needed it, from learning better RP, to that first full body racking, nervous, shaking, grip of fear of a trolloc coming down on you, and needing to re-equip afterwards. I truly enjoyed the style and gameplay and i'm sure you will too. Come check us out and see if we can't help you enter a whole new world of the Wheel.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 28, 2007
WOTmud is huge and has a great deal to explore, faithfully recreates the Wheel of Time world, and offers a good deal of support for those who like PVP. New players should be warned however that wotmud is one of the few muds that still has you roll stats and this greatly impacts your character's potential. It could take tens of hours to get a character with decent stats, and hundreds for great stats. For example, a warrior with bad constitution could be 250 hp while a good con warrior can be 400+; the variance is huge and the same goes for all the other stats. Leveling is fairly lengthy and grinding, and accumulating good equipment is a matter of patience with killing challenging mobiles for a chance at loading something. Players who particularly excel at player killing and play very frequently can gain incredible perks that allow them to take on two, three or more moderately skilled players at a time (i.e. myrddraal), tilting the playing field even more in favor of skilled players. Some of the playerbase can be elitist and take the game very seriously, even to the point of lording it over others. Although wotmud isn't very fun to play, and often feels more like work and/or tedium, it recreates the Wheel of Time world very well in the breadth of zones, from Fal Dara to the Spine of the World to Tanchico. If you stick at it long enough, who knows, you may find some aspects of it you like.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 19, 2007
I only started mudding because I was writing for a game dev magazine at the time and we were looking into why muds are increasing playerbases, not losing them. This was my first mud and is still the best. It was also my introduction to the Wheel of Time series, which I had never read. It is the only themed mud I've found that sticks to its roots well enough that there was really no discontinuity for me when I started reading the books. Honestly, as the series drags on, the mud is much more entertaining. As a game reviewer and dev critic, I've played just about everything to be had out there and in absolute honesty, WoTMUD has the best PK/PVP environment I've ever encountered. Super fast paced, extremely skill-based and very flexible. A very indepth, violent and usually fairly comic experience.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 12, 2007
Best mud ever for pk. The pk system is unsurpassed. The detail is outstanding, over 20,000 rooms with unique descriptions. Unfortunately, there is a glut of 'middle imms' who think that the mud is there for their own personal usage and anyone who disagrees should be banned. Dont' get me wrong, some imms, such as Nass, Doyn, Tamarlyn are fantastic. Unfortunately you have other imms who have their pet forum moderators( who are anonymous), and they have ruined this mud. Having an opinion is considered heresy in their minds, and this imm, with her little minion moderators have managed to ostracise a lot of the players who helped make this mud the great place it used to be. In short, the mud is the best you'll ever play. However, certain immortals and their anonymous lapdog forum moderators will make you hate the place. Mud - 10/10 PK - 10/10 Design - 10/10 Staff - deserve 10/10 but due to the minority they get a 1/10.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jan 15, 2007
Quite simply the best out there. This is a great MUD with everything you'd want and completely free. Try it out for a couple of weeks and you'll love it too. As they say, no one can ever quit.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 10, 2006
As a longtime player of this game, I feel that it is my duty to give a straightforward review of the Wheel of Time MUD for the mudding community. I?ve been in many MUDs over the years, and even if I stop playing for a little while I always come back because this truly is the best MUD of its class and genre. If I had to summarize Wotmud in one word, I would choose ?intense?. From the moment you login to the moment you rent you are fighting for survival. This game is all about good versus evil, and heroes of all shapes and sizes fight for their cause (or themselves) to succeed in the ultimate race to see who will accrue the most points toward the Final Battle. Conflict rages across the world as three groups vie for dominance of the map. No matter where they are, no player is exempt from the brutal reality of war. Your life is in your own hands. As can be gathered, much of our fun can be had fighting, and this is indeed an excellent player-killing MUD. Instead of stock characters who fight on supposedly level fields in a very boring two-bit way this game promotes the best shot at realism I have yet to see with its many unique features, most definitely the character creation and development systems. Instead of stock classes who have set skills they can practice with their trainable and therefore controllable mental stats, the MUD rolls you set and unchangeable values that you play with for your entire character life. Every character can roll a random set of values that they can keep or restat (our version of rerolling, which is unique because it can only happen after a lot of work on that players part). While it may seem difficult to start this way, the process of earning the best stats is often the most effective introduction to the game you could ever have, and best of all you?ve earned it for yourself with your own hard work. This type of effort can be very empowering despite the difficulty. The character development system is also completely unique: even though there are classes, all classes can practice all the skills except the channeling weaves, which only someone from that class can use (which is a book supported exclusive talent). Therefore, when it comes to these skills, you can customize your character as you choose without coded class restrictions that you might find in stock MUDs. As far as strategy is concerned, the game is extremely realistic. There are pros and cons to every character setup you can imagine, and there are tiers of development for each character that might seem simple on the surface, yet might take years of regular playing time to achieve. The whole game is masterfully designed and includes systems within systems to ensure a continual challenge for the players (and staff!). In my experience, this kind of ingenious challenge one... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 2, 2006
WOT MUD is a fast paced adventure based on the Robert Jordan books with 3 races and 4 classes. This mud has something for just about everyone with massive zones to explore, intense player killing, and detailed roleplaying. All players can find enjoyment in this fantasy world. It can be slow starting out but do not be discouraged. The game pages at have help forums and starting guides that make learning the game a snap, and most players are willing and eager to help a person new to the game. One look and i'm sure you will be hooked. So stop by and check us out.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 7, 2005
This MU* has to be one of the worst MU*'s I've played in all my years of playing. I am appauled at how this mu* lasted this long in the first place. I would not reccommend this mu* to anyone with half of a brain. -For starters, most descriptions are completely lacking. If I wanted to play a lacking mu*, I would 'stock' up my own on a crappy server with only 2 other people, and that would be a lot more fun then this. -Obviously, the coders/builders of this game are some of the dumbest people in the mu* world. The entire game is based on spending your entire day making gold 'crowns' so you have enough 'crowns' to 'rent' yourself an overly expensive room, so you can come back the next day and repeat the same process. -Being a PK fan, I find the PK to be actively participating, especially with the 100+ user base, but after spending your 3+ hours trying to come up with some 'crowns', who would want to PK? I know I personally have a life outside the computer, and so the only possible thing that this mu* actually does is bring together a bunch of people who have absolutely no lives outside of the PC. -It is extremely hard to actually go out and make gold, and as I previously stated, this is a completely newbie UNfriendly mu*. On my first hour, there was not one person who was around to offer help, and there was very few people other then 'newbies' who were around to actually help people. I also found the 'help' system quite lacking, and unless you go their direct route on the help guide on the website, your practically screwed. I've played many other mu*'s in my time, and most of any true PK mu* has a 'newbie' guild, ran by experienced players who help guide the new characters in the right direction, by giving advice, directions, etc. There is no such guild on this mu*. -Although they claim to be an RP 'encouraged' mu*, the examples they give on the website show completely otherwise. People tend to use abbreviations quite often enough, which shows most people are OOC. If you are given the choice to RP or not, most people will NOT rp, and choose to OOC instead, and will only RP if their pockets are overflowing with gold. -There is little-to-none interaction. The only 'substance' I seen around now and then is the occasional guard yelling "x has entered y!" Overall, there are many reasons not to play this mu*, but the main reason is quite simple: There are many GOOD pk mu*'s out there, that need decent players, and if you are a decent player, go find that other mu*, because you will be wasting your time on this one.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2003
The name I used is my handle in the MUD. I have played this MUD for 4 years now and have just quitted recently because I did so many crazy stuffs and now things are just getting tedious. But I have been browsing through the forums time and again to check what's going on. I agree with most of the people here that PK has become less enjoyable and the immortals have been pretty draconian recently. But things aren't as bad as you'd think. Here are the reasons. 1. OOC: There are MUD meets going on in RL that are fun. This is what truly keeps the community spirits up in the MUD and a great chance to make new friends as well. I have been to 3 MUD meets and it has been very fun. We sang Kareokes, shot pools and basically talked just about everything from current events to life talks. 2. Playerbase: I'd say the number of PKers have drastically increased in the past few years. I'll give a rough estimation of 50% PKers and 50% new players here. Yes PKers dominate this MUD in a sense. But why do the new players still play even if they get slaughtered by murderers or trollocs or seanchans? The reason is the friendship formed here could be intense because of the harsher world, unlike other MUDs. It's the same as the fact that people tend to bond together and make life-long friends during a disaster. 3. Favoritism: It exists, both between mortals and immortals. Most people try to be fair here. Sometimes it is just hard to let a friend down when you barely even know other people you are PKing with and when you know they are here just for equipments, not to back you up. I'm not sure about immortal favoritsm since I have always been a lone wolf in this MUD. But I do know some friends who got away with punishments that were supposed to be executed. But this earned them a notorious reputation in the MUD as well so it's both ends. At last but not the least, my two cents about how players and immortals should behave. If you want to have a blast, make your own friends and do your own crazy things(hint, corrupt those innocent newbies!), even if it means breaking the rules. It's a game ffs. If you get punished so be it. If you can get away with it good for you. :) The point is you had fun. If you want to be undefeatable, be prepared to lose your life. If you want to fully devote to a clan, join a clan with either Dionysious as the clan immortal or a clan with inactive immortal but be sure to be very responsible, which is a hard job to do. Dionysius is an immortal who's very liberal and responsible. But if the clans administered by him really aren't your type, be sure to join a clan with inactive... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 20, 2003
Well, a little time has passed, and a vast majority of the outstanding issues presented on this message board and others have been addressed. The IMMs have done a huge amount of work in the past couple of weeks to address the problems presented to them by the playerbase and have once again made this place an incredible place to spend some of your free time. I think this mud has pulled a phoenix, rising from the ashes, a monumental catharsis, and has emerged stronger than it has ever been. This place is getting to be fun again, and looks to continue to get better and better, especially now that the rift between the IMMs and the playerbase is on the mend. No joke, this is a wonderful place to spend some time...
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 18, 2003
wwotmud is a really cool mud-i haven't played many but of the ones i have wotmud rules. if you're looking for an 'uber' char it can get annoying but otherwise its cool-everyone is helpful, gaining levels makes a genuine difference and the humour going about is second to none
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 13, 2003
Great site. Been playing for two years now. Lots of nice people to help you learn zones and basics. Don't mind people saying you have bad stats. Every character is playable. Roleplaying is fun as well.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 10, 2003
Well.. first off.. let me start with agreeing with alot of the reviews submitted recently by players of this mud. 1) The Immortal Staff is very rigid and can be unfair. Punishments can be dealt out swiftly and without ever actually considering to ask players what's up. I have seen more than 1 example of punishments being wrong or way to harsh. Even if you manage to prove that the Immortal was wrong chanses are you will be ignored. I think its because some Immortals, like all other players get to caught up in their own way of seeing things to be able to admit that they could be wrong. However, this sort of things do not happen very often and I believe after these reviews the staff will probably investigate more before bringing out the ropes. 2) Game is eq oriented. Well yeah but come on.. it is a mainly pk mud.... try pkilling in a leather shirt and pants vs well armed infantery in a war and you will see that better equ = harder to kill. And it is an extra drive and adrenaline rush when you get something cool or when you are risking it. Pk situation is ok I guess but there isnt anything changing in there and I believe thats the reason that some of the older players are leaving. After 5 years of doing the slashing hacking it does get boring. I donno... I am playing less now, but its not because staff is so annoying (or refuse to help me ever or listen to me because of my ability to use the code they put in the way it wasnt really intended) or because situation is terrible or all that. Its just getting little boring with 5 years of playing and doing the same thing. I guess thats partialy why old players are slowly leaving, rulers are changing to fit a new generation of players and that doesnt always suit them and pk hasnt changed to better for the last years but has been stagnant making it eventually boring. But come on... .I invite you to try out this mud, you will find that many players are losers, you will get killed and robbed but hey, its a medieval world with thiefs, evil guys out to make profit or get hold of the weapon you spent hours on getting... but eventually you will get up there, and then you can kill those losers and evil guys, or even better, be one of them, if that would suit your playing style better! There is also alot of nice people playing who will help you now and then unless you annoy them. Honestly, alot of players posting negative reviews here are old players and have played for 4+ years so think... If its so bad why does so many people play? I mean, try to find one other game that you have played for 5 years and that it doesnt get boring..... cant... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 8, 2003
I've been a long time player of this game and frittered away many, many hours on it, achieving much within it. I will be brutally honest in how I view it personally. It's pretty much, nearly all Player Kill, which is fine if you like that. Although PKill has largely turned into too many players, cramped together, destroying each other with unbalanced/unchecked 'tactics', poorly thought out game mechanics, or just pure bonuses their competition will never be able to match. The game does revolve around equipment, which, if you don't have hours of your life to spend trying to get it (read: if you have a real life), you'll never do too well. However, the feeling you get of finally gaining great equipment for the first time is great... Until some other player kills you for it using some cheesy method you stand no chance of overcoming. If you're female, be advised that if you want to play a female character you are already horribly disadvantaged in terms of PK. For some incomprehensible reason you are a second class citizen in pretty much every way that matters in terms of statistics (which are even more important and hard to get than equipment). Although it's Wheel of Time themed, I'd say you could change a few names of creatures/towns and you really couldn't tell the difference between it and a 'generic fantasy' or even Lord of the Rings themed game. There are some great roleplaying players within the game, but the common faire is 'leet speak' often and if you start the game trying to roleplay, you will often be quashed by the playerbase with 'shut up n00b' (or worse). Clans are there to encourage roleplay, but most of them are same-same blandness who's only differences are the people in them and places they call home. People largely join them for the PK benefits they give, with no real rhyme or reason as to why some are hugely bonused by the staff while others are poorly neglected even though the work/effort of the players in them are the same. The staff largely seems to have some huge issues within itself and the playerbase largely doesn't see them in a good light, I think. At times it seems the staff itself has no real idea how their game is playing by the changes they bring about. The rules they make are by far too numerous and mostly incomprehensible. The sponsored forums are usually not worth reading. It seems anything posted that doesn't fit the agenda of those running them, disappears conveniently within minutes. If I had to list the 3 most needed areas of improvement for the staff to work on, they'd be: public relations, attitude, and responsibility for their actions. Lastly, this is not a newbie friendly game. Over the past 6 years, I have introduced 19 people to it, of which, only 2, have managed to continue playing it. Beginning this game, you will often be randomly killed your... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 5, 2003
I really don't have a negative review, but my review will have some bad points in it. I started playing this game near 2000 sometime, and to me, it was one of the most wonderful things ever. I couldn't get enough. This is how most people who play are. The game is downright addictive. I constantly find myself warning the new players that I take under my wing about it, and lo and behold three months later they're complaining about their life being in shambles or yadda yadda. My main gripes about this game are quite large and probably not high priority. One thing I'd have to say is FUBAR is the Forums. I knew these were a bad idea from the getgo. Ever since the advent of Dalanar's boards(good guy, not ripping on him at all) which were totally OOC(out of charater). While they were amuzing, they got out of hand at times, and in general just got to be more of a hassel than a help. Then Dalanar's boards got left to wither when an Immortal got the bright idea to run some forums off the WOTMUD website(I think that's how it works, I also think the official forums sprouted in response to the emnity between player forum runner and imm board maker(oldbies will know what I mean)). These boards are ... in a word, annoying. They are annoying because of a few things. One being the way they are ran. Another, the people who run them. Yet another, the fact that they are now NECCESSARY. One more would be what Is cliched as "nazi" board mod's who delete posts for no good reasons, or reasons they don't care to explain. I myself, outside of a small incident trying to refure them when they first came into being, have not had any problems with anyone other than a pratty mod who got to me. I had no problems with our IN GAME boards. I thought they were excellent. I'd love to go back to them. Nothing made my day more than getting on to check my clan boards IN GAME and going to the post office and typing "receive". But that's enough for the forums. As you can tell, they have good points and bad points, as does anything. Another aspect of the mud that gets to me, just to keep things short I'll list one more gripe, is the way it's moving from simplicity, to complexity. When I first started, almost everything was cut and dried. It was simple. It was easy(relatively). And most of all, it was FUN. Now... things aren't so simple, the game still has some appeal, of course, or I wouldn't play(or maybe it's that addiction I spoke of earlier?). There's more new zones than I personally care to exploe. I laud the immortal effort that they are putting into this, but it's taking away something from the game I thought essential. The game is of course, equipment driven. I've known for... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 4, 2003
Before I even begin - certain people (imms) like to attribute negative feedback on this mud to 'people who didn't get their own way' or 'immature people who screwed themselves' or 'whiners'. So, I will begin with this - I have played here since early 1999 (with extended breaks of course), and I am without question one of the more successful players there. I have had 3 master characters and I have had 6 different characters on the lists of 'top pk'ers' (ta'veren/reaver lists). I have NEVER personally been screwed by an imm. And in fact, I tend to often get my own way. Having said that, I will begin my negative review. It is pitiful that I even have to qualify my post by beginning with a statement like that, but thus is the way our mud has gone. First the positives. Code-wise, this mud has gradually evolved and most of the code changes over the years have been wonderful. As have the building of new zones. The infrastructure of this mud is wonderful. That is basically where it ends. I will echo the thoughts of some others. This mud, which once boasted of being a tough places where newbies don't have their hands held, has become the absolute epitome of a 'Hand Holding Mud'. A good 98% of the mud real estate is completely safe, compared to when I started, about 2% of the mud completely safe. The supposed 5 rules are nonsense. Rules are added left and right for the sake of RP (ie the whims of certain imms) to the detriment of most. There are so many little rules you must follow, you almost need to keep a log. Next. The most disturbing thing to me. The main 2 imms (in fact the only 2 with any power) are basically tyrants in the truest sense of the word. You can speak ABSOLUTELY no word against them, their beliefs or decisions, on pain of a site-ban and losing all the work you have done. If you make an imm mad at you, you are screwed. Even the 'fairest and most just' imms are NOT. Mess with their mortals, or annoy them, and your life is going to be HARD. In the past, other powerful imms blatantly cheated to the advantage of themselves and their friends. That has cooled off a bit, but don't doubt it will come up again. Oh, and a few reviews down from mine, you will see Paikah's review. No words are truer than that man's review. Pk has deteriorated. There are too many players and they are too concentrated in certain areas to make it fun. Instead of evolving the pk on this mud and being given many many reasonable suggestions on how to do so, the imms prefer to place these suggestions on the 'No Way in Hell' list. Charming. Why? Because they have little to no clue about anything regarding PK. Thats fact. They love to claim their mortals secret,... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 4, 2003
I would just like to add my complete and utter support to the players (and even Imms) who have been, quite simply, screwed over by the heavy handed, immature immortals who control WoTMUD. I've played WoTMUD since 1999. When I began playing, WoTMUD was awesome, a completely new experience, a journey of imagination. The world is great, 99% of the codebase was excellently designed, the playerbase was small to medium sized and friendly. There was a tangible atmosphere to WoTMUD. Since then, things have gradually, slowly deteriorated. The player base has increased, sure, but this doesn't really mean anything - look at how many people play games like Everquest, does that mean they're good? I have to agree with Allora who said that firstly, equipment dominates this MUD. Recently, one of the Imms made a post saying they were annoyed at how people are now selling/buying equipment on WoTMUD for REAL MONEY (US$). You have to ask, is this just the players being bad and stupid? Or is it a symptom of what the game has evolved into? The immortals are worried about copyright violations because people are making a profit indirectly from the Wheel of Time, yet as usual, who gets the blame? The players. It is possible to play WoTMUD with inferior equipment. It is possible to have fun on WoTMUD with inferior equipment. Yet, it is highly unlikely a player will generally succeed at PK (playerkill) without the best equipment - but what happens when the players are not happy about this situation? The immortals post reviews by third parties that basically imply the players are "scrubs" - people who whine about things without really trying to compete. Yet to compete, you need these things... There is a HUGE popular culture at WoTMUD of screaming at someone if they try to make a point about game balance that they are a "whiner". The immortals also accuse people of being "whiners" or "scrubs" (there is a cliche a week on this MUD), yet when a player they don't like uses the phrase sarcastically, they're all too quick to no-post them on the forums for a month. Players are no-posted because they complained that when they put their heart and soul into being constructive, their posts were locked and their priviledges revoked. The "5 rules" is complete crap - as others have said, there is a rule put in every other day, often disguised as some attempt to "improve roleplay". The couple of senior staff at WoTMUD do not even trust their own immortal staff - they see them as immature and incompetent, yet they will never, ever take a look in the mirror and admit that they express the very same behaviour they are always eager to accuse mortals/other lower imms of having. To summarise, as a player who was once feverishly addicted to and completely enjoyed their WoTMUD experience, I am now utterly disillusioned with the way this MUD is run and what it has Of... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 4, 2003
When I started playing WoTMUD, it was the first MUD I'd ever played and I thought it was pretty cool. As time passed and I got higher levels and became more familiar with the politics of the game, the less I liked it. This MUD revolves around equipment. Yep, that's right. Equipment. Lines of text. If you have good equipment, you will do better than someone with worse, all other things equal. (Will someone explain to me how a silver ring would actually be able to make me more agile?) Unfortunately, because of this, WoTMUD has a larger playerbase of whiners. "I died and lost my eq! Waah! So and so is overpowered!" In order to keep your equipment that is so essential to good playability, you have to have money to rent. You can't simply quit, or you'll come back with nothing on you. But if you can't afford to rent (which can be pricey) you still lose your eq, due to a very friendly and hungry rent bug. Supposedly, there are only 5 rules. That has got to be the biggest lie of the century. You could follow all those rules and still end up being punished because you broke one of the 1,000,000 unmentioned rules. The forums for this MUD are also heavily moderated, but the moderators don't even seem to know the forum rules for themselves. Posts with excessive vulgarity or sexual content are to be removed, as well as spam and personal attacks. However, I've seen a great many posts that followed those guidelines deleted simply because a mod felt like doing it. Actually, this has happened to me several times, most recently when I simply stated I voted here for another MUD. Can you believe that? Roleplay here is said to be encouraged, but I think it is actually the opposite. A well-known darkfriend, who recently quit, was threatened with punishment for having made a list for his personal use of other players who served him as aspiring darkfriends. Apparently, that's also against the rules. Now, in Robert Jordan's world, it is very likely that some darkfriends would have others working for them directly, as this particular guy did. Very RPish, in mine, and many others, opinions. If you are considering playing this MUD, I'd advise against it, especially if you are entirely new to MUDing as the people who play there are so concerned with themselves it will be hard to find someone willing to teach you the ropes. However, if you are looking to be oppressed and have your freedom suffocated, this dictatorship comes highly recommended. -Allora, former player of WoTMUD
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 4, 2003
Hi I'm Aennor and I am a 104 Immortal on WoTMUD albeit slightly inactive these days. Maybe I'll log in more, who knows. I've been mostly watching this whole thing from afar because I deliberately left the mud some time back. My philosophy has always been to not be the tail wagging the dog. My ideas were generally well received by players (I dealt predominantly with the RP aspect of the game) but increasing friction within the senior staff made it more of a chore to get anything done. Nobody is perfect but then again I don?t think I personally ever got a bad review here, outside the MUD. One of the things that drew me to this mud was the fact that there was "only 5 rules" but this approach, even though it was one of the founding tenets of the mud and created by very successful and experienced gamers, has been abandoned in favor of a more militant approach. There are far more than 5 rules, this can clearly be seen by the reviews recently. I am still staff there in good standing mind you so this is not a disgruntled player speaking. I don't like what's happening (serious friction between players and staff) and if you are a player there or someone who is thinking of being one this is something you need to know. Let me state as a person and concerned human being and as a person who has intimate and extensive knowledge of the rules; that I am in complete agreement with several of the recent posts complaining about treatment of certain players. In my opinion if you provide a forum for the airing of issues or even casual conversation, your statements there should not be translate into negative attention by the staff in the game. If a player disagrees with a policy, saying so or even musing about a possible course of action does not mean the Gestapo should raid your home and steal your babies. Graphic; but not far from the feeling of violation that has been felt by some players. So, as staff and at least until the MUD owner reads this, I too feel that the owners of the game need to take a long hard look at the gradual decline of the ?quality of life? in the game, participation levels and the treatment of some of the players. I loved that game and dedicated a great deal of time into contributing to it. I left because the atmosphere no longer let me contribute in the manner I wished, and players are leaving because of arbitrary and controversial decisions. In my experience as an Immortal the most important thing is for the Immortal to be intimate with the game. That means getting down there and playing it. Jesus Christ came to earth and walked in real sandals and he understood people. If he can do it then I feel game?s Senior Staff should get a player?s view once a... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 4, 2003
Hi - I?m Nass, an immortal at, writing this partial review just to give the ?other side of the coin?, so to speak, in response to a few deliberately hostile reviews recently. The mud, for those of you who have not tried it, is based on Robert Jordan?s ?Wheel of Time?, and is to my knowledge the largest and oldest mud of this genre. As a brief introduction, the mud has 50 or so clans of all races, each with various benefits, such as a clan chest (which saves equipment); there are more than 200 zones already in the game with regular releases of new zones; it caters for all types: roleplayers find their home in the clans; pkillers benefit from a mud which has no level or race restrictions; explorers have a huge number of zones to discover, embedded with easter eggs and other secrets, whilst, with the large player numbers, finding people to socialise with is never a problem. All in all, the game is pretty good stuff for something that?s totally free and online 24/24, 365/365. To reference a few deliberately bad reviews, immortals, of which there are 40 or so, are actually by and large invisible, interfering as little in the game as is possible. Most people have never even met one, the exception being people in clans, which are administered and run by ?watchers?, the wotmud name for roleplay immortals. Immortals only really take a particular interest in specific individuals is when we?re asked to by other players (as was the case recently with several people), ie when some players think they?re above the rules, when they?re harassing others, when they cheat, when they do things that are clearly unacceptable, and so on. They don?t like not getting their own way, so they go to places like here and try to get as much attention as possible. Obviously that?s their right ? but most people who have ever administered a mud will be familiar with this phenomenon :) Generally, the mud is pretty good ? not perfect by any means, as we?d be the first to admit. However, we?ve tried to replicate Jordan?s books as much as we can whilst retaining playability, and by and large we?ve been successful ? after 10 years and still going strong, it is a large, lively, busy place, with lots of stuff going on, lots of people voting with their feet, plenty of quests and new things happening ? and plenty of people having fun, as it should be. A full review would take many pages and many words; I?d suggest that ultimately the best way to see if it?s for you would be to go to and give it a whirl :) Regards, Nass, WoTMUD IV
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 4, 2003
hi, otoan here. this game is great i've played many muds including the first page or so. I like this mud the most and wish everybody would play it. this game is awesome. compared to achaea: battle system, chat channel, recommended rp but not enforced, people, imms, and many other things make wotmud beter than achaea. battle system: in achaea you have to gain equilibrium you die alot and if you want to be a 'good' person you can only attack imps(from the beginning once you get better stuff will open up to you but that takes alot of imps to kill to get there) and there is only about 9 of them in this little tower with about 100 newbies on killing them at the same time. charge/stab/k/channel 'xxx'/etc and you engage and keep attacking until you make a command to flee or something. chat channel: there is a chat channel you can talk about your day about the game rp or not doesn't matter to whole world. achaea has market channel, newbie channel, city channel, and guild channel(possibly other channels like clans didn't play alot) you can't talk to the whole world as far as i know unless you shout it all of them channels are ic except newbie channel and thats only to ask help not to talk about your day or something. recommended rp but not enforced: this goes hand in hand with chat channel. i have played games that they force you to be ic. i don't like that some times i don't feel like being ic same with achaea they say you can go ooc but not on channels sometimes i'd like to tell people stuff talk to people about irl situations stuff like that. people: most people are very helpful in helping you learn stuff....of course if you are nagging them then they won't listen. make friends fast in the 2 months or so i played achaea i didn't make one real friend. in wotmud i have a few friends that are as great as irl friends. plus wotmud isn't overcrowed...i mean its not empty it has a goodly amount of people on at a time but its not 300+ people on most of them newbies trying to kill the same thing you are. imms: i don't care what you say i love nass! :) (whispers i'm only saying this so he'll load a bt spear in my inventory next time i get on*wink nass*:P) seriously though if you really got a problem nass is the one to ask. there are many other things but i feel like i'm writing a paper for english class so cya*wave*
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 3, 2003
With the rash of reviews that seem to be negative towards the Wheel of Time MUD, I feel that I must come to it's defence. I have been playing there for over 5 years. I have played all sides of the game, be it Trolloc, Human, or Seanchan. Honestly, it has all been an enjoyable experience. Player killing is allowed, and totally un-restricted. The admins for the game have said right from the start, "This is not a hand holding mud". Players that have been posting here have all felt like they have been slighted in one way or another. The Wheel of Time mud is constantly expanding, with new zones being opened on a regular basis, new equipment, quests, and the like. Immortals are constantly interacting with the mortals to create a RP enviroment alongside one of PK. Clans on all sides all have their own style of RP, thier own lands they control, which is constantly changing by the players and not the admins. Turn points (TPs) are accumulated through hard work of PK. Recently the admins at have implemented TPs loss through in-activity. There is a list of the top 7 PKers on the 3 different sides, and to get on this list, you need to have one of the top 7 amounts of TPs for your race to get on it. Now the great thing is, rather than have somebody who has been in-active for 6 years, and never or hardly plays, thus stopping someone else from getting the TPs, degrades a personds TPs to allow an active person to achieve this list. Arguments have been put forward that a person then has lost all their hard work. Well, if the person never plays anymore, who cares? The Wheel of Time mud is a great mud. You don't need to buy a membership and there is no monthly fees. It is a totally free game that anyone can play, and the Admins take money from their own pocket to keep servers upgraded and bandwidth streaming. And I have never witnessed or heard of an account of someone getting something they did not deserved. Just because one person got it, and the other did it, does not make the one who got it "the Imms' friend".
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 3, 2003
Fun at one point, this mud's greatness was sadly cut short by a combination of a-hole players and arrogant immortals. A newbie should expect to be killed a minimum of 10 times before reaching title level (level 20 is the level at which you can give yourself a title, usually a last name is chosen) by a wannabe murderer who can't take anyone down who is not 10 levels lower than they. Players who befriend immortals are coddled, while those who march to the beat of their own drum and have immense skill are punished for apparently no reason. Jaster comes to mind. And I personally once experienced a clan master threatening to give me a warrant unless I logged on, and then backstabbing me to death with another character the moment I popped out of the inn. In addition, several times there were severe router crashes in which the mud kept running, but no one could actually connect to it. There is a linkless rent feature which was buggy for the entirity of the two years I played and never addressed despite many many pleas, and it took effect since the mud still detected the characters but not the connection. The result is that half the mud lost its equipment. Rather than roll back the mud and restore the players' lost equipment, the imms instead chose to keep it going and simply return two pieces of equipment per person who lost their sets. Those who had sets full of rare equipment were hurt the most. Anyone who dissented was threatened with banning. WoTmud was a fun game for a time, and I met many many great people playing it. But as the playerbase expanded and the immortal staff shrunk, somewhere along the line it became unplayable.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 3, 2003
Well...I honestly have no right to be posting a review for the Wheel of Time MUD, but at least I'll be writing under my main character in the MUD and not an alias to hide my identity. I've been playing WoT MUD for just about two years now, and in that time I've been able to do so much, and still have so much more to learn and to do with each passing day that I play. For those of you who have read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, this MUD brings to you a great sense of being a part of that series. The staff work tirelessly to create a continiously expanding and entertaining gaming experience. There's always a new zone to explore, a new secret to find, it's great. There's really something for everyone who comes to play the Wheel of Time MUD. Roleplay can be ongoing fun so long as you're willing to put in the effort. There's always those who are looking for others to RP with and have a good time. The Player-killing(PK) aspect of the MUD can be intense, to put it mildly. Fighting against other players can be the most satisfying triumph or leave you shaking in your chair at how close the battles can be :) The only thing I must warn you about is this. You have to be willing to put in the time to learn the MUD. Like with everything new, you can't expect to run before you walk, and before you can walk you have to crawl. It takes some time to learn how the MUD works, but with the HELP files that players have created it can cut down the adjustment period dramatically. On top of that, there are always people willing to help those new to the game learn how to get started. You can basically play your character any way you want, so long as you are willing to pay the price. Will you be a follower of the Light, or serve the Shadow? Will you be a Soldier, an entertainer, a murderer, or a lover? Will you join the Minions of the Dark One or serve in the Ever Victorious Army of the Seanchan Empire to reclaim the lands of your ancestors. Whatever it is you want, you can find it if you take the time to look for it. "Dovie'andi se tovya sagain ... It's Time to toss the dice" What will the pips show for you? Come and find out :) Graidon t'Remora
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 3, 2003
As a mudder who has responsibilities in life and little time to dedicate to mudding it is very difficult for me to keep up with characters in more than one mud. Over the last ten years I have searched amongst many muds before finding I have found none that are nearly as intricate and progressive. This mud is constantly expanding and improving. The implementors and imms of this mud match great creativity and development to the allready great premise of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. There is a pretty steep learning curve due to an immence amount of the world to be explored and the precence of many accomplished veterans even when hosting more than 100 players consistently. The mud has a no hand holding policy so from the get go PK is a possible hazzard. To offset this difficult, in game, learning curve is an extensive forum. The help forums are regularly checked and responded to by veterans not to mention the sheer amount of help in the form of starter threads, player websites, game logs, and general discussion forums. With a large amount of clans to join and player/imm involvment there is a strong undertone of RP in a PK focused mud population. PK is very varied with three different starting races, same side murderers, Spies, Sworn, Warring clans, channeler contention and more. Veterans are kept on thier toes with new zones and mobs. I am sure if I gave it more time I could come up with alot more. If you've liked what you read so far though your better off checking out the website and logging in.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 3, 2003
This game is a great game, just run by power tripping fools. Many immortals(admins) use there power to help out there mortal friends. Other immortals just use assumption to dispense "justice." A few cases would be a 104+ Imm(highest admin) without any proof accusing a player of arranging fights so that that player could get a kill required to become a fade(highest achievment on darkside). The player was one of the most respected players and he just blatanly shamed him without any proof. Then he also demanded the player make a public apology for using ICQ(messenger service) to arrange the fight. The player was punished by having to re-do all his kills to attaint fadehood. Another good example of how this mud is slowly coming down is a long standing player who has been respected for many years for being a good guy generally and was very good at PK. A new system was implemented to deteriorate TPS(turn points, gained when you get a kill). This system was implemented to make the top PKer lists more active. This system was faulty as it would make inactive PKers lose tps, basically be punished for not being able to play. A quote from another highly ranked imm comes to mind "The mud is not a job", this new system sure makes it one. If you want to stay on the lists, you have to play. The player who I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph voiced his concern and said he would rather give his tps away rather then have them wasted. The same 104+ admin mentioned in the first paragraph came to him, called him stupid, zaped his tps(on 2 chars, accumulative of 10k+ tps) and sitebanned him for just suggesting what he might do. Many other examples are apparant especially with clan immortals who will help there own friends get in etc. A recent case of a dreadlord(on same level with fade) being chosen it was put up to a vote. The vote was torn between 2 players, 2 voted for 1, and 2 voted for the other. Coincidentally the imm closed the vote, and made himself the deciding factor and ruled in favor of his friend. This game has a lot of good people and has good PK. Unfortunately it is run by some people who do not know the first thing about proper administration. There are many good immortals, but they are mostly lower level ones without much power. Id say this game is good to try but if you want to actually achieve something on it, id say go to another mud, you will get no sympathy for any losses(even if its blatantly the mud and staffs fault). You could(and its probable) lose all your work because an imm THINKS you broke a rule. Its just not worth it. Move on to another game.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 3, 2003
In the past 6 months this incredible game has been pushed to the brink of unplayability by the Immortals who control it. The following is a list of situations in which level 104 Immortals (of which there are only 2 who are active enough to matter, and who have unlimited and unchecked power to do whatever they wish to whomever they wish), have used their unlimited power to belittle players and to punish players far more harshly than the infraction warranted, if there was even any infraction at all. Something else must be known about this game before the list begins. Some time ago a site was set up with forums in order to discuss things in the game. The Immortals made it so that it was virtually impossible to play the game without pretty consistent attention to the posts made by them and by those in clans on the forums. 1) Various equipment was changed and players voiced concern. Specifics: (a) A certain item was made more powerful. When a player asked if the clan item based on that item would also be improved commensurate to the change of the item it was based on, an Immortal publicly shamed the player, calling him an "idiot" on the public forums, and then proclaiming to the player base that the player was to be blamed for the removal of the item. (b) Vials that enhance movement had their weight increased to such an extent as to make them virtually unusable. When a player voiced a concern, once again the same Immortal publicly accused the player of being selfish and greedy and shamed them in front of everyone. Minutes later another Immortal intervened and said that indeed the weight change was too drastic. The weight of the vials were then lowered. The player received no apology for the insults. 2) Problems with the code caused hundreds if not thousands of pieces of equipment to be deleted. Instead of removing the bad code and reverting to a previous save, the Immortals decided to continue to run the game with the faulty code, causing thousands more pieces of equipment, equipment which people had spent many many many hours of their time acquiring, to delete, for absolutely no reason. It seemed obvious to a majority of the playerbase that the Immortals just wanted some equipment removed from the game, and this was how they chose to do it. It was random, it was harsh, and when questioned about it, it was dealt with without any compassion or kindness; in fact, players were told to "shut up, and stop caring so much about a series of 1s and 0s". 3) A long-time player sent a tell to a friend saying something mean about that same Immortal. The Immortal happened to be snooping him, and the player was zapped to level 1 and lost the character. Once again, this was said in private, to a friend, it was not a comment made in public. It many... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 3, 2003
For the person that is completely new to muds, this is probably not the mud for you. The human race is as diverse a playerbase as real life, and if I had to describe the human side of things I would have to say that you will find murderers, newbie killers, and just plain a-holes. You will also find people that are willing to help out, and I have met some very good friends there. I myself have been playing wotmud for almost 3 years now, and have tried to get all of my firends playing it as well. Rp is where you look for it, and there are a ton of clans that you can join that are strictly for rp, including but not limited to, the White Tower, the Children of the Light, The Defenders of the Stone, and the Illian Companions. If you have never played a player killing mud, and don't think you would enjoy it, then don't play wotmud. Equipment, P.K., and R.P., are the things that I feel are held in the highest esteem here. For those that want to play a badguy, you can choose to become a murderer as a human and be hunted at all times by all people, with not many friends to help you. Or, you can go the path of the trolloc and become a bloodthirsty savage, or you can also join the ranks of the elite guards of the empress as a seanchan. Suffice it to say that there is plenty here for every type of player, and I hope to see you there.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 1, 2003
I have been playing at ever since 1997 off and on. I have tried other muds only to be disappointed by the EXTREME hand holding or huge massive amounts of items and skills which took longer to read than most of their help guides. has a great website, great playerbase, and superb IMMs. The players always willing to help true newbies and the the zones great to explore. If you like PK it's always around somewhere fast and furious, but if you only like the roleplay it's around also. Or you can do like me and try a mixture of both. The IMMs have a great vision of where they would like to see this mud go and the rest of us are just gratefully along for the ride.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 20, 2003
With a massive amount of zones and new ones opening all the time, the option to play Seanchan, mainland humans and trollocs, even one day attain the ability to play a Fade or Dreadlord, and incredible pk that leaves you shaking at your keyboard, why not play it? After 3 years on board -the- WoT mud, I must confess totally addiction. If you expect to be clanned, expect to roleplay. If you want to leave a city, expect to pk. This is probably one of the few muds that does it all, and does it with class. And expects its players to do it all. leaves nearly infinite room for exploration into character types and their rp and pk possiblities, while staying true to Robert Jordan's world, albeit OUR weaving of the wheel instead of the books.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 20, 2003
After reading many of the reviews on this, I thought I would post my own thoughts. I have played this mud for a full threee years now. It took me 3 months to learn to play well, in which I was attacked at times and sometimes killed. After such time I learned where not to go. Not to trust everyone, but to make friends and stick by them. There are many many players that will help out new people. I play only light side. I have never logged on Seanchan, and only occassionally tried a trolloc. I found the trolloc side to be too aggressive for me. I am primarily a role playing character. I tend to avoid PK as much as possible, although I will fight back when necessary. I think this mud has many things to offer. There is lots and lots of RP, if you take the time to meet people and to try to RP. There is PK readily available. There are numerous zones, and new zones opening all the time. In 3 years I have stuck at it and enjoy it immensely. I think if you expect to log on and have someone waiting to help you, then you are being unrealistic. If you are seen a few times, then people do help. Light side is very friendly and social and the role play is immense. I can log on anytime and find role play without hardly looking, in fact it usually finds me. I have about 5 characters, all over level 30, and can always find something fun to do. It is based on the Robert Jordan books and has many areas to explore, all book based. Make sure you choose an appropriate name when you start. There is a name generater on the web site, and be sure to look through the forums as well. Although you can't post on them without a character, you can look through them. So, if you are looking for a large mud with lots of different choices on it. Then give this one a try, but be willing to try it many times over the course of a week or two before you give up on it. I think some people just log on, look around for 20 minutes and log off and call it all PK. I am rarely involved in PK, and usually I play for a few hours daily at least. Give us a try, it is a lot of fun :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 19, 2003
I play a Seanchan on WoTMUD, and I serve the Empress may she live forever, the human side is corrupted and has lost its appeal, and i have tried to quit from that except for occasionally logging on to help new people and give people equipment. The oathbreakers(humans) have no honor unlike the Seanchan and Darkside. I urge everybody who likes to rp and have a good time with small groups of friends join WoTMUD dont start on human side though, it is too vast and complicated with all the murdering going on. Trollocs are more for pkers, so join Seanchan side. You shall learn about the MUD, how to play a MUD, if you've never played. When you grow strong enough you may be allowed to swear in some oathbreakers or capture some marath'damane. The imms are a little picky about names, randomly choosing what they like and dislike, so go with a good name. Check out the forums as others have recommended and read the help files. When you join you will need to get to level 5 and you get stats, what i consider my group of friends that stay on the main continent of Seanchan and are consistently on are:Aarek, Taras, Aairec, Aerak, Juras, and Trishan. Ask any of these people for help and I am sure they will be glad to help you. I myself will be glad to help you too. Remember to turn on chats and narrates by typing "listen all", to see what you are typing, "echo", also type "change spam 1", and "tell guardian kit". So join this MUD, join the Seanchan side, have fun :). Become a deathwatch guard, a morat'torm, raken, or others. Swear in oathbreakers, or kill them for denying their oaths. Sardaukar Player of this MUD Elite Guard for the Empress May She Live Forever!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 18, 2003
I've been playing this mud for about a year now, and feel that I'm a fairly inept player. Although, there are a few things that have remained constant over the time that I've played. Human side is notoriously greedy, stingy, stuck up, and many other not so nice names. Equipment is held in too high of a regard to most and some will KILL You only to get your other reason. Some of the older players, who've been around for 3, 4, or 5 plus years I think begin to grow a sort of 'indifference' to the people that they apparently see as below them. Asking for help a lot of the times is a lost cause. So, for that I would say it's not a newbie friendly mud, although the immortals and players try to claim it as such. Dark side, as I read in another review, is labeled for experienced players only, but Ive found it much easier to learn the ins and outs of the mud on the Darkside. Darksiders do not have nearly as much concern over eq as the Humans, who only see trading and selling with rediculous offers as the only way to get eq from them. On Darkside, if you die, or need eq, you ask...and you get. The RP side of this mud is drastically falling, and I think the imms are trying to salvage it, but by doing so, I believe they're ruining most of the better aspects of the mud. Only one small example would be with Darkfriends, it used to hold some esteem and took a lot of work to get there, but since the imms put their hand in it, Darkfriends are near useless....only being able to see themselves in a zone for example. Yet, I still stay and play as a regular player..hoping one day that the imms and playerbase will all reach some sort of harmony. Another complaint, that. Granted, it's the imms mud and you are seen as a guest, but at times they can be more like dictators, ruling with the same 'better than attitude' as the Lightside humans.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 19, 2003
After reading all the positive reviews posted here, and looking through the excellent forums at the mud's host site, I decided to give this mud a second chance (I posted a review on 6/09/01). The Imms have added a large number of new zones, mobs, smobs and clans. They also opened the Seanchan Empire as a seperate "race". All well done and in keeping with the theme of RJ's world. The player base seems to be about the same, around 150 at peak times, 40 at off times. The biggest improvement is that it is on a new server and that the horrible lag and frequent crashes no longer happen (it never crashed once in the 4 weeks that I tried it). Again, I believe this to be one of the simplest and best coded muds out there. Several clans have very strong roleplay (Aes Sedai, Child of Light, Lion Warden, and Wisdoms). It seems that the Gleemen, one of best roleplay clans, has died off (I did not see a single one in the 4 weeks I played). Again, I feel that this mud has a small group of players dedicated to RP and are very fun to be around. I also feel it has one of the best coded systems around, that is why I have been keeping an eye on it. However, this remains a predominently PK mud. You may be PKed at any time by anyone. In 4 weeks (about 90 hours of actual playtime) I was "murdered" four times. The murders occured at levels 8, 11, 17 and 23. Not once was I pked by a trolloc or seanchan! I found that it was much safer to play a trolloc or seanchan. It is the one thing I don't understand about this mud. It is actually far easier to play and learn on a trolloc, which is labeled as "for experienced players only", than on a human. When talking with experienced players, they will tell you that you should be level 25 before pking (some people now say level 30 is the minimum), yet I was pked 4 times before reaching that level. I just don't get the whole human side of this game. I guess my recommendation stays the same. If you are new to mudding, or are interested only in RP, stay away from this mud. If you are experienced in mudding, and like to PK, this is the mud for you.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 14, 2003
Why this Mud? I'll give a few reasons: 1)If you love the Wheel of Time books, this is like stepping into one of them and living the story. 2)If you love strategy games, here you get a chance to try and outsmart other players in pk. 3)If you love power, here is an opportunity to get yourself rich, rank, the greatest eq or maybe even to become the Dragon Reborn... 4)If you love Mud, this one mixes all aspects or roleplay/social life/fighting/strategy Go make yourself an original character out of all the races, skills, equipments and clans. Then join us and have a great time.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 15, 2003
Do you like Reading The Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan? Then you will love this game. This game is full of heart pumping action (and that's no joke my heart was beating so fast I almost had a heart attack the other day)! its full of adventure and fantasy. The world is so immense and precise to the books you feel like you are really in the books! You can meet Characters from the books, do the things you read about and visit the places you dreamed about. This is one mud readers of the WoT books should play, and to the people who have never read the books this game dose not have a nasty learning curve. on a rating from 1-10 i give this mud a 11 1/2
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 8, 2003
Greatest mud I've ever played. I've tried a lot, but WotMUD is the only one I've ever stuck with. Great system, great fun!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 8, 2003
I'll never forget the day I stumbled onto the Wheel of Time mud, nearly a year and a half ago, because the days since then that I haven't spent 3 to 5 hours playing it are few. Yep, I'm addicted. Of course, who wouldn't be? WoTmud is an amazing place, full of a variety of people. Some enjoy player-killing, some role-playing, and many combine the two to make a incredibly realistic world. Many clans exist representing the different nations of the lands of the Light, some who war among each other for political gain, some who are long-time enemies, and some whose only cause is to fight the enemies of the Light, the hordes of the Dark, and the Seanchan, both which are playable races as well. More than just the huge size of WoTmud, the intricacies of its structure, and the unbelievable Player-killing and Role-playing challenges which one must work at to succeed, the utmost feature that attracts me to this MUD is the dynamic community of players and immortals on which it stands. The forums at give the players of WoTmud an opportunity to get to know each other, post battle logs, rp logs, and discuss issues of the game with an immortal staff that is unbelievably responsive. Clans each have their own private forums there as well. As you can tell, I'm crazy about this mud. I'd never play another. Try it if you dare, but will suck you in. :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 6, 2003
Well I've been playing this MUD for 4 years now and my main character is Mira ti'Paendrag, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah :) Personally I've had alot of fun on this game, and I've made alot of really good friends. That is what attracts me most to this MUD, the sense of community that you get among the players. Yes we have our share of jerks just like any place in the world, part of that is because our player-base is so big. Over 200 people can be found playing WOTMUD at most times and this leads to an incredibly rich playing enviorment. I won't go too much into the mechanics of the game here, suffice to say there is a little bit of something for everyone. We strive to keep the Wheel of Time theme alive and well, and at the same time make the game a fun and challenging place. One of the hardest things is learning how to start on WOTMUD, because we have no safe little newbie land where you can kill smurfs to gain the glowing mytheral humming dragon sword of demon's breath and distruction. Starting out is tough, but the playerbase has its own Help Forums that can be found at: Please take a look at the total newbie tutorial at the top that I made. If you can manage to use velcro you will be able to use WOTMUD after reading this :) Good luck and may the Creator Shelter you in his palm.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 3, 2003
I have been playing this mud for more than a few years and have enjoyed it intensely. The Imm staff is and always has been concerned with game balance. They have accomplished creating an exciting enviroment which can some of the best time I have ever spent online. While I have heard of some Imm abuse this was discussed publically with the playerbase and corrected upon exposure, nothing I have ever found to be an issue. Now onto the important stuff the game. With three races you have a great variety to choose from. The recently opened Seanchan I have yet to explore fully but seems to be a strict RP motivated Race. The Trollocs have the opposite an almost entirely PK race. The Humans (whose race name come to think of it might need to be changed)are a mixture of both RP and PK with a huge clan base. The Aes Sedai as they should turn plots and twist and manipulate the Oaths like a well Aes Sedai. The Bordergaurd are a more Pk oriented clan protecting the Southlands from Trolloc invasion. There are clans and races of every stripe with agendas and plots to set a colorful background with which to play in. The Mud is huge and while starting out can be challenging the size and scope of the world is worth the time invested. One of the onlythings worth mentioning is there is a big amount of playabilty built on your Stats which you can have trouble getting a grasp for when you start out. Now the impact of stats is highly debatable but In my experience it affects how other people deal with you. Overall there is no other Mud for me. Its the best and continues to be challenging to paly when you tire of one aspect you can immerse yourself elsewhere. I encourage people to try this Mud and give it sometime to grow on you and you'll look back years later and wonder where your life went :p
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 1, 2003
There are both good and bad elements to this mud. The Creators/Imps have done an excellent job in constantly improving the mud, making adjustments, and keeping things flowing. Kudos to them. But they can not do it all, and must delegate things to other immortals, the RP imms, called Watchers. I've been around this mud for over 4 years, and there have been 3 different waves, or groups, of Watchers, who basically control the actual play of game, whereas the Creators control the structure. The first two waves of Watchers were purely rampant with corruption, the second wave worse than the first. By corruption, I mean blatant breaking of rules (established by creators) and furthering the characters of both their friends and themselves. In the first wave it wasn't so bad, because it affect only a few, but in the second wave the entire player base was affected. It took some time, but the Creators ended that wave, and a new one has begun - on which the verdict is out, it is too early to tell. As for pk, results are varied. Once upon a time the PK was excellent, but there are now too many players, which basically have ruined Light/Dark pk, as you can only find massive groups whenever you pk. Solo pk, despite what anyone might say, does not exist. By solo pk they mean 'not grouping'. Which is not solo pk, if you follow. Other pk - same race, or vs Seanchan, is still decent, however it was never as fun as the great light/dark pk of old. This is a major reason many classic characters, who add much, leave. RP has become much more involved over the years than it once was. There is good and bad to this. Watchers like to claim clans are player run, but they clearly aren't. Supervision varies, the rp atmosphere is unstable. There are some die-hards, and some who care nothing for it. The rise of RP has lessened the fun of PK, for good or for ill, and it is up to each person to judge on his own. All in all, if the Creators could find a decent group of Watchers, and if somehow pk became more spread out, the mud could be solid again. As it stands now, it is fairly weak - however it is better than some others I've played.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 1, 2003
Ive been playing this mud for over two years now. And have seen it develop from a good mud into a great one. Obviously it is based on the popular wheel of time series by R.J.Jordan, the world has been faithfully reproduced with the majority of the cities, countryside, landmarks and many of the characters already built. New players can pick to play one of three races. Humans, The beast like trollocs, or the newly added mysterious seanchean race, a human race from across the great sea. You can also choose your homeland, and your class from a sneaky thief, prowling through the darkness, a warrior, and a ranger, a man competant in a number of things.There is also a unique class, the channeler The training system allows great variation in character types, from a HUGE warrior wielding a giant battleaxe into battle to a frail channeler, weak in traditonal combat but able to rain down lightning and ice upon her enemies. BUT the main thing that makes this mud great is not the excellent room descritpions, or the balanced combat. It is the clans. Players can choose to apply for one of a number of wildly varying clans to suit their game. Want to be a legendary warrior? wor hard and aim to join the gaidin. A creature of the night, feared by all who love the light?. Join the darkside and one day who knows you may become a fade, Red eagles, Children of the light, Lion wardens this mud has them all offering limitless options. Most of the clans are player run and the Roleplay standards can be awesome, so, if you are a serious roleplayer you will love it here. However for those who dont like roleplay, it is not required outside of the clans. Ive played muds for over 12 years now and i can honestly say this is the best, its not the easiest but is worth the effort. So give it a try, but be warned you may get hooked and find hours upon hours of your life wasted ;p May
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 15, 2003
WoTmud is the ONLY mud. First of all, no it doesn't take 15 minutes to choose a password, you just have to use your brain so not just any brainless wanna-be hacker can crack it - the person who submitted the review saying it took him 15 minutes to get an acceptable password was probably trying to get stuff like "12345" or "abc." You are unable to choose passwords like this (or dictionary-based passwords like "frog") completely for your character's safety and security. But now to get to the major reasons why you SHOULD play WoTMUD (to name only 3)... 1. It's a HUGE world out there. Thousands of rooms. Dozens of secret entrances to hidden passages. Great room descriptions. Good variety of wildlife and vegetation. Ships that can take you places for a fee. Villages, towns, huge cities. It's all here. 2. The most realism I've seen yet. I've played a bunch of other WoTMUDs, but never seen any as realistic as this. They've got Seandar, Illian, the Blight, Tanchico, you name it! Visit Fal Dara, Maredo, or Caemlyn. There are fades and trollocs in the Blight. Meet Elyas. Talk to Sheriam. Visit the wonderous city of Falme (but watch out for Seanchan!!!) Unlike some other mud's that claim to be based on the Wheel of Time series but have things like elves, centaurs and minotaurs living alongside the Band of the Red Hand *coughAgeofChaoscough* WoTMUD is the most realistic WoT-based mud out there. 3. You have a virtually unlimited variety of options. Join the Illian Companions. Become a Lion Warden. Meet the Wolfbrothers. Become a Child of the Light, or be the opposite extreme as an Aes Sedai of whatever Ajah you choose. Nah, become a Warder and get bonded! Your options are almost unlimited. By now if you don't want to at least take a look at WoTMUD, then there's nothing anyone can say to convince you. It's the best mud out there, and the 150-200 players that are usually online at any given time will tell you the same thing. Every one of them.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 3, 2002
what more could be said about this awesome mud ? pk , major rooms ( 2000 plus ) , imm help , a nice player base ( over 100 normally , with 200 plus sometimes acheived , ) its the smoothest running , biggest and most origional mud ive ever seen ! basically , IT ROCKS ! all i can say , is long live the WOTMUD !
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 2, 2002
WoTMUD IV is one of the most complex and competetive MUDs currently available. Although the code base has been, so far as I understand it, completely rewritten in C++, the Diku-CircleMUD origins of this MUD are apparent in the dominant role that Player Killing plays. Most people will admit that this a primarily a PK mud. Such an admission, however, should not suggest to any player that PK is all that WoTMUD is about. The huge world has been entirely developed to mirror that of Robert Jordan. There are no stock areas and great detail and attention has been put into creating zones that have real Wheel of Time details. Advanced players may find Segade in the vast Aiel Waste, morat?raken in Seanchan controlled Toman Head or Shaidar Haran lurking near the Pit of Doom. Die-hard fans of the Wheel of Time series may detect some chronological incongruities in the MUD. For example, there is no Black Tower (not yet, but it?s coming) and Cadsuane Melaidhrin is the present Amyrlin Seat. These circumstances exist because WoTMUD is a living and changing environment based on the world that Jordan created but not limited to the chronology and time-frame imposed by the novels. The result is a refreshing mix of conformity to the Wheel of Time series and a fluid world in which players--with a lot of effort and over time--can influence the politics and dynamics of the land they live in. Presently from log-in a player may choose either a trolloc or human. Seanchan do exist but are not a selectable race. Darkfriends and Fades are possible, but only after a player has developed a solid base and knowledge of the game, which is demonstrated to the powers that be by completing undisclosed quests. On the other hand, many people with fair degrees of success roleplay their characters as Aiel, Ogier or Atha?an Miere. Players will not find elves, arachnid races or people with aerial abilities in this turn of the Wheel. Furthermore, players, who want to play a channeler, must make this selection at log-in. There is no latent channeling option. Those who do choose to play a channeler will find a large, varied and complex element based weaving system, that allows some short duration weaves to be held for extended periods of time with appropriate costs. The large number of player run, immortal facilitated clans provide many interesting paths for advanced players to explore with their characters. The ranking system within the clans themselve constantly provides players with further goals to strive to attain. Additionally, those who feel they have mastered known clan life can find more challenges in several secret clans, such as the Kin or Wolfbrothers, that are rumoured to exist. While help is available to the newbie, generally players who make the effort to help themselves (by familiarizing themselves with the rules on the MUD?s website and knowing where some of the basic maps can be found) will find the most aid and enjoy game... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 2, 2002
I decided to check the game out after seeing it consistently in the top 5.. Everyone is constantly stating that this game rocks and its awesome, etc. Well to be honest, my time there will be very short lived. It took almost fifteen minutes to be able to get the system to accept any kind of password, then as soon as I get logged in, you're getting attacked by other players. This is not my idea of a fun MUD. I seriously think that some of the problems listed should be addressed and quickly if you want to remain a great game.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 1, 2002
Great place to be, HUGE in concept and size and very true to the books. The RP is good and there are always people to help out the newbies. Good work guys, keep it up.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 1, 2002
A great mud with a very dedicated staff working to expand and improve the mud every day. The players are great and this mud quickly becomes addicting. A must try for wheel of time fans.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 1, 2002
this mud unlike some other muds do not have things in it like elfs affter all elfs were not in the books so they have tryed to keep it all in line and it is a grate mud to play with people alaround the would playing it 24hrs a day :) i give it 11/10 :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 31, 2002
I used to love this mud with all of my heart. I did. It was the perfect blend of PK, Coding and RP. That changed. Aside from a couple who are great, Nass I love you man, and Aennor you rock, the Immortals here are cliquish and often all out rude. Alot of tried and true older players are leaving the game because of the problems. The DISGUSTING use of the Blind weave has made Darkside PK a freakin joke. Spam looters and greedy Masters have made EQ one of the biggest aspects of the game. RolePlaying has almost vanished, aside from the Tower RP, which gets quite old after awhile *curtsy* wash dishes, *curtsy* what else?.... hmmmm I miss this mud, but I refuse to go back until they address some of thier problems. WHen you log on, see if You see DonCarnage. See where Paxle and Stomp are. Fatman? You wont see them, because they too are tired of it. THis turned into a bit of a flame, but I really didnt mean for it to. Better go play Reflections or Mirrors if you want a Solid wotmud, or even Tarmon Gaidon. Maybe I'll see you on one of those, but not, I'm sorry to say.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 16, 2002
Basically, this MUD rocks. The playerbase is awesome, it's huge, almost everybody is helpfull, and there's always tons of people on to play with. At any given time there are around 120 people on the MUD, often more than that. Having, literally, thousands and thousands of rooms to explore, you may never actually see the entire MUD, leaving plenty to explore in your down time. This MUD is in no way a hand-holding-gives-you-all-your-equipment-and-makes-you-exactly-the-same-as-eveyone-else MUD, instead it is a challenging, and very entertaining, experience. Giving you almost total control over what you do with your character, this MUD gives you plenty of oppurtunities to PK (Player Kill) against your enemies, while keeping RP (Role Playing) as an option. Well run and moderated by the crack-team of immortals seen regularly actively getting feedback from the players, the MUD has very few problems. Aside from the very forgiveable bugs which every MUD has their fair share of, the MUD runs amazingly smoothly, thanks to the great work of all the immortals. This is not a MUD where you will get bored after a month or two of off and on play, this is a MUD which you will be wanting to come back to when you're not playing. I often finding myself skipping out on my other duties to play this MUD. And have no fear if you have not read The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, while I higly reccomend you do eventualy, there is a fair percentage of players who have never picked up one of his books and they still enjoy the MUD immensly. Please Join us, Gokin The Wanderer {JLA} - Feel free to contact me by typing 'tell gokin ' if you need help when you first log on, I'll be glad to =) p.s. *WARNING: This MUD is _HIGHLY_ addictive, you will get _no_ work done =p*
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 3, 2002
I have been playing this mud for about 4 years now give or take 6 months(first mud i ever played). It was the first MUD I ever played and after the first few days I got hooked(i do agree with the comment of other people that if you dont' like challenge dont' start playing muds with this one but i have to say those newbie days when i died once a day are my fondest memories of this mud) and I have only taken a few breaks from the mud since(addiction affecting school ;P) I would have to say that those people that say there is no RP on this mud are very wrong and obviously have not tried to RP at all. I personnally like PK more and have not done very much RP but I see a lot of people RP'ing all the time. This is why i play mostly trolloc(RP is basically pk) now though the rp is getting a lot better darkside more in depth then 4 years ago and more imms are working on RP since i started playing WoTMUD. The people that complained about the rp lacking on this mud might have said this because most of the rp does happened in/between clans though i do see people that do rp that are not clanned and it is harder to get into a clan if you do not rp. Let say you go around killing human mobs it will show on your trophy list of things you have killed and when you try to enter a clan the quest(if yer even allowed to enter) to be accepted could very well be a lot harder. But other then this RP is strictly up to the players so if you want to have some rp you will have to put some work into it (the only somewhat enforced rp is that narrate is for rp/pk and chat is for ooc issues). Like find people that like to rp, get together with them on certain times, make yourselves quests and adventures, etc. If you just want to sit and complain about it you'll never get what you want out of this mud you have to work for what you want and that makes it a lot more rewarding IMO anyways. Oh btw i'd also like to mention that there are 3 immortals that i know of that are dedicated to RP and a few more that help in the department. lastly about rp is that the immoratls are working on making the clans run solely by the clan masters which imo could be a lot of fun though probably a lot more work for the masters but hey if you dont' want the work just step down and let someone else deserving of the position take it. There are many clans that you can get into and you need different requirements for them(ASK someone that is in the clan) I was "accepted" into a when... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 30, 2001
A little difficult to couch a response to Corax's post there in a review, but I'll endeavour to provide a little WoTMUD non-RP related history. Unfortunately a while back now, we were plagued by the mother of all twinks, who thought it would be cool to use scripts to spam all global channels and destroy the fun for the other hundred players on at the time. He created multiple newbie accounts using a dynamic ISP - we complained to the ISP - he apparently apologised to the ISP when they informed him it was unacceptable behaviour...then proceeded to do it all over again. AOL had to be banned because he went there as was a thoroughly frustrating time. Those reading who have admin positions on the various different muds out there should sympathise about the script assassin children out there. (AOL isn't banned anymore btw :b) The loss of globals for level 1 characters was a reaction we had to put in place to this one particular lamer. There is also a very extensive piece of code called anti-spam in place, which restricts the number of tells that low level characters can use per a set period of time. So if you want to blame someone for that, go hunt down Lee and beat him to death ;) I know I'll cheer for you personally. Anyway, other than that, things continue to evolve on WoTMUD. A lot of new things have changed lately (read the admin board) and the balance in the game continues to be tweaked constantly. It might not be for everyone, but then again, few things are. It still has my vote and my time here. Cashel Or'Kenset.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 24, 2001
I read with interest the reviews of the past six months and thought "Hmmm, sounds like they made it better." So, I gave it another try today! SIGH......... It was the same thing as before (see my review of June 9), except that now newbies are not allowed to talk on global channels!?!?(This is taking the unfriendliness towards newbies WAY TOO FAR!!!) My character (a first level ranger) died within 20 minutes of being created, killed for whatever reason ( my shiny newbie kit? ) by a character I never even saw (he/she/it was ambushing). I never got to check out any of the new things that have been implemented (zones, eq, class changes, etc.), so I am unable to comment on those things. So, over all, my opinion remains unchanged: if you are new to mudding, STAY AWAY, THIS MUD DOESN'T WANT YOU!!! However, those experienced in mudding and who enjoy player-killing, come on in, the water's fine:)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 23, 2001
Ive tried many muds and by far the best is this one, the depth of the game the sheer time and effort put into it by immortals like Nass, Sayuja, Eileen, Aennor, Doyn, Draken and Zun, it draws me back everytime i feel liek leaving with a new challenge, a new quest or thing to discover, theres so much to discover on this mud that just by being curious and exploring a bit you can learn things that people playing for over 4 years dont know, the muds great, PK is the most fun ive ever had on a mud with split WHO lists meaning you ned to use your wits and skills to find your enemy, The Rp is encouraged by imms but mostly dependant and run by mortals, viing a large scope and range of oppurtunities, the clans are diverse and enjoyable, all in all a brillant Mud
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 19, 2001
I started playing WoTMUD about 2 years ago and found it an excellent mud from the start. It was actually the first mud I had ever tried. True it was very hard at first but isn't everything you do for the first time? Within about a month or two, you get familiar with the commands, the people, and a few of the cities and/or nice newbie exp areas. When I started the Mud, I was 13 years old and everything actually came very easily if you just work hard for the things you want and not expect them to be given to you. The player base is ever growing. None of the zones are stock. It's completely the RJ world at it's best. Great zones, coding and just great everything... The mud has everything you need in a mud: great RP when you want it. I have character in a clan that can basically only get QPs for RP ing (and quests updated occasionally, but no PK) But you really don't need to be clanned at all to RP. Great RP ers are sometimes the guy who just keeps to himself and never talks. It's great just to jump out of RL, forget all your problems, and pretend to BE someone else (you char) for some time. You can RP anything on this MUD from being the bravest Andorian Soldier to being a man with the blood of an Ancient Manetheren to being a human sworn to darkness (aka Darkfriend :P) You can even make up your own RP if you want. Start up your own clan, get others to join. It's great, you have tons of freedom to RP however you wish. Even better is when the immortals jump into one of the mobs, like the Queen of Andor just to RP with you when they got some free time. RP rating: B+ Terrific PK all the time up north and even sometimes when and where you don't want it. Trollocs are a never ending threat to Fal Dara, the city located on the border of the Blight (trolloc homelands). There are plenty of clan who's main "job" is to keep trollocs at bay, like the Borderguard and many other justice clans like to help out in the Borderlands. You usually only have to PK if you want to. If you don't want to PK you can stay in the southern lands and even during a raid (which happen in moderation) you can just stay in a city with plenty of mob guards and other PCs with you. PK rating: A And even if you just want to chill in one room and chat with some buddies (on globals or just in your room). The community itself is just awesome. I log on all the time when I have a few minutes to kill, and can't really do anything else, just to chat with mud friends. True some people are just plain arses, but those people are (just... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 19, 2001
I found this mud whilst searching for info on the next wot novel - it was my first time mudding, but having lived through the 'Zork times' I was not completely unfamiliar. Thankfully I read all the information on the website and some of the links before actually starting, this saved me much unnecessary embarassment in the beginning. On my first day playing I went through a few characters and classes just getting a feel for the workings of the game. Did not ask for help - so I did not suffer some of the experiences mentioned by other reviewers - learnt by experience and my looking for more information on linked sites. In fact I got offerred help quite a bit and accepted it gratefully :) Since then I have looked at some other muds and have been surprised at their 'newbie friendliness' or 'hand holding' as some like to say ;) So if this is your first time mudding and if you have not experienced text-based adventure games before, maybe a more newbie friendly mud is in order - but if you want to persist: check out all the info on the homepage and links, and be prepared to learn via experience. I have been playing now for around 5 months and I am happily addicted - it is often hard and you can expect setbacks, but hey nothing gained easily is ever valued. I played on another mud for a few hours and made lvl 20 (out of 200), on wotmud lvl 20 is worked for and earned. Expect to die at the hands of more powerful 'evil' characters/players - player killing can and does occur any and everywhere - one does tend to get a bit paranoid, but the excitement of fleeing (read 'panicing') does have its own thrill. There are lots of different people playing from the groovy coolest type people to the most immature annoying types (mind you the aforementioned do dominate and the later can expect to be put in their place by other players or the immortals ). If you are into the Wheel of Time novels and need to 'touch the Source' whilst waiting impatiently for the next book - this is a great place to await the 'Final Battle'. *Peace Follow Your Sword*
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 19, 2001
I've played this mud for quite a while now, and have in the past looked around for other muds, but i always end up going back to There are several reasons for this, but there are also several reasons i leave in the first place. The mud coding itself is for the most part very well done, the world is large and rich and full of interesting things to go discover. There are in place clans for the varying interests: Children of the Light, The White Tower, Borderguard, Lion Wardens of Andor, Forresters, and several other. Be a Gleeman, a Thief Taker (Catcher!), a Wolfbrother. Trollocs can currently be Ghar'ghael, Dhai'mon, Dha'vol, or Ko'bal, or they can eventually become one of the Eyeless, a Fade. Seanchan currently exist but they are still in the testing phase, and are not open to the general populance. Player run clans (i.e. no coding or imm support) are not discouraged or encouraged by the staff, so if you want to do something of your own you are free to do so, and sometimes your clan can become 'official'. As for the Role Play (RP) in the mud, it is definitely scattered and sometimes hard to find. However, i have found that when i put on my 'game face' as it were, i find more often than not that people will respond in kind and get more into their characters. So RP, while optional, is definitely there to be had for those who want it. Playerkilling (PK), on the other hand, is a definite danger always looming on the mud horizon. The bulk of it takes place up north, past Fal Dara, and if you are looking for the rush, that is where you will want to live. The balance is fairly good, with one side (Lightside-Humans, Darkside-Trollocs) having the advantage for a week or two, then it shifts and the other side strikes back. The playerbase is such that most people will tend towards one side or the other as their major side, although that preference changes also with the trends. Same side pkilling is generally frowned upon for the sake of pkill, but if your character takes the plunge into same-side, you better have a strong clan to back you up or skills to kill or evade the numerous people who will be after you. For the most part, same-side is between clans (Children of the Light and Tower, Children of the Light and Andor, etc.) and is derived from the RP of the respective clans, and clan territoriality. The mud does have stability issues, and it is during the crashes that happen that i go look for other muds to play. It can be frustrating, both when the mud crashes while you are playing or when you get home from a hard days work and just want to escape for a while, and you try logging on to find No Mud. The crashes come in waves, and for several there... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 18, 2001
I've been playing this MUD since I read the series in a period of a month. I'd say its one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done in my stay at home free time. Once you get the hand of it, its relatively simple. The rules are hardly burdensome and just about anything is possible. Some people who come from other rule laden MUDS feel that ours should be as oppressive as theirs. While some players of WOTMUD are in positions of mandatory roleplay, the Warder gladly going to his death to save his Aes Sedai, most people may RP as they choose provided their activity isn't criminal ( and if it is they suffer a roleplay consequence ie wanted). For others roleplay is an added bonus and they can freely RP along with those in RP style clans. Another excellent aspect of the MUD is playerkilling. Every few months new coding comes out to balance it and attempt to assure a degree of enjoyment. While at times cutthroat the PK on this MUD i feel is one of its best aspects. Join the Red Eagles, find in yourself the Wolfbrother, be bound by an Aes Sedai, or earn the ultimate reward of being Chosen fade. All possible with time and effort. Enough said. I worked by way from newbie to, I'd like to think, a fairly experienced character and I've loved just about every minute of it, even the deaths or as I like to think of them "15 minutes of time out to think about what I will do next time" :) Eol of Tarabon, Gothmog the Trolloc, Zephon the Ko'bal, Grunark the Trolloc
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 17, 2001
The word that best fits the Wheel of Time MUD for me has got to be "realism." Not the realism of going to a job 5 days a week and visiting the latrine 2-3 times a day (although you do have to eat and drink). No, this is the realism of an adventurer struggling to make his way in the world. Nobody becomes an instant God. In fact, nobody becomes a God. One must work hard to make his way in this world. The rewards can be great: from becoming a stern Warder protecting his, or her, magic-using Aes Sedai to a sneaky thieving assassin and even becoming a lone ranger patrolling the forests for evil trollocs if that's what you want. The possibilities go only as far as YOU make them. As for RP, you either do it every minute you're on, not at all, or search for some spot in between. Everything is up to you. Although most people seem to think this MUD lacks a strong RP base, there's always somebody to RP with if you just try. PK plays a huge part of this MUD. Everybody is a potential target, and nobody is invincible. It may seem a little harsh, but it's life in this world. Every time you step outside a city you put yourself in danger, but most often nothing will come of it. Of course, if you ONLY want to PK, you can sit in Fal Dara towards the North and fight the trollocs as they come pouring out of the Great Blight, or invade this wasteland yourself. (Did I mention you can be a Trolloc if you want?) The game isn't perfect, but if you remember it's a game based on life, not a life based on a game (although addiction has been known to occur) you shoud enjoy yourself. Once you learn that your equipment will not last, you learn to let go of it, and treat every "respinning" (death) as a new beginning in this exciting and ever-changing world.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 17, 2001
Well ive just read a lot of reviews on this mud that imho states how the mud WAS before many of the issues such as newbie killing were addressed by the administration, so id like to take the opportunity to give an opinion on the current situation. This mud is based very closely upon the hugely popular fantasy series by Robert Jordan and as with the books a large part of the game revolves around the war between humans (often known as lightside) and trollocs (often known as darkside) however for players willing to dig beneath the surface the mud has far more to offer than just player kill. Upon character creation the player is given the option of playing human or trolloc, choosing their homeland and of choosing their class from ranger, warrior, thief, or channeler (human side only). The class chosen will determine how easy it is to learn common skills such as riding a horse, learning to use a shield and so forth. The combat system can be complex and a large number of weapons and different combat skills can be learnt, giving a wide variety of ways to play your character: from a huge armor clad warrior with an enourmous axe to a stealthy thief stabbing his victim in the back. Although player kill does have a large influence on the game, there is strong roleplay here as well, much of which revolves around the clans available in the game. Gaining Membership to some of these clans can be very tough, but through good roleplay most of them can be entered. I would encourage anyone looking to roleplay to join a clan as it enhances the whole roleplaying experience. The mud itself is well coded, each zone is original and sticks very closely to the areas described in the books, one thing that immediatly impressed me when i first tried this mud was the obvious effort that had been put into the descriptions, large forest for instance which so often have similar descriptions from room to room on here still have individually interesting room descriptions. The number of zones is huge and growing all the time. The player base is healthy, peaking at around 150 players each night, during quieter periods the number is around 75. Most of the players here are friendly and willing to help new players get started. Until recently there was a problem with 'newbie killers', ive seen these mentioned in previous reviews. This has now been dealt with by the administration and is a very rare occurance indeed. The only tiny downsides i have found to this mud are stability (which is understandable considering the player base) and the somewhat outdated attitude towards female players, if you choose to play a female character you immediatly get a malus on your strength and con,a 'realistic feature' that has no place in the fantasy genre. Overall this is a great mud that i can wholeheartedly reccomend to anyone, especially those who read... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 27, 2001
I agree with the previous posts generaly. The overall coding is excellent, it is very descriptive and closely based to the wheel of time books. The combat system is imaginative and allows for a number of ways to play. It does have a number of problems that stop it being a "great" mud. First off is stability, the game tends to crash very regularly (sometimes 3 times in an hour). During busy periods the game also lags terribly so some commands might take as long as 30 seconds to enter. The players often lose all equipment as a result of crashes and if a player has the temerity to ask the higher immortals about reimbursements the most likely response is a zap. The mud is very unfriendly to new people, the catchphrase for new players goes along the lines of "this isnt a hand holding mud" which means as a new player you can expect to struggle around for hours before another player kills you and takes your meagre equipment / gold. A large part of the mud revolves around clans or guilds, getting into these clans and progressing within them depends as much on having a friend already highly ranked as individual abilities.There is a fair bit going for the mud and it has a healthy player base but this could be partly due to the connection with the hugely popular wheel of time series. For me the mud was a dissapointment because i had hoped for a roleplaying environment and instead found an almost pure player-kill environment others however might like this aspect.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 22, 2001
I must say that this mud can be quite fun... in fact i think it is the best over all. but the one thing that does tick me off is how alot of the players act. It can take me up to 20 minuits just to find someone willing to stat me. I have also seen newbies treated very poorly. And i have had bad comments sent to me for absolutely no reason at all. well im making no scence aat all so adios.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 28, 2001
I was very excited when i saw this mud listed as im a keen fan of the wheel of time and have been looking for a good mud based on it. Unfortunatly after just spending 4 hours trying to make progress there im very dissapointed. During my time there i tried to interact with the other players and not a single player even had the politeness to acknowledge my presence with a response. After struggling along for 4 hours and managing to get to level 4 and getting some equipment that i found, i was suddenly killed by a high level player and that for me summarised the attitude of the mud. This is not a mud i would recommend, its players seem extremely unfriendly for a game that is supposed to be a place where people interact.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 13, 2001
Very well made and large mud, Imaginative room descriptions. but, definatly not for newbies, Most people ignore any calls for help, People will kill you just for fun, and the single gold piece you get in your newbie kit. Lots of same side murderers. Immortals keep to them selves, No reimbursments on the individual scale no matter what, Large scale reimbursments are limited to rent file restores from backups. Thos are done only when they screw up the mud some how, and even then
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 24, 2001
Wheel of Time MUD ( is a heavy playerkilling environment - of that there is no debate. Their own description and help files repeatedly underscore that this is a PK mud, and not a "hand-holding" mud. However, it also has a rich and detailed roleplaying environment that surpasses other MUDs I have visited with the exception of one that competes in this same genre and theme. There are several levels of roleplay available... First, there is the personal roleplay in which anyone with an imagination can play along. This is the easiest roleplay in that it is about your character and how you choose to interact that character with others. I have seen more than a fair share of unclanned characters enjoying an extravagent roleplay situation over extended periods simply because of their willingness to play "let's pretend". Second, there is the inside clan roleplay. On Wheel of Time I play, arguably, one of the highest profile characters in the White Tower (for good or for bad) and several other characters also clanned elsewhere. The internal clan roleplay is intense and there is so much that goes on behind the scenes that it makes public Daes Dae'mar look like dress rehearsal for an off-off-off Broadway production of "Cats". Third, there is outclan roleplay in terms of how not only your clan reacts to other clans but also how you, as a clan member, react to them. There was a thinly vieled complaint that you cannot get into clans (and, I presume, their roleplay) without knowing someone from the mysterious good ol' boy network. I'm sorry, but that doesn't hold water. The failure doesn't lie in who you "don't" know, but in how you interact with those whom you do know. The most coveted roleplay comes from secret clans -- Iron Fist, Black Talon, Kin, some others -- and the highest test of your roleplay skill is to not only find these people but also convince them that you should be a member of their numbers while staying entirely in character (IC). How you act determines your placement, not who you know. It is not a coincidence that those people who are in secret clans are highly skilled in roleplay - not because they are constantly on stage shouting "Look at me! I'm Black Talon!" but because they do NOT do so. Think about it. Wheel of Time MUD provides an environment for anyone - whether playerkilling or roleplaying, or my personal favorite of balancing both. It is up to the individual player to define which environment they choose to belong to an interact with at any given time. The experience on any MUD is only as good as what you put into it - and if you're constantly chatting about the football game or what you ate for dinner last night, you're not in the MUD at all. You're just passing through.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 23, 2001
In responce to Cully and co. - BAH, HUMBUG! While I admit that it can be a bit frustrating (3 times now I have been pked, each time after regaining some decent eq - and it wasn't for the eq just so you know) but the mud deserves all the praise it gets. This mud never tried to be a "pk mud passing itself as an rp mud and failing". Even pk inter-lightside is usually rp based, but it has always stated that it is a pk mud. The reason this mud is great is that it has something for everyone. Yes, it is a pk mud, and you have to face the possibility of a pk even doing other stuff, but the occasional raid (I say as my character sits naked in the Circle of Light for the 3rd time, where I quit for bed last time I played) of Trollocs or running into a murderer is pretty rare. You can pk, you can go smobbing, you can exp, or you can just rp. The first two, of course, are only for Level 20+ as they tend to be dangerous. Which means that I have never tried them (I level slowly - good luck in fights, bad luck when travelling around looking for fights :D ) but I have heard of others that have. As for rp, there is plenty of it. Maybe not as much as some would like, not all of it totally true to WoT, but it is there, if you try to find it. I'm not just talking clans, either, although those are certainly part of it. I plan to start my own clan up when I reach level 20, and already Kennedy's background is fleshed out, ready to enter the mainstream. Finally, exp. That is, for me, a hell of a lot of fun. Getting together with some buds, about how tough we are, yelling battlecries as we attack higher and higher level critters, getting lost and finding civilization again - booyah! Heh, I hope I find smobbing and pk as fun. Not much to rp in exp though... You say there is nothing more than pk on the mud? Considering how people don't try to pk until hitting higher levels, how do you think people stay on? Newer people who can't stat a character in 3 minutes, can't reach level 20 in an hour, why would they stay on to get to the point of pk? Let me tell you, the mud is lotta fun if you give it half a chance. Final note - eq. Each time I have been pked, I lost some great eq - for my level. If I was killed for eq, they should really look harder - I find most of mine abandoned and lying around, and rarely do I get some good thing, a better sword or an awesome bit of armor. It's all base eq, but I can fight in it as I... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 22, 2001
Whoever says that this MUD has no RP must not have played for very long or never read the books. I started WOTMUD without reading a single book. I gave it two months of playing and searching out how to play the game, came to like it, and picked up the books in early January of this year. I read the whole series of books within a month and came to love the MUD so much more afterwards because I could take different views and perspectives on all the RP and clans that the MUD offered. WOT offers RP for anybody who wishes to RP. RP for all players is stongly encouraged, and RP in clans is an almost must (strong consequences can come out of not RPing in a clan). So the MUD offers RP and enforces it, but it also allows room to vent the days anger, talk about what your about to eat, and what just happened in the news over chat channels. Those who only want to RP can turn the chat channels off. I don't know about you, but I do not like MUDs that are TOTAL RP. An example: You say 'Can you help me out? I'm new here.' XXXX says 'Stay in character!' Now wouldn't that make me want to quit the MUD? First I join and then I am told that I will get no help building up the RP of my character so I can RP, and the MUD that I was on was purely RP. Kinda confusing, ain't it? PK is also great in WOT. PK is unrestricted, and the Imms tell you that if you ever read the tutorial. They say this is not a newbie hand holding MUD. That means that the Imms will not help you out by taking you around the MUD, and it means that there is the possibility that you can die at any time. This usually isn't a problem though, for all you have to do is go down from the Circle of Light (starting area), type where, and start asking people if they can help you out. Normally there are about five or so people around that could be able to help you out. It's not that hard people, if I can start my first MUD with WOT I'm sure all you can handle it. In essence, I absolutely love this MUD. It has such a unique environment and blend of RP and PK that it makes it enjoyable every day I play. I've tried other MUDs to compare, and none of them were nearly as well designed (I could actually find the help files just by typing help. On 3/4 of the other MUDs I tried I had to type help, then it gave me catagorys that I couldn't I had no help.) and entertaining as WOT.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 22, 2001
Quite a few months ago I read the Wheel of Time books and so enjoyed them I was going through Wheel of Time withdrawal...immediately started reading them again. A friend, who knew of my love of the Robert Jordan series found this mud for me and suggested I try it! Now my friend wonders why he ever did that as I spend so much free time here. This mud is, unashamedly so, a PK mud. There are however MANY opportunities for and players who engage in role play. The mud supports clans who have awesome RP and for those who desire RP this may be the route to go! I have found myself, due to my personal RP, having many opportunities for IC exchanges, both on global communication and in private conversations. I find the IC relationships between players fun and challenging. The imms have have spent significant time and energy making this mud rich in opportunities of all kinds. None of my characters is very interested in PK at all but rather in RP and each of them has ample opportunity to do that. The mud has many areas to explore, challenging non-PK battles, and a richness to the atmosphere that I have not seen natched elsewhere. I have tried several other muds but always return to this one for all of the above reasons. Thanks to the imms for the time and effort spent making this a great place to be!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 21, 2001
Played this mud about a year ago and generally agree with cully and im amazed at all the great reviews, unfortunatly there is no real strong RP. Basically its a pure player killing mud which is fine if thats what you are after. The game is set up as trollocs against humans but in reality you are as likely to be killed by other humans the first time you get a decent piece of equipment as by a trolloc. The immortals often seem to get bored and take over mobs on "raids" where they basically take control of a powerful mob and go slaughtering players in the cities. There are several guilds known as "clans" on the mud, but entrance to them is more based on who you know as a friend than anything else, a sort of mud-like "old boys network". The game has lots of skills and different classes built in but at the end of the day it all comes down to your equipment. Basically if you are looking to run around killing pc's in areas based on the wheel of time you will like this mud, if you are looking for social interaction and roleplay you will probably end up being dissapointed i finally realised id wasted my time here after around 3 months.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 20, 2001
i started playing WOTmud about 12months ago and plaed there for around 6 or 7 months and honestly i don't see why it gets good so many good reviews...i noticed the short desciption on this site for WOTmud mentions "strong sense of roleplay" yet roleplay is almost non-existant, players just spend their time there leveling up a new character then running around the nothern parts of the map PK'ing the trolloc players,or same-side players fairly frequently also and when they arn't doing that they get huge groups together and kill "super mobs" purely for the equipment, nothing to do with role-playing at all. aside from all that not all the immortals are fair (one contolled mobs and used them to kill my char several times just for fun). also i recently visited the mud again not long ago and almost nothing has changed since i first played it. Basicly the impression i got of this mud was that it's a PK mud trying to disguise itself as an RP mud (and failing) where bored kids can go to get an ego boost by killing each others characters.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 20, 2001
I've been playing this MUD for just over a year now, and after trying a few other MUDs I've come to the conclusion that they're just not WOT. Agreed, as a newbie it can be a bit intimidating when you keep hearing 'Flarn RIP' (sorry Flarn, just an example :p) all the time over the narrates but most of the player killing goes on way up north on the map. If you learn to avoid anything with a * next to the name then you should do ok, hell it took me ages to figure out what a *Snorakk* or a *Smasher* was (2 of the best pk trollocs on the game). My advice for any new players to the game is to type these commands when you first log on: 'tell guardian kit','wear all','listen all' (turns all communication channels on),'change mood normal', and finally take the down exit. From here, ask for directions to the ranger practice yard to get your ride to level 3 and then head out the west or south gate of Caemlyn to kill deer to start off. There are plenty of people on-line who are willing to help, send me a tell if you need help...if I'm too busy to help you get some experience I'll at least give you advice on where to look. So log on and join the fun..we need 200 people on at once to get that much need double-exp weekend again....WOTMUD needs your help!!!!!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 11, 2001
The Wheel of Time MUD IV was my first MUDding experience, and I think if it had happened anywhere else, I would not have become the addict I now am. About six months ago, I made my first character. Since then, I have tried out other MUDs, mostly wheel of time, but some others as well, and found them... well... lacking. WoTMUD has at least 80 people on at all times... In fact, the only times the number is this low is at about 3-7 AM EST. At all other times, 110+ people are on, in the evening and night, there are over 140 every day. I find that if you read the readmes and have read a couple of the books, you'll be fine in the MUD. If its your first time, well, be polite, and above all, DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! But also, learn to use the 'Say' command... I didn't till my third day. One thing you must remember, though, is that you should not do any book talk, do not attack humans, human mobs, or players, and do not ask "Where's Rand?" That's about the number one most annoying question ever. I'll answer in advance: Rand is an unused Immortals controlled character. However, the Forsaken do tend to show up and start flaying people alive occasionally. The Roleplaying is incredible, from Aes Sedai to becoming a Warder to joining the Children of the Light to going up north and getting into a 12 on 12 fight with a bunch of PC trollocs. This MUD is about the best ever, and you really should play. -Partisan Techun, Mael Madhi'in on occasion, Exper extraordinaire.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 10, 2001
Well, you can see my earlier review posted nearly a year ago, and I'm still playing this game. Would like to update a few things in response to the older posts on there, which are now quite dated. There was a bit of a rampant problem with same side playerkilling, but that has been dealt with. It still happens occasionally ( holes are everywhere in the world) but trust me, there are no incidents of every level 20/30 player running around killing new players for their newbie kits. Well, unless they're on the darkside and you're a which case, expect to have your legs eaten ;) Mud stability has gone way up. We have a regular reboot on WoTMUD but sometimes that isn't used, and I've seen the mud up for a day and a half at a time without a single crash or reboot needed. There are no examples of immortals abusing their powers to get themselves into a hard to get into clan anymore. Some things might have happened in the distant past but it's no longer a remotely acceptable thing to do. (If you see it happening, mudmail me, ve haf vays of dealing with eet) ;) We recently imped a whole lot of new areas...looking at the books of Jordan we're going to start running out of lands to include before too long...Illian and Cairhien just came in, and Ebou Dar and Katar can't be too far off ;) As someone said though, we're still not a hand holding mud...but then many people are willing to answer questions if you ask them nicely. Act in a decent manner and you will be treated decently. Whine...and well, it's likely you might be ignored..but then we ignore a lot of experienced guys due to the whine factor too ;) There are boards in place for player feedback and suggestions and the like, and trust me, the staff do listen. Establish yourself as someone who takes the characters that they play seriously and does not try to bend or break the rules and they'll listen more. The immortal staff are around a *lot* - you might not see them but chances are they're there. They're constantly tweaking things, building new areas, coding new things, doing quests for clans, the whole works. The player clan masters are, on the whole, decent people and relatively easy to get along with. Speaking as one, trust me, if there are problems in my clan you can come to me and I'll fix it. This remains the best mud I've ever played and the only one that I keep coming back to. Cashel Or'Kenset.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 9, 2001
Well, ive been playing WoTMUD nearly 3 years now, and im still being challenged every single day. There is always something new to do. Whether it be exploring new zones (which come out fairly regularily - theres a LOT of work put into building by the imm staff), testing yourself against the trolloc and seanchan hoards (and let me tell you, it sure is a test - player fades are deadly) or just meeting new people by grouping to take down those stronger mobs (supermobing is a LOT of fun) If you survive your first few weeks as a newbie, and they are hard, you are in for many many months of challenge and fun. There are PC gleeman, borderguards, warders, aes sedai, red eagles, children of light, hand of light and much much more, if you chose to RP there is a large amount of variation in both clans and homelands (theres 14 homelands to chose from to add spice to RP). There is loads of eq to chose from, most of which is a challenge to get, which makes it even more rewarding. Overall its a well balanced mud, there are constant power shifts due to influx in numbers which adds a lot of variety to the pk scene Theres a lot of room to do your own thing, something i strongly suggest you try. Thats it from me =)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 9, 2001
Such a great MUD. I have read the earlier comments... it seems the biggest complaint was unfriendliness. Not true. This, really, is the only MUD I have played with any frequency. It was the first MUD I ever played, despite the fact it was "not a hand-holding MUD" - I am stubborn like that. Okay, pros and cons. Let's do cons first, so you read the pros second and go away with a good feeling. First con - crashes. They used to not be that big a problem, but the frequency is increasing. But if you save often, they aren't quite that bad. What else? Oh, yeah - game balance. It fluctuates. But think about it - no MUD is ever truly balanced, it's a process not a state of being. The imms try to fix this and get closer and closer to balanced but will never quite reach it I'm sure. Think of math - y = 1/x. It has asymptotes. Anyway... Lastly, truth to books. Well, it almost isn't a con. They have had to take certain creative liberties to make a more enjoyable game. Pros - friendliness! Yep, that's right, while everybody else thinks newbies are so put upon in this MUD, I have found that with a good sense of humor and a bit of patience, people are downright nice. Do yourself a favor - read the stuff on the website, it will mean less frustrating questions and thus less people frustrated with you. PK - this is controlled mostly. There have been arguments on balance and degeneration, but the concept of PK based on RP (face it, that's what it is, good vs. evil, Human vs. Trolloc) rather than PK for the sake of PK is a good thing. And it is also unnescessary. While a PK mud, it isn't forced PK, you don't have to if you don't want to. RP, it has been claimed, is almost nonexistant. BS, I see it all the time. It would be nice if there was more of it, to be sure, but it is there. Next pro, awesome world, totally original. I still haven't learned most of it. Oh, I can blindly stumble my way to most cities (primarily Tar Valon, Caemlyn, Tear, Baerlon, Two Rivers, and Amador) but I'm still boggled every night by new terrain, unexplored areas. I have learned the art of keeping cool under fire - it's darn hard to flee from those lions (who track you down if you aren't quick enough) when you don't know where to go. Quite exciting, really, although I find myself lost everytime I hit them. :) My best advice to newbies: 1) Read the material on the website. It will help you. 2) Invite your friends. Groups will level faster I have recently learned. (Why did I waste so much time soloing?) 3) Don't pester people. There are ways of making money and eq other than begging. 4) Try to remember who helps you, pay... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 9, 2001
I've been enjoying wotmud for about a year now and i have nothing but good things to say about this mud, the other players are friendly(well unless some one gets upset over a linkless kill) the world is HUGE and its pretty well balanced. i give it a 9 out of 10
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 9, 2001
Plus points Well coded, each room is described with care, few typos etc. Large: The world is huge with new areas on a regular basis (illian has just been added and the ways updated) Varied: Wide choice of ways to develop your character is available PK: can be exciting Negative Points Unfriendly, this is a mud that will be horrible for mud newbies..there is a guild designed to help with newbies, but to be quite honest they are rarely on and are often "busy". The imms are quite proud that they arent a "hand holding" mud but are almost certainly losing players as a result. Nothing like some muds where a new player logs on and is asked "need a hand" Instable: For the last 5/6 months the mud has been increasingly unstable..sometimes crashing several times in an hour Lag: At peak times lag spikes of 20-30 seconds are common RP: No real choice to "opt out" of PK to roleplay, its basically a pure pk mud and proud of it. Balance: The classes are terribly inbalanced, as a result some classes are played by all (eg ranger) others are only played by newbies that know no better (eg warriors) Overall this is a well coded mud, but one that imho will leave u feeling dissapointed, and a feeling of having wasted a lot of time.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 22, 2001
Well ive been playing this mud for some months now, and overall i find it great fun. The excitement of a classic good vs evil battle can be quite intense and the RP can at times be excellent and consistant with Jordans work. The world itself is very large, and faithfully depicts jordans world, the descriptions are good, and time has been put into the ncps that populate it. The combat system is excellent, different classes, and a wide range of ranger thief and warrior type "skills" available provide an almost unlimited variation of char developement. I have to aggree tho that to the new player the world would seem v.unfriendly, however a group of players called mael are there with no job other than helping new players. Humans murdering humans does go on far to much for my liking and i think if that was cracked down on in someway (making life even harder for murderers) this would be the perfect mud, as it is this is still a damn good mud and worth a try any new players needing help, if you see me on send me a tell :) May
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 18, 2001
I disagree. You've heard the saying, 'God helps those who help themselves?' Well, same principle applies here. What do you want to bet that most of the recent posts saying how unfriendly the MUD is are based on the experiences of lowbies asking for money, eq, or a highbie to dedicate x hrs to help level one person? You offer nothing, so you get nothing. I have been playing here for probably close to 2 years now. When i started, I thought most people were pretty mean. I got killed. Several times. So i found some friends. You're not killed as much by backstabbers if there are witnesses. Together the 3 of us went around leveling ourselves (go, teamwork!). When we needed a highbie to help with something, we offered something in return. ex. I'll buff it. all you have to do is hit it.;My friend is a channeler. She'll heal you and weave you strength and armor.;I found a piece of your clan armor. Help us and i'll give it to you so you can get the qp's for it. Things like that. When i was needed eq, i didn't ask if anyone wanted to give me something. I narrated that 'my friends and i are going to kill the ___ supermob. we only need 2 things. everything else is up for grabs. anyone want to help?' No one wants to help if you're going to take it all. And you get a MUCH better responce if you offer to help with a smob they need killed, too. As for the comments about high level players killing every newbie they find, that's crap. The only people who do that are already wanted by most clans and cities, so that's why nothing is done. not because killing in condoned. Although, on the dark side that has been known to happen, because RP-wise, the Shadow does not tolerate weakness (hence the *recommended experienced players only* when you create your char). And if the person who said this happened to be talking about cross race pk, the only reason that happens is because newbies are often used as scoutes, narrating who's where. killing them slows down the reports. There are two easy ways to keep from being killed. One is to turn your global channels on You'll hear about trollocs and Seanchan in the area, any darkfriend wannabees/murderers that are on, and might make some friends while you're at it. The second way is to GET OUT of the areas you heard mentioned above. If there's pk happening, chances are good you might wind up as a sideline casualty. So leave. Well, that's about all I had to say. I started my mudding experience here, tried other muds, and none of them had 1/2 what WoT MUD IV offers, so i'll keep playing here. In short, kwitcherbichin. And remember, dying isn't the end of the world. (Just your world) =) hope to see you playing.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 17, 2001
I think the last review hit the nail right on the head. The mud is coded well, and huge. But its so totally unfriendly and riddled with human side players that murder for kicks that it just isnt fun to play. The RP side varies greatly with some players making an effort to RP while others chat about RL things. Summary A mud with huge amounts of work obviously put in but one that is too unfriendly and lacks the social aspect and true RP that i was personally looking for, perhaps others would find it their cup of tea
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 12, 2001
At its best, WOTMUD is an exciting game to play.I have played WOT, as various characters, for about six months. There are (seemingly) endless zones and rooms to explore, NPC's to meet and equipment to find. The class and skill choices are well conceived and catch the spirit of Robert Jordans series.There are some great characters to meet who are willing to help out a newbie or lowbie. There is also some very good roleplaying, but only by a VERY few characters. At its worst, it IS NOT newbie / lowbie friendly. Many more people ignore requests for help than respond. It is quite common to be "murdered", either for your equipment, or just for "fun" (there is absolutely no roleplay behind most murders). It is also not uncommon for 20-30+ level characters to run around player-killing every newbie / lowbie they can find. I do not understand why this has developed, but these "murderers" are an accepted, and in many ways encouraged, part of this MUD. Most attempts at getting justice are met with admonitions of "stop whining, this is a pk mud".This aspect of unrestricted player-killing is what has made me quit WOTMUD In conclusion, if you are new to MUDs, stay away from this one. Go get experience elsewhere, then give it a try. If, on the other hand, you are an experienced gamer, and like player-killing, this is the MUD for you!!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 9, 2001
An excellently coded mud, well described and with a unique training system, offering literally hundreds of combinations of char developement. Unfortunatly this is spoilt by the general unfriendly atmosphere, if you are are a newbie asking any questions, dont be surprised if you are told to "shut up" and dont be at all surprised when you are murdered by humans "on the same side" f0r your shiny newbie kit, this is common practice here and the "justice" system is innefective, with the immortals being either unable or unwilling to tone down the problem. The mud has great things in it, but for me the constant murdering makes this one to leave alone.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 4, 2001
Well, I surely dosen't see how anyone can judge a mud without hardly completing character-creation... what you're looking for is not a mud my friend, it is the actual bookseries. A mud that was so strict to the books as you claim to be searching for, would require some massive, and I mean massive, effort in building and coding, hardly doable by volounteers, and would be so tight that it wouldn't be any fun. If you have not the imagination to create a world in your head from what little (yes, a room described by 4 lines is little) information that is given in a mud, then your search will continue. As for WoTMUD, it is truly kickass. True, balance sways back and forth, light complains on dark, and dark complains on light. This is the spirit of mankind, nothing that can be done. The Immortals as well as every mortal that cares about a good fight work, most hard, to fix and balance the game in natural ways. The fixes will not always be 100% booktrue, but playability is always more important. As a player since several years back, playing all kinds of strange characters including fades, known and unknown darkfriends, aes sedais, warders and god knows how many different races/classes/ways of attacking -styles, I think I can honestly say that WoTMUD is just as much fun as you make it. Be small and grumpy as Mirza (whom I still love, you know that bro :), you'll sooner or later get the short end of the stick. Just go with the flow and let everything you don't like pass by... - Icky
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 4, 2000
I started playing Wotmud few years back. It was the first Mud I ever played and after starting and quitting for a while I finally realised fun of mudding and become daily player. I loved wotmud and everything in it, i was addicted. The game was good and lag was rare and Immortals were actually listening to what players had to say and there was a great atmosphere. Or atleast that was my newbie point of view. As I grow to be more expirienced player I started to take notice of more and more things that were unfair and imho totally wrong. Immortals were using their ranks to gain certain priviledges for example, such as getting into different clans that were hard to get in as a normal player like Blademaster. If you actually said something or criticised the mud in any way you could expect that a mob will 'appear in mushroom cloud' and start beating on you. If that didnt happen you would get the kind answer ' if you dont like it go play some other mud', in other words shuddup. Player Killing in mud has become totally unbeliveable and theres nothing to do than to dream about old times when someone actualy fought 1 vs 1. Groups of today are usually consisting of 7 players and upp to 17. You die in pk situation simply because you dont have time to flee from a fight even if you start out healthy. Human and Trolloc races have become totally unbalanced lately and just about every expirienced player agrees with me on that. There's usualy atleast 5 times as many humans online as trollocs and thats when dark side have many. Huge groups are constantly in Blight and surrounding zones pushing few trolloc players inside the Ruined Keep or Thakan'dar. There are owerpowered classes such as female and male channelers. Play one with any skill whatsoever and you can beat just about any other player in game. If you are really high lvl, meaning having 400 hps or something you can count on that a channie can take of 120+ hps with Ice spikes or a fireball weave. One channie can throw like 8-9 of those without even resting and you count on how many hps that is. Those are really just drops in the ocean of all the things. Immortals abuse their priviledges, game is to equipment oriented, player killing is totally whacked, role playing is terrible or non-existing on dark side, if you are newbie except to be killed by other players if you are wearing anything else but a newbie kit, immortals have some type of immortal blue wall where everyone cover for eachother. I know this is some sort of flame but if the truth is flaming then let me be a flamer. I know that it isnt only me feeling this way, even several of immortals have agreed with me on it. The Wotmud is getting bigger, lag is constant and game... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 3, 2000
Well, those who play the mud might know me, or might not - but hopefully more people know me or know of me than don't ;) I've been playing WotMud for a while now - I'd guess around 6 months or so, but it's kept me hooked and enthusiastic enough that I've started getting other friends to give it a try - and they all seem quite rapt with it as well. While yes, there isn't Aiel yet, I heard some talk that might eventually happen - but some people roleplay Aiel characters anyway - which to me is the best part of the mud - the roleplay aspect of it. (When it's observed, that is) ;) But yeah - the imms seem to work pretty damn hard to keep things running smoothly, and 99.99% of the time, they manage to keep things running flawlessly. Crashes tend to be relatively few and far between, and the imms keep pretty much on top of things most of the time around. The mud isn't a hand-holding type, but a fair number of people are willing to help you out if you need it. Though it does help to make friends ;) Though, a word of warning - don't *ever* mess with wolves, for anything...though I've managed to avoid it, you get wanted by's *really* not fun ;) Enjoy this mud, tis the best by far that I've played....
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 24, 2000
So many things make the Wheel of Time MUD great. I'm just going to tell you a couple of the reasons that I've been coming back to play for 9 months now. The world is massive(just think about what 180+ zones means), all actual settings from the Wheel of Time, all completely unique to WoTMUD, and constantly growing. You never run out of things to explore, there is always a question: What is in the Stone of Tear? Where is Shadar Logoth? What would happen if I took a boat down this river that I cross every day? Where is the Manetheren waygate..and if I open it and go inside, what will I find? And once you answer all of those questions, the huge group of builders has put up a new challenge. The imms spend an incredible amount of time tweaking and balancing every aspect of the game. They really listen to what players have to say about the subject as well. This includes balancing the skills of all the classes available to play, balancing the fight between humans and trollocs, and making life enjoyable for people who play for different reasons which could include: to RP an endlessly curious and inventive Brown Ajah, to become the most ruthless Darkfriend ever and eventually prove your usefulness to the Dark Lord enough to be made a Chosen, or to bloody your blade with the scalps of thousands of trollocs defending the Borderlands. New things are added to the game constantly, and they are added with a great deal of thought and work by the immortals. So Aiel might not be implemented at the moment, but you can be sure that when they are they will be a hell of a lot of fun to play, and more interesting than simply humans with spears. WoTMUD is actually a challenge to play, even for people who have played other MUDs before. Knowledge, equipment, skill all have to be worked for and aren't just handed to you, which makes the game much more interesting and fun. Where many MUDs babysit you through newbie school, patting you out the door with plenty of money, five levels, and a map listing exact directions to all the best xp spots for a lowbie, WoTMUD lets you discover the world yourself, struggling just enough to make it interesting, so when you actually get to level 5 for the first time it feels like an accomplishment. If you are looking for a MUD with a lot of depth and challenge, something that will keep you coming back interested for as long as you care to play, come join us. :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 19, 2000
Okay.. I was reading the reviews (heya guys!) and I was pleased that we had a strong showing... but one thing sticks out. Mr. Seth Hammons, you missed the boat severely. Sure, we call a class "Rangers" just like we call a class "Thieves". No.. thieves don't have to steal... it's an EASY way to distinguish between the classes. everyone (except you apparently) figured that one out. Sure.. there are some strange names but those go away all by themselves we have found out in favor or more WoT-ish names. Let's see... what else did you complain about? Oh yes... you never gave it a chance so you stopped there. I help guide RP on this mud and I have been a regular player as well for several years. This is NOT the easiest mud in the world to play but it is brilliant in it's simplicity in many areas and awe-inspiring in the detail in others. Talk to a bartender? Sure. Fight with a drunk for saying the wrong thing? Absolutely. In short WoTMUD is what the PLAYERS want it to be. I spend almost 2-3 hours every day on as my immortal updating quests, writing new code, building new areas and in general being available if something goes wrong. Most of the other immortals do as well expecialy the RP Imms. As we say RP is NOT enforced but why in the world would you go to a theme mud if not to RP a little? PK is *still* exciting to me and I do it every day but I have a character or two for adventuring and RPing as well. Whatever you want to do, there is someone else there to do it with if you like. If you are a mudder... try this mud for a couple of days. If you are new to mudding... read EVERYTHING you can about ANY mud that you want to try first and then take a deep breath... leave your feelings at the door and step in to learn. No mud will be easy to start but if you are personable and semi-intelligent (read: breathing) you will catch on and soon be like the rest of us: hard-core addicts!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 19, 2000
I've been playing this mud 2 years - mainly this particular character (37+ days played REAL time - ouch!) I believe the most positive aspect of the game is the uniqueness and quality of the PK. I don't think an hour goes by without some sort of engaging between the forces of the dark and the light - from a minor scuffle of one or two trollocs being caught scouting outside of Fal Dara to an invasion party of a dozen humans led by an Aes Sedai/Warder pair into the blight to destroy any creation of the Dark One that comes in their path. PK is associated with location - channelers can practise the weave and wolfbrothers can *smell*- darkside receives benefits such as shadoweyes (rats and ravens) as well as *smelling* humans in their area. Next is the engagement - in which sides duke it out - attacking with clubs, axes, long blades, medium blades, short blades, fencing blades, whips, staves, or chains - bashing, dodging, parrying, channeling attack weaves - fleeing when you're bleeding bad - and chasing, running to safety - or perhaps being run down and beheaded. The skill and communication of players working and thinking together - blocking obvious exits, setting up traps and ambushes, cutting off and hunting down another actual thinking mind is imho the most enjoyable aspect of this game. If you want to challenge yourself to think, learn, adapt, and work against another real mind - check out wotmud
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 19, 2000
WoTMUD, is, in my opinion, the absolute best Wheel of Time based MUD around. I've played most of them, and WoTMUD just blows them all away. A lot of them are either total PK or so much RP it seems more like an AD&D clone. WoTMUD strikes just the right balance between RP and PK, encouraging but not enforcing RP. Of course, good RP is rewarded appropriately. And bad RP... PK on WoTMUD is the same. While you can, for example, go on a rampage in Tar Valon killing all the innocent civilians (mobs), newbies and novices, don't expect the Aes Sedai to let you get away with it. Most PK on WoTMUD is the Wheel of Time themed Humanity vs. Trollocs. Just about every day the Trollocs will come rampaging south out of the Blight, and the brave men and women who serve the Light must fight them back. Sometimes, the Trollocs win, sometimes the Humans win, but the cute brown deer always loose*. (sorry...) WoTMUD is heavily equipment and levels orientated, but levels are not impossible to get, and eq is readily availible for those who have good reputations. Be nice to people, share your eq, give away stuff you don't need, when you RIP (die) in PK, people DO remember, and they give you some eq themselves. RP is similar, if you play as an Aes Sedai, don't associate with male channelers (unless you have the word 'gentle' fixed firmly in your mind). WoTMUD has some of the best represented Wheel of Time channeling I've seen, especially the taint for male channelers. (some of which includes voices in the head, drooling, random killing and looking for non-existent hats...) So, what are you waiting for? If you've read the Wheel of Time series, come on. If not, come on'd be surprised how many people haven't, but they still enjoy this rich and professional MUD. * One of the Wheel of Time quotes is something like 'Whether the wolf or the bear wins, the rabbit always looses...' one WoTMUD, cute brown deer are mobs killed for easy exp/food, so...
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 19, 2000
I find that Wheel Of Time is surprisingly addictive. Of course having never read the series, I didnt know what to expect the first time I played. It is challenging and you must think before each move. You can't go around killing people for the fun of it because that gets you in trouble fast. The golden rule for me is always help out a person in need, you will be amazed at how you will be liked more. Each time you gain a level you WANT to gain more and more until the point where your eyes are bloodshot and your fingers are cramping from all that typing. Simple commands, great replay value and neverending fun best summarizes this MUD. This game is a must.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 18, 2000
To start out with I have been playing this MUD for over three years, so I think I can give a bit more of an indepth idea of what it involves than someone who never got past the character creation stage. This is MUD is based off of the WOT series by Robert Jordan, I say based because yes there are things that differ from the books, there would have to be as it is impossible to recreate everything in the books and have it stick strictly to the storyline that Jordan is building. This is a living breathing world in which players get to make weave shaping decisions that effect the whole MUD. So while you may not be able to play a Seanchen as of yet, you can, if you are good enough, be chose by the dark one to be a dread lord, or be chosen by the White Tower to be an Aes Sedai ambassador to Illian. One warning though, this is not a newbie hand holding eq giving MUD. A new player is expected to have read the website for info before he/she jumps into the game. Alot more people will be willing to help those that help themselves rather than help the whiners-g-. As for the game itself, I can say that I personally think it kicks ass. Its nice to play in an enviorment where there is such diversity and so many people on. Its not like your walking through and empty world, you meet someone new everyday and everywhere. Give the MUD a try, but don't expect to become an expert WOT MUDDer right away. Building a good character and learning the lay of the land takes time. And what a huge land it is over 20,000 rooms implimented right now, with another 1,000 ready to be put in, and another 10,000 planned. For the newbie of this game I would suggest that you start a warrior from either Shienar or the Borderlands. You'll usually get a strong char that is good to learn with. Then after you get a feel for things its off you go!! Do you feel the spark, then become an Aes Sedai, Kin, or Wisdom. More of a slash and dash type? Become a Warder, Borderguard, or White Cloak. Feel the need to entertain? Become a Gleeman. Well enough rambeling on my part, I just wanted to share my joy and passion for what I think is the greatest MUD out there. Good luck and keep MUDDing :) Yours ever truely Lalita PS I play the chars Vinaya and Mira so if your on and you see me, drop me a line and I'll be more than glad to help you :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 18, 2000
In my quest to find the best, most accurate, Wheel of Time MUD, I came across one "WoTMUD IV" via this site. Naturally, with such a large playerbase, I assumed it would be high quality. I am afraid I was mistkaken. I logged on, entered my name. To my dismay, Ogier was not a playable race. I continued as a human, to find that Aiel and Seanchan, key components to the Wheel of Time world, were not playable nationalities. Tar Valon was not a playable city, either. A lot of people were born there. I'm sure they hate to be dismissed this way. I entered "Altara" and was informed this was not a selectable nationality, although listed. Whoops, I had to enter "17" to select it. When offered classes, "Ranger" was a possible option. Being a hard core Wheel of Time person, I was taken aback, as "Ranger" is never once used or mentioned in the series... that's Tolkien. After chargen, I entered the mud, and typed "who". Sure enough, there were 70 people playing. But names like "Lightning" "Hemingway" "Blossom" and the like dotted the list at regular intervals. Very nice, Wheel of Time-themed names. I had seen enough. I logged out and new my quest still continued. What amazes me, however, is how a mud like this can call itself Wheel of Time MUD, and be so far and fallen from the series it's themed after... I should have paid attention to their own description on the vote chart: "Caters for all: PK with pukes vs. darkies" Jordan would stop writing the books if he knew how they were being defiled.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 18, 2000